Running is great exercise for not just you, but also your dog! Staying active is important stay healthy for dogs and humans alike. If you like to stay fit with Fido, you’ll definitely need the right type of leash. Unfortunately, your average dog leash might not do the trick when you’re trying to run. That being said, you’ll need to find the best dog leashes for running with your pooch. Coming soon, we’ll cover the best leashes for taking a jog with your furry friend. 

The Best Dog Leashes for Running

When it comes to dog leashes, there are all kinds of different ones to choose from. With materials like nylon, leather, and cotton, you really have endless choices. However, the design and functionality is what’s really important when you’re a runner. You want it to be easy to hold, or better yet, it could be hands-free! That’s right, there are hands-free options out there that wrap around your waist, keeping Fido attached at your hip. 

If you’re not into the idea of having a leash attached to your waist, there are more classic versions that are still good for running. Ideally, a good dog leash for running usually includes a bungee cord feature. Leashes with bungees reduce the amount of tugging that from your pup, which is extremely important while on a jog. In addition, you’ll also need a leash with a soft, comfortable handle to hold onto. The last thing you want during your run is a rash from scratchy material.

In the near future, we will provide a full article on the best dog leashes for running with your pup. Finding the right leash can be tough, that’s why we’re doing the research for you. Instead of foraging through the internet, you’ll be able to find the best of the best right in our article. Toon back soon, so you can improve your daily runs with your favorite pooch.