Accidents can strike at any time, and if you are prepared, a serious emergency can be avoided. If you are a dog owner, this is the perfect time to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of dog first aid. Emergencies come in all forms; automobile accidents, burns, poisoning, heatstroke, and more. When accidents do occur, having a dog first aid kit can keep you ready for anything that happens.

We want all pets to stay safe and healthy, that’s why we are here to help dog owners be prepared and ready for any sudden emergency. In this article, we will inform you on what needs to be included in dog first aid kits, what you should do in emergencies, and tips to keep your pup safe. So, read carefully to learn how to take the right precautions for your furry friend!

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what to include in your dog first aid kit

Consider buying a first aid kit to keep your pup safe. You can buy a complete kit, and add important personalized items, or you can get a human first-aid kit and add dog-specific supplies. Many items in these first aid kits are common supplies you already have in your house. Here is a list of items that will be helpful for both you and your dog during a crisis.


In an emergency situation, you’ll want all of the important information in one place. Keep a hard copy of medical records,vaccination records, emergency phone numbers, and anything else that is important to your dog’s health.


If your dog regularly takes any medication, be sure to have a supply on hand as backup.


Having these items will control bleeding and protect wounds. However, make sure to buy adhesive bandages that are made just for pets. Gauze can also be used as a makeshift muzzle if you need it.


This is an essential part of having a first aid kit. These manuals can teach you things like CPR on pets, how to handle choking, bleeding, poisoning, and more.


Another important item to pack is nutritious food. You never know what’s to come, especially when traveling, so it’s always a great idea to have extra food on hand.


Use this to induce vomiting if your dog eats something toxic. However, make sure to know the proper dosage and how to administer it.


Boston Terrier Dog looking at a bowl of food on a table

During stressful situations, it’s important to keep your dog calm. Giving them treats will often provide emotional support to make them feel everything is OK. Try giving them treats you usually feed them at home, so they can relate it to a feeling of comfort.


Having this item with help to reduce or prevent infection from wounds. Antibiotic wipes can also help and are easier for cleaning scratches or cuts on pets.


You can use this to flush wounds or to give oral medications.


Lastly, having a collar is also essential to have because your dog could escape his collar or the leash may snap.

is your dog in need of emergency care?

Sometimes, a first aid kit for your dog won’t be enough. Depending on the incident, you might need to seek emergency care at your vet. It’s important to know whether urgent attention is needed, so we put together a list of signs that indicate you need emergency care immediately.

  • Your pet shows signs of weakness, is reluctant to get up, or seems depressed
  • Difficulty with breathing, or their breathing is noisy or rapid
  • Continual coughing or distress
  • Repeated vomiting, severe diarrhea that is bloody
  • Your dog appears to be in severe pain
  • Difficulty with balance suddenly
  • If shaking or shivering won’t settle, it could be eclampsia, which needs urgent treatment immediately

first aid kits you need for your pet

A first aid kit is important not only in the event of an accident at home, but any time a pet is far away from immediate help. For example, when you take the pup along with you to a family camping trip or a vacation out of the area. Keep in mind, to check your kit every few months to make sure nothing has expired or needs replaced.

As a pet owner, you have the responsibility to make sure you do everything you can to take care of your dog or cat. However, if you don’t have a pet first aid kit on hand, you could be caught off guard in emergency situations. We have put together a compilation of the best first aid kits that will keep you prepared for pet emergencies.


1. RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

RC Pet Products First Aid Kit

The first of many first aid kits that we will introduce you to is the RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit. This easy to maintain, clean, and maneuver First Aid kit is a great choice when trying to decide what to bring on your adventures. This first aid kit includes everything you’ll need to be prepared in an emergency when a vet is not close by. This handy first aid kit also includes a manual with easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that you and your dog are taken care of without putting any undue stress on you and your companion. For a more in depth look into this all-in-one first aid kit, hop on over to our article on everything you’ll need to know to make sure you’ve made the best pick for your best friend. 

2. New Market Squared Pet First Aid Kit

Your pets need your help during emergency situations, so stay prepared with the New Market Squared Pet First Aid Kit. What’s great about this kit is that you can take it with you wherever you go to attend to injuries until seeing your veterinarian. It is FDA approved with 45 supplies to give you everything you would need to tend to your pets needs. This includes bandages, gauze, gloves, antiseptic wipes, ice packs, and more! Not only can it be used on pets but it can also be used for human injuries.

Additionally, this kit includes instructions and a guide book, so you will know exactly what to do during an accident with your pet. During emergencies, you need to be quick and ready. This kit makes it easy even in the most stressful times because it keeps supplies organized so that you can find whatever you need quickly. It has clear vinyl pockets to allow you to see tools instantly and every tool has its own spot, so it’s easy to take out and put away.

3. Fab Fur Gear Pet First Aid Kit

You can now relax knowing you have a supply of emergency items in the Fab Fur Gear Pet First Aid Kit. This kit is ideal for home, camping, travel, work, school, or anywhere else you go with your pet. The material of this kit is compact, durable camouflage that was made to refill and last. What makes this kit different from most is that it includes supplies like the National Poison Control Center number so you can quickly call in emergency situations. They also include a place for a 24-hour emergency vet number, so you can place a quick call when needed.

Furthermore, this first aid kit includes items such as bandage, medical tape, tweezers, scissors, emergency blanket, protective gloves, emergency dog collar, sterile gauze, flea comb, and more. This kit is also great for hiking trips because it includes waste bags for clean-up and tons of bandages in case your pet steps on something harmful. Take this kit with you anywhere you go to stay prepared!

4. Tactical Freedom Pet First Aid Kit

Third, is Amazons Choice in pet first aid kits. This kit is great for emergencies while hiking, at the dog park, hunting, backpacking, traveling, or wounds from an animal attack or bite. Plus, this kit was designed with the input from a veterinarian who has seen it all! Whether you have a canine, cat, or any other type of animal, this kit has you covered.

Items in this kit include a bottle of saline, roll of self-adhering elastic wrap, roll of PBT gauze, styptic pencil, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, tape, gloves, tweezer, scissors, and more. Furthermore, its water resistant, lightweight, has a belt loop, and is very durable.

5. Diatonic Designs Universal Pet First Aid Kit

The Diatonic Designs Pet First Aid Kit contains universal essentials to keeping your pet aided anywhere you go. It has the highest quality medical supplies including gauze wraps, antiseptic wipes, high elastic bandages, exam gloves, tweezers, flea clip, instant ice pack, scissors, and more. This pack is friendly on both people and pets so you never have to have the burden of taking two different first aid kits. And everyone knows the trouble of packing or carrying a large first aid kit, so with this compact fit, the kit still includes over 40 supplies.

Plus, this kit is durable, and water-resistant with a zipper to protect all of the items inside. Not only are there first aid supplies, but it also comes with an exclusive manual for assistance during an emergency, and it also comes with a free foldable bowl.

6. Labra Pet Canine Dog First Aid Kit for Emergencies

Last but not least, the Labra Pet Canine Dog First Aid Kit includes 28 supplies such as scissors, tweezers, pet brush, rubber gloves, bandage, tape roll, antiseptic cleaning wipes, alcohol wipes, cotton swabs, non-woven pads, plus more! This kit was made so you and your pup can enjoy the outdoors and the adventures without being unprepared for accidents or emergencies. These supplies treat all injuries like cuts, scrapes, sprains, strains, and more.

Additionally, it is compact and lightweight measuring at 8” x 5.5” and weighs less than 7 ounces. It is easy to carry with you anywhere you go and even fits inside most backpacks and purses. What’s better than a kit that fits right in your bag, while also carrying everything you need for emergencies?