Ever find yourself searching for your car in a parking lot full of similar vehicles? Thanks to these ten unique dog decals you will easily be able to spot yours among the others! Additionally, you will be able to show off your incredible love for dogs and specific personality with designs ranging from white paw prints to colorful dog faces. So, stop spending more time in the parking lot then the store itself! Check out these ten dog car decals and then head over to Amazon to send it right to your front door.

Heart Dog Car Decal

1. If you want to show how much you love your fido a heart decal is perfect. With thirteen different breeds to choose from you will be able to represent the one closest to your heart. Also, with the bright white color, it will look clean and clear.

With this decal, you are actually getting two stickers in one. This is because the dog and the heart are not fully attached. In turn, this allows you to stick one on your car and another on your laptop if you would like.

To make sure your love is represented for a long time the company made them durable. According to Epic Designs, the outside life is at least six years while the indoor life is at least ten years.

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Paw print dog car decals

2. If you are interested in representing all dog breeds then a paw print decal is perfect. With just paw prints you show that dogs are a huge part of your life no matter what kind. This specific decal is unique because it is slightly raised giving it a three-dimensional look. Not only that but with a silver color that shines your decal will be a staple on your car.

To make sure you these six centimeters by six-centimeter decals look right you can post them in two places. Not only will they stick to your car itself but also in any of the windows. This will allow you to get the perfect look you want and make your car unique.  

The application of this decal goes on the outside of your vehicle. However, do not think that means they will easily be pulled off. The company LZLRUN has made this decal so durable that many customers say it stayed on during a car wash.

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3. If you want to represent all dog breeds but with a little bit of personalization, this paw print decal is perfect. To make them unique to you there are twenty-two different color options you can pick. From gold to lime green you will definitely find the right one for you.

These paw prints come with no background allowing you to separate them. Each one is a total of two point nine inches and can be placed together or apart. For example, you can stick on your back car window and another on your laptop.

While being made in the United States they were created with strong materials. In turn, this means that the decals will be durable and long lasting. According to the company NS-FX, they will last through multiple elements make sure they stay together for years.

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Heart and paw print dog car decals

4. If you are looking to show your love for all the breeds this decal mixing paw prints and a heart would be perfect. Also, with the white color, the decal will be clean allowing your love to be clear.

With a transfer, tape included you will easily be able to stick this decal on the exterior of your car. However, the possibilities do not stop there. You can also post this decal on things like laptops and water bottles to take your love everywhere.

To make sure your decal stays on your desired object the company Diamond Graphics has used strong material. According to the company, your decal should be durable enough to stay together for at least six years.

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5. If you are looking for a decal with a more prominent paw print that still gets your love across then this decal is for you. With the clean look of the all-white decal, it will be a notable detail in any parking lot or on any highway.

With no background, you will only be posting the white part of the decal. However, do not think that it will make it any less vibrant. According to the company Decalgeek, this four-inch decal will not fade.

To make sure that your decal is strong they used durable materials while making it in the United States. While making this decal in the United States they used durable materials to make it long lasting. According to the company, it should last up to six or seven years outside.

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6. If you are also an advocate for peace in addition to your love for dogs then this decal is perfect for you. This six-inch decal is perfect to showcase what you care about most on an indoor or outdoor surface.

No matter where you decide to put it with the white vinyl your image will be clean and clear. Also, this vinyl is resistant to water and also UV rays. This means that it will be able to stay strong during various weather conditions.

According to the company Bargain Max Decals, this decal that is made in the United States will last at least five years. The company also says that during these years it will stay together and not fade.

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Colorful dog car decals

7. If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching addition to your car than this colorful decal is perfect. With so many different colors and shapes filling in familiar dog faces your car will easily stand out. To make sure you get the right decal for you they have multiple breeds ranging from pit bulls to labs.

Since this decal made is made with vinyl specifically made for the outdoors it will be long-lasting. According to the company Enjoy It your decal will stay together for years no matter the weather you endure.

However, this decal made in the United States does not have to be limited to your car. With this vinyl, you can stick it on things like your laptop or even paper projects. Do not worry if you end up changing your mind on the placement because the company states that it easy to remove.  

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8. If you would like a uniquely colorful canine decal then the  MeganJDesigns decal is perfect. With its creative hand-drawn design it easily catches the attention of people driving by. We love its whimsical nature and bold pigments! Furthermore, customers who own the MeganJDesigns dog decal praise its bright colors.

In specific, the decal is made from waterproof vinyl; manufactured right here in the United States. Its material allows you to put it on any indoor or outdoor surface, giving vast versatility. From cars to laptops, the only requirement is a smooth surface to mount.

The unique and colorful dog decal by MeganJDesigns is perfect for any owner wishing to make a statement. It helps notify onlookers of your incredible love for pups, with an added twist of whimsy. You are not an average dog owner, so your decal shouldn’t be average either!

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Funny dog car decals

9. If you would like your dog decal to have a bit of humor added to it then this decal is perfect. With the white colored vinyl, it is clear allowing dog owners to easily see and relate to the silly saying.

After this decal is made in the United States the company includes a clear transfer tape. According to the company Sign Depot using this will make the transfer like applying a temporary tattoo. In turn, this allows you to apply on anything with a flat and even surface.

However, even though the application is easy the ability to destroy this decal is not. The company states that it will hold up at least six years in outside conditions. This allows you to personalize various of your favorite items that you use every day.

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10. If you would like your decal to not only be funny but also move then this decal is perfect. This sticker comes into two parts the dog body and its tail. To make it move all you have to do is put the tail on the wiper and they will be wagging their tail.

With the option of a Dalmatian or Sharpei, you can pick the right one for you. Not only that, but the company Vylymuses also offers a cartoon Dalmatian as well. No matter which one you choose it will have a glossy finish making it shine on your car.

Not only does it have a gloss finish the vinyl is also laminated making it waterproof and made with special ink that blocks UV rays. In turn, this means that you will keep passing drivers and other dog lovers laughing for a while.

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