Other than sit, fetch seems to be the number one trick used in every dog show or movie. However, what these shots do not show is the dog before it was trained to retrieve the object. Believe it or not, many of those professional pups began by just sitting there confused as to why their owners were flailing their arms and repeatedly yelling the same word. Honestly, I do not blame them, that would look quite silly! Thankfully to help your dog rise to those movie star ranks all you need is the CLIX Training Dumbbell.

     This dumbbell is produced by The Company of Animals and was made specifically for dog retrieval training. With this product you will be able to work with your loyal dog and, in no time, they will be ready for the big show. Just make sure to wipe the dirt off their paws before the walk or fetch down the red carpet!

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ABOUT THE COMPANY: The Company of Animals

     The Company of Animals was first founded in 1979 by an animal psychologist named Dr. Roger Mugford. Not only did he create this company but he also created the Training and Behavior Centre which sits on the same farm. Since they are sister companies the toy creators are able to research the center and learn what products would help with training. Also, once the products are made they can also have the dogs try them out to determine if they are the best they can be.

     With both of these factors the company is able to fulfill their mission of making products that enrich the lives of owners and pets. Overtime using this technique they were able to make products that cover 40 different categories with their most popular being the training accessories. To help improve the lives of owners and pets even more they also distribute other brands’ products like Arm & Hammer, Pet Head. and Sporn.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Clix Training Dumbbell

  • Different sizes for unique bite sizes
  • Shape made for easy retrieval
  • Color easy to spot in multiple conditions
  • Strong and durable material
  • Floats in water

     The CLIX Training Dumbbell itself is available in small, medium, or large. Since every dog does not have the same bite size the choice in size is important. This is because if it is too big it may hurt their mouth or deter them from using it and if it is too small it will not properly fit in their mouth causing a chance for choking.

     The dumbbell shape was specifically chosen to allow your dog to easily fetch and return the toy. Unlike our dumbbells it was not made for them to work of their puppy biceps! With its sturdy and durable plastic your dog can chase after it continually for training or even just for fun. Although, to make sure that your dog does stay safe we do not recommend giving this toy to your dog as a chew toy. It is not made for continual chewing and could cause some breakage.  

     Since the dumbbell comes in a bright red color your dog will be able to easily spot it. This means that no matter where it may land, your pup will be able to pick it up and return it in no time. Also, since it floats you will not have to worry about if it lands in a pond or pool. If your furbaby is a mermaid at heart, they will love the water-bound qualities of the Clix Training Dumbbell.

Size Options

     According to the company the small size is four inches in length which gives a bite area length of one 1 ¾ inches and a bite area circumference of 1 ½ inch. Next there is the medium size which is 5 ½ inches in length giving your pet a bite area length of 3 inches and a bite area circumference of 2 inches. Lastly, they have the large dumbbell which is 7 inches in length with a bite area length of 4 inches and a bite area circumference of 4 inches.

     If you are unsure about which size would be right for your dog you can use something like a pencil to measure. Just make sure that you will not need to write anything down in the near future! With this pencil you will want to figure out where their lips rest on each side and mark it. You will have the correct size dumbbell if it sits comfortably behind their teeth and their lips rest next to where the dumbbell meets the sides. With these markings you can now measure the distance and figure out which length would be best.


     At a price of $5 – $10 this is an amazing value for pet owners. Being made from plastic may deter some people but if it is used for just fetching and not as a chew toy it will stay together. Also, with all of the different sizes you have the chance to personalize the product specifically for your pets size making sure your money is not wasted. Many customers who bought this product say that it is a great tool for training. In fact it is such a great tool that one customer’s dog trainer suggested it to them! It looks like all the research the company did paid off to make one great training product.

What is Retrieval Training?

     As you learn about the CLIX Training Dumbbell you may be wondering what exactly retrieval training is. This is the process of teaching your dog to go get a certain object and bring it back to you after it was thrown or even if it was just laying on the ground. Some people may use a command like ‘fetch’ while others may just motion to or throw the object.


1. It’s a Natural Instinct

     Retrieval in general satisfies a dog’s natural instincts. Many dogs come from a lineage that predisposes them to loving fetch games and chasing. Dogs are descendents from wolves and still hold many of their characteristics. For example, to survive many wolves would go out and hunt animals and then bring them back for their family. This idea of preying on an animal and then bringing it back to who they care about is still engraved in their brain. Fetch is very similar to hunting but I have a feeling you are quite happy that for your dog is a toy and not an animal!

2. Maintain Health and Exercise

     Not only that but it is also a great way for a dog to stay physically active while also having loads of fun. The process of running back and forth will get their heart rate rising while the search will please their instincts. If your dog is super energetic this may be the perfect way to allow them to release some energy and calm them down. In turn, this means more naps and less knocking over guest. Also, if you have been constantly reminded by your vet that your pup may need to lose weight this is a great way to make that happen. No longer will you be scolded at the vet for feeding your pup too many treats.

3. Practical Aid

     Some people may use this training to teach their dog to retrieve specific objects. Sometimes it is for medical reasons while other times it may just be for a certain activity For example, a hunter may teach their dog retrieval so they can go recover the animal. Service dogs is a great example of how it may help in a medical situation. If someone is unable to get up on their own a trained dog may be able to retrieve a walker or items like the phone.

4. Increased Dog Intelligence

The last reason why retrieval training is beneficial is because it can teach them some pretty cool tricks. Once your dog is able to retrieve the dumbbell without any issues you can then teach them to retrieve things like the newspaper. This not only is helpful for you but will be very impressive to any guest that may stop by. In turn this will allow you to brag about how smart your dog is to everyone which we all know is quite enjoyable.

5. Bonding Time

     Playing fetch with your dog is also a great way to spend time with them. Your dog is not only having fun doing something they love they are also having fun being with you. In turn, this will cause you two to become closer and have a connection from the activity. Also, everytime you work with your dog and praise them they will feel pleasure in knowing that they are doing something right. This pleasant feeling will then transfer into everyday activities making them wanting to be around you more and more. Before you know it you will not only have a dog succeeding in retrieval training but also a new best friend!