Doormats provide a dual purpose: keeping your freshly swept floor clean and warmly welcoming your guests inside. Additionally, they give a chance for any home or apartment owner to show off their unique personality. To help the dog lovers out there we have found 10 great dog doormats! So take your time to figure out your favorite dog doormat, then invite all your friends over so you can show it off!


If you are looking for a mat that gives a little preview of what will happen when you open the door then this is perfect. No one is more excited to see you than your Fido, so use this mat to show that you appreciate them!

To make sure that you get everything off your feet this mat is made with coconut coir fiber. With this fiber, your floors will stay clean no matter what people walk through. Also, with a size of 18×30, it will fit in front of multiple different entrances.

According to the company DII since the mat is ½ inch thick your door will move over it without getting stuck. Not only that but this thickness also makes the mat quite sturdy. One thing that multiple customers praise about this mat is that it is well constructed and very durable.


This particular mat embodies a true welcome. Furthermore, neighbors and guests will instantly know your love for dogs! With two different sizes, you will be able to give this introduction to your guests no matter what entrance they come in. The 18×30 size is perfect for the doorway while the 24×57 size is the best for a runner.

To make sure that you get off all the stuff off of your shoes the mat is made from coir. This material is unique because it comes from the husks of coconut shells. With this coir fiber, every bit of the mud will be scraped from the bottom of your shoes.

The fiber also makes the mat durable enough to be outside during wet weather conditions.  While facing these elements your mat may get a little bit dirty but there is no need to panic. According to the company Rubber-Cal, the materials in the mat make it is easy to clean and maintain.


If you are looking to show your love for all the different dog breeds then this mat is perfect. Not only is this mat unique because it has silhouettes of different breeds but also because it is handmade. With this mat, your doorstep will be one of a kind.

Another reason you will love it is because it is environmentally friendly. The mat itself is made from coir while the paint used is water based. To make it also friendly for your guest it has a vinyl backing to prevent it from slipping around.

After multiple people come through your entrance you might notice your mat getting a little dirty. However, the is the last you need to worry about. According to the company Fab Habitat, all you need to clean this 18×30 mat is a stiff brush.


With the witty saying “Dogs welcome, People tolerated,” this whimsical mat adds big personality to your home decor! The main thing that makes this mat unique is its bone shape. Also, with stitching detail, it is a fashionable way to complete your doorway.

While making this 19×32 mat two specific elements are used. To make it durable it is made with woven coir while a rubber backing is added to keep it in place. Even though this mat is made with these elements the company Mud Pie does recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight and wet elements.

During your first month, you may experience some shedding but there is no need to worry. According to the company you just need to brush it off the mat or shake it out. This will make sure that your mat and your floors keep looking clean and inviting.

With their website currently under construction, we are unable to pull a fabulous photo of this mat by Mud Pie. Please click the Amazon link below to view your option.


Sir Mix-a-lot has never spoken more true than with this quirky doormat option. While being made in the United States the company High Cotton made sure to add a big mutt silhouette. On the 18×27 mat, this large silhouette clearly shows that your love does not lie.

Also, since the mat is made from Olefin and quite thin, it is easy to clean. According to the company all you have to do is wash it down with a hose. This will make sure that the silly saying stays clean and clear.

Since the mat is on the thinner side multiple customers agree that it is best for indoors. Unfortunately, customers also seem to agree that it tends to move around easily. However, do not let this deter you from the unique rug. One customer said all they had to do was add some rug tape to keep it still.

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If you are looking for a mat to absorb all your worries then this one is perfect. According to the company Dog Gone Smart, the GSM absorption rate of their mats is 3000. This is a lot more than their competitors which the company says has a rate between 900 and 1500.

To combat all of this absorption the mats are made with microfiber strands. These strands help the mat to dry 5 times faster than other ones on the market. With so much dirt passing through these strands you may find yourself wanting to wash it. Thankfully, the company made this easy by having their mats be machine washable.

With all this dirt and water going through the mat you may worry about its durability. No need! Each mat is made with double basting and stitching. In turn, this means that no matter if you choose medium, large, or runner it will protect your floors for a long time.


The Internet’s Best Chenille Dog Mat acts as both doormat and comfy laying spot for Fido. With microfiber, the mat not only absorbs more than others but it dries faster as well. Not only that but since the fibers are soft it is the perfect place for your Fido to relax.

To make sure you get the right size for your house it comes in 3 different dimensions. Being able to choose between 35×25, 40×24, and 60×30 will make sure you find the perfect fit. No matter what size you choose with a non-skid bottom, your mat will stay right where you placed it.

Each of the microfiber bristles will work together to grab the filth and keep it locked in the mat. However, do not think that this will make your mat dirty forever. The company Internet’s Best made sure you could keep using your mat by making it machine washable.

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If are looking to pick a bone with the dirt in your house then this mat is perfect. Other than the large bone a unique part of this mat is its strands. Each of these large strands are actually a lot smaller and thinner strands are woven together.

Since there are so many strands they are able to work together to absorb and dry. In turn, this allows the mat to take in more water and also dry quicker than others. The company Soggy Doggy even compares their mat to a sponge when it comes to absorbing.

To make sure that your sponge stays put the mat has a backing to prevent it from slipping. With this no matter if you get large or extra large it will stay still. However, if you would like dirt on your mat to leave you just have to throw it into the washing machine.


This door mat emits a classy, young vibe with the statement “Wipe your paws.” With a backing made of rubber, the mat will stay in place while they wipe each paw. Also, since it is made with stain-resistant nylon you do not have to worry about what they will wipe off.

Although, if you do find yourself wanting to clean the mat there are two steps. According to the company Ottomanson, all you have to do is clean it with detergent or gentle soap and vacuum. In no time at all your mat will be ready to greet even more guests.

Not only is this mat durable enough for multiple visitors it also lasts well in various elements. No matter the weather your mat will be standing strong. To also protect the door from crumbling it up the mat is made to allow almost every door swing right over it.


The YJBear Doormat sports an array of beautiful colors, featuring your favorite breeds close-up. With 16 colorful dog faces to pick from you will be able to choose your favorite breed. Also, with the two sizes being 16×24 and 20×31.5 their face will be the spotlight of any area.

Since this dog doormat is made from polyester and coral fleece it is soft and quite thin. In turn, many customers believe that this mat should be used inside. However, do not think this is because it is of poor quality. The fabric is still absorbent and dries easily no matter where you place it.

To make sure it stays in the area you choose the mat has a latex bottom. With this, you will be able to walk on it in any room without worrying about slipping. In turn, this means you will be spending a lot more time admiring the mat than bending down to fix it.

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