Counting down the days until your next vacation? So are we! Whether you’ll be taking a road trip to Los Angeles or heading south to get your toes in the sand, the best fashionable vacations all have one thing in common: looking your absolute best. Pretty soon you’ll be strutting your stuff downtown, taking on the night-life like a pro! If your dog is going to be accompanying you on such an adventure, it’s time to start thinking about what doggie accessories to get. Some of the top dog accessories you need for the fashionable vacation are right at your fingertips.

      If you find yourself starting to stress out do not worry! Here at Better Living With Fido, we have already gone through the trouble of searching for just the right dog vacation accessories. Now, all you have to do is pick up a pina colada and check out our top picks below. With items like hats and sunglasses to keep the sun at bay, your dog will be all good and ready to play. Also, with apparel like collars and shirts, it is no question that they will be the best-looking coconut on the trip!

Table of Contents

  • Sun Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Life Jacket
  • Hair Flowers
  • Hawaiian Shirt
  • Dress Up Collar

Sun Hat

Main Benefits:
  • protects your pup’s eyes from the sun
  • 6 different colorful designs
  • cotton canvas material
  • chin strap for stability

     While you may be working on that perfect tan, the bright sun may be blinding your dog’s eyes (ouch!). However, to keep their eyes protected and keep your tan going strong, all you need is a hat from California Cade Electronic. With these hats, even your dog will be able to see how much color you got!

     To help you find the right one for your destination the hats come in 6 different colorful and fun designs. You can either choose from a full bright blue color or you could grab a fun pattern like pink flowers or leopard. To allow these fashionable hats to sit comfortably on their head there are two holes at the top. These two holes are perfect for letting their ears hang out instead of being smushed underneath.

    Another way they help you make sure the hat fits just right is with a band that goes underneath their chin. This band is not elastic so instead of being tight it hangs loosely and can be adjusted to be tighter if needed. The hat itself is made out of a canvas material that is made from cotton. This means that it is durable enough for multiple walks by the ocean.


Main Benefits:
  • alternative to hat
  • protects your dog’s eyes from sun
  • 5 colors
  • complete UV and UVB protection
  • blocks out water, sand, dust
  • comfortable

     If your dog does not enjoy hats they can instead keep their eyes safe and keep the style with dog sunglasses from Namsan. Not only will they be able to block out the sun but they will also be able to block out those haters. These sunglasses are available in 5 different colors and styles. From pink to shiny bright blue there is something to suit everyone.

     To keep your their eyes unharmed the lenses have complete UV and UVB protection. Not only that but they are also shatterproof. This means that they are so strong they do not just block out the sun but also water, wind, and even items like bugs or dust floating in the wind.

    Each pair comes with a frame made from foam and straps for the head and chin. This frame allows the glasses to comfortably sit against their face without causing any irritation. The straps are adjustable so they also help with the fit by allowing you to tighten or loosen them if needed. These sunglasses are perfect for a vacation because they can just fold up for easy travel!

Life Jacket

Main Benefits:
  • 6 size options
  • 7 colors and patterns
  • durable nylon material
  • buckle closures
  • adjustable
  • safety features

     When it comes to vacations fun in the sun is something that is always on the agenda and that means spending time in the water. Being in any type of deep water can become tiring for a dog especially after chasing Nemo. To help keep them safe and onto finding Nemo you should check out the life jackets by Woo Woo Pets. These jackets come in 6 different sizes and 7 different fun colors and patterns. We chose these jackets specifically for their fun tropical flower design.

     The life jacket itself is made from nylon to make sure it is durable and strong in the water. To close this jacket all you have to do is use the plastic buckles. With these buckles, you do not have to worry about the straps coming apart as it might do with velcro or ties. Then to make sure the fit is just right they also include an adjustable belt so it stays snug on them as they float.

     While constructing these jackets the company included three details to ensure the safety of your pet. First, under the chin, the jacket also has floatable material to help keep their head from going underwater. Then they also added a handle on the top for someone to quickly grab if they were floating away. Lastly, there are strips that reflect light allowing you to find them no matter where they are in the water.

Hair Flowers

Main Benefits:
  • helps pull pup’s hair away from face
  • vibrant color combos
  • homemade
  • nylon and cotton materials
  • comes in pack of 10

     As water gets on their fur it may make it fall into their face and make it hard to manage. If you have ever had a bad haircut you know exactly how that feels! Thankfully to help you pull the hair out of their face and keep the fun going there is flower hair ties from Yagopet. To keep the vacation vibe going all of the flowers come in bright colors like blue or yellow. Although, if that is not enough color for you they also have ones with multicolored petals as well.

     Each flower is unique not only in how its hue but also because each one is homemade. This means that someone took time and a lot of work to make sure it was just right for you. The materials that are used to make these flowers are nylon and cotton.

     Once they are fully put together they attach a rubber band right onto the back. This band makes it easy to tie up any of their hair and keep it out of their face. In each pack that you order you will receive 10 flower hair ties. We can not tell you exactly what colors you will receive but according to the company, each one will come in completely perfect condition.

Hawaiian Shirt

Main Benefits:
  • helps provide cover from sun
  • 3 colorful patterns
  • cotton and polyester materials
  • lightweight
  • 5 size options

     You can definitely not go on vacation without at least one Hawaiian shirt! How are you going to keep the tropical vibes going while also keeping the sun off your back? No worries, the company Tangpan has just the right shirts for you. To help spice up that vacation attire there are 3 different colorful and fun shirts to choose from. Each one has a fun tropical pattern covering either a yellow, white, or blue base.

     The shirt itself is made from a mix of 65% cotton and 35% polyester. While using this material the company was able to make sure that it is light in weight. This is perfect for on those super hot days when it seems like nothing will be able to cool you down.

    To make sure that this shirt will fit your dog just right there are 5 sizes that you can choose from. These sizes range from extra small all the way up to extra large. You definitely want to make sure that you take the time to figure out the right size because to wear it is a pullover and the last thing anyone wants on a vacation is to get stuck in a shirt!

Dress Up Collar

Main Benefits:
  • 5 size options
  • 9 colors and patterns
  • collar has metal D-ring for leash attachment
  • buckle closure
  • removable bow-tie

     While on vacation you will find yourself going to restaurants or events which you may need to be dressed up for. To help make sure that your dog is dressed to impress the waiter at the snack bar there is Csspet. This company has a total of 9 different collars each with a bow-tie and its own different design. There may be many different designs but we want to specifically show you the flamingo, pineapples, and anchor patterns.

    To help the collar not slip off while they are sneaking away with snack there are 5 different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. However, if you do find that your dog may be in between sizes do not worry the collar itself is adjustable so you will be able to tighten or loosen it as needed. If you do see your sneaky snacker start to roam off all you have to do is attach a leash to the metal D-ring.

     To make these collars not only fun but also gentle on the skin they used cotton to make it soft to the touch. There is also plastic included but that is only in the plastic buckles that you will use to clasp the collar closed. This collar may be the perfect item to use if you need to dress up but since the bow-tie can be easily removed it can be used for everyday wear as well.