Every dog owner knows the annoying habit of a dog whining or scratching at the door when they need to go outside. It not only damages your door but it also hurts your pup. Some people may think, how do I fix this issue? Well, a possible solution for you and your pup could be a dog doorbell! Doorbells will give you and your pup a happy and stress free life! There are a variety of different doggie doorbells to choose from that will fit your dog’s personality and skills.

A dog doorbell can be a lifesaver if you’re working on potty training your pup. What most pet owners don’t know is that teaching a puppy or an adult dog to use the bell is relatively easy and convenient. By training your pup to ring the doggie doorbell, you can eliminate accidents and your dog begging you to go out.

Different Types of Dog Doorbells

  • Hanging Bells:These are a length of rope of other material and have bells attached to it. This is a great choice for dogs who like to pull and tug toys with their mouth. It’s also an easier learning method for your dog. However, the jingling noise can annoy some people every time the door opens and closes
  • Arm-mounted Bells: This bell consists of a piece of metal that attaches to the door or the wall with a hanging bell. You can mount these anywhere at any height. Owners who have small dogs may find these are better because the dogs can reach them better than hanging bells.
  • Push Button Systems: All your dog has to do is push a button with their nose or paw. They come with two parts including the button and the receiver. These parts allow the owner to take the receiver anywhere in the house and hear the alert when the dog needs to go outside. Plus, some of the digital systems allow you to program a variety of tones at different volumes.
  • Digital Mat Bells: When your dog steps onto the mat, it triggers the alert. These are similar to push button systems but activated differently. Digital mats also have a receiver that allows you to take it anywhere in the house including upstairs. Also, you can choose different sounds and levels.

What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bell


Some dog doorbells are made with poor quality material that could rip or catch onto your pup’s skin or paws, causing serious injuries. These problems can be avoided by looking at high end products and always inspecting the potty bells before use. It’s also recommended to check all of your pup’s toys and supplies every so often.

Easy to Use

There are a variety of different dog doorbells that are easier to use than others. This can vary on your dog or the product. When looking for a dog bell, you should consider your dog’s size, personality, and skills. Owners also find it useful to look at previous users’ experiences.

Typically, dogs who use their mouth and chew on toys a lot will learn to use potty bells quicker. Dogs who use their paws a lot catch on quickly to push-button bells and mat systems.


Most digital systems and mat bells allow owners to be in different places in the house until you find what works best for you and your pup. The receiver and the button can be very far apart making it easier to know when your dog needs to go potty.


One of the biggest concerns and complaints are about not being able to hear the dog’s potty bells. This is mainly a problem for owners who live in big and loud homes. If this is you, prioritize the volume options on the product when searching for the right one.

Our Top Picks for Dog Training Doorbells

BLUETREE Training Dog Doorbell

About This Doggie Bell:

This pet doorbell is high quality and durable with jingling bells that are easy on your ears. It includes 7 big bells for extra volume. The belts are custom made and tested with rough dogs to ensure the toughness of the material. It’s made with heavy duty nylon that lasts much longer than other dog doorbells. The bell is easy to adjust based on the size and height of your pup and the door.


  • Easy on your ears
  • High quality
  • Heavy duty material
  • Simple to set up and train
  • Tasteful design
Comsmart Dog Training Bell

About This Doggie Bell:

The Comsmart Dog Training Bell is great for potty training, housetraining, and housebreaking. It makes it easier for your dog to communicate with you to let you know they need to go potty. The chime noise is loud and can be heard at a distance. The bell is attached to a springy band that is smooth for a safe and comfortable touch when your pet needs to ring the bell. It’s made with high quality metal with brass bells. It can easily be installed on your door or wall with screws. The bell is available in 2 colors including black and white.


  • Easy to install
  • Strong and durable material
  • Pleasant sound
  • Clear jingling noise
  • Can be heard at a distance
Pet Heroic Dog Doorbells

About This Doggie Bell:

This doorbell is made of a strong strap and bell with a blend of materials that are loud and can be heard from a distance in the house. There are three different styles including flowers, morogrey, and viogreen style. They are fashionable yet strong and durable. It includes adjustable rivets for the right length according to your pet’s size. Included in the package is a 6-step formula guide that will give you tips on how to become a good trainer with this bell. It’s also simple to use and works effectively to help your dog communicate better at any age.


  • High quality material
  • Pleasant bell sound
  • Can be heard from several rooms away
  • Adjustable to your dog’s size
  • Fashionable
STYDDI Dog Potty Bell

About This Doggie Bell:

Dogs will love this fun, easy to install doorbell. You can mount the bell on the door or a wall nearby. This bell can be placed as low or as high as you need depending on your dog’s height. Once your dog hits the bell, it can easily be heard throughout the house to notify you about your dog’s needs. Cheaply made doggie doorbells can easily fray or break over time especially with rougher dogs but, STYDDI bells are made with solid metal. They guarantee that this bell will never break and will last a lifetime.


  • Comes with waste dispenser and bags
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Won’t have trouble hearing the bell
  • Adjustable for dog’s height
  • Durable metal
Pets Lovers Club Loud Dog Door Bell

About This Doggie Door:

Don’t let your pup make a messy accident in the house! The Pet Lovers Club Loud Dog Doorbell is a premium quality training tool that will help your dog tell you when they need to go outside. The bells can be heard across the room to alert you of your dog’s needs for potty time. You can adjust the strap to various sizes for your dog to be able to reach it. It even includes a reflective strip for dogs to see it even in the dark. Each purchase includes a free training video from the company’s dog trainer partners.


  • Durable reflective nylon strap
  • Makes training easy
  • High quality bells
  • Hangs on door knobs, next to the door, or anywhere your dog will ring it
  • Easy for dogs to reach with adjustable straps
Mighty Paw Smart Bell 2.0

About This Doggie Door:

This dog doorbell makes it easy for any dog to let their owner know they need to go to the bathroom. It’s easily mounted on your door or wall with adhesive strip (meaning no tools necessary!) The bell only needs .75 lbs. of pressure to alarm, which makes it easy for dogs of any size. The volume and ring tone of the bell can be customized to your choosing of 38 different tones! Plus, the activator and receiver can work apart up to 1000 feet when indoors. Its water resistant and can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Wireless (No batteries or charging needed)
  • Water resistant
  • No tools necessary
  • 38 different ring tones
  • Easy to train your dog