dog carrier sling

You have seen and maybe even owned a dog backpack or purse. But have you heard of a dog carrier sling?  A dog carrier sling is an adorable and comfortable way to carry your dog with you everywhere you go. A dog carrier sling is more comfortable and accessible than a traditional dog purse. Like a dog purse or backpack, a dog carrier sling is built for smaller sized dogs. Some dog carrier slings can fit more average sized dogs but none will fit large dogs. However, I am not sure you would want to carry around a large dog anyways! If your adorable pooch likes to be as close to you as possible at all times, a dog carrier sling is perfect for you! Keep reading to see some of our favorite dog carrier sling options. 

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Furry Fido Pet Sling

Furry Fido makes a decently priced, basic dog carrier sling that is the number one best seller on Amazon. This carrier sling is made of soft cotton cloth material which helps your dog stay comfortable when riding in the carrier. This cotton material also provides comfort to the wearer as there is no heavy duty strap digging into your arm or shoulder. Since it is made with cotton, the carrier is very breathable and will not suffocate your dog on a hot day. Another bonus of the carrier being cotton is that you can wash it in the washing machine! Simply toss it in and run a load with cold water and your sling will be good as new! 

This dog carrier sling is designed for small dogs up to 14lbs. Smaller dogs might need a small blanket in the bottom to support them so their head can pop up out of the carrier. Inside of the carrier is a small collar hook that attaches to your dog’s collar or harness. This prevents your dog from being able to jump out of the carrier and keeps them safely inside. Another adorable bonus of Furry Fido’s dog carrier is that it is reversible! One side has a solid color and the other has a playful design. Made of a super soft, breathable cotton plus a wide shoulder strap makes this dog carrier sling comfortable for both you and your dog! 

4 Lazy Legs Adjustable Sling

4 Lazy Legs primarily makes different models of dog carrier slings. We chose this model due to the fact that it is adjustable. Made with 100% cotton canvas, this sling is more durable than just a cotton one. Because it is more durable, this sling can hold dogs up to 33lbs comfortably. Similar to the Furry Fido sling, 4 Lazy Legs slings also have a safety collar clip. This clip is adjustable so you can make sure your dog, no matter how big or little, is secured in the carrier. 

The shoulder strap of this sling is also adjustable. A major flaw in many dog carrier slings is that they do not have an adjustable shoulder strap. This means that short people had to carry their dogs at their knees and tall people had their dog ducked under their armpits. Neither is comfortable. Thankfully, this sling is adjustable so you can carry your dog where it is more comfortable for you. The shoulder strap is also decently wide and padded so it will not cause any pain in your back or shoulder. Even though the material has some canvas in it, these slings are still machine washable making clean up a breeze. If you are looking for a more durable dog carrier sling, this is a good option for you! 

IMOEsol Dog Carrier Sling

This dog carrier sling is the perfect one-stop-shop for dog owners! IMOEsol makes this pet sling and when you purchase from them, you receive free doggy waste bags and an adorable bone-shaped clip that holds the bags. This carrier sling can hold dogs up to 18lbs. Made of a durable polyester blend, this sling is suitable for small and average sized dogs. Another feature of this carrier is that has a small zip pocket on the shoulder strap. This unique feature allows for you to really have both hands free because it gives you a place to store your keys, phone or wallet. Along with the other slings, IMOEsol’s pet carrier is also machine washable! The shoulder strap is also adjustable making this carrier comfortable for everyone. 

Unlike the other carriers so far, this sling has a unique system that may be difficult for some people to use. To put the carrier on, you put one of the straps over your shoulder and the other strap wraps up your back. To connect the two straps, there are two rings that are used to cinch the straps together. The listing has picture directions on how to do this. You don’t have to worry about the rings breaking though because they are made of durable metal. Similar to the Furry Fido sling, this sling also has a safety strap that you wrap around the shoulder strap then clip onto your dog’s collar. The extra wide strap and high-quality design mean that you can use the sling virtually anywhere you go with your dog! 

Ondoing Dog Carrier Sling

Ondoing makes a dog carrier sling that works best for those dogs that like to escape. Unlike the other sling options, this carrier has a zipper and drawstring top combo. With a crescent-shaped carrier, the zippered top is more on the side which makes it easy to access your pet. 

This carrier is made with oxford cotton which adds to the durability and breathability factors. Similiar to the IMOEsol dog carrier sling, this carrier also has a small pocket on the side. This pocket is perfect for storing treats, your phone or your keys. While not reversible like some other slings, this sling is available in seven different colors. 

The shoulder strap of this carrier is padded and adjustable making it perfect for anyone. The strap has a plastic yet durable snap that allows for you to take the carrier off easily. If you have a little escape artist on your hands, you need this dog carrier sling to safely contain them on the go! 

Alfie by Petoga

Petoga is a famous pet company that makes and sells harnesses, carriers, dining necessities, pet apparel, and health accessories. Petoga has a line of dog carrier slings that is called the “Alfie”. We have picked two carriers from this line and will review them each in depth below! 

The Chico Dog Carrier Sling

The Chico Dog Carrier sling is similar to the Furry Fido pet sling. It is reversible, one side is a solid, cotton material and the other is a patterned fleece material. Because it is fleece, this carrier might not work well for dogs in the summer. Even though the company says this carrier can only hold up to 12lbs, some 20lb and even 30lb dogs fit comfortably in the sling. In those cases, if you’re looking for a sling for a bigger dog, this might be a good option for you! 

While the shoulder strap is not as wide as some of the other options, it is still comfortable and should not dig into you. The shoulder strap is adjustable so you can as comfortable carrying your dog as they are in the sling! This sling does also include a safety leash that wraps around the shoulder strap and hooks onto your dog’s collar or harness. This lightweight, fabric Alfie dog carrier sling is perfect for owners who just need something periodically. 

The Hayden Dog Carrier Sling

If you are looking for an extremely durable pet carrier that you can wear for long distance when hiking or walking, the Hayden by Alfie is what you need. One of the most durable carrier slings on the market, the Hayden has solid sides and bottom, unlike the other fabric slings. Each side of this carrier has a pocket or two for storage of personal items and puppy items. The recommended weight says up to 12lbs but similar to the Chico, some dogs weighing up to 20lbs will be fit comfortably. There are even extra hooks on the sides to attach water bottles, collapsible bowls or waste bags. 

Unlike other carrier slings, the safety strap is on the inside of the bag, not the shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is adjustable and has a large, plastic clip in the middle for easy removal of the sling. Because this bag is so durable, it is less breathable than some of the other options. Nevertheless, the top of the sling can be completely closed if needed. The top is made out of mesh so that your dog can remain cool and breathe even when the top is closed. The red and blue sling with white accents is nautical and fashionable. The Hayden by Alfie is perfect for dog parents who need something reliable and sturdy to carry their dogs. 

We highly recommend a dog carrier sling over other dog carrier options. Slings are more versatile and lightweight compared to other carriers. They are also more compact and easier to store. We are sure that one of the above options will suit you and your dog so pick your favorite and bring your dog everywhere you go!