As the summer months begin to approach, so does the heat! If your dog enjoys being outside for long periods of time this could cause some heat-exhaustion problems. With the sun beating down on their coats their internal temperature will rise. Basically, causing them to overheat and become dehydrated. Yikes!

     To relax in the great outdoors Fido may lay on the ground. However, since the sun has been beating down on the ground as well, it may not be the cooling-relief your pup needs. With all of these issues, you may even consider keeping your dog inside. Although, this might make them sad and unmotivated; which no owner wants to happen.

Solution: Use an Elevated Dog Bed or Pet Cot

     Thankfully to keep your dog cool outside there is elevated pet beds or pet cots from K&H Pet Products. In this product, there are actually 2 separate parts. First, there is the bed which is made of lightweight but comfortable material. This part will allow them to relax without adding heat from thick cushions other beds may have. The second part to this product is the legs and frame which elevates the bed. Since this picks the bed off the ground it allows air to flow around and under it. In turn, this will provide ventilation keeping the bed and your dog cool.

     These elevated pet beds or pet cots may already seem like the perfect solution. However, this is just the beginning of what they have to offer. The K&H Pet Products company actually has multiple different versions of these beds and accessories to go with them. In an upcoming article, we will go into depth about all of the great options they have available. By the end of the article, you will have all the information you need to decide exactly which ones are right for you and your pup. So, do not get yourself “cot “in a constant battle between your dog’s happiness and heat. With K&H elevated pet beds, your dog will be able to stay outside and you will both stay smiling!