Chuckit! is the infamous brand who put dog ball launchers on the map. Their Chuchit! Ball Launcher has become incredibly well-known in the world of dog owners. From this single product, the company has grown to produce other innovative interactive dog toys. The best thing about interactive dog toys is the bond it gives an owner and his/her furbaby. Morning, afternoon, or even nighttime; games of toss and fetch are a simple method packed full of canine benefits! The Chuckit! Ring Chaser is a new fetching tool that gives a spin on the original Chuckit! Ball Launcher. To see how this nifty gadget works, we dug through reliable resources and formed our own in-depth review.

The Product: Chuckit! Ring Chaser


     The Chuckit! Ring Chaser is very similar to the original Chuckit! Ball Launcher. Both items are designed to help owners play games of fetch with their active dog. Not only does the product help create a farther throwing distance with no strain, but your hands can remain slobber-free.

     Yet, the Chuckit! Ring Chaser offers a new variation many bouncing pups will enthusiastically enjoy. In the package we found through Amazon, you will receive one Ring Chaser Launcher and one Ring Chaser Ring. The launcher is a short-length throwing tool. It even has a bit of a curve to enhance your arm’s throwing power. Additionally, the end of the launcher has a gripping piece where your Chuckit! Ring Chaser Ring will slide into.

     Next, the product’s ring is the real star of the show. According to our research, each ring will measure about 1 x 4.9 x 4.9”. This ring matches its launcher by slipping into a simple gripping piece located at the launcher’s end. With a flick of the wrist, the ring flies from its launcher. In detail, the ring is designed with a topspin. Therefore, once the toy hits the ground, it bounces erratically and continues to roll onward for Fido to chase.

     The combination of launcher and ring adds a fun twist to the original Chuckit! Ball Launcher. You will find that your dog enjoys a change-up from their normal fetching game! Both the ring’s bounce and rolling ability entice their natural chasing instinct.


     The toy’s launcher is plastic made and easy to rinse off when necessary. The ring itself is made with natural, lightweight, and soft materials. It is safe and easy for your dog to grab in their mouth. Furthermore, its lightweight composition allows the toy to float in water!

     While the ring’s material is durable enough for your pooch to hold onto, it is not made to be a chew toy. If you notice your furbaby is chewing on it, we recommend taking it away. Chewing pups will easily destroy the thing is no time. In fact, even the Chuckit! company notes their toy is for supervised play only.


     Interactive dog toys are always a good choice to have in your dog owner’s arsenal. They provide so many benefits for both you and your dog! By and large, the Chuckit! Ring Chaser is a fetching tool and toy. Not only will it help keep Fido active, but it gives a great bonding opportunity between owner and pup.

     Throwing Farther with Less Strain. Instead of playing a normal game of fetch, this product helps to enhance the experience. Its launcher is specifically designed to throwing the toy farther without placing painful strain on your wrist, arms, or shoulders. While it is joyous to see your excited pup bounce around with happiness during fetch, your arm may not be able to hold up much longer! This is especially true for dogs who just can’t get enough of the game.

     Slobber Free Handling. The launcher has a second important benefit: keeping your hands slobber free! Through all that excitement, your dog’s fetching toy will become drenched in their slobber. We’ve all tried to pick up a throwing ball with as little fingers as possible; it’s gross. Luckily, the Chuckit! Ring Chaser Launcher provides a convenient gripping piece. This keeps your hand at a safe distance while the launcher does all the work.

     No More Bending Down. We also find this feature useful in another way. Bending over to pick up a fetching toy doesn’t always feel great on the knees and back. This is particularly true for those who experience joint pain. With this in mind, we see the launcher’s reach as extremely beneficial. You will be able to remain mostly upright while the product’s ring toy snaps into your launcher. In detail, the tool measures about 22” long.


     The biggest caution with the Chuckit! Ring Chaser includes where you use the toy for games of fetch. The rolling action of its ring creates quite a distance in ground travel. Therefore, you will want to remain in an open park or fenced-in backyard. Customers agree that it is best to choose your location wisely. Consequently, do not expect to use the Chuckit! Ring Chaser during mountainous hikes or in heavily wooded areas. Even thick bushes can create a problem because your pup may expect you to retrieve it for them!

     Secondly, one customer does point out a minor flaw. Sometimes you may need to use your hands to snap the ring into its launcher grip. This essentially eliminates the slobber-free handling benefits. However, there seems to be a trick to using the launcher to pick up its ring. Customers note it will take some practice, but you will get the hang of it.

Chuckit! Ball Launcher vs. Chuckit! Ring Chaser


     Both the original Chuckit! Ball Launcher and the new Chuckit! Ring Chaser feature many similarities. First and foremost, each product is designed to improve games of fetch between you and your dog. Between each launch and each throwing toy, they work beautifully.

     Secondly, their materials are the same. Each launcher is made from plastic. Furthermore, each throwing toy is made from natural and lightweight materials. Which brings us to an awesome benefit, both types of toys float in water!


     One notable difference between the Chuckit! Ball Launcher and the Chuckit! Ring Chaser includes their size and weight. The new Chuckit! Ring Chaser has a shorter launcher and heavier ring. While the ring does not fly as far as a ball, its main purpose is to bounce and continue rolling forward.

     Compared to a ball, the new ring toy will provide a great change-up for your pup. Its design differs from a normal ball because it comes in a donut shape. Both its shape and design create a topspin to keep the product rolling very fast.

     Finally, you can expect the Chuckit! Ring Chaser to handle differently. It will take a new pick-up and throw technique than the company’s original ball-version. Although this technique is not intuitive at first, you will begin to get the hang of it.

Benefits of Fetch Games

     Interactive dog toys and games, like fetch, are beneficial in many ways. Plus, we’re not the only ones to highly recommend them. Almost every source you can track down will explain the necessity of interactive dog toys!

     Exercise. The very first benefit that comes to mind includes exercise. Just like us, dogs need daily activity to keep strong and healthy. Furthermore, energetic puppies and working dog breeds will have energy to burn. Interactive dog toys and games help use their excessive energy; giving both you and them a great night’s sleep.

     Reducing Boredom. Just like your teenage daughter on family night, your dog can get bored. For canines, boredom stems from lack of physical and mental stimulation. Accordingly, interactive dog toys are your solution. You can easily find two types of interactive dog toys: those that require owner interaction and those that are used during doggie solo-play.

     Bonding Time. Interactive dog toys that require an owner to play along are absolutely fabulous for bonding. You and your pup have a lifelong companionship. By using games, like fetch, you create a wonderful bonding moment that will bring a smile to your face! Especially after a stressful day at work, sometimes these moments help you bounce back.

     Command Practice. Fetch games are great for training and practicing important commands. These may include “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “drop it.” From your dog’s perspective, they will observe your tone of voice and body language.


     We all know about the Chuckit! company. Their Chuckit! Ball Launcher is insanely popular and can be found in most dog homes. In fact, it’s a staple for any active pup with energy to burn! With their new product, the Chuckit! Ring Chaser, the company has put a unique spin (pun intended) on their original interactive dog toy. The donut shape and topspin capabilities of this new toy will entice your pooch in exciting games of chase.

     Overall, we like the Chuckit! Ring Chaser. Although it has a couple possible snags, the dog toy seems well received by customers and their loving dogs. It truly does provide some awesome benefits for both owner and dog.