Staying active with your dog is a great way to get exercise, and to provide a fun activity for Fido. Whether you are fetching or playing tug-of-war, your dog will appreciate you spending time with them. We are here to tell you about our latest discovery for active play: the Chuckit! Rope Fetch dog toy. Chuckit! is a brand that tends to impress us, which they continue to do with their Rope Fetch. Without delay, let’s dive into the details!

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The Chuckit! Rope Fetch Dog Toy: What is it?

As mentioned in the product name, this toy is ideal for a game of fetch. The Chuckit! Rope Fetch has a ball with a rope attached to it, providing an innovative design for tossing. By adding a rope to the ball, it allows you to throw the ball even further. But the fun doesn’t stop there; you can use it as a tug-of-war toy as well. As your pup latches their teeth onto the ball, you can grab the rope to begin a game of tug. If you don’t want to make use of the rope, that’s perfectly fine! There are indentations in the ball that allow you to wrap the rope around it, turning it back into a regular ball form. Plus, the indents allow your dog to get a better grip on the ball, so they can easily catch or tug their Rope Fetch.

Like majority of Chuckit! Toys, this one has their iconic orange and blue design. Measuring at 22.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″, this toy should suit most dogs. The tiniest of pups may have a little trouble picking it up, but the indents should help them get a good grip.

Main Benefits:
  • Great for fetch and tug
  • Provides your dog with exercise
  • Rope for easy tossing and tugging
  • Easy for dogs to catch
  • Builds a stronger bond between pet and owner

About the Company: Chuckit!

Chuckit has been a favorite of ours for a while now, because they create high-quality products at an affordable price; who wouldn’t love that? Known for their bright orange and blue toys, Chuckit has been changing the game of fetch for 20 years and counting. Their toys are meant for active play, so that you can create a stronger bond with your dog. That being said, Chuckit toys are not meant for solo play. The sole purpose of these toys are to keep you and your pup active, which is a great way to strengthen the relationship between a pup and their owner. With an array of options from tennis balls, to ropes and boomerangs, Chuckit has a toy for every type of dog.

Is this toy right for my dog?

For the most part, this toy is going to be great for any healthy pup. All dogs need exercise, and the Chuckit! Rope Fetch is perfect for staying active. Specifically, if you have a hyperactive dog, this fetch toy will help them release their pent up energy. If you have a senior dog who can’t run as well anymore, then this might not be the best option. You know your dog best, so make sure you choose their toys accordingly.


Great for Fetch and Tug

Playing is fun for dogs, and can be fun for humans too! Fetch is a classic game that is loved by many dogs, because it sparks their natural instincts. Pups have a natural instinct to chase and retrieve, which is why they go crazy when you throw a ball. Although these instincts are supposed to be for hunting animals, dogs still react the same way for a fun toy. With the use of a rope, the Chuckit! Rope Fetch improves the game of fetch. By using the rope, you can throw the toy farther for your pup to chase after. Not only will it go longer distances, but it will make throwing easier as well.

As well as being a great toy for fetch, this toy is also ideal for playing tug-of-war. When you let your dog win a game of tug, it helps your dog form trust for you. Also, it encourages them to keep playing! Along with fetching, tugging can be great form of exercise. All of the tugging, thrashing, and head shaking will be sure to release Fido’s doggy energy. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice play time on a rainy day with the Chuckit! Rope Fetch. Instead, you can spend the day inside playing a game of tug-of-war.

Rope for Easy Tossing and Tugging

One of the best features of this toy is the rope, because it improves your playtime activities. It’s made of durable polyester oxford material, so it will last for more hours of play. By using the rope during fetch, you can throw the toy farther than you could before. The Rope Fetch will go longer distances, giving Fido a challenge! Also, the rope makes a game of tug-of-war easy. It provides a handle, so you can get the best grip possible for tugging. When you decide you don’t want to use the rope, you can simply wrap it into the indents of the ball. This will turn it back into a plain ball shape, perfect for kicking around the yard.

Encourages Exercise

Whether you are fetching or tugging, both are great forms of exercise for Fido (and you!) Dogs need exercise in order to stay healthy, just like humans do. If your dog is lacking exercise, it can lead to some negative impacts. For example, a dog can become bored if they don’t release their energy. As most dog owners know, a bored dog is not a happy dog. Having a bored dog on your hands can lead to destructive chewing, excessive barking, depression, and many more negative outcomes. By giving your dog a healthy dose of exercise, it can help them expel their energy, preventing them from getting bored.

Keeping your dog active has an overall positive impact on their health. Dogs can’t just hit the gym like humans do, so it is important for us to help them get they exercise they need. When you play fetch or tug with your pup, it keeps their muscles, joints, and other parts of their body strong. As a result, it can help prevent and reduce arthritis as your dog ages. As a loving pet owner, we know you care about your dog’s health, so get out there and play some fetch with Fido!

Easy to for Dogs to Catch

Unlike an average fetch ball, the Chuckit! Rope Fetch has indents for pups to get an easy grip. To paint a picture, the ball has cutouts that give your dog areas to latch their teeth onto. With the use of this dog-friendly design, your dog can catch, carry, and tug on the ball without losing their grasp.

Builds a Stronger Relationship

Having a strong bond with your dog is something any pet owner would cherish. By taking time to play with your dog, it can have a positive impact on your relationship. Activities like fetch and tug help your dog form trust for you, which is vital to creating a strong bond. Our daily lives can busy with work, errands, and all of our other responsibilities, but making time for your pet will have a positive impact. Fortunately, the Rope Fetch is a useful tool for interacting with your pup, so that you can show them the love they deserve.


There are always a few downsides, even to the best of products. Unfortunately, that’s just a part of life. When your dog is playing with the Chuckit! Rope Fetch, you will need to give them some supervision. This may come as a con for some owners, but it is necessary for their safety. Chuckit toys are made for owners to engage in interactive play, not for pups to use on their own. Look at the bright side, it gives you a chance to spend time with your furry friend!

Due to the measurements of this toy, it might be a struggle for tiny pups to pick up. Although the indents on the ball make it easier for dogs to carry, the size could still pose as an issue for little furry friends. The smallest of breeds, such as a chihuahua, need toys they can fit their little mouths around. If you have a tiny dog that needs a toy for active play, check out our review on Softflex Toys. We cover plenty of toys that include smaller size options!

Value in Your Purchase

With all of the innovative features this product offers, we think it is well worth the purchase. Currently, the product costs a little more on Amazon than on the manufacturer’s website. No matter where you buy the product, you will still receive a high-quality toy. Ultimately, the Chuckit! Rope Fetch creates a loving bond between you and your pet, which is something anyone can value.


That’s a wrap! Hopefully our article has given you the insight you need to make a smart purchase. Whether you choose this interactive toy or another product of your choice, your dog will thank you for taking time to play with them! Trust us, staying active with your dog will be beneficial for them, as well as yourself.