No one ever says ‘let me give my dog a bath real quick’ and means it literally. With dogs, bath time can be a time for chaos with water and soap splashing all over the place. Thankfully, to give you a break there are dog wipes. Unlike baby wipes, these are made to clean the surface and also deep under different types of fur.

     Other than a clean bathroom, these wipes can bring many different benefits that will make being a pet owner easier. To help you decide if this product would be right for your pup we will explore some great options. Then if you fall in love with any of these six wonderful wipe options, simply click our direct Amazon links for purchase.


     Extend Time Between Bathing. Wipes are a must have for any dog that enjoys getting dirty. Instead of having to give constant baths, all you have to do is use a wipe to refresh their coat! In turn, this will extend the amount of time in between baths while keeping the dirt and odor gone.

     Less Money Spent on Bathing Products. With a decrease in the number of baths, you will also find a decrease in the amount of money you have been paying for water and shampoo. However, one thing that you will see an increase is the amount of time that you will have to spend with your Fido. Instead of spending money and time on baths you can use it to do fun activities together!

     Less Stress. Using dog wipes will greatly reduce bath time stress. Many pups are fidgety in soap and water; often creating a mess. Not only that but dog wipes help reduce the risk of your dog dirtying your car. If you see your dog got a little bit dirty all you have to do is pull out a wipe for a quick cleaning.

     Quick and Easy. One important benefit of these wipes is that you can get rid of the dirt quickly. Since baths require so much effort from the owner and the dog you may find yourself procrastinating it. However, this may be harmful to your dog because it could cause that area to become infected. It is best to get the dirt out before it lingers too long.


Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

     Some owners enjoy when their dog’s coat has a clean scent while others wish there was no scent at all. To help fit both sides of the spectrum Pogi’s Grooming Wipes come in a green tea leaf scent or also unscented. Each of their wipes is full of aloe vera, vitamin E and Hawaiian Awapuhi that work together to clean your dog’s fur.

     Another great thing inside of these wipes is its base which is made out bamboo. This means that it will easily break down and not be left to fill up any place on land or water. Also, the company promises to not use rough chemicals, chlorine, or parabens. Therefore, you can feel good knowing that, when it breaks down, the product will not be polluting.

     These wipes can come in 4 different sized packs. The sizes range from 100 to 400 count packs and even include some travel packs as well. However, you will not have to worry about using multiple small wipes because the full size of these wipes is 8×9 inches. According to the company, this size wipe can be used on dogs no matter their size or coat.

Earthbath Grooming Wipes

     Each dog and owner have different needs and likes that separates them from the rest. To make sure that every dog is able to get the right type of wipe they need Earthbath offers hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. For further options, you can choose from mango tango, puppy, and green tea leaf. Although no matter the type, all  include natural cleaning ingredients like Hawaiian Awapuhi. Not only that, but they also include moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

     Since these wipes do not include animal by-products or alcohol you will feel comfortable using them for various tasks. These tasks may include cleaning their coat and paws or wiping off drool and dander. As an added benefit, this particular dog wipe will not interfere with flea products. Happily, you do not need to worry about choosing one or the other!

     With so many gentle ingredients you can use these biodegradable wipes every day on dogs that are above 6 weeks old.  You will not have to worry about running out of these wipes too quickly because you can order 1, 2, or 6 100 count packs.  Also, since they are more on the thicker side these large wipes will not dry out fast making you use multiple each day.

Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Wipes

     With delightful scents like honey sage and spring water, you will be excited to pull out an 8×7 inch Nature’s Miracle wipe. Not only does the scent make the grooming process enjoyable it also works to keep odors quiet that may appear later on. This means that you can let the scent fill your head instead of worry.

     Thankfully, one thing you will not be smelling is alcohol. Nature’s Miracle does not include it their ingredients. What is included in their ingredients is conditioners that will work together to moisturize your dog’s fur. However, the wipes work does not just stop there is also goes deep into the coat to clean out dirt or even dander.

     According to the company, the ingredients list allows you to use the wipes on your dog daily. It is no secret that some dogs tend to get a bit dirty multiple times throughout the day while others may just lay around. No matter what they like to get into with packs ranging from 25 to 200 count you can choose the right amount for you.

Wahl Cleaning Wipes

     These wipes, made by Wahl, can be used not only on your dog’s coat but also on their paws, face, and ears. This is because the wipes are made from ingredients taken from plants. All of these great ingredients work together and clean dirt and odor off any type of fur.

     One important thing about these wipes is that they do not include anything that would be harsh or irritate your dog’s skin. In the ingredients list you will find no alcohol or parabens. Furthermore, since wipes are completely pH balanced you can trust that they will be safe and gentle.

     All of these great elements come in two different scents coconut lime verbana and lavender chamomile. No matter which scent you choose you will receive a pack full of 50 wipes to make sure your dog is fully clean and also smells great.

Yogo Pet Wipes

     If you and your dog are always on the go then a big box may not be right for you. Instead the 10 packs each full of 10 wipes each would be a better fit. No matter if you are just going for a walk or a big adventure you will always be able to keep them clean. Also, since the package reseals, you will not have to worry about the pack drying up.

     Inside of each pack, there are wipes that measure 8×7 inches. This size is great for small dogs all the way up to large dogs with any type of coat. In fact, the company states that these wipes clean so strong that they can even clean the heaviest of coats.

     These wipes may be strong but with cleansers made from natural plant extracts, they are gentle as well. With each wipe, it will pull out the dirt but also moisturize the coat and their skin. Another great quality about these wipes are that they are hypoallergenic so even the most sensitive dogs can feel clean and refreshed.

     Please click the Amazon link below to view this pet wipe product by Yogo.

Sofies Secret Pet Wipes

     Some dogs are not a fan of scents and end up sneezing when they get close. If that is your case or if you personally do not like strong scents then SofiesSecret wipes are the way to go. Instead of artificial fragrance, the only smell they may come off the wipes is from the natural ingredients inside. Not only that but the wipes are also hypoallergenic and ph balanced so they will be gentle on the nose and their skin.

     In the ingredient list, you will come across only natural ingredients and extracts. For example, it is made with things like chamomile, green tea, aloe vera, and lemongrass oil. With all of these ingredients working together your dog’s fur will not only be cleaned but de-tangled and nourished as well. According to the company, they will even soothe any dry and itchy skin and prevent fleas and ticks.

     While making these wipes they were completely cruelty-free and worked hard to make each wipe vegan. They even got their product PETA approved and certified by Green America and Leaping Bunny. With these certifications, it would be hard to not to feel good when using these wipes on your dog that you love so dearly.