Dog lovers want nothing more than to ensure the safety of their pup. Unfortunately, movement and smells will sometimes cause any pup to lose self-control. Therefore, proceeding to become injured. Additionally, some dogs will wander from home if not properly trained. A useful method for such dogs is a reflective dog collar. These will always keep your dog safe, even in the dark!

Corky’s Reflective Wear Overcollar is a unique new safety accessory for pets and their owners. These collars enhance a dog’s visibility up to 1,000 feet. If you like to walk at dusk or before your dog’s bedtime, the Overcollar will make it easier to keep your dog in sight. In this article, we will give you all the details you need to know about Corky’s Reflective Wear Overcollar. You and your dog deserve the best products that will provide safety and happiness. Continue reading to learn about all the benefits the Overcollar has to offer!

The Importance of a Dog Collar

Collars are incredibly important for a dog to wear. Any dog that leaves the house should have a collar with contact information. Realistically, there is always the chance of your furbaby escaping into the neighborhood or beyond. Luckily, your dog’s tag will come to the rescue! Bystanders use phone numbers and/or addresses to help Fido home. Without such information, you risk strangers potentially mistaking your adorable pup for a stray animal.

A dog collar also allows owners to attach a leash; keeping their pooch safely by their side. A lot of dogs, especially puppies, have hyper personalities. This means that they can be easily triggered by something and run away quite fast. By having them safely on a leash they won’t be able to run and possibly get lost or hurt themselves. If you’re near a busy road or other dangerous activity, having a leash will prevent them from getting severely hurt. Additionally, some dogs may be aggressive around strangers. Your leash enables full control in such scenarios.

How Reflective Collars Will Keep Your Dog Safe

Even the most well-behaved dogs can have “bad dog” moments. If a dog gets loose at night, a reflective collar will help keep them safe. The reflective materials make it easy to spot dogs even among the bushes! Not to mention, if they run on the road, drivers will be able to spot them twice as early. Even the slightest light on reflective material will allow drivers to notice a presence near or on the road, enabling them to take precautions.  

Dogs become a part of the family, which is why pup owners want to take them everywhere. One of the easiest ways to protect your pet is to use a reflective collar. Whether its hiking, camping, fishing, or hunting, reflective collars will keep dogs at high visibility. Any light will bounce off the collar making dogs shine brightly! By using these collars, pet owners can prevent deadly accidents and maximize their dog’s overall safety.

Furthermore, if your dog gets lost, reflective collars will help them to be found more quickly. People can spot these collars hundreds and thousands of feet away, which helps dogs to be spotted. Unfortunately, lost pups are at a higher risk of injury. By sporting a reflective color and being found quickly, your pooch lessens that hazard.

The Product: Corky’s Reflective Wear ‘See Me’ Over Collar

Unlike most collars, the Overcollar is not hidden by hair or fur. It slips over dog’s collars with a leash hole and without removing the existing collar. The collar has 360˚ enhanced safety reflective tape making dogs visible up to 1,000 feet. It’s easy to put on and take off to provide less stress for both pets and their owners. 

Additionally, the Overcollar is machine washable, windproof, and water repellant. This means you can take your pup everywhere you go and not have to worry about damaging the collar. With fleece like material, it is durable and fast drying. They come in multiple colors and sizes for a perfect look. The Overcollar has a thick width so it is secure yet loose fitting for a safe and comfortable fit for dogs. They are especially great for active dogs because it allows any type mobility without restraint.

Corky’s Reflective Wear Overcollar will benefit both you and your dog’s lives. Your dog will be able to live their active and happy life. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about losing sight of your furry best friend. With enhanced visibility, you can relax and enjoy the moments spent with your dog.

Key Features

Corky’s Overcollar has a lot of beneficial features that are helpful for both the pet owner and the dog. The material is tough and durable so dogs can’t damage them by biting or scratching. With the fleece like material, it is also comfortable for dogs and won’t irritate their skin. Not only are they made for comfort, but they also come in various colors for a stylish look.


This collar will be able to withstand any type of weather including rain or snow. Corky’s Reflective Wear knows how active and dirty dogs can be. That’s why they made this material machine washable and windproof. It can be worn in muddy or windy environments. Dogs can also swim while wearing this collar as it is fast drying and can be easily washed off. The reflective tape is still visible even when wet, so it’s great for night time swims and even accidental fall ins.


In addition to the collar being tough and durable, it is also comfortable and loose fitting. Dogs won’t have the burden of an irritating collar around their neck. They can enjoy their active lives without any restraint or discomfort. It’s made of soft material so dogs will barely notice it’s on them. It’s even easy to put on and take off. The stretchy material makes it stress free to slip on dogs right over their regular collar and can be taken off in seconds.


The brightly colored collar is a good way of making sure your dog sticks out from the crowd. The collar also has a 360˚ reflective strip of tape in the middle, which enhances its visibility even more. The collar provides a slit at the top for pet owners to easily use a leash. Sizes of the collar include X-Small 9-12 inches, Small 12-15 inches, Medium 15-18 inches, Large 18-21 inches, and XL 21-24 inches. This collar is not for restraint and will be loose fitting. There are various colors to choose from. Some of the options are red, orange, blue, black, green, and pink.

Enhance Your Dogs Visibility, Even More

Another product Corky’s Reflective Wear has to offer is their Reflective and Weatherproof Dog Jacket. They are the safest, highest visibility protection for dogs. This jacket provides 360˚ visibility tape that can be seen 1,000 feet away. It’s made from MiraFab, which is a comfortable fleece-like material. This is great to use for various activities such as walks, hikes, fishing, and hunting. Corky’s Reflective Wear made this jacket easy to care for. It’s wind resistant, repels water, fast drying, and machine washable. It’s great for rain, snow, or after a swim because it keeps dogs warm and dry.

Just like the collar, it’s easy to slip on and off. The stretchy material gives dogs room to breathe and allows them to be just as active. They also have a built in overcollar for added safety and visibility. This jacket comes in colors such as black, orange, red, blue, and many others. This jacket will provide safety for all dogs of any size.

Final Thoughts

With all of the positive information we just provided about Corky’s Reflective Wear Overcollar, you can now see why this is a top product for us. It keeps dogs safe, happy, and comfortable all while you relax and know you won’t lose sight of your pup. They are great for active lifestyles, which is beneficial for both you and your dog. Even in harsh weather such as rain or snow, the visibility tape will still allow you to spot your dog. This collar makes it possible to keep an eye on your dog without restraining them in any way.

Furthermore, if your dog gets lost this collar gives them a higher chance at being found. If they are hiding in bushes the reflective tape can still be seen. Nobody wants their pup lost and alone. By putting this collar on them, they can be returned home faster and safer. Why not spoil your dog with the most comfortable and stylish collar while keeping them safe? There’s nothing better than that!