Darwin the Frog by JW is the perfect, all-around dog toy. It’s basic nature and durable, rubber construction will remind you of a standard toss toy. Yet, it comes with an adorable twist: the cute shape of a sitting frog. We recommend JW’s Darwin the Frog to the owner searching for a wonderful all-around standard dog toy. No bells and whistles, no specific purpose, just something your dog will enjoy through hours of play. 

     You know one of your dog’s favorite toys will become too gnaw up, slobbered on, and down-right broken beyond repair. It’s bound to happen. Every owner recognizes that a broken toy will become a hazard to their pup. Consequently, you must throw it away! But, watching Fido search for the dismantled toy afterwards is absolutely heartbreaking. Like most owners, you will contemplate which toy to replace their beloved friend with. By no means is it an easy decision.

     In the end, you want something safe and fun for your pup. A dog toy that they can carry around everywhere and serves endless game opportunities. This is why we recommend the JW Darwin the Frog for your next toy-replacement purchase. It’s simple, safe, and incorporates just enough to make it your dog’s next favorite toy.

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The Brand of JW

     Darwin the Frog is sold through the brand JW. As a well-known dog toy company, JW has earned the respect of millions of dog owners. You actually may have heard of their other outstanding products, like the JW iSqueak Balls or the JW Hol-ee Rollers. Interestingly enough, JW is actually a brand under the parent company of Petmate.

     You will love the JW brand of dog toys. Each toy is made from an all-natural rubber that is safe for your dog to carry in their mouths and chew on. Additionally, the rubber material is easy to clean after both indoor and outdoor play. Just rinse it with warm water!

Your Next Dog Toy: Darwin the Frog by JW

It’s a Home-Run Choice

     For Darwin the Frog, the very first place our team checked was the manufacturer’s website. Not only does this source give the best information on product design, but it offers some customer review ratings. According to their customers, JW’s Darwin the Frog received 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Across the board, customers agree the dog toy is high quality and has a great, durable design. You may look at Darwin the Frog and see it as simplistic. But this is part of its beauty. Essentially, the toy does not set out to wow you with bells and whistles. It’s humble, but instantly a classic.

     Most importantly, the toy works! And, honestly, that’s what you will care about. One customer explains, “This toy is a definite favorite and very durable, still going strong after over a month of hard, daily play.” We noticed that the classic combination of ball shape, rubber bounce, and enticing squeak absolutely makes JW’s Drawing the Frog a home-run choice.

The Toy’s Design

     All and all, JW’s Darwin the Frog is a rubber ball with great squeaking abilities. Many dog toys are designed to squeak and for good reason: dog’s absolutely go crazy for it. Some sources say their love for squeaker toys stems from a hunter’s natural instinct. Either way, every owner knows a toy that squeaks will be a hit for their pooch.

     The toy is in a ball shape but features the characteristics of a sitting frog. To explain, you will see details of eyes, a mouth, and legs. These details help give the ball an erratic bounce when tossed. Instead of acting like a normal rubber ball, Darwin the Frog will hop in all different directions! We know this feature will help entice your furbaby into a longer playtime; giving great fun and exercise.

     According to the toy’s Amazon product page, it is infused with vanilla extract. Since a dog’s nose is super powerful and helps lead your pup towards yummy products, the vanilla scent may help entice Fido.

Easy Cleaning

     Your next great dog toy should also be beneficial for you, as the dog owner. You will not want something that gets all dirty and then can not be easily cleaned up. Your dog will carry their toys all around the house and even into the yard. This picks up both slobber and dirt! In the end, the ability to keep a dog toy clean will extend its life-span and save you from having to purchase more and more.

     JW’s Darwin the Frog is made from safe, all-natural rubber. Basically, as a rubber product, the toy is super easy to clean. Simply rinse it with warm water and whip with a paper towel. Additionally, with its bright blue or green color, it is less likely to get lost outside.

Size and Color Options Available

On the Manufacturer Website
  1. Medium: 4.75 x 2.75 x 4.75”, .32lbs
  2. Large: 6 x 4 x 6”, .69lbs

     When choosing the best size for your furbaby, you will want to begin by observing their weight and breed size. Essentially, smaller pups would have a hard time carrying around a large toy. On the other hand, a large dog should not be given a small toy because it creates a choking hazard!

     JW’s manufacturer website helps lead dog owners in the right direction. For their toy products, a small size toy is best suited for 0 – 15lbs pups. Second, a medium size toy is best for 15 – 60lbs dogs. Finally, a large size toy is recommended for furbabies over 60lbs.

On Amazon

     Amazon offers Darwin the Frog in one size: medium. Although Amazon suggests it is suitable for small to medium breed pups, we recommend something different. Essentially, you will want to match this medium size toy with a medium size dog.

     Unfortunately, the product’s Amazon page doesn’t allow you to choose a specific color (between bright blue and green). Once you order, it will be sent to you at random. This definitely stinks, but it should not push you away from a wonderful dog toy opportunity.

On Shop Woof Pack

     We adore JW dog toys, which is why many of their products are featured through our own site: Shop Woof Pack. While looking for your pup’s next great dog toy, price is very much a deciding factor. Through our site, you can purchase the same Darwin the Frog at a cheaper price than our competitors. Additionally, our Darwin the Frog option is small, which makes it suitable for both small and medium sized dogs. See how our product will better fit your dog and wallet.

Benefits of Darwin the Frog

     Throughout our in-depth review of JW’s Darwin the Frog, we have touched on many great toy qualities. Each provide a great benefit for your pup during playtime and will soon make this toy a family favorite. Let’s break down each benefit:

  1. All-around great toy with endless playing opportunities: fetch, toss, chewing, carrying around, interactive, and solo-play
  2. Durable chew toy
  3. Good shape for your pup to carry in their mouth
  4. Different from a normal rubber toy ball
  5. Bounces erratically
  6. Great, loud squeak that your dog will fall in-love with
  7. Easily rinse off dirt with warm water
  8. Bright color won’t get hidden outside

Cautions of Darwin the Frog

     Cautions will come with any dog toy. In fact, the more complex a toy; the more cautions that come along. However, Darwin the Frog is simplistic in design. This minimizes possible hazards for your loving pup. Here are some things you should be aware of:

  1. Not for aggressively chewing dogs
  2. Not intended to be eaten by your dog

In Closing

     After your dog has thoroughly destroyed their favorite toy over hours of play, it’s time to throw it away. Yet, this leaves many owners in a sticky situation: which toy do you purchase next? Knowing your furbaby, you don’t need anything fancy. Just a simple, durable toy that works. In the end, your dog just needs something safe and fun.

     This is where JW’s Darwin the Frog can comes to the rescue. We love its simple design and trusted features. This includes a loud squeaker; durable, all-natural rubber; and erratic bounce. Amazon will offer your Darwin the Frog at around $10, but Shop Woof Pack provides the toy at under $5.