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You’re probably here for one of two reasons: either you’re a crazy dog lover, or someone you’re shopping for is! Either way, you’ve come to the right place. We know dog lovers, because we are dog lovers. We’ve scoured the internet for some must-haves for dog moms and dads that need a little something extra. From functional supplies, to downright cute accessories, we reviewed everything for those furbaby parents in your life. 

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toy bin

toy bin

What’s the one thing that’s always hard to clean when you have a dog? Toys! It seems like everywhere you step there’s a chew toy that your dog is saving for later. This can make your house look cluttered, and can easily cause tripping hazards. Investing in a toy bin dedicated just to dog toys can declutter your house, and help you keep track of Fido’s toys. This Bone Dry Storage Bin is available in a variety of sizes and patterns, and is large enough for even the most spoiled pups. It can also be easily cleaned due to it’s durable polyester material. Check out all of the variations on Amazon, and then simply consult your pup on their favorite style! 

Leash rack

Always searching for your pet’s leash? A leash rack may be just what you need. It neatly organizes all of your dog’s necessities; their leash, poop bags, and collars. No need to find room for their stuff on the coat rack, or by your keys, this will ensure your dog is always ready to go outside. This rack is 100% metal, great in any room. It measures 8″ wide by 7″ long. It comes with hardware as well, all you have to do is get some nails in the wall, and you’ll have the perfect doggy rack. No more hunting for your dog’s things and making them wait for you to get them ready. 

leash holder

Baking Molds

What’s better than buying treats for your furbaby? Making your own biscuits and treats! Making your own dog treats not only saves you money, but also gives you the freedom to put anything you want in the treats! And because they’re not being shipped around, you don’t need to include any artificial preservatives, colors, or ingredients. You have total control over what you’re feeding your pup. 

These molds are made with silicone, and can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees. They’re FDA approved, BPA free, and easy to clean. You can even stick them in the freezer to make fun ice cubes for your pooch to play with. 

If you’re looking for recipes for your pup, check out our dog friendly cookie recipes here. 

dog crew socks

These dog crew socks are the perfect gift for any dog lover (even if it’s just a gift for yourself). They’re 73% cotton, and 25% raylon, and 2% spandex. This great blend allows the color to stay vibrant, while providing a comfortable sock. They’re completely machine washable, and a great fit for just about anyone. They’re a comfortable fit for anyone between women’s size 6 and size 11. 

If you (or a friend) are looking for a fun pair of socks to show your love for your pups, these are a great addition to your closet!

corgi socks

puppy scoops ice cream

dog ice cream

Never eat ice cream alone with this great dog-friendly ice cream. It’s the perfect treat for dogs that need a sweet, and cool treat to cool off. It’s relatively healthy, and perfectly safe for dogs of all ages! Simply add water to the carton, freeze, and let your dogs go nuts with it.

This maple bacon puppy scoop has a creamy texture, just like real ice cream. However, it has a fraction of the fat and calories to make it much easier to digest than human ice cream. This carton contains ingredients such as lactose free milk, and natural maple bacon flavor. All you have to do is mix the powder with hot milk, and freeze it for at least 5 hours. You can treat smaller dogs to 1 or 2 scoops, and larger dogs can have the whole carton. 

Earth Rated poop bags

Waste bags aren’t the most exciting dog accessories, nonetheless, they’re a must-have. Having a stash of poop bags on hand makes a world of difference. The Earth Rated Waste Bags are one of our favorites. They’re lavender scented, easy to rip, and fit into any leash dispenser. Additionally, you can buy a bulky pack from Amazon for a small price. 

If you’re like us, you’ll also love that the rolls’ core and packaging are made from recycled content. They do their best to take care of the environment, even when it comes to waste bags!

poop bags

earth rated dispenser

Earth Balance Dispenser

Looking for an eco-friendly dispenser for your new Earth Balance bags? Look no more. This dispenser is one of the most popular dispensers on the market. It’s simple to use, lightweight, and made from recycled material. Every last detail makes this dispenser convenient for your daily walks with Fido. To get the bags inside, simply unscrew the top and place them inside. As you can see, you can easily pull them out from the convenient hole cut out of the front. You can even attach it to your clothing or bags! It has a hook on the back for hands-free transport. This dispenser also comes with an adjustable strap that will fit onto any leash. No matter where your walks take you, you’ll have a simple way to clean up after them. 

This dispenser comes with a variety of waste bags, but of course, you can buy them in bulk from Amazon. The bags and the container are made with recycled material, making it great for the environment, and your community. 

alfie sling

The Alfie Sling is one of the more comfortable purses designed specifically for carrying precious cargo. It’s one of the most comfortable and convenient ways to take your dog with you wherever you go. Your pup will always be close to your body so you can check on them, pet them, or even feed them right from the sling. The sling is made from a soft cotton material that’s 100% machine washable, and will be allow your dog to have a comfortable trip. We love this hands-free design, and we think you will too. You can throw the sling over your shoulder, and let your dog lay in the sling while you do your weekend trips and errands. 

dog sling

The Alfie sling is ideal for dogs up to 12 pounds. It’s 9 inches deep, and has an adjustable shoulder strap that measures between 14″ and 35″. You can easily adjust this two way secure strap to be the perfect fit for your needs; preventing back aches, and keeping your dog close to your body. The sling is also reversible, so you can switch it up based on your outfit. You can try out the sling in a variety of colors right from Amazon. 

The Alfie sling also has a safety collar hook, so you won’t have to worry about your dog jumping out of the sling. Simply hook their collar or harness to the strap, and you can be sure your pup will stay in the sling. 

Dogs love these slings because they keep them warm, and of course, close to you! You’ll love the comfortable straps, and your dog will love the soft cotton interior. We highly recommend these slings for dog owners looking for a comfortable way to carry their dog with them. It’s a hands-free option, and is comfortable for both you and your dog. 

friendship collar & bracelet

friendship collar

The Friendship Collar is a growing brand, and we can see why. This duo allows you and your dog to sport matching accessories no matter how far apart you get. They’ll get a functional collar, while you get to wear a fun bracelet. The fun design is printed on vegan leather, with a sturdy, gold plated d-ring for leash attachment. 

The friendship bracelet and collar are available in a variety of sizes and are adjustable, so you and your pup will be able to wear them no matter what the size. The matching leash is available in three sizes as well. Check out the variety of patterns and sizes on Amazon!