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Every dog owner knows that dog’s are so much more than just pets. They are family! Which is why they deserve to have their birthday’s celebrated just like the rest of the family.  From dog birthday cake recipes and ice cream to edible dog birthday cards, this article will be your go-to guide for everything you will need to make your dog’s special day special. 

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Let them have cake...

A birthday cake is a simple yet delicious way to spoil your pup and set their day apart. There are so many different options out there for dog birthday cakes. Lucky for you, we have taste tested all the options and have created a list of our favorite cakes, including some wheat and grain free options for those health conscious doggies! 


dog birthday cake

Pup Pie’s by Lazy Dog Company are some of the most popular dog “pies” on the market right now. Each Pup Pie is anput 6 inches wide and actually more like a cookie decorated to look like a pie or birthday cake. They have two birthday pie options, a purple one for the lady dogs and a blue one for the gents! Pup Pies not only look good, but are full of healthy, non-gmo ingredients making this a delicious treat mom won’t feel bad about feeding her fur baby. These pies are wheat, corn, soy, and dairy free making them the perfect vegan option for those special dietary needs your pup might have. They are also only 48 calories per slice! Made right here in the United States, these Pup Pies rank as one of our favorite options when it comes to doggy birthday cakes. 

Side note: Not only do they make birthday pies, Lazy Dog Company also makes the most ADORABLE “Happy Adoption Day” pies so you can spoil your rescued best friend twice a year! For a more in depth look at all the pies the Lazy Dog Company has to offer, click here

Puppy Cake

dog birthday cake mix

If you would prefer to bake your dog a real cake, Puppy Cake is the product for you! As seen on Shark Tank, Puppy Cake sells easy to bake, dog friendly cake mixes. Made with all natural ingredients, all you have to do is add one egg, oil, water, mix and bake! These cakes can be made in a microwave. With five flavors, three of which being wheat-free, there is sure to be a flavor that even the pickiest of dogs will devour. These cake mixes also come complete with a yogurt icing so that your dog can have the perfect cake. One cake mix makes a double layer, six inch round cake. Or use the mix to make about 8 “pup”cakes instead! 

...and Ice cream, too!

The only thing more perfect than a birthday cake for your dog is a birthday cake with ice cream. Puppy Cake, the same company that makes the dog cake mixes, is the industry leader for doggy ice cream. They make the perfect pup ice cream, Puppy Scoops, to go with their pup cakes! 

With ice cream flavors like Maple Bacon and Peanut Butter, your pups are sure to love this perfect pairing to their birthday cake. Though it looks like human ice cream, this ice cream has a fraction of the fat and contains simple ingredients like lactose free whole milk and evaporated cane juice so you can feel good about treating your dog. Worried about shipping ice cream? Don’t be! Pup Scoops actually arrives to you in a powdered form.

All you do is add two-thirds cup of very hot water, mix for two minutes (or until all the powder is dissolved), and freeze for at least five hours. Then BAM! You have delicioius, USA made,  creamy ice cream for your precious pup. Unmixed, Pup Scoops has a shelf life of nine months. Mixed, it can last for up to two months in your freezer. Each container of Pup Scoops makes twelve ounces of ice cream. Bonus tip: use Pup Scoops in the summer to cool your doggy down and treat them to a cold treat!

pup scoops ice cream


Now that you have the cake and ice cream, all you’re missing are the candles! Treat your dog like the four-legged child they are and go the extra mile to mka ethier day perfect. Below are our favorite, doggy themed cake toppers to (literally) top everything off! 

dog candles

Oasis Supply Dog Birthday Candles are the cutest little puppy shaped candles! With three different dog styles, these candles are fun and festive and might even resemble your precious pooch! At about four inches tall, these candles are sure to stand out on your pup’s cake and in pictures. These basic wax candles burn just like a normal candle and shouldn’t be left lit. Please use caution when lighting candles around your pets and make sure to blow them out as soon as possible.  

Pawsome Doggie

Pawsome Doggie makes these adorable, bone-shaped candles that will be sure to excite any dog. These candles stand at four inches tall and come in blue, white, pink, and red colors. Each pack comes with four candles on an extra long stick to keep the candles from touching your dog’s cake. Though this candle looks like a bone, it is not edible. These basic wax candles burn just like a normal candle and shouldn’t be left lit. Please use caution when lighting candles around your pets and make sure to blow them out as soon as possible. 

dog birthday cake candle

Other Birthday Treats

Don’t have the time or energy to bake your dog a cake? Not even sure your dog will like the cake? No worries! There are plenty of other birthday treats that will help you celebrate your pup without all the fuss of cake. These treats are also perfect for sharing if you have more than one dog or are throwing a dog party! 

Pawsitvely gourmet meltdown ice cream cookies

dog waffle cone cookie

Pawsitively Gourmet is famous for their creatively appetizing dog pastries. These scrumptious cookies are the perfect special treat for dogs of all sizes! About five inches long and no bigger than three inches wide, these cookies are an excellent size for average to big sized dogs. For smaller dogs, simply break the cookie into pieces for easier consumption. Made with simple ingredients including peanut butter to make the waffle cone and yogurt and carob to make the ice cream and sprinkles, this is a treat you don’t have to feel guilty about giving to your dog!

What’s even better about these cookies is that they are made right here in the United States! Shipped in a box of twenty cookies, you will be sure to have enough cookies to spoil your dog and share with all the furry friends at their birthday party. These cookies also make great gifts for furry friends or their owners. 

k9 granola factory BIrthday Cake Treats

K9 Granola Factory is a family owned business that’s main goal is to bake delicious and nutritious dog treats. Their Birthday Cake Soft Bake Treats are the best selling treats in their line up which is why they are the perfect treat to gift to your pup on their special day. These treats are soft and chewy making them an excellent go-to treat for dogs of all ages and sizes. Made with all natural ingredients, including rolled oats and honey, these soft bakes are a healthy alternative to an entire birthday cake. The icing on top of this “cake” is that these treats are USA made and are corn and wheat free! Spoli your dog with K9 Factory Birthday Cake treats to give them a birthday surprise that they will continue to enjoy even after their birthday is over. 

k9 soft bakes

Birthday cake toys

Are you looking to double spoil your pup? Bake them a cake that will be gone in minutes and give them a toy that will last forever! Are you not a fan of feeding your dog sweets but still want to get them a traditional birthday cake? Either way, we have compiled a list of the “sweetest” birthday cake toys that your dog will be sure to cherish long after their birthday has passed. 

midlee two layer birthday cake

two layer cake toys

A perfect plush toy for those dogs that love cotton and soft toys. This charming birthday cake toy is seven inches tall making it a good size for small and average dogs. Because this is a stuffed, plush toy, this toy is not suitable for tough chewers. Midlee’s Two Layer Birthday Cake toy has two layers of stuffing and plush fabric with the words “Happy Birthday” embroidered on the top tier. It even has a faux, plush candle to give this cake the final touches. This toy is made even more perfect by the squeaker inside of it! Available in blue or pink, get one of these adorable cake toys to show your dog you love them! 

Multipet Singing birthday cake

Yes, you read that right. This dog toy will sing to your dog!! Instead of a squeaker inside, this plush birthday cake toy has a plastic music box that is activated when your dog plays with the cake! Appropriately so, the tune sung is the “Happy Birthday” melody. A little bit smaller than the Midlee Two Layer Cake, Multipet’s birthday cake toy is only five inches tall. The toy consists of a plush filled cake that has six plush candles on top. Because it is a softer toy, it is not ideal for tough chewers or bigger sized dogs.

 However, it is made out of high quality materials and will be able to withstand some chewing. It is important to note that if your dog does chew through the toy, be sure to remove the plastic music box to avoid your dog accidentally chewing and swallowing any of the hard plastic. It is best to keep an eye on your dog when they are playing with this toy as there are three batteries in the music box. Do not leave this toy out for your dog if you will not be able to supervise them playing with it. 

singing birthday cake toys

Flaw but not a dealbreaker

 While this toy is abolutely adorable, it might become a little annoying to you. Your dog will love it so much and want to keep playing with it, which triggers the music box to play, which will eventually grow old for you. And unfortunately, there is no way to remove the batteries or turn off the sound without destroying the toy. Nevertheless, your dog will not only love this unique singing birthday cake dog toy but will love you even more for letting them play with it, over and over again. 

DOggy decorations

For us dog mamas (and dadas) who love to go all out for our four legged babies, we have gathered the best “bang for your buck” doggy party decorations. So gather all your human and furry friends and threw your pup the best birthday party in town with these amazing decorations. 

doggy decorations

This kit is the one stop shop for all your dog birthday party needs! The kit contains: a reusable plush party hat that can be adjusted to fit any size dog, a birthday bandana, a Puppy Cake mix and frosting, twelve colorful paw print balloons, and a “woof” balloon banner. This all inclusive kit provides the cutest decorations that will make your doggy’s birthday party a social media sensation! There are two options for the kit, one that comes with pink hat and one that comes with a blue hat. If you’re the type of dog owner that wants to go over the top but in the simplest way, this is the kit for you! 

Perfect Presents

Now that you have the perfect treats and decorations, it’s time to get your pup the perfect presents! From plush presents to durable mulit-purpose ice cream cones, we have compiled a list of the best birthday themed presents for you to spoil your dog with! 

Midlee find-a-present toy

find a toy present

This adorable plush present toy is actually four toys in one! The big, plush present is six by six by six inches and hollow on the inside for the other three plush toys to go inside. A candle, birthday cake, and party hat (all about five inches in size) all fit into the large present. There is a hole on one side of the present for your dog to work to pull all the smaller toys out of. This interactive toy is a huge hit, keeping dogs entertained and excercising their brains. The plush toys are soft enough for smaller and older dogs yet durable enough for average and larger dogs, as well. You will not be disappointed when your dog realizes this toy has more toys inside! Give the gift that keeps giving and let your dog continue to “unwrap” their new favorite toy. 

Scoochie Waffle cone

This premium dog toy will be a “sweet” addition to your dog’s favorite toys. Made with over 70% natural biodegradable latex and stuffed with polyfill, this toy was made to be tossed, chewed, and played with, both inside and outside. The strecthy material is bite and tear resistant with no sharp edges so it is soft on your dogs mouth and teeth. And of course, it squeaks! The unique design of the filing makes the toy squeak when bite and when it is inflating. At almost eight inches long, this toy is made for small, average, and large dogs. 

waffle cone toy

Everything else

We have scoured the internet for the finishing touches you will need to really add the cherry on top of your dog’s special day. Listed below are things you never knew you always needed in your life, and your dog’s life, too! 

Crunchkins edible birthday card

edible dog birthday card

Yes, yes, and yes! It does not get much cuter than a birthday card for your dog that is also a treat!! Crunchkins cards combine practical and delicious with these adorable birthday cards that your dog will love as much as you do. Available in over ten different designs, you are certain to find a card that matches your dog’s personality perfectly. Made out of 100% natural rawhide, this treat is a bit harder and should be considered more of a chew.

 Rawhide can be controversial so please make sure to research and decide if this is a safe treat for your dog. However, even if you decide not to let your dog chew on the card, the low cost and uniqueness of these cards make them worth it!  Make sure to take lots of pictures because as soon as you give your dog this card, it will be gone! To learn more about rawhide and find some rawhide alternatives, check out this article. LINK TO ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i see spot birthday bandanas

Make sure your dog looks the best on their special day with this charming bandanas from I See Spot! USA made, these bandanas are made out of soft cotton and lyrca to give them a comfortable stretch. They come in a blue or pink option with a small or large option as well. The small fits around necks sizes eight inches to fourteen inches. The large fits around necks sizes fiftenn inches to twenty inches. Make sure to measure your dogs neck before purchasing so the bandana will fit just right!

This is not a typical bandana. It has a unique design and is meant to be worn with the words under your dog’s chin, not on their back. This allows the cute bow or bow tie to be visbile in pictures and also allows everyone who sees your dog to know that it is their special day! 

dog birthday bandanas
dog birthday party

It’s okay to go overboard when it comes to your dog’s birthday. They don’t understand words so it’s important to show them love and affection through treats, toys and everything else! Using this article, you will be the best dog parent when everyone sees how spoiled your dog is.