If you are looking for a durable and fun fetch toy for your dog, then we have great news. This is not just your regular old tennis ball, this is the Chew King Rubber Fetch Ball. As dog owners, we know you are always looking for new, and especially durable, products. These fetch balls will last long enough to give you hours of interactive play with your furry companion. However, with a variety of styles available, it can be a challenge finding the right pick.Using this review, you’ll be able to find out which one suits your dog best!

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about The Company: chew king

chew king

     Chew King, a brand created by SportPet Designs, offers a wide variety of different types of dog toys. Some of the categories include chew toys, fetch toys, play toys, and treat toys. Whatever your canine friend’s preferences are, Chew King has a great selection to fit those needs.

     SportPet Designs is headquartered outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They maintain offices in countries all over the world including England, China, Japan, and Poland. Seeing themselves as more than just manufacturers, they take great pride in being innovators. They feel a great deal of responsibility in providing the best quality products and service that they can for their furry clientele.

     They are a responsive company that shows great care and consideration towards their customers and are always putting the customer’s needs at the forefront. In their own words, few companies can say that they make what they sell. SportPet Designs feels that this enables them a unique level of quality and production control; allowing them to make the best products they possibly can.

     SportPet Designs puts product safety on a pedestal. Government regulations require the company to undergo semi-annual product safety audits. SportPet Designs takes this a step further and performs daily product quality and safety tests both internally and through third-party testers. Once a product has met safety standards, SportPet Designs lets their own dogs go to town to see just how pup friendly their products really are. Watching how the dogs interact with the toys, SportPet Designs looks to see if any improvements need to be made to the product in order to provide their customers with the best dog toy possible at a good price. With this information, our hearts burst with pride to see a dog company taking such great care!


Safe for Fido

     As a pet parent, you signed up to keep an eye on your dog. We know you care about the safety of your furry friend, and it’s obvious that so does Chew King! These rubber balls are a suitable, safe rubber alternative to the everyday tennis ball. Some dog owners may not know, but the felt found on tennis balls  can actually wear down the enamel on your dog’s teeth if used too much. This obviously isn’t good for your dog. While games of fetch here and there won’t do too much damage, it is still better to play it safe by getting a non-abrasive ball like the Chew King Rubber Balls! No one wants their dog’s teeth to get damaged by a toy, which is why we love the gentle rubber that Chew King provides.   

     Chew King makes their toys using only pet safe materials, such as 100% natural rubber and rip resistant nylon. The rubber balls have good bounce to them and they don’t give off a rubber chemical smell like many other rubber dog toys. Such a strong smell can be a turn off for a lot of dogs and their owners. In fact, many pups won’t even touch toys that smell like they just came off the factory line.

     Each ball is even equipped with a safety air vent to prevent the dogs tongue from getting stuck. Without an air vent, dog toys with holes to hold treats run a safety risk. All that gnawing and licking tends to create a vacuum effect. Ouch!

Space Inside for Treats

     The Chew King Rubber Balls play double duty. There is a space inside of the ball that allows you to fill the toy with your dog’s favorite kibble or treat; making it an awesome treat dispenser. Treats or kibble can be dropped in to the ball to send your pup in to even further craze when playing a round of fetch. This will entice your dog to play with the ball because they will be able to smell the treats that are inside the toy. By putting food in the ball, your dog will have double the fun!

     However, we do suggest using dry treats or kibble. Wet, smear-able treats like peanut butter will never be able to fall out of the ball’s dispensing hole. Plus, it will make cleaning the toy an absolute nightmare.

Provides you and Fido with exercise

     The Chew King Fetch Balls will give you and your pup a fun new way to get exercise. Not only will this keep you both healthy, but it allows you to bond with your furry friend! After all, you’re companions for life. Pet parents cherish time spent with their dogs, and we think that is extremely important. A healthy dog is a happy dog, which is why you should make time to provide your dog with exercise. Most owners are aware that playing fetch will be a great game to give your dog the daily exercise they need.

An Addition to Your Ball: A Launcher!

     Each fetch toy rubber ball is also compatible with Chew King’s own adjustable ball launcher. The launcher has a comfortable grip and variable throw settings. It is really an excellent convenience when playing fetch with your furry friend. First, the launcher takes a lot of stress off your throwing arm. Let the launcher do all the work, not your shoulder! Second, the launcher easily grips the rubber ball from off the ground. Inevitably, any fetch toy gets absolutely drenched in slobber. Instead of getting your hands all yucky, use the launcher to pick up the toy.. It is not necessary to purchase this with your fetch toy rubber balls, but it is definitely a perk and worth looking into.

Chew King Ball Launcher

Main Benefits in Summary

  • Gentle on Fido’s teeth
  • All-Natural materials
  • Interactive treat dispenser
  • Placing a treat inside will entice play
  • Variety of size options to fit your dog’s needs
  • Air hole included so your pup’s tongue doesn’t get stuck
  • Compatible with ball launcher

which toy is right for my pup?

Ball Options

     All dogs have different toy needs, which is often based on their size. Whether you have a small or large breed, Chew King has a rubber ball to suit them.  If you have a smaller dog that falls in the 25-50 lb weight range, then Chew King’s 2.5” rubber balls are probably best suited for your dog. The 2.5” balls fit in Chew King’s adjustable ball launcher, are roughly the size of a tennis ball, weigh 77 grams, and are about 7mm thick. At this size range, Chew King also offers a glow in the dark version!

      For dogs that fall  into the 40-75 lb range, Chew King has 3” rubber balls. Chew King brought these in to fold because the 2.5” were just a bit too thin and small for bigger sized dogs. A bigger dog is going to be a little stronger and have a bit more power in their chomp. So, the 2.5” just don’t hold up as well. The 3” rubber balls still fit in to the adjustable ball launcher, weigh 136 grams, and they are about 15 mm thick.

     Chew King also has a third option of rubber balls for the monster pups. The supreme rubber ball is for those larger dogs that are in need of the most heavy duty of pup toys. The supreme balls are still 3” in size and still able to fit in the adjustable ball launcher. The ball weighs 231 grams and is made with a solid rubber exterior. This is especially good for a dog who tends to chew toys to shreds. If you have a tough chewer, we suggest you check out the supreme ball.

     Chew King has a nifty size chart on their website to give you an idea of where your dog may fall! Chew King Size Chart

Chew King 2.5″ Balls

Chew King 3″ Balls

Chew King Ball Launcher

Chew King Supreme Balls

Chew King Glow in the Dark Balls


chew king ball

     When purchasing a fetch toy rubber ball from Chew King, you must first make sure the ball is the right size for your specific dog. If you have a bigger dog, their bite may compress through the 2.5” ball; creating a choking hazard. So, just be sure to know what your dogs habits are so you can find the right fit for them.

     Also, while the Chew King rubber balls are made with quality material, it is still somewhat thin. For bigger dogs this is no problem as the Chew King offers the supreme solid rubber option at the 3” level for those bigger dogs with extra chomp. However, there is no option at 2.5” level for a ball with solid rubber. So, if you have a smaller dog that is generally a very active chewer and goes through a lot of toys, you may want to consider looking into a sturdier option for a dog that size.

     While this may not be much of a problem for some owners, the balls will not float due to the hole in the middle of them. So if you have a pup that fancies themselves a surfer, these rubber balls may not be for you.

alternative Dog Ball

     All dogs are different and Chew King offers good quality options at a reasonable price for a range of different canine needs. A very similar product to Chew King’s rubber balls are Chuckit’s tennis ball chew toys. Check out our full review of this alternative product here. You can get two chuck-it balls for a slightly lower price than what you pay for a three pack of Chew King’s 3” rubber balls. They are pretty similar in nature so it may be worth taking a look and seeing what the best fit for you is!