A classic game of fetch can be tons of fun for you and Fido alike. Some dogs can keep playing for what seems like forever! Unfortunately, us humans can’t always keep up with our dog’s energy level. After countless tosses, our arms can feel strained and tired. Not to mention, touching that slobbery dog ball is not the most fun. If you want a solution to those fetching problems, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve found something to improve your game of fetch: the Chuckit! Junior Launcher. With a long list of benefits, this launcher makes throwing easy without having to touch a gross toy. Throughout our article, you can learn all about the benefits, pros, cons, and value of the Chuckit! Junior Launcher.

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About the Chuckit! Junior Launcher

The Chuckit! Junior Launcher makes playing fetch easier than ever. You won’t have to bend over to touch a slobbery ball, providing you with the ultimate convenience. As well as not having to bend over, you can throw the ball faster and farther. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to toss a ball with this launcher! At 18” long, the Chuckit! Junior Launcher is easy to store and great for smaller yards.

Not to mention, the Chuckit! Junior Launcher comes with a Chuckit! Tennis Ball, so you can start playing right away. These aren’t just any tennis balls either; they are of high quality and made for the needs of dogs. Regular tennis balls can wear down your dog’s teeth, but not the Chuckit! Tennis Balls! If you want to learn more about the Chuckit! Tennis Balls, head on over to Chuckit! Tennis Balls Review.

Main Benefits
  • Hands-free pickup
  • Take the strain off of your arm
  • Throw farther and faster
  • Great for smaller yards
  • Includes a Chuckit! Tennis Ball
  • Gives your dog exercise
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Portable
  • Made in the USA

Is the Chuckit! Junior Launcher right for me?

If your dog loves to play fetch, the Chuckit! Junior Launcher is a must-have product. It will make playing fetch much easier for you, so you will want to play longer. Ultimately, if you find yourself with a sore arm after countless throws, this will be suitable for you. In addition, if you hate touching slobbery toys, you will fall in love with the Chuckit! Junior Launcher. In the end, this launcher will improve your game of fetch, making both you and your pup happy with the results. If you still aren’t sure if this is right for you, Chuckit! Offers a variety of launchers to choose from. To learn more about the other launchers, take a look at our Chuckit! Launchers Review.


Hands-Free Pickup

As a dog owner, you know how gross it is to pick up a slobbery dog toy. It’s wet, dirty, and just not pleasant. Luckily, you won’t have to do that anymore with the Chuckit! Junior Launcher! It has a long handle, allowing you to pick up the ball without your hands. Plus, you won’t have to hurt your back by crouching down over and over again. Simply use the 18” handle to scoop up the ball without having to bend over and touch the slobber.

Throw faster and farther

The design of this product allows you to throw a ball faster and farther than ever before. Specifically, this will be great for dogs who need to release their pent up energy. In addition, the launcher will take the strain of throwing off of your arm. Playing fetch with our pups can make our arms sore, especially when they never want to stop! With the use of a launcher, throwing will be much easier so you can play longer. Trust us, your dog and your arm will thank you.

Includes a Chuckit! Tennis Ball

Chuckit BallsFeaturing an extra thick rubber core, the Chuckit! Tennis Balls are more suitable for dogs than normal tennis balls. You may not know this, but regular tennis balls can be abrasive on a dog’s teeth. As your dog bites down on that neon green fuzz, it can slowly wear down their teeth over time. Fortunately, Chuckit! Tennis Balls were made especially for dogs with natural rubber, so you don’t have to worry about their dental health. Specifically, this launcher comes with a medium, 2.5” tennis ball. The Junior Launcher is compatible with any medium size Chuckit! Ball, so you can use different types of balls if you want.

You won’t have to worry about losing this ball, because it’s bright orange and blue colors make it highly visible. Not only will it be easy to see in the grass, it will be visible in the water as well! That’s right, the Chuckit! Tennis Ball floats in the water. Whether you’re at the pool, beach, or lake, you and Fido can have fun with your Chuckit! Junior Launcher and tennis ball.

Caution: Although these balls are durable, they are not meant to be a chew toy. Be sure to only use it for games of fetch and keep it out of your dog’s reach when you aren’t fetching.

Provides Exercise for Fido

As a responsible pet parent, you know how important your dog’s health is. Keeping your dog active is a part of maintaining their health, which means giving them exercise. Without enough exercise, dogs can develop unwanted behaviors and become bored. Trust us, no one wants a bored dog on their hands. Some signs that your dog might be bored include:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Excessive barking
  • Digging
  • Depression
  • Getting into things (like the trash)

Yikes, no one wants those behaviors for their dog! By using a Chuckit! Junior Launcher, your pup will get plenty of exercise while they run back and forth to get their ball. Essentially, your dog will release their energy so they don’t become bored. As a bonus, they’ll probably be tired from their game of fetch, making them get a great night’s sleep. When you use your launcher to play fetch with Fido, they will have a blast while also staying healthy in the process! After all, a healthy dog is a happy dog.

Great for Smaller Yards

The Chuckit! Junior Launcher is 18”, which is smaller than Chuckit!’s Classic Launcher. Since it has a shorter length, it will be perfect for playing fetch in smaller yards and parks. We know not everyone has spacious areas to play fetch, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun of a launcher. Of course, you can still use the Junior Launcher in large areas. If you think you’re more interested in the 26” Classic Launcher, check out our article on The Chuckit! Launchers.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design

The Chuckit! Junior Launcher is made out of lightweight plastic, which makes it great for your travel needs. Whether you’re going to the park or on vacation, it will be easy to bring your launcher along. Additionally, this launcher has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip. The lightweight and comfortable design will make it easy to guide the ball, so you can toss it in the direction you want.

Made in the USA

We love to see that “made in the USA” label on dog products. When you purchase something that is made here in the USA, it supports the jobs of local Americans. Also, being close to the source of the products you purchase is always a plus.


This product is meant for human use only, meaning it should stay out of your dog’s reach. If a chew monster gets ahold of the Chuckit! Junior Launcher, they will probably tear it apart. As long as you don’t let your dog gnaw on it, it should last through endless games of fetch. Also, the Chuckit! Junior Launcher might take some getting used to at first. After a few practice throws, you’ll be sure to get the hang of it. Like they say, practice makes perfect!

Value in Your Purchase

It’s always great to find a high quality product at a low price. We love how affordable the Chuckit! Junior Launcher is, because you get a valuable item without hurting your wallet. Not only do you get a launcher to improve your game of fetch, it even comes with a free Chuckit! Tennis Ball as well. With all of the benefits considered, this launcher is well worth the purchase.

About the Brand: Chuckit!

Chuckit! built their entire brand around the classic toy for dogs, the tennis ball. Made with their iconic blue and orange colors, Chuckit! toys have become well-known to many dog owners. Priding themselves on interactive dog toys, the Chuckit! brand develops toys that are designed for interactive play with your dog. Ultimately, their goal is to help dog owners develop a deeper bond with their furry friends, and it shows across their entire product line. From their original tennis balls to tug toys, to fumbling footballs and fetching floater toys; it’s all about building that special bond with your pet.