Pregnancy is a beautiful, yet stressful time for all animals (human and the like). If your furry friend has a furry bun in the oven, you may have a lot of questions! Fortunately, our dog pregnancy guide is here for you. We know how daunting it can be trying to care for a dog going through so many changes. But stick with us, and you’ll learn the ins and outs of dog pregnancy and the best ways to care for your pregnant pooch. Our guide will cover everything from pregnancy vitamins, to pre-birth care, and even what to expect when your pooch gives birth!

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is my dog pregnant?

dog nursing

Not sure if your pooch is pregnant? Well, you’ve come to the right place! It can be tricky to see the signs of pregnancy, especially in the first few weeks. Usually, you won’t be able to tell until the third week. Of course, if you’re really antsy, you can take your pup to the vet and have them take a look. A veterinarian can tell you exactly how far along your dog is. 

Once you get past the first two weeks, there are some physical signs to look out for. Keep in mind that dog pregnancy typically lasts around 63 days. If you see your pup’s nipples either getting larger, or changing color, this is a pretty good sign that there are puppies on the way. In the final weeks of pregnancy your dog’s stomach will get very round and distended. 

Your dog’s mood and appetite may change as well. Dogs tend to eat less during the final weeks of pregnancy. This is simply due to the fact that their abdomen is so full of new pups. In the final 24 hours before birth, your dog may stop eating altogether; this is normal, and you shouldn’t try to force your dog to eat during this period. 

In the third and fourth week of pregnancy your dog may experience sickness similar to morning sickness. This is completely normal, and again, a tell-tale sign that puppies are on the way. As always, you can visit your veterinarian for more information. They can perform ultrasounds and pregnancy tests to tell you exactly when to exact new puppies!

The Basics

Never dealt with a pregnant pooch before? We’re here to help! Having a pregnant animal in the house can be stressful for both dog and human. With the right information, and the right preparation, you can relax. 

There are some basics to keep in mind if you believe your pup is pregnant. Dogs are only fertile during their heat cycle; which usually occurs either every 6 months, or once a year. Canine pregnancy typically lasts around 63 days. Your dog’s body, mood, and appetite are going to fluctuate during this time period, this is completely normal.  Most litters are around 5 or 6 puppies; however, this can vary from breed to breed. 

It’s important to keep in mind that if your dog has worms, fleas, or ticks, these can easily be transferred to her new pups. Look for worming treatments that are safe to use on pregnant dogs. Below you’ll find one of our top picks. 

Dewormer for Pregnant Pups

The Safe-Guard Canine Dewormer is one of our favorite deworming products. It’s safe to use on any dog 6 weeks or older, including pregnant dogs and heart worm infected dogs. This product is basically just a treat that you can mix in with your dog foods. It treats against tapeworms, roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms. 

To use Safeguard simply give one dose to your pup for 3 consecutive days. Your pup will be protected for 6 months. When you order from Amazon you’ll receive 3 2-gram doses. 

We highly recommend this product to dogs of any size over 6 weeks of age. It’s very easy to administer, and you can buy it specifically for dogs of various sizes. Simply pick the right size for your pooch. The small packs contain 1 gram pouches, the medium packs contain 2 gram pouches, and the large packs contain 4 gram pouches. 

Dog Weight

10 lbs

11-20 lbs







Daily Dose

1 gram

2 grams

1 gram pouch + 2 gram pouch

4 gram

1 gram pouch + 4 gram pouch

2 gram pouch + 4 gram pouch

two 4 gram pouches

Combine pouches to obtain recommended dose

What To Feed A Pregnant Dog

Typically, you should be able to feed your dog without any changes during the first four weeks. Towards the end of the pregnancy, they’re most likely going to need more calories. We recommend feeding them “active” dog food. It’s full of wholesome ingredients, and typically has the right ratio of macronutrients. Your dog is going to need more protein during pregnancy to keep their energy levels up and maintain a healthy weight. If for any reason you’re concerned about your dog’s weight loss or weight gain, consult your vet. 

If your dog is eating enough protein and healthy food, they shouldn’t need additional supplements. 

Blue Freedom

Blue Buffalo has a variety of dog food geared towards all dogs at any walk of life. If your dog has any nourishment or allergy issues, Blue Buffalo is a great place to turn to! We have found all of their treats and foods to be easy to digest, full of wholesome ingredients, and great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. 

The Blue Freedom grain free dog food is a great dry food to feed your pregnant pooch. It has a great blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and of course, it’s gluten free. Because of it’s protein rich ingredients, it’s great for pregnant dogs. 

blue pregnancy food

This formula is available in either beef, chicken, or lamb, depending on your dog’s specific tastes. All varieties have a great balance of macronutrients for your dog. They have around 25% protein and 15% fat. 

Blue Buffalo’s freedom recipes contain a great blend of protein and carbohydrates to give your dog the energy to get through her pregnancy. Additionally, this formula works to improve muscle development, strong bones, teeth, healthy joints, skin, coat, and a healthy immune system! You can purchase this formula from Amazon in a variety of sizes and flavors. In our opinion, it’s a great choice for dogs – pregnant or not.

Oxy Mate


Oxy Mate is a prenatal chew designed to give your dog the nutrients they need to have a healthy pregnancy. It acts as a regular prenatal vitamin would for humans, by giving you extra doses of important minerals needed during pregnancy. Oxy Mate is full of iron, folic acid, and zinc. It also contains raspberry leaf which eases birthing and improves uterine health. 

Many breeders recommend this brand because of how well it works for their pregnant pups. If you’re afraid your dog may not be getting the right nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy, Oxy Mate may be worth of try. Of course, consult your vet before adding any new supplements into your dog’s diet. 


Pre-Birth Checklist

After 63 long days, your dog will finally give birth to beautiful puppies! This could be a hectic time, but more than anything, it’s exciting. When your dog is getting ready to give birth, they’ll go to a quiet area of your house to get ready. You may want to have a cardboard box set up with paper towels and newspaper (to prevent mess).  It’s important to have a few things on hand as your dog begins the birthing process. This will help you keep your dog comfortable, and prepare for the birth of new puppies. 

Your pup could be in labor for awhile, and as contractions begin she’ll start to push. Your dog will most likely take care of everything on her own; she’ll even sever the umbilical chord on her own. If any of the pups are born with the sac still around them, you’ll need to pierce it open with your fingers. And if for any reason your dog doesn’t sever the umbilical chords, you should do that for her as well. 

  1. Set up a quiet area for your dog to get ready for the birthing process
  2. Disposable Gloves
  3. Paper Towels
  4. Vet Information
  5. Phone nearby
  6. Paper Towels
  7. Clean Towels
  8. Scale to weigh puppies

Post Birth Information

Within 24 hours of birth, you should take your dog to the vet. The vet will make sure all of the placentas have been expelled, and look over your dog. You should also keep an eye out for any unusual symptoms such as a fever, nursing sores, or a large increase in bloody discharge. Most of all however, enjoy your new puppies and give mom and kids lots of love!


puppy scale

puppy scale

Curious about the weight of your puppies? The Pets Island Digital Scale is a great way to keep track of your growing pups. The scale weighs in 1g increments and goes up to 11 pounds, and has a built in bowl design to keep your pup on it long enough to weigh them. 

To read the scale just look at the LCD display. The display is 40mm by 18mm, easy to read, and quick enough to capture your dog’s weight before they try to jump off. 


Pregnancy is an exciting time for both you and your dog! Even though it can be a bit overwhelming at times, it’s important to remember that your dog knows what she’s doing. Her instincts will kick in and she knows you’ll be there to help her out if she needs it. If you run into any issues during pregnancy, call your vet, and they can help ensure your dog comes to term beautifully.