The air feels crisp and cool this morning as you step out the door with Fido. He/she looks at you in excitement, waiting for the daily adventure to begin. Your morning walks are special; it’s just you and your dog. No work, no chores, no phone lighting up with a billion messages. You breathe in the clean, fresh air, filling your spirit with a new day. Cotton dog leashes are a wonderful option for environmental and allergy conscious owners alike. The naturally derived material is an effortless way to bring nature into your pup’s morning routine. 

If you’re like many dog owners, part of this delightful morning routine includes attaching a leash to your pup’s collar. Maybe it’s the same leash you’ve been using for 5 years or maybe it’s a brand new one ready for a test drive. It could be green, pink, orange, reflective, nylon, leather; the list seems endless! While picking out a leash for you and your furbaby depends on a variety of factors, we want to introduce you to a fantastic option: cotton.

Why a Leash is Important

A leash is a tool an owner can use to take their pup outdoors and in public. It will attach directly on to the collar with, most of the time, a metal clasp or hook. A dog leash will protect both other people and your dog. It keeps your pup safely by your side when distractions encourage them to run off or chase. The last thing you want is for Fido to see an animal off the path and make it their personal mission to chase it into the next county.

A dog’s sense of smell is extremely strong. It is how they perceive the world around them. Using their nose, dogs can understand when other pups are excited, calm, or hostile. They will often “see” other animals that will be hidden to the human eye. Adding a leash to their collar on outings is always a great idea because, while you can’t see that kitty in the bushes 50 feet away, your dog sure can!

Picking Out a Great Leash

There are two key factors you will want to consider before purchasing a leash: knowing its intended purpose and knowing your pup.

  1. Knowing the Purpose. Will you be using this specific leash to go walking, running, hiking, or just lounging in the park? Your answer will dictate how durable you want the leash to be and how you wish to hold on to it.
  2. Knowing your Pup. What is the size of your dog? Do they tend to pull? Do they have any allergies? Knowing the unique qualities of your furry friend will point you in the right direction. For an in-depth look at picking out the best leash, check back for our full Guide on Leashes.

When looking at leashes in the store or online, don’t hesitate to check its material, length and width, and types of fasteners. Make sure these qualities line up with your intended purpose and needs of your dog.

Why Consider Cotton Dog Leashes?

Cotton is a type of fiber that can be made into a vast array of textiles. Unlike many other materials, like nylon, it is a natural fiber because it comes from a plant. Rather than being synthetically made, it is grown and then processed. So, what does this mean? It is biodegradable! Once coming from the earth, it will return into the environment after breaking down; making it completely recyclable.

Evidence suggest that cotton was first used for textiles purpose by the Egyptians. The first Chinese paper was even made from cotton! Today, using technology, we can take a closer look at what makes cotton so special. The fiber’s properties make it breathable; air will naturally move in and out of the fabric. It is exceptionally strong and does not stretch or loose its shape. Possibly the best quality (especially for the purpose of dog leashes) is that you can pop it in the washing machine with no worries.

By considering natural cotton for your pup’s leash, you are guaranteeing durability, easy of use, and health safety. The natural fiber will be less likely to cause an allergic reaction from your furbaby, whereas nylon and leather may prove harmful. If you know your pup has sensitive skin or breathing, we recommend checking out a natural cotton dog leash as your next purchase.

100 % Natural Cotton Rope Dog Leash by Lucky Pup

Lucky Pup’s 100% Natural Cotton Rope Dog Leash is absolutely perfect for medium to large size dogs. It’s classy, neutral white color will go great with any collar or outfit you and your pup sport that day. The cotton dog leash measures 5 feet in length and 12mm in diameter. Unlike retractable leashes, this durable cotton leash will give you more control. The loop end wraps around your hand and wrist with ease and comfort.

We’ve made sure that Lucky Pup’s 100% Natural Cotton Rope Dog Leash lives up to its name. Customers rave how durable the leash is, how comfortable it is to hold, and how fashionable it looks. If your pup has a tendency to pull, we recommend checking the hardware each week as a safety measure.

One Step Further: Organic Cotton

Certified organic cotton means that the cotton crop was grown without using pesticides. It has all the great qualities of natural cotton, plus an eco-friendly appeal. The Petz Best Dog Organic Cotton Leash sports a simple design but packs some great benefits. It is 100% all-natural certified organic cotton and measures at 5 feet in length and 1” in width. Dyes are used to transform the natural cotton into unique colors.

If you have a skin sensitive pup, this is just the leash for you. The greatest benefit of the Petz Best Dog Organic Cotton Leash: it is anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic! Buyers have absolutely loved how soft the material is because of the organic cotton. Soft yet strong! Even the simple metal hardware is extremely durable!

The NEW Natural Product Trend

Hemp fiber is making a comeback in a HUGE way. Traditionally used as an industrial fiber in the past, it was used for ropes, canvases, sacks, paper, and much more. Although immensely strong, the coarseness of hemp fiber held it back from textile manufacturing. This changed in the 1980’s, when a method was developed to soften the hemp fiber.

Hemp is the strongest and most durable of the natural fibers. It “breathes” just like cotton does, allowing for natural air flow through the fabric. Unlike other crops, hemp grows fast and leaves the soil in good condition. It puts nutrients back into the farm land instead of depleting it. This means that growing hemp creates sustainable farming practices.

Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash, our luxury pick, has many of the same great qualities as cotton. It is 100% biodegradable and machine washable to boot! The material will not stretch, giving you more control with Fido. The handle is lined with soft and cozy fleece for extra owner comfort. See Planet Dog’s matching hemp dog collar here.

Measuring 5 feet long and 1” wide, the Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash is very sturdy. Customer reviews agree the material and buckles are strong. The company gives you many color choices: green, blue, orange, pink, and purple. The first couple of times running the leash through the wash, make sure to wash it by itself so the color does not bleed onto other clothing. After exposure to rain, this leash may get stiff. Nothing a good wash and dry can’t fix! Once again, make a habit of checking the hardware if your pup is a heavy puller.

In Closing

Leashes are a fundamental tool to owning a dog. They are a safety measure that allow an owner to experience fun and exciting outings with Fido. The leash market is growing exponentially; with options on top of options to make your head spin. From nylon to chain, thick to thin, and everything in-between, making this decision depends on the purpose and your dog’s needs. One great option includes natural cotton dog leashes.

We’ve picked out some great cotton dog leashes for you: the Lucky Pup 100% Natural Cotton Roper Dog Leash, Petz Best Dog Organic Cotton Leash, and the Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash. Each has unique qualities to make them excellent additions to your doggie tool bag. Easily order them through Amazon and don’t worry about scavenging store to store.

Product Budget Breakdown

Lucky Pup 100% Natural Cotton Rope Dog Leash: $

Petz Best Dog Organic Cotton Leash: $

Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash: $

Tomorrow morning the air will be satisfyingly crisp once again. Your furbaby will be waiting by the door for you to slip on your shoes and take out the leash. You’ll clasp it on their collar and open the door to a new adventure. No matter what the day may bring, for now this is just your and your dog. Perfection.