Agility training can offer loads of benefits for your dog. A perfect, easy way to introduce your furry friend to the fun world of agility training is to purchase a kit, like the Affordable Agility Dog Agility Essentials Set. Whether your dog is a beginner or a competitor, it will be of great use! Even if you are just looking for a new way to exercise with your pup, this be sure to get you both off of the couch.

     The Affordable Agility Dog Agility Essentials Set comes with a wide variety of equipment for your agility training needs. Your dog will be excited to see all of these new, interesting obstacles, and we think you will be too.

     Every pup and their owner deserve the best, affordable products, and that’s why we are recommending the Affordable Agility Dog Agility Essentials Set. Even if you and your pup do not compete, agility can still be a fun hobby or physical activity. This kit will undoubtedly keep your dog interested and challenged, which provides tons of canine benefits. Keep reading to find out why this kit will be one of your best purchases!

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About The Company: Affordable Agility

     The Affordable Agility company focuses solely on providing their customers with good products, fair pricing, and excellent service. As a matter of fact, Affordable Agility has become one of the biggest agility equipment suppliers and continue thinking of ways to improve.  

     Additionally, Affordable Agility fully supports the American industry and keep as many products as they can USA made. They have a variety of products and supplies that will create a better agility training experience for both you and your dog. This includes practice tunnels, durable chutes, weave poles, bar jumps, add on wings, tire jumps, see-saws, A-frames, and much more. Once you and your pup master one element, there’s always more options at hand. Soon, agility training will become your ultimate obsession.

What Does the Kit Include?

     The Affordable Agility Essentials Set is similar to competition supplies, but scaled down to accommodate a  practice level. Each item is made with durable UV resistant material. Meaning, they can withstand all weather climates and even the fastest, toughest dogs. The material being UV resistant is a huge plus, especially since you will probably want to spend warm days outside with your furbaby. You can also use the kit inside, but be aware of the space you will need to do so. Although these materials are made to be extra durable, it may not be ideal for extra-large breeds. This kit is shipped with parts partially assembled and vinyl tape for easy decorating and personalization.

dog backyard course

Buy Tip: Purchasing the set will be cheaper than buying individual pieces

The kit includes:

Weave Pole Set – This includes six poles that are 30 inches tall and spaced 24 inches apart. (Note: The base feet are opposite from the path your dog runs). The poles can also be separated for a 2×2 training method.

Adjustable Bar Jump – Next is the adjustable bar jump. This features a 36-inch-wide jump and 30-inch-tall poles. It also comes with a displaceable jump bar that easily adjusts to 29 inches for safety. The bar can be lowered to ground level for puppies or beginners.

Adjustable Tire Jump – Has a 22-inch inner diameter hoop that can be adjusted as high as 30 inches tall with upright bars on the sides.

Material Used for Affordable Agility Products

     The agility set is made to provide pets with durable, safe, and sturdy materials that will survive all weather types and fast dogs. It includes PVC pipes that are weatherproof and UV resistant. This means more training and more fun! Unlike materials that rust or start to break after use or weather, these supplies will last longer and give dogs safe and better training. This kit was designed with durability in mind, which we are always a fan of (and we know you are too).

Who is This Product For?

Beginners: This set is perfect for dogs who want to start their journey of agility training. All of the materials are similar to competition materials but are scaled down for practice. The best part is that all pieces are adjustable for different training levels. You can start out at the easiest adjustments and work your way up to the hardest.

Competitors: If your pup is a hardworking competitor, this set will help  them keep their professional status with lots of fun practice. The Affordable Agility Dog Agility Set pieces mirror competition materials, so dogs who participate in agility competitions can use this at home for extra practice. It has 3 different parts of agility for a variety of training.  

Dog Hobbies: Lastly, even if your dog does not participate in competitions, this set is still great for a hobby. It can be placed both indoors and outdoors for any type of agility. The set is great for exercise, training, and just plain fun!

Benefits of Agility Training

5 Benefits of Agility for Your Dog

Helps Strengthen the Bond Between You and Your Dog:

     Agility courses are one of the best activities to be interactive with your dog, because they require communication between the two of you. As the dog listens and relies on their owner’s words, they will build trust towards their pet parent. Learning trust through agility training will also help with their obedience off the course. In the end, this will allow you to create a better relationship with your pup!

     As a tip, you can use positive reinforcements, like your dog’s favorite treats during training. This will be a tasty way for them to gain trust.  Agility training gives dogs and their owners an opportunity to easily enjoy their time together. A day spent in the fresh air playing with your furry friend will bring you both happiness, which is absolutely priceless.

Satisfies Dogs Natural Instincts:

     Dogs are natural hunters who chase after their prey. They navigate themselves through natural barriers such as jumping over logs, climbing steep hills, or running as fast as they can. Sometimes we as pet owners forget this, because our dogs are house pets. You might play fetch or tug-of-war, but agility training takes satisfying their natural instincts to whole new level. Agility courses are designed in a way that fulfill these desires to run and jump by copying these natural scenarios.

Builds Confidence:     

     Agility training is great for improving a dog’s overall behavior and mental stability. Whether its overcoming challenges or fears, dogs will have a better sense of themselves. Similarly, dogs who are more confident will perform better and be more aware of what they are being told. You will be thrilled to see the positive impact this kit has on your dog’s confidence and happiness!

Off-leash Control:

     These courses are all about training dogs to respond to verbal and visual cues instead of being tugged by their leashes. The training process of agility requires dogs to remove the leash completely and be directed by the owner’s hand gestures and words. Correspondingly, this is beneficial for both the owner and dog, because the dog won’t have physical restraint and the owner can have trust without having to direct. Make sure you have a fenced in yard or are training indoors, so you can avoid a tragic incident of Fido running away.


     During an agility course it’s not all about your dog running around and releasing that pent up energy. Dogs have to be patient and understanding. They have to wait their turn, walk in a controlled manner, and remain focused. This can help with everyday commands you give your pet, like telling them to sit and wait for a treat.

5 Benefits of Exercise for Your Dog

Health Improvement:

     There are numerous reasons why exercise is important for dogs. This includes reducing heart disease, cardiovascular issues, fighting away infections, and decreases chances of depression. Exercise is the best method to eliminate costly medications due to illnesses. Plus, you will be getting exercise as well, which means you and your pup can stay healthy together. Not too shabby!

Fight Obesity:

     Obesity can cause a lot of havoc on your dog mentally and physically. This can be pancreatitis, arthritis, diabetes, or depression. Dogs who are overweight have trouble walking, running, and jumping. With less mobility, it can lead to dogs becoming sick mentally with anxiety or stress. No one wants their dog to be in those mental states. Therefore, exercising daily reduces these risks and will improve their overall fitness and health.

Minimize Unwanted Behavior:

     The most common reason for bad behavior in pets is boredom. Exercising can reduce boredom by using-up most of their energy. In return, their destructive behaviors will begin to decrease. Just like kids, if dogs do not have something to do, they will choose to find their own “something to do.” For example, your dog might decide to chew on your new pair of shoes. Yikes! Overall, they will be much happier with reduced boredom, and so will you.

Mental Stimulation:

     Exercising is great for dog’s mentalities. It keeps them active, happy, and less stressed. A dog who does not get enough exercise can suffer from depression or other mental illnesses. People tend to forget that, just like humans, dogs too can have mental breakdowns and stressed feelings. The challenges of agility training will stimulate their minds, and allow them to learn new things. Having a smart dog is always something to show off!

Less Hyperactivity:

     Even just going for a small walk can help dogs feel relaxed and sleepy. Dogs who alleviate their extra energy into walks have shown to calm down and reduce hyperactivity, excitability, and nighttime activity. This is especially great for dogs who are crated at night because they will spend more time sleeping and less time stressed or irritable.

Other Products by Affordable Agility

Practice Broad Jump –

     This product includes 4 marker poles with jump boards. You can set these boards in different lengths and sizes. Also, there is a nest inside for compact storage and portability. Additionally, the set comes with a size chart to help assist you with the right sizes and lengths for your pup. Finally, red and blue vinyl tape rolls are included for personalization and decoration.

15 Ft Practice Tunnel –

     This 15 ft tunnel is 24 inches in diameter and suits all size dogs. It’s lightweight (15lbs) for easy transportation. Also, the material is high quality polyester Dacron for a more durable tunnel for practice and fun. 

     The tunnel can be formed into a C or S shape for an added challenge for your dog. Plus, it can be used right in your backyard and conveniently inside your home. It’s simple to take down as it has Velcro straps to close the tunnel and also a zippered carrying case. As a tip, try placing a treat at the end of the tunnel to encourage Fido to run through it, which will be even more fun for your pup.

Pampered Paws Rubber Kit –

     For a more comfortable and better traction practice, you can use this kit for a soft and rubber surface that will be better for your dog’s paws. It includes 3.23 pounds of blue granules, 8.91 pounds of yellow granules, and 40 ounces of glue that covers 19 square feet.


     Whether your dog is a beginner, competitor, or just looking for a hobby, the Affordable Agility Dog Agility Training Set has something for everyone. The kit is great for keeping Fido’s body and mind strong, which benefits their overall health. Plus, agility training can help you and Fido build a more loving bond than ever before, a result that will be worth the while. From our hearts to yours, we wish you the best of luck in your agility adventure!