We all love seeing our fur babies smile that slobbery smile, as they cover you in kisses. As a pet owner it is your job to take care of Fido’s dental hygiene. Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions found in dogs, but is also one of the most preventable. Taking the extra time to make your pup’s dental care a part of your regular routine can prevent dental related diseases. Fortunately, there are products available that help make this a fun and enjoyable routine for you and Fido. From dental treats to chew toys, your dog will be excited to keep their teeth and gums healthy. 

Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Despite old myths, simply eating your typical dry kibble will not maintain Fido’s dental hygiene. Luckily, there are dog foods and dog treats designed to promote optimal dental health along with fresh breath. Not to mention the vast selection of dog toys and chews that cater to the care of Fido’s teeth and gums. These toys are designed with unique shapes that fight the buildup of tartar and plaque, all while Fido gnaws away enjoying playtime. Brushing your dog’s teeth is also recommended to give them the best dental care for your beloved pup. Be sure that you are using dog toothpaste only, as human toothpaste is not safe for Fido.

Another key factor in preventative maintenance for Fido’s dental hygiene are routine visits to a veterinarian. Not only does Fido get a healthy dental check up, but it will help you educate yourself. The vet can teach you what you can do at home to be proactive against things like tartar and plaque build up. Coming soon, our team will provide a complete guide to dental hygiene for dogs. After all, dental health is an important part of Fido’s overall health.