Break out the plastic eggs and bunny ears because Easter is looming just around the corner! This year, celebrating the Easter holiday with your dog is easier than ever. Unlike Christmas or Halloween, Easter lands on a different day each year but undoubtedly always falls on a Sunday. Lucky for us, the kiddos are off from school for the weekend and your work will hold off for another day. It’s the perfect time to put down the stress and pick up an egg or two!

     For us, the Easter holiday brings back memories of VHS home movies. Our past selves are seen waddling around hunting for Easter eggs as mom and dad blame the Easter bunny for forgetting where the eggs are. Even better, the family dog is following close behind, excitedly joining the hunt. Dad ends up chasing Fido around because they stole a hidden egg full of candy; what a sight! In the end, making those magical memories will forever live in our hearts.

     While your dog can’t have candy or chocolate (and definitely should not chew on a plastic egg), there are some awesome dog-friendly Easter products out there. From soft bunny cuddle toys to all-natural Easter-themed treats, having something special on hand for your pup this year is a great way to extend the Sunday afternoon.

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How to Celebrate Easter with your Dog

Pet-Friendly Egg Hunt

Blue, pink, and green easter eggs in the grass

Some pet owners fly solo and it’s just them and their loyal pup in the household. However, don’t think this leaves you out of the Easter fun! You can celebrate with activities specially designed for your dog. One of our favorites includes a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt. Gather up 3 to 5, brightly colored plastic eggs to begin the process. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Using a sewing needle, poke small holes in the top of the plastic egg. This will allow the scent of treats to guide your pup.
  2. Place small, healthy dog treats in each plastic egg.
  3. Hide each egg around the room of your choosing (or yard if it is a nice day); making sure they will not be too difficult for your dog to find. Keep one egg set aside.
  4. Begin the game by bringing your dog into the room with the hidden eggs.
  5. With the one egg you have set aside, show it to your dog with excitement and reveal how it has treats inside.
  6. Once your dog is excited, guide them around the room to find each hidden egg. Caution: Follow them closely
  7. Once your pup finds an egg, pick it up for them and open it to dump out the treats for them to eat. Caution: Do not let your dog chew on the plastic egg
Getting Supplies

     It will be easy to find plastic eggs for this hunt because practically every store is stocked with them before the holiday. However, we suggest simply going to the Dollar Store to save some money. For treats to fill the eggs, you can easily use small dog treats you are already stocked with. If you need to purchase more for the occasion, check out one of our favorite options in the article Top Five Best Organic Dog Treats.

Doggie Easter Basket


Celebrating Easter with your furbaby in mind is easier than ever thanks to both large pet companies and small, local shops. As you begin that day with setting out Easter baskets for your family and loved ones, you can set aside a special toy and treat for Fido. Add even more flair and fun to the experience by wrapping their presents in a similar basket and help them unwrap it to explore all the goodies. 

Easter basket with eggs inside

While you can offer your furry family member a chance to get in on the excitement, you want to be cautious of what you’re exactly offering. You want to be mindful of wicker and plastic baskets as they may splinter. 

The best Easter baskets for your dog can be a metal bowl or even a brand new metal food or water dish! When filling up your dog’s basket, be mindful of what goes in. When adding treats, include nothing less than the best for your dog. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, healthy ingredients like carrots, apples, peas, and sweet potatoes are great foods to offer your dog! Along with giving your dog the most delicious snacks, you can give your dog super cute toys. 

Even though you may see empty space in your basket, we can assure you Fido doesn’t care as long as he gets the toys and treats he was looking for. In that case, you want to avoid adding artificial grasses to the basket to avoid the risk of choke. A practical alternative to using an artificial grass, you can fill your dog’s Easter basket with Earth Rated’s green doggy waste bags!

Keep reading to find the best Easter goodies to put in your dog’s basket to make your pal feel special, too. 

Easter Dog Toys

     While there are many options for Easter-themed dog toys on the market, not all are actually designed well. Unfortunately, some companies produce simple stuffed toys with an easily-marketed holiday theme just to make a quick buck. When filling your dog’s Easter basket or gifting them with a single Easter toy, you will want to make sure the toy is of good quality so that it is both safe and fun. We’ve searched through countless options and have landed on three Easter dog toy options that will be worth the while.

Kong Cozies Dog Toy: Floppy the Rabbit

Main Benefits:
  • Comfort toy
  • Machine washable
  • Squeaker inside
  • Extra layer of durable fabric
  • Rabbit design for Easter

     The reputable company of Kong produces a line of cuddly dog toys called Kong Cozies. Particularly for Easter, the Kong Cozies dog toy of Floppy the Rabbit is an excellent pick. Coming in a soft and soothing beige color, the rabbit has pink floppy ears and a cute puffy tail. Additionally, long whiskers coming from its face gives a true rabbit look. Luckily, when the toy gets covered in slobber or its ears pick up a bit of dirt, you will be able to toss it into the washing machine. However, we suggest placing it in a pillow case as it goes through the wash. This will help keep it fully intact through multiple washes.

     Floppy the Rabbit is designed as a comfort toy for your dog. It is soft and cuddly with minimal stuffing for less of a mess if it gets torn open. For added fun and enticement, they placed a squeaker inside so your pup can have a blast making tons of noise. Unlike other simple stuffed dog toys, this added squeaker is sure to keep them occupied while the rest of the family chows down on chocolate bunnies.

     Although the Kong Cozies’ Floppy the Rabbit is built with an extra layer of fabric for durability, it will not fair well in the jaws of a heavy chewing dog. This comfort toy is best for pup who are gentle and like to carry toys in their mouth, but do not go to town trying to rip it apart. Its soft nature will act to sooth your furbaby throughout the excitement of the Easter holiday.


9 x 4 x 8”, 3.84 ounces (best for medium sized dogs)

Smart Pet Love Tender Tuffs Rabbit

Main Benefits:
  • Great for fetch
  • Easy for dog’s to carry
  • Soft texture
  • Puncture-resistant squeaker inside
  • Rabbit design for Easter

     The Tender Tuffs Rabbit by Smart Pet Love is another stuffed, comfort toy that is designed to be soft and cuddly for your dog. However, it comes in an interesting style that is perfect for any dog who loves to fetch or carry their toys around the house. It comes in bright pink; featuring a rabbit head and long, textured body with four short limbs. Additionally, its obnoxious long ears make it super fun as you give it a good toss to Fido. The eyes and face details are stitched into the fabric so that they will not be chewed off easily.

      Smart Pet Love has built their Tender Tuffs Rabbit using their Proprietary TearBlok Technology. During research, we came away with not much information on this technology. However, one thing is for sure, the toy is designed to take a hit or two during games of toss and fetch. Not only does it have a puncture-resistant squeaker to entice any dog during playtime, but the rabbit’s elongated body is a wonderful shape for catching and carrying around in their mouths. On the other hand, like any softer dog toy, we would not recommend it as an Easter gift for dogs who like to gnaw or shred.


17” long x 3” wide, 4.8 ounces (best for medium to large sized dogs)

ZippyPaws Hide-an-Egg Burrow Plush Toy

Main Benefits:
  • Interactive dog toy
  • Keeps mentally stimulated and reduces boredom
  • Fun Easter theme
  • Squeakers in each egg

     The ZippyPaws Hide-an-Egg Burrow Plush Toy comes from a unique burrow dog toy line that includes a wide variety of themes. ZippyPaws creates themes for their burrow toys in such a variety that it’s becomes hard NOT to find what you are looking for. In particular, our team has fallen in love with their holiday collection. The Hide-an-Egg Burrow Plush Toy features a soft, hollow plush square in bright Easter yellow that incorporates a bunny’s head and long ears. Its eyes and face details are stitched on for extra durability during playtime. You won’t have to worry about them falling off!

These burrow plush dog toys are great because each has a main body and then three smaller toys that can fit inside for your dog to fish out. The Hide-an-Egg comes with three colorful eggs to stuff into the provided holes. Furthermore, each egg has a squeaker inside! Ultimately, you are getting multiple dog toys in one.

     We highly recommend this interactive dog toy for your Easter celebrations because it will help to keep Fido occupied while the family engages in other activities. Instead of leaving your pup out, it will let them join in and keep their mind active. However, dogs who like to tear their toys apart will find danger. The Hide-an-Egg is best for curious dogs who are more gentle on their toys; wanting more of a sensory experience rather than a destroying experience.


8.5 x 5 x 5” (best for small to medium sized dogs)

multipet duckworth duck

Main Benefits:
  • Fun to toss
  • Easy to catch
  • Easy for Dogs to carry
  • Soft texture
Yellow MultiPet Duckworth Duck

The Multipet Duckworth Duck is a streamlined toy with short and stubby legs. The streamline design is used to deter your chewer from destroying the toy in a matter of minutes, especially if they are trying to reach the squeaker. The soft textured toy makes it a great option if you want to throw the toy indoors. This plush toy is a great addition to your pup’s toy box because not only is it great to play with, but it offers an enormous amount of comfort for your pup. This toy can be used to snuggle with and is soft enough to parade around the entire house. 

During your Easter get-together, if you have young kids that are going to want to play with your dog, the toy is soft enough for the child to safely play with too! This fuzzy duck toy is also lightweight and heavy duty. It is fit to stand up to whatever rocking and rolling your dog is going to put the toy through. 

Multipet is excited to offer this very cute, lovable toy duck to your best friend. This toy is an amazing way to include your dog in all your Easter festivities without your dog being underfoot while kids are trying to find what the Easter bunny left behind. 


14″ x 6″ x 4″ (best for medium to large sized dogs)


Easter Dog Treats

     Easter comes with the chance for lots of chocolate and candy. One step into any chain store right now and you are bound to run into shelves stocked with sweat, edible bunnies and eggs. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it! Unfortunately, chocolate and other candies are highly dangerous for your dog to get ahold of. Their ingredients are quite toxic for your furbaby, plus the candy’s wrapper is hazardous to swallow. Instead of completely denying your dog any treats during Easter, you can purchase specially-made Easter dog treats for them. Many small-businesses love to create such treats for your pets and we have found two that come highly recommended.

Tail Bangers 2-Pack Easter Gift Pack

Main Benefits:
  • USA-made
  • Easter theme packaging
  • Best value
  • Human-grade ingredients
  • All-natural

     The Tail Bangers Easter Gift Pack can be purchased in a set of two through Amazon, which will be the best choice for your wallet. They come in 8oz. baggies, filled with about eleven treats each. Although the treats have a simple bone shape to them, each is covered with pet-friendly icing and colorful sprinkles! Furthermore, their packaging is complete with an adorable Easter theme; just like a professional Easter basket.

     The best part about these treats: they are USA-made; right here in Delaware. Even the ingredients are USA-sourced! These carefully picked ingredients are human-grade, all natural, and will not contain any preservatives, corn, or soy. Once created by the company, the treats have a one year shelf life.


     Whole wheat flour, whole rolled oats, canola oil, fresh ground peanuts, eggs, honey and cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, peanut butter or carob coating.

Bubba Rose Easter Cake Bites Dog Treat Box

Main Benefits:
  • Premium quality
  • Pumpkin flavor
  • Great texture
  • All natural ingredients
  • No refrigeration required

     Our second pick, the Bubba Rose Easter Cake Bites Dog Treat Box, is a bit more on the premium side. However, they are undeniably a step above the rest. You will receive four dog cake bites in a specially packaged box, with each treat in its own little wrapper for premium quality. The four treats include two Easter bunny faces and two Easter eggs that are covered in a yogurt “icing” with vegetable coloring. Unlike many other holiday treats, these little nuggets of gold have a dense, chewy texture but are not crunchy. As your dog bites down into them, the unique texture adds a wonderful mouth-feel.

     The Bubba Rose Easter Cake Bites are pumpkin flavored, which is actually quite healthy for your dog to consume. The pumpkin adds lots of gastrointestinal benefits to keeps your pooch working properly and at the top of their game. Each other ingredient is all natural and will not contain any preservatives that might upset their tummies. Best yet, no refrigeration is required!


     Organic oat flour, organic brown rice flour, applesauce, molasses, honey, peanut butter, peanut oil, eggs, baking soda, vanilla extract, ginger and cinnamon. Topped with yogurt coating and vegetable coloring.