All great Halloween holidays come with a spectacular pet costume contest. Yet, each year it seems like the same costumes are used again and again. To help your Fido stand out and help you win all the bones, we have found 10 unique dog Halloween costumes. In fact, with each of these costumes your pup will be the center of attention and in the center of the winners circle!


Unfortunately, you may not be able to go back in time and win past costume contests. Luckily, with this dinosaur costume you can go back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. To make your Fido look like a Stegosaurus this costume includes a green scaly jumpsuit, a tail, and plates down his back.

With four sizes to choose from ranging from extra small to large no Jurassic fan will be left out. If you do find that the costume does not have a perfect fit you can adjust it with the velcro to make it just right.

Although, no matter what size you do buy your Fido will be adorable and cozy. According to some customers the foam padding and quality material made their dog get a little toasty. In turn, this means that if the night’s activities are outside your little dino will stay warm and comfortable.  


Holy paws each year the contests seem to be getting harder and harder. Thankfully, to help your Fido stand out there is this red and white Holy Hound costume that even includes a red stole. To make sure it is cute and also comfortable you are able to detach the stole if it is bothering your pup.

Also, with the white Miter hat there is no way your pup will get lost in the competition. However, the most unique part of this costume is the cross made of bones and the pawprint details. These thoughtful features is what will really impress the judges and your friends.

To make sure they are comfortable all throughout the contest you can choose between an extra small and a large. Furthermore, with four sizes to choose from you will be able to make the fit is perfect for a winner.


Some pet costumes may seem a little bit cheesy but with this costume it is a good thing! Not only does your Fido look adorable as a pizza slice the details are what really makes it pop. With toppings like mushrooms and olives this unique dish will send you home with all the cheese.

The costume itself is a jumpsuit with the actual slice resting on their back. Consequently, since it is one piece you will want to make sure that sizing is exactly right for your pup. Thankfully the company includes a video on their Amazon page showing how to measure for their costumes.

Although with four different sizes ranging from small to extra large even other family members can be included. Some customers used the smaller sizes of this costume on their cat. With these different sizes this costume allows everyone to be a piece of the pie.


No worries if the candy has you feeling a little bit ill this holiday season! With this costume you will always have a doctor on hand. Also, since this costume is made of cotton your Dr. Fido will be comfortable all holiday long.

To make sure the lab coat does not get in the way of their work the costume comes in four sizes. From extra small to large you will not have to worry about their scrubs getting in the way as they scrubs in. Not only that but since it is on the front and back of your pup it will not get in the way when they walk or pee.

Since the costume is on the front of their bodies and has hands it will make them look like he is walking. Multiple customers said they enjoy this design because it was hilarious and had everyone laughing.

Please click the Amazon link below to view this hilarious doc costume.


With this costume make sure to bring enough tomato juice for all the judges at the costume contest. This costume is made of strong polyester fabric. Fortunately, if your Fido does make it a little stinky all you have to do is wash it in cold water by hand.

No matter what size your little stinker actually is you will get the right fit because the company offers this costume in six different sizes. From extra small to extra extra large everyone can live their skunk dreams.

If you have a stinker on the bigger size do not worry about which size is right for you. According to the company their large size is just right for breeds like spaniel and collies. However, if you do find that the size is just a little off the costume has velcro closures which allows you to loosen or tighten it.

Please click the Amazon link below to view this stinking cute outfit!


Your Fido may be looking for treats instead of wood this Halloween but with this outfit they will still look like an adorable lumberjack. Since the clothes are made of polyester and cotton they will be comfortable and stay warm during the cold weather.

The company offers five different sizes to choose from which means it does not matter what size your lumberjack is. With options ranging from extra small to extra large you can make sure their button up fits just right.

Although, the company does suggest that you do measure your pup because their sizes do run a bit small. No matter what size you do choose all you have to do is throw it into the washing machine to clean it. This will make sure that your lumberjack is ready for any contest.

Please click the Amazon link below to view the lumberjack costume.


To make the judges see fireworks at your next costume contest try this patriotic look. With a bodysuit covered in stars and stripes your Uncle Fido will stand out from the rest! Also, with accessories like a bow-tie and hat your pup will definitely not be getting fourth place.

Since this costume comes with a bodysuit you want to make sure it will be the right fit. Thankfully, to help you out the company offers it in four different sizes. From small to extra large everyone will get the chance to rock that blue bow-tie.

The only issue that some customers did have with this outfit was the black bottom. However, do not let this deter you from this costume. Some customers just cut the bottoms off and used the rest of the outfit. No matter what part you would like to use this look will definitely be great on Halloween and even the Fourth of July.


This Santa Claus may not be bringing you presents but they could bring you first place. With bright red coloring and white fluffy details there is no way they will be looked over. Also, with accessories like a Santa hat, gloves, and a belt there is no guessing what they are.

To accommodate all the treats your Fido will be eating this holiday you want to make sure the outfit is not too tight. With five sizes ranging from extra small to extra large you will be able to give them enough room to stay jolly.

Since the costume is just covering their front two legs they should have no problem going to the bathroom. Also, with gloves attached to the ends of their sleeves it will look like your Fido Claus is running off to deliver toys to all the good dogs and cats.

Please click the Amazon link below to view this Santa costume.


When showing off this costume make sure to not stay its name three times in row! To capture the famous look of Beetlejuice the outfit includes a striped jacket. In particular, it features sleeves that cover your pups front legs.

However, what really drives this look home is the accessories like a black tie and a grey wig. Unfortunately, the wig does not come spiked out but to get the famous look you just have to comb it and spray it with hairspray.  

To help you find the best fit for your Beetlejuice the company offers the costume in three different sizes. With sizes ranging from small to large you will be easily figure out which one will fit your Fido best. Do not worry if the sizing may be a little off because with the velcro you will be able to loosen or tighten it.

Pandaloon PET COSTUME:

With this costume set you have four different options to help you win first place. It starts with the choice of a lion, bunny, panda, or teddy bear costume and then you can choose if you would like it in size one to four. With all these options you will be able to personalize it to be the perfect fit for you and your Fido.

To help you out the company recommends that you are careful with their sizes. This is because their size one is for extra small dogs like Pomeranian, Chihuahuas, or Maltese. In turn, they urge customers to measure closely with height being the most important.

No matter what size you do end up getting there is one thing you will know for sure. Each of these costumes are made with plush fabric that will be comfortable against their bodies. Also, if you would like to personalize this costume ever more the carrot, leaf, and heart accessories are velcro so you can replace them with something else.