Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys are designed to give you and your dog an option for those rainy, cold, or snowy days. When the outdoor conditions are not so favorable, your dog doesn’t have to sit inside all day looking bored. The Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys are made with Chuckit’s signature Bounceflex Core Technology. Which is just a fancy term for “it won’t break anything when you toss it.” Plus, with a variety of shapes and designs, you’re bound to find something to fit your pup’s favorite type of play.

Instead of just picking out one or two options from the Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toy line, we wanted to show you everything it has to offer. This way you can make the best, most informed decision for your furbaby. Admittedly, some are better than others. However, it will all depend on how your dog likes to play. Keeping him or her active while stuck inside is essential. Otherwise, you may get a very bored pup on your hands. And we all know that doggie boredom leads to bad behaviors!

Table of Contents

Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys Product List

     There is a long list of toys included in the Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys, so we find it easier to split them up into two categories. The first four is considered to be the main group of Chuckit! Indoors Dog Toys. Finally, the remaining “bonus” toys are not marketed from Chuckit’s website but can easily be found through Amazon.

Main Group

  1. Indoor Launcher
  2. Roller
  3. Indoor Ball
  4. Flyer

Bonus Indoor Toy Options

  1. Tumbler Toy Ball
  2. Fumbler
  3. Shaker
  4. Indoor Squirrel

Common Qualities

     Having a line of dog toys is all about common qualities, but different shapes, colors, or features. For the Chuckit! Indoor line of dog toys, you will notice that each is made from the same soft materials. This includes a textured chenille fabric on the exterior. In fact, it will remind you of a dry mop or dusting cloth (extra bonus for cleaning the floor!). The interior is constructed from Bounceflex Core Technology. Although the name sounds fancy, it simply means that the material is light yet durable. Basically, everything about these toys are constructed around the idea of indoor playtime. With every toss, catch, and shake; you won’t have to worry about your pup accidentally breaking any lamps. That’s their true selling point and it seems to be working wonders.

Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys: The Main Group

Indoor Launcher

     It’s no secret, Chuckit! became wildly popular when their classic dog toy launcher hit the market. The prop gave owners a way to easily throw fetch toys farther and have a hands-free method of picking up the slobbery toy for another toss. It was an absolute lifesaver for many pet parents! The Chuckit! Indoor Launcher brings that very same technology in a new, compact form. Shorter than the outdoor classic version, this launcher is 3 x 4 x 18”. After-all, you probably won’t be attempting to throw your pup’s toy too far indoors.

     The indoor launcher is compatible with both the Chuckit! Indoor Ball and the Chuckit! Indoor Roller. The launcher grip is bigger than usual. Therefore, don’t expect it to work with a standard tennis ball or other Chuckit! outdoor products. However, it does automatically come with a Roller toy; so that will save you some money.

     We noticed that customers suggest purchasing the Chuckit! Indoor Ball when you buy the indoor launcher. The ball tends to work a bit better because it is easier to pick up with the launching tool. While many pet owners like the Chuckit! Indoor Roller that comes included, others would much prefer the ease of a ball.

Main Benefits

  1. Makes it easy to toss toys for fetch or catch
  2. Helps pick up slobbery toys without using your hands
  3. Compatible with two Chuckit! Indoor dog toys
  4. Comes with the Chuckit! Indoor Roller included

Chuckit! Indoor Roller

     The Chuckit! Indoor Roller is designed like a tire: a round, doughnut shape with a hollow center. Its rims are wide and flat so that the toy can easily roll on any floor surface. At a measurement of 2.9 x 4.7 x 4.7”, the company recommends the roller for small dogs. However, that judgement is completely up to you and your pup. Unlike hard, plastic toys, the roller is lightweight with a soft exterior. As your dog catches and carries it, you won’t have to worry about any tooth or gum damage. One customer points out, “The carpet-like texture and squishy foam interior make it attractive to chew and carry.”

     In terms of durability, the Chuckit! Indoor Roller will hold up fairly well because of its multi layered construction. However, if your dog makes it their next chew toy; it won’t last very long. Although the material is pretty sturdy, you should watch out for any tearing around the seams. Based on customer comments, the seams are the first thing to go.

Main Benefits

  1. Machine washable on delicates cycle
  2. Rolls on any floor surface
  3. Won’t damage furniture or décor
  4. Soft in dog’s mouth
  5. Compatible with Indoor Launcher

Chuckit! Indoor Ball

     If you’re looking to simply test out the Chuckit! Indoor dog toy products, we suggest going with the Chuckit! Indoor Ball first. It will be your least expensive option and your most versatile. It’s exactly what you would think: a round ball. However, at 4.7” in diameter, the toy is a bit larger than a regular tennis ball. While Chuckit! recommends the Indoor Ball for puppies and small dog, others say it is large enough for bigger dogs as well. In the end, we recommend taking a look at your pup’s other toys to see if this one will make a good fit. Too small for your dog; it could create a choking hazard. Too large; your furbaby won’t be able to comfortably carry it around.

     This indoor dog toy is great for pups who are ball-driven. Although there is not squeaker inside, most dogs can’t ignore a good ball-retrieval! To make your life even easier, try it with the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher. That way you don’t even have to move from the comfy couch.  

     While the Indoor Ball’s soft and light material is great for damage-free indoor play, you will not want it to be heavily chewed on. A heavy chewing dog will easily tear the material apart, especially at the seams. To help combat possible toy carnage, we recommend breaking the ball out only during interactive play-time. When toss is over, place the ball up and away from Fido.

Main Benefits

  1. Machine washable on delicates cycle
  2. Slight bounce
  3. Rolls on any floor surface
  4. Won’t damage furniture or décor
  5. Soft in dog’s mouth
  6. Best toy option for Indoor Launcher
  7. Cheapest option

Chuckit! Indoor Flyer

     First and foremost, the Chuckit! Indoor Flyer will not be compatible with the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher. However, it is a great indoor toy option for a new and interesting game of toss with your dog. Unlike a rounded toy, the Indoor Flyer provides a different shape that is amazingly easy for any dog to catch and carry. Plus, there is no way your pooch could accidentally swallow the thing whole. At 7.5 x 2.6 x 8.1” large, it is safe for both small and large dogs.

     The Flyer’s shape instantly gives away its purpose: a Frisbee. It will be a good match for dogs who like to catch their toys mid-air, but don’t expect it to fly far. The carpet-like external material is not aerodynamic. On the other hand, if your aim stinks no furniture or décor will be hurt in the process!

     Similar to the other Chuckit! Indoor dog toys, the Flyer is sturdy but won’t last long in the jaws of a monster-chewing pooch. For this reason, we suggest only breaking the toy out during interactive play time. Then, store it out of reach.

Main Benefits

  1. Different and interesting shape for toss
  2. Tossed like a frisbee
  3. Easy for your dog to catch and carry
  4. Machine washable on delicates cycle
  5. Won’t damage furniture or décor

Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys: Bonus Options

Indoor Tumbler Ball

     The Tumbler Ball has a unique triangular shape. Each time you toss the toy it will land with an erratic bounce and roll for your dog to chase after. This provides a new twist to a good game of fetch and your pup will love the challenge! Thankfully, the toy is also compatible with the Indoor Launcher. This way you can save some arm strength.

Size: 3.8 x 4.5 x 4.3”

Indoor Fumbler

     The Indoor Fumbler has the shape of a football and is also compatible with the Indoor Launcher. This option is great for a little variation from a standard ball but doesn’t veer too far off course. It’s another classic toy to become a family favorite.

Size: 9.5 x 4.2 x 4.5”

Indoor Shaker

     Although the Indoor Shaker is a standard, round ball, it has one feature that sets it apart in a big way. You will notice a handle strap that your pup can easily grab onto and shake the living daylights out of the toy! Honestly, it your dog loves to shake their toys, the Indoor Shaker will be right up your alley. It is also compatible with the Indoor Launcher.

Size: 4.7” diameter

Indoor Squirrel

     The Indoor Squirrel is designed to fly like a Frisbee. It has a flat shape with curved rims that look like a flying squirrel in action. While it makes a great indoor game of catch, don’t expect it to fly very far. However, you will only need it to go a couple feet in most instances. Like the Chuckit! Indoor Flyer, the Indoor Squirrel will be for dogs who like catching their prey mid-air.

Size: 2 x 3 x 9”

Our Favorite Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toy

     In the end, we tend to favor the Chuckit! Indoor Ball. It’s just simply a great classic that will prove itself time and time again. You can use it by itself or with the Indoor Launcher for added ease. Plus, at the size of a soft-ball, the toy is much less likely to become an accidental choking hazard. Finally, you will find the toy’s price very reasonable.