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Do you ever wish you could crack open a cold brew with your best bud: your dog? Well, now you can! We have scoured the internet for dog beer and other mocktail type treats for your dog. This way, both you and your dog can sit back and relax. You no longer have to feel bad that you can’t share your drink with them. Instead, they can have their very own! Compiled below you will find a list of treats that resemble your favorite alcoholic drinks. All of the items listed are safe for your dog and contain no actual alcohol. As a reminder, you should never give your dog anything with alcohol in it!

We found dog beer and dog wine that your dog will enjoy just as much as you enjoy the real stuff! With each option, we list the ingredients and the health benefits or risks to your dog. All the options are non-alcoholic and non-carbonated so they will not upset your dog’s stomach. Now when happy hour rolls around, your four-legged friend isn’t going to be left out.

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Can dogs consume alcohol?

NO. It is not safe for dogs (or cats or most animals) to consume alcoholic drinks. The principal ingredients in all forms of alcohol are toxic to dogs. Most obviously, wine is fermented grape juice. Grapes are poisonous to dogs which means that anything made out with grapes is toxic to dogs. This rules out wine. 

What about beer or other malt drinks? One of the main ingredients in these drinks is hops. Veterinarian scientists do not know why hops are toxic to dogs. However, if your dog consumes hops, they will start experiencing physical, painful symptoms. These symptoms include vomiting, large fluctuations in body temperature, and kidney damage. 

With beer, wine, and all other drinks,  there is a massive potential for alcohol poisoning in dogs. Just as humans can get alcohol poisoning, animals can as well. Alcohol poisoning is far more dangerous to dogs than it is humans. Dogs are much smaller than humans and their bodies aren’t made to process alcohol. These means that the effects of alcohol poisoning occur much faster and in more dangerous forms. 

no beer for dogs

What to do if your dog consumes alcohol

A good rule of thumb for if your dog ingests alcohol is to treat them like you would if an infant ingested alcohol. Immediately take your dog to the vet or an animal emergency hospital. The effects of alcohol in a dogs system work very quickly. There is no time to Google what to do. The faster you seek professional help, the more likely they will be able to stop the symptoms and damage. 

Remember: you are in charge of your dog. If you have guests over, it is up to you to protect them. Always drink responisbly. Never allow guests to share drinks with your dog. Instead, use one of the pet friendly drinks below if you really want your dog to join the party. 

Dog safe drinks

If you just can’t resist the begging eyes of your dog while you’re drinking, find a safe alternative. To help you, we have researched the best look-alike drinks for you pup to enjoy. From beer to wine to alcohol toy look a likes, this article covers everything you need to know to party with your dog! 

Friendly reminder: It’s not drinking alone if your dog is “drinking” with you!

BOwser Beer

dog beer

Bowser Beer is an inspired product that was created after the company owner went to a festival and there were no drink options for dogs. She thought it would be a unique idea to recreate a drink humans love for our dogs. Bowser Beer is made with human-grade meat products. The all-natural, all USA made ingredients make this Beer more than just a novelty. It is actually healthy for your dog! Ingredients for Bowser Beer is a short list: meat, malt barley, and glucosamine. From chicken to beef to pork, you are sure to find a flavor your dog will love. Malt barley is naturally high in Vitamin B. Glucosamine is added to Bowser Beer to promote joint health. Added salt or fat, carbonation, and alcohol will never be found in Bowser Beer.

And no, your dog will not get drunk on Bowser Beer. The “beer” will have no effect on your dog. Another plus of this awesome company is that they are dedicated to using recyclable packaging. Even their t-shirts are made from recycled beer bottles. 

APollo peak

As seen on Shark Tank, Apollo Peak is the curator of the original dog wine. They first became famous for their cat wine. Since then, they have branched out to include dog wine and dog beer. Made right here in the United States, Apollo Peak knows how important a safe balance bewtween fun and heath is. Listed below we have including our favorite canine products from each of their lineups. All of their wines come in an 8oz bottle. All of their beers come in a 4.5oz bottle. None of their products contain any actual alcohol. 


More than just playful names, Apollo Peak’s products are designed and safe for dogs. Their CharDOGnay wine is made with all natural ingredients. You will find comfort knowing that the list of ingredients is short. Water, organic chamomile extract, organic yellow beets, sea salt, ascorbic acid are all that is included in the CharDOGnay. Unlike the Bowser Beer, CharDOGnay will have a slight effect on your dog. The organic chamomile extract has a relaxing and calming effect on your dog. This sensation is similar to that of a nightcap. There is no healthy gain from drinking this and it is more of a fun treat for your dog. Some dog parents have noticed their dogs will not drink the CharDOGnay alone. However, their dogs were all over the CharDOGnay when it was poured over there food. This is a great option for older dogs who need to eat soft food. 

dog wine
dog wine

Also an Apollo Peak original, the ZinfanTAIL dog wine is another novelty drink for your dog. If you are wary of giving your dog chamomille to relax them, this wine is for you (er, them)! The ZinfanTAIL contains no chamomille and will have no mental effect on your dog. Instead, it contains water, organic peppermint extract, organic red beets, sea salt, ascorbic acid. The red color of this wine comes from the beets. No artificial coloring is added! Unlike the CharDOGnay which had little health benefits, the ZinfanTAIL wine has healthy aspects to it! Beets are extremely healthy and have been said to help lower bad cholesterol levels in dogs. 

Organic peppermint is also a healthy bonus for your dog. The peppermint extract will help freshen your dog’s breath and keep their mouth minty fresh. Similar to the CharDOGnay, some pet parents have found their dogs enjoy ZinfanTAIL more poured over their dry food. Either way, both wines are a good option for your dog’s drink of the night on Wine Wednesdays! 

Mutt lyte

dog beer

Are you or your dog beer lovers instead of wine drinkers? Don’t worry! Apollo Peak has you covered, too! With three different flavors of brews, you are sure to find one your dog will love. Mutt Lyte is a dog beer lager that hails from the mountain tops of Colorado. Brewed at an altitude of 5,675 feet, these beers are made with fresh spring water from the rocky mountains. Made with all natural ingredients, you will feel safe giving your dog this healthy, beer alternative. Unlike their wine lineup, each of Apollo Peak’s beers has a specific health benefit. 

Mutt Lyte Blue

Mutt Lyte Blue is specifically formulated to help strengthen your dog’s bones. Blue is made with filtered water, chicken broth, anise seed extract, glucosamine, sea salt, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and citric acid. Citric acid is added as a healthy preservative to ensure your dog gets a fresh brew. The most important ingredient of this beer is the glucosamine. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound. It is one of the strongest compounds used to fight arthritis. It can be used to help alleviate pain in your dog’s joints and keep them in peak condition. Giving your dog Blue will strengthen and protect their bones and joints. This beer is especially helpful to give to older dogs and dogs with joint pain. 

dog beer

Mutt lyte green

Mutt Lyte Green is specifically designed to support your dog’s skin and coat.  Green is made with filtered water, chicken broth, anise seed extract, hemp seed oil, sea salt, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), citric acid. Citric acid is added as a healthy preservative to ensure your dog gets a fresh brew. Hemp seed oil is the most important ingredient in this brew. It helps thicken your dog’s coat, reducing shedding. Hemp oil is also better than fish and flaxseed oil for your dog. It has the perfect balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids. If your dog has problems with their coat, this brew is a good treat for them! Even if your dog doesn’t have coat issues, Green is a delicious treat to spoil your pup with! 

Mutt lyte yellow

Mutt Lyte Yellow is specifically formulated to promote heart health. All dogs of any age can appreciate boosted heart health. Yellow has similar ingredients to Blue and Green. However, it has fish oil from real Alaskan fish to strengthen your dog’s heart. This brew can be feed daily as a supplement for your dog. And unlike the Apollo Peak wines, customers have not had any issues with their dogs not liking the “beer”. With a delicious chicken broth flavor, your dog is sure to love any of the Mutt Lytes! And you will enjoy the added health benefits! 

dog beer

Dog wine

dog wine

Dog Wine makes both dog wine and dog tea. Their wine comes in two flavors: Noir and Grigio. Both wines have no actual alcohol or carbonation. They are made with filtered water and infused with bacon or salmon extracts. Salmon oil is an excellent source of vitamins and is good for your dog’s skin and coat. Similar to the Apollo Peak wines, some customers have found that their dogs do not enjoy the wine by itself. Instead, they preferred the wine poured over their dry food. Whether poured over dry food or drank directly, your dog will slurp down this decadent treat. 

With all the options above, you will never leave your pup out of happy hour again. You can your dog can share a drink and reminisce about all the good times you have had together. All while enjoying your drink while they are enjoying theirs! And as always, please drink responsibly. Your dog is waiting for you to get home safe!