One of the best parts about having a dog is being able to spoil them with new toys. Unfortunately, with toys today being so expensive it is hard to do just that. To help you spoil your pup and not break the bank our Shop Woof Pack website offers a variety of dog toys under $5. These days it’s hard enough trying to find good cheap toys for the kids, let alone our beloved dogs!

     To help you figure out what toys are right for your pet, we go in-depth and explain what each one has to offer. Also, you’re never too far off from a great deal because we made sure to provide each product link for you. They will take you directly to the dog toy. Just make sure that you do not let your pup know these goodies are on the way or they may try and steal the box from the mailman!

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Best Dog Toys

for $5 or less

1. Chuckit! Max Glow Ball

     Does your dog seem to have a ton of energy right before bedtime but it is too dark outside to play? Now with the Max Glow Ball from Chuckit! that glows in the dark they will finally be able to release that energy with a quick game of fetch. To make it glow all you have to do is place it in the sunlight or even under a flashlight for a few minutes and it will be ready to go.

      According to the company, the ball itself is made of photoluminescent material which will not be harmful to your dog. The ball also includes a textured design on the outside letting dogs easily hold onto it in their mouth. However, the material covering the outside is also smooth enough that you can just use water to take off any dirt.

     As promised, the Chuckit! Max Glow ball is among our dog toys under $5. To receive this product at the price of $4.99 make sure to check it out on Shop Woof Pack!

2. Hyper Pet Tennis Balls

      There is no question that tennis balls are one of the most popular toys for dogs. Although, what many people do not realize is that these balls can be harmful because they are tough on teeth or made with harmful materials. Thankfully, to combat these issues and make sure that every dog gets the chance to enjoy a tennis ball Hyper Pet created their own version.

     Inside of their balls, there is actually grade A rubber that does not include any ingredients that may be dangerous. Covering this rubber is material that is safe for your dog’s teeth so you can feel comfortable letting them play with it all day.

     Once they do become attached to their new tennis ball you will not have to worry about losing it because its bright color will be easy to spot in the house or grass. If your dog would rather play with their tennis balls in the pool then feel free to throw these balls right into the water because they are made to float.     

     Since these balls are around 2.5 inches in diameter the company does not believe they are right for every dog. To make sure each dog gets the right toy for them they suggest that these balls are only given to dogs that weigh 25 pounds or more. Also, to make sure that there are enough of these tennis balls to go around the company offers them in a pack of 2 and a pack of 4.

     To receive these products at the price of $3.99 each make sure to check them out on our Shop Woof Pack.

3. JW Darwin the Frog Dog Toy

     Finding that your dog is becoming bored with their toys too quickly? This may be because all of their toys are too predictable or do not bring them a challenge. However, that is all going to change once they get Darwin The Frog Dog Toy from JW Pet. On the outside, it just looks like a rubber frog but on the inside, it is a ball full of surprises.

      The first aspect of this ball that will definitely catch their attention is the squeak that comes from the ball. Once they notice that they will instantly want to chew on it but before that happens they will have to catch it. They will soon find this to be a challenge because once it is bounced there is no telling which direction it will go.  

      Other important aspects of this toy is what is included on the inside. Not only is it made out of natural rubber but it also includes vanilla extract. This toy may be great but unfortunately, since it is only 2.0 inches in size we cannot recommend it to every dog. In fact, the company even suggest only giving it to small breeds and young pups.  

     You can easily find Darwin the Frog for only $4.99 on Shop Woof Pack!

4. Medium iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball

      Chewing up toys is a specialty when it comes to some dogs. It honestly would not be surprising if that is what they thought all toys were made for. Unfortunately, this is not the truth and they could harm their teeth or even their stomach if they chew something up. To stop this from happening JW Pet came up with the iSqueak Bouncin’ Baseball.

      To make it safe to be chewed they made the ball out of natural rubber which is safe and durable. Not only is this toy made to be chewed it can also be used for games like fetch or catch. Once they realize that this ball also squeaks they will want to chew and play for hours.

      Since this ball is at the size of 2.8 inches the company recommends giving it medium breeds. Although, here at Better Living With Fido we believe in giving it to any new Woof Pack subscriber for free! All you have to do is put the product in your cart when you are subscribing to our subscription box and it will be free.

     Think you’ve found great dog toys under $5? Well we have one for free!

5. Stuffing-Free Loofa Dog

      While your dog is playing the last thing you want to be worrying about is cleaning up stuffing. That is why the Multipet Stuffing-Free Loofa Dog will be perfect for you. Like the name explains inside of these dog toys there is no stuffing! That means you can spend more time playing and less time getting upset when the floor gets covered with fluff.

    Instead of stuffing inside of this toy there is a plastic squeaker that will make any pup excited. Covering this squeaker there is terry cloth which gives it that soft texture that will be gentle on your dog during playtime. All of this together creates a toy that is ready to be fetched. Multipet gives us the option of 6″ or 12″ length.

     To receive this product at the price of $2.99 check it out on our Shop Woof Pack website.

12" Stuffing-Free Loofa Dog Toy shown above

6. Plush Loofa Dog Toy – 6″

12" Plush Loofa Dog Toy shown above

      Usually when dog toys are created, small dogs seem to get the short end of the stick (pun intended). Everything always seems to be too big or too heavy! However, that all changes with the Multipet Plush Loofa Dog Toy. Multipet creates their Loofa Dogs in two size options: 6″ and 12″. According to the company since it measures up to 6 inches it is just right for dogs that fall between the small and medium size.

      The toy itself may be small but that does not mean they will not have fun playing with it. Inside of each toy, there is stuffing that will make it gentle on their mouth while they catch or carry it. Not only that but hidden inside of that stuffing there is a squeaker that will keep that tail wagging as they play.

     Purchasing this 6″ Loofa Dog for cheap is easy through Shop Woof Pack (just $2.99!).

7. Polka Dot Globken Chicken Dog Toy

     After a while, you may be getting bored of the toy selection at your local pet stores. For some reason you can never find something unique…well that is until now. At Multipet, they have the Polka Dot Globken Chicken Dog Toy. Not only is the appearance different but instead of squeaking it actually squawks!     

     The chicken itself is made from latex which gives it a smooth and squishy surface. Then on the inside, it is full of plush so it does not hurt their teeth while they chew or carry it around. To make sure you get the best-looking chicken for your pup it comes in purple or pink on our Shop Woof Pack website.

     With all this together the toy measures up to a total of 11.5 inches. According to the company, this size is just right for small, medium, and large dogs. This means that everyone can enjoy their own squawking chicken.

     This chicken toy has always been a fan favorite and we are happy to offer it for just $4.99 through Shop Woof Pack! Check out our color options below:

globken chicken

Purple Globken Chicken:

Pink Globken Chicken:

8. Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Bathing Fruit Dog Toy

      At Grriggles, they wanted to bring the feeling of the 50s back through a fun dog toy. To do this they created the Fruit Frenzy Bathing Fruit Dog Toy in retro fashion. The toy itself looks like a colorful bathing suit with the image of a fruit on it.

      According to the company the toy is made out of polyester plush. Inside of this plush, there is a squeaker to capture their attention and keep them eager to play. With all of this plush, the dimensions of the toy measure up to 2 inches in height x 7 inches in width x 6.3 inches in depth.

     When testing this product with our pups, it held up decently well. The first thing to go was its handle. Luckily, this did not tear the rest of the toy. Instead, it was a clean break. Knowing this, you probably will not want this toy for an aggressive furbaby. It is better with gentle to medium chewing dogs who love plush textures.

    On Shop Woof Pack, we sell the Grriggles Fruit Frenzy Bathing Fruit for just $2.49. Check it out!

our Closing Thoughts

     Finding dog toys under $5 is an adventure that most dog parents don’t have the time to do. And that’s okay! Shop Woof Pack uses their magic to offer you some wonderful, sturdy dog toys under $5. Each has been given to our pup testers to see how they survive. Our hands-on insight helps give you the best recommendations on the market.