Everyone sneaks their dog table scraps every now and then. Dogs can be extremely sensitive to foods that you and I wouldn’t think twice about. Before you toss that extra chicken nugget on the floor for Fido, you might feel a bit of hesitation, can my dog actually eat this? Fortunately, we’re here to help! From grapes to carrots, and even chicken nuggets, we’ll help you make smart feeding decisions for your dogs. Who knows, this may even help you justify eating more yourself!

The first thing you should be aware of is that unlike humans, dogs are typically used to eating the same foods every day, for every meal. When you feed them human foods in large doses, their stomach will be in for a big surprise, and can often get upset. While this is okay every once in awhile, you should be cautious around the holidays. If you splurge on cookies and turkey with your dog when the holidays roll around, your dog may not be able to handle all of these new foods at once. However, in moderation, some human foods are a great way to spoil your pup. If you have questions about other human foods that we haven’t covered here, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]

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Grapes & Raisins


There are a few foods that you should avoid when it comes to feeding your dog table scraps. Of course we all know that chocolate is bad for dogs, but some pet parents don’t realize that grapes (and raisins) are actually worse for your dog’s than chocolate. They’re very toxic, even at small doses, so make sure you’re careful not to drop any grapes down on the floor where your pooch can get to them. 


Xylitol is another ingredient that some dog owners don’t ever think about. It’s actually an artificial sweetener often used by diabetics to make desserts taste sweet without actually using sugar. Unfortunately, Xylitol can be toxic for your pooch as well. If you decide to feed your dog any sweets, always check the label and make sure they don’t contain any Xlylitol. This can become a big issue during the holidays when all of your relatives are filling your house with yummy (but unknown) goodies.




Avocados have become an incredibly popular vegetable in recent years. They have a variety of great health benefits for people, there’s no doubt about it. But what about for your pooch? Avocados can be toxic to dogs and should be avoided in order to ensure your dog’s safety. The leaves, skin, and pits can all contain toxins that your pup may not be able to digest. However, the pit is the absolute worst for all animals. Avocado pits cannot be digested and may therefore cause intestinal blockages that are painful and may even require surgery. 

foods you should try to avoid

Fast food & Junk Food

Fast foods seem to be a harmless food to share with your pup. Unfortunately, as fast food is bad for humans, it’s just as bad, if not worse, for dogs. Because dogs aren’t used to foods with high fat and sugar contacts, fast foods can often surprise their digestive system. At the very least your pup will probably experience an upset stomach due to the heavy calorie counts found in most fast foods.

You should also be aware that once your dog tries fast food once, they’re going to expect you to share with them every time you come home with a delicious greasy bag. Because it’s so hard to say no to those puppy dog eyes, one french fry can turn into a big mac on a weekly basis. Fast foods can lead to diabetes, and weight gain in dogs. All you’re providing them with is empty calories and foods with high fat and grease content. 

Sweet treats

Sweet treats like cake, cookies, and other desserts may sound like a fun way to spoil your dog, but in general; you should try to avoid them. Desserts are full of empty calories that have close to no nutritional benefit. Additionally, most desserts are loaded with ingredients that your dog may not have ever had before, causing stomach upset and possible allergies. 

Feeding your pup sweet treats can lead to weight gain especially. They’re typically loaded with calories that are going to be hard for your furry friend to burn off. You should also keep in mind that while you would naturally brush your teeth after a day of eating sweets, your dog doesn’t necessarily have the same luxury. Feeding your dog sugary desserts can quickly lead to tooth decay and dental problems. We suggest only feeding your dog desserts in small amounts on rare occasions. 


pouring milk

You may be surprised to hear that dogs process dairy products almost exactly like humans. It may not be the best in the world (for humans or dogs), but every individual, or dog, is different. Some people have bad lactose intolerance and go through great distress if they try to consumer dairy products, and dogs are the same. Some dogs can process dairy products just fine, while others may experience gas, diarrhea, and general discomfort.

If your dog has never had dairy before it’s best to try it out in small doses. Give them a piece of cheese, or a bite of ice cream, and see how their stomach handles it. Just be careful not to overwhelm them with too much at once. 

okay in moderation


Some breads are perfectly safe for dogs, as long as they’re only given as a treat every now and again. However, their are some general guidelines to follow if you’re going to feed fido excess bread. First of all, you should be very careful with wheat bread; wheat is a very common allergy in dogs, and it’s important to find out if your dog is allergic to wheat before throwing a piece of wheat bread. You should also be aware of the sugar content in bread. Some of you may be thinking, there’s sugar in bread? Unfortunately, yes; most breads contain at least a little (if not a ton) of sugar. Try to find breads that have a low sugar content; this will keep you, and your furry friends healthy! 


Just like everything else, simply check the ingredients so you know what your dog is actually eating. Keep an eye out for breads that contain raisins, and other toxic ingredients used for flavoring. It’s also important to know that giving your dog bread dough can be dangerous. As the bread expands in their stomach they may experience discomfort caused by gas, vomiting, and if a lot of dough is consumed, even cardiac arrest. 



Most fruits are rich in vitamins, and even contain high amounts of fiber which make them great for your dog’s digestion. Fruits such as watermelon and oranges can be healthy for your pup, as long as you only use them as a treat every once in awhile. Watermelon is a great treat as it contains 91% water, and is full of flavor! Watermelon also contains Vitamins A & C, helping your dog get all of the nutrients they need to stay healthy. 

Vitamin A is great for your dog’s eyes, and the Vitamin C is great for your dog’s immune system, and can even benefit dog’s with joint issues or arthritis. 

Unfortunately, watermelon can cause diarrhea in dogs, mainly due to their high fiber contents. When feeding your pup watermelon for the first time, we suggest doing so sparingly to monitor their potential digestive issues. It’s also possible that your pup will never experience the negative side affects, so just watch their diet and make sure they’re not getting too much at any one time. You should also make sure to either buy seedless watermelon, or pick the seeds out before handing them over to your pup. 


Oranges are another great fruit that dogs go nuts for. It has a sweet, tangy, taste, and a juicy texture that most dogs love. As long as you peel the orange for your pup and remove all of the seeds, they’re typically a healthy treat. Oranges contain vitamin C, which is great for both you and your pup! The only issue with oranges is that they are very acidic, which can cause diarrhea if too much is ingested.


Safe For Dogs



Surprisingly enough, carrots are a great treat for your pups! First of all, their crunchy texture makes them great for your dog’s teeth. They’ll easily scrape away all of the plaque and tartar buildup on your dog’s teeth. Carrots are high in fiber which can help your dog maintain a healthy digestive tract. They also contain important antioxidants and Vitamin A. 

We’ve all heard that carrots are good for the eyes, Vitamin A is responsible for that statement becoming so popular.   Vitamin A is stored by your dog’s body until needed.  When called upon, Vitamin A is released through their bloodstream and travels to your dog’s eyes, where it is utilized in the retina.  The retina of a dog’s eye uses Vitamin A to tell the brain what is being seen.  In low-light situations (where dog’s excel in comparison to humans) such as at night on a walk or if your pup hears something while you’re sleeping Vitamin A is crucial in effective vision, as low-light environments cause the retina to call upon Vitamin A to a larger degree than normal or bright environments. So if you like taking night time walks with your pup, or you rely on them for a sense of security while you sleep, a Vitamin A deficiency can really hinder how well they can perform for you.

If you want to find out more about the health benefits of carrots, check out our in depth review here. 

wet noses carrot treats

These grain-free treats were made especially for dogs on special diets with allergies. They’re free of corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and grain! Surprisingly, they’re high in protein and full of nutrients that your pup needs. Peas are actually full of protein, they even contain more protein than grains. Peas have a low glycemic index and contain healthy omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. The carrots included in these treats contain Vitamin A which is great for your pups’ eyesight and immune system. These treats are perfect for picky dogs that have special diet restrictions or allergies, they’re delicious, affordable, and full of healthy ingredients.

Wet Noses Organic Treats Peas

Ingredients: Organic Pea Flour, Organic Molasses, Organic Carrot Puree, Organic Crushed Peanuts, Organic Canola Oil, Water



Pumpkins are full of nutrients that are great for your pups. They’re high in fiber, contain vitamin A, and even beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is stored in fats in your dog’s body and converted into Vitamin A through the liver. Beta-carotene is also an anti-oxidant, vital in promoting a healthy skin and coat, reproductive health, and normal bone development. It also contributes to prevention of infection and disease such as cancer by strengthening your dog’s immune system.

We highly recommend finding fun pumpkin treats to feed to your pup every once in awhile. They’ll love the taste, and it’ll provide wholesome vitamins and nutrients for them. Just be sure not to overfeed them, as Vitamin A, in large quantities, can make your pup sick. 

blue buffalo pumpkin treats

Blue Buffalo is one of our favorite brands for our dogs. They make quality food and treats for your pups that you can always trust. They’re easy on the stomach, and are even great for dog’s with allergies or sensitive stomachs. The Blue Buffalo Health bars are one of our favorites. They have pumpkin as a main ingredient, allowing them to provide your pup with beta-carotene, fiber, and even vitamin A. Additionally, these yummy treats contain flaxseed. Flaxseed is a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which will help your dog obtain a healthy coat; they’re also great for your pup’s heart health. 

pumpkin treats

Ingredients: Oatmeal,Ground Barley,Ground Whole Oats,Pumpkin,Cinnamon,Flaxseed (source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids),Cane Molasses,Carrots,Canola Oil (preserved with Mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E),Calcium Ascorbate (source of Vitamin C),Vitamin E Supplement,Salt,Calcium Carbonate

sweet potato

sweet potato

Sweet potato is not only a delicious snack for dogs, but provides them with an array of healthy nutrients as well. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, which aid in your dog’s digestion. Fortunately, they’re also low in fat, so you don’t have to worry about your pup gaining weight from snacking on this sweet vegetable. They also contain Vitamins such as B6 and C. Just like carrots, sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene; which is stored in your dog’s body and converted into Vitamin A when they need it the most. 

Sweet potatoes are great for dogs of all ages. They’re much healthier than white potatoes, and help you spoil your pup without feeding them a variety of harmful preservatives and artificial flavors. 

riley's sweet potato treats

Riley’s Organic Sweet Potato bones are full of nutrient rich ingredients to keep your dog healthy and ready to play. As soon as you open the bag you’ll be greeted with the rich smell of cinnamon. Furthermore, they come in a resealable package for convenience and can be stored just about everywhere. With a great sweet potato taste for your pup, and lots of vitamins and antioxidants, what’s not to love? Riley’s Organic Sweet Potato bones have vitamin A, B, and C, great for your pup’s immune system and heart. They’re also free of wheat, corn, and soy, which makes them ideal for dogs on special diets.


Vitamin A is great for assisting your pup in growing a healthy, shiny coat of fur, and growing strong bones as they get bigger.  If you have a new puppy running around, it’s especially important to make sure they’re getting enough Vitamin A. Vitamin B not only helps to repel ticks, it also helps your pup deal with anxiety and stress. Vitamin C will help your pup’s immune system and give them some extra energy, though you think they might not need it! 

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Oat Flour, Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Peanut Flour, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Cinnamon



Apples are another great fruit for both dogs and humans! These are a great way to share your snacks with fido, without upsetting their stomach. Apples are high in fiber, which help regulate your dog’s digestion and keep them feeling good after snack time. As long as you don’t feed them the seeds, or the core, you can freely give your pup apple slices, and even mix it up by adding peanut butter into the mix. You’ll also be happy to hear that apples also contain Vitamins A and C. 

Vitamin A is great for your dog’s retinas and vision. When it’s dark outside, your dog will use the Vitamin A to enhance their vision. The vitamin C is also great for your pooch. It will help to enhance their immune system and can also benefit their joints. 

apple pie biscuits

These delicious chicken apple pie biscuits are made in the USA, and come as a resealable 1 lb bag of treats in your traditional dog bone shaped biscuits. Every bag of treats is made in small batch sizes to ensure a high quality, nutrient rich treat for your dog. These treats contain only high quality nutritionally beneficial ingredients such as organic eggs, apples, and garbanzo beans. They’re great for dogs with allergies because they don’t contain any wheat, soy, or gluten. They have a hard crunchy texture great for your dog’s teeth, and a delicious oven-baked taste. Each biscuit is about the size of a quarter, which means these are great as an occasional reward for your dog regardless of their size.  More importantly, though, they’re wonderfully healthy!

Only Natural Pet Chicken