corgi with a custom collar

     Custom Dog Collars allow you to give a personal touch to your dog’s accessory. They allow any pet owner to take that extra step of unconditional love for their pup; creating something truly unique and personal. Unlike traditional collars, you will not need to purchase separate ID tags to keep track of your pup. No matter where they wander to, you can have all of their personal information either engraved or stitched right onto the collar.

     You can put any information you desire on a custom dog collar, like names, phone numbers, or even addresses. As long as your beloved dog has their collar on, strangers will be able to easily ID your dog and locate you for a safe return home! You can also customize the collars to fit your unique style. With options ranging from preppy collars, chic collars, and basic collars you will be able to find the perfect fit for you and your pet.

     We love customized collars because you do not have to purchase bulky nameplates that are noisy and distracting while your pup is in the house. With our great finds, you and your pup will not even know that they are wearing a collar. This is great news for those of us who get easily annoyed with a constant jingle every time our pup takes a step. All of our picks are made with dogs in mind and are comfortable, affordable, and durable. We have searched all over to provide you with the best information possible.

Table of Contents

GoTags Personalized Collar


     The best part about the Go Tags Personalized Collar is its reliable durability. In specific, the collar is created with nylon webbing. Instead of just a strip of fabric, the webbing has material tightly weaved together creating a strong barrier. Also, according to the company, the information that you choose will be permanently stitched to the collar. This unique feature helps keep your pup’s key information in place, ultimately becoming wear and tear resistant. With all of these high-quality elements, this collar will definitely not be falling apart anytime soon.

     Not only is the Go Tags Personalized Collar durable, but it is comfortable and practical as well. To make sure it does not irritate your dog’s neck, all of the edges of the collar have been tapered. It may be comfy but during bath time you may want to take it off to keep it dry. Thankfully, to make it easy for all pet owners, there is a plastic buckle on the side that you can easily undo with one hand. That is extremely helpful when you’re also juggling the morning coffee!  Additionally on the side of the collar, there is a D-ring made out of stainless steel. This is perfect for quickly attaching a leash and heading out for a walk.


     To personalize this collar, you can get your furbaby’s first name and your complete phone number embroidered. All you have to do is make sure that the whole thing is under 25 characters. Once you decide what you would like it to say, you then have to decide what color you want it stitched in. With 15 different color options, ranging from black to neon pink, there is something for everyone and everydog.

     However, the personalization does not stop there. You also need to choose a color for the collar. In total there are 5 colors you can choose from; blue, black, pink, orange, and red. With all of these color options, there is a total of 75 different combinations you can choose from.


     This collar is available in 4 sizes from Amazon. When measuring your dog’s neck for size just be sure to leave two fingers of space between your pup’s neck and the collar.

  • Extra Small: ⅜ inch wide by 8-12 inches in adjustable length
  • Small: ⅝ inch wide by 11-16 inches in adjustable length
  • Medium: ¾ inch wide by 14-20 inches in adjustable length
  • Large: 1 inch wide by 18-26  inches in adjustable length

Custom Catch Personalized Collar


     Since the Custom Catch Personalized Collar  is made out of real genuine leather, it is soft to the touch. Ultimately, this means that it will also be soft and comfortable against your dog’s skin (plus the luxury aesthetic of leather is a win).  Attached to the leather is strong silver hardware. One part of this hardware is a D-ring. This ring will make it easy to attach a leash and go for a walk whenever you would like. Right above this ring is a belt buckle that will close the collar and keep it from falling off. Just like with a regular belt there are holes along the other end of the collar. In total there are 5 holes allowing you to tighten or loosen it if necessary.


     On the side of this collar, you can choose to put on any information you would like. You can put on things like their name, your address, or your phone number. Not only that put you can double the information as well. For example, if you would like you could add their name and your phone number on one collar. Once you choose what information you want you will then have to choose what font you would like. The 3 different font choices you can pick are the thick Bonkers Font, the Playful Font, and the thinner Easy Script Font.

     In addition to the text, owners will choose to add a design as well. These fun designs include a bone, heart, or paw that will not cost anything extra to your order. After choosing everything that will be engraved, you will now need to pick which color collar you would like. In total there are 6 different colors that you can choose from ranging from bright orange to soft pink.


     This collar is available in 4 sizes from Amazon and each one is adjustable. When measuring your dog’s neck for size just be sure to leave two fingers of space between your pup’s neck and the collar.

  • Extra Small Dog Collar: 8.5-11 inches
  • Small Dog Collar: 11.5-14 inches
  • Medium Dog Collar: 14.5-18 inches
  • Large Dog Collar: 18.5-22 inches

Didog Leather Dog Collar


     What makes this collar unique is the material that it is made out if. The padded leather used is soft against Fidos’ skin and will not stick to any hair. In turn, this will create a comfortable fit that will not bother them throughout the day. To close this leather collar around their neck there is a silver belt buckle. With multiple holes for the buckle to glide into, it can be tightened or loosened if necessary. Basically, the Didog Leather Dog Collar works the exact same way as your prized leather belt.

     Another silver accessory on this collar is the D-ring located right under the buckle. This ring will make it easy to attach a leash and head out the door. The last and most important accessory is the silver nameplate. It is located right on the leather and is where the company will engrave the information you choose.


     The collar itself is available in 7 colors ranging from brown to purple. Although, no matter what color you do choose it will only be shown on the outside. On the inside, there will be a black leather lining instead. To customize the collar you can choose to engrave their name and your phone number on the silver nameplate. In total it can hold up to 3 lines but be careful because with more than 2 the text may be difficult to read.


     The collar is available in 3 sizes from Amazon and each one is adjustable.

  • X-Small: 0.6-inch width, 12.0-inch length and adjusts from 7.5 to 10 inches
  • Small: 0.6-inch width, 14.5-inch length and adjusts from 10 to 13 inches
  • Medium: 0.8-inch width, 17.0-inch length, and adjusts from 12.5 to 15.5 inches

GoTags Custom Collar


      Although very similar in name, don’t get the Go Tags Personalized Collar and the Go Tags Custom Collar mixed up! With nylon webbing, the Go Tags Custom Collar’s durability is the last thing you will have to worry about. This is because the webbing is made of tightly woven material creating a strong strap on the inside and out. On this nylon material, there is a stainless steel D-ring. Using this D-ring you can attach a leash with ease and head out on a walk anytime.

     Although, before you start walking you will need to make sure the collar fits just right. To help you get the right fit there is a stainless steel buckle with 4 holes that will allow you to tighten or loosen the collar if needed. Not only can you personalize the fit but with a laser engraving, you can personalize the tag as well. Once it is engraved the company slides the stainless steel tag right onto the collar.  


     This nylon collar is available in 5 different colors; red, blue, pink, black, and orange. However, personalization does not stop there. The tag that holds your information also comes in 8 different colors like gold, purple, black, or green. These tags are what make this collar so unique. Instead of the information being stitched on the side it is engraved on a shiny nameplate and slid onto the collar.

    With so many different color combinations you can mix and match the collars and nameplates to give your pup a unique look. Once you figure out the colors you are going to use you then have 4 lines of text you can fill up with information like an address or phone number.


     This collar is available in 4 sizes on Amazon; Since each one is adjustable, even if your dog is in-between sizes it will be sure to fit and grow as they do.

  • 6-8 inches long, ⅜ inch wide
  • 10-12 inches long, ⅝ inch wide
  • 14-16 inches long, ¾ inch wide
  • 18-24 inches long, 1 inch wide

blueberry pet flat collar


     Just like multiple other collars on this list, the Blueberry Pet Flat Collar is made from nylon webbing. In fact, no matter where you go, you will find that most dog collars are made from nylon because it is durable and cost-effective. However, what is unique about this collar is the black plastic buckle.To make these buckles the company uses eco-friendly plastic. In turn, this means not only does the collar help your dog but also the environment as well! Right underneath the buckle, a D-ring is attached so that you can swiftly connect a leash when needed.


     If you are looking for a specific colored collar do not worry! With 32 different color options, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you pick the color of the collar you will also have to choose a color for the text. Thankfully, with 11 different colors like dark violet, royal blue, and coral you will have no problem finding the perfect complimenting color. No matter what color combination you do choose their name and your phone number will stand out for everyone to see.


     The collar is available in 3 sizes from Amazon and each one can be adjusted. When measuring your dog’s neck for size just be sure to leave two fingers of space between your pup’s neck and the collar.

  • Small: Neck 12-16 inches, Width ⅝ inch
  • Medium: Neck 14.5-20 inches, Width ¾ inch
  • Large: Neck 18-26 inches, Width 1 inch

Price Comparison

  • GoTags Personalized Collar – $$$
  • Custom Catch Personalized Collar – $$
  • Didog Leather Dog Collar – $
  • GoTags Custom Collar – $$
  • Blueberry Pet Flat Collar – $$

Final Thoughts

     No one understands how special your dog is more than we do. After all, no matter how long you two have been together, there is a loyal bond tightly formed. Custom dog collars give you a perfect opportunity to treat your furbaby will extra love. Ultimately, every dog will need a collar and tags with owner information so that they can stay safe if and when accidents occur.

     However boring that sounds, being able to customize their collar sure spices it up! The best part about the collars we have chosen is their incredibly durability, both in material and method of adhering information like names and phone numbers. That selling point alone makes each one worth the while (and the dollars).