When you start to notice your dog has itchy or irritated ears, it is important to analyze him closely to see if they need any treatments. Typically, most ear infections are caused by yeast or bacteria and sometimes ear mites. Ear infections in dogs are common and a majority of dogs suffer from this condition at some point in their lives. However, negligence can lead to health complications or something more than just a minor itch.

Types of Ear Infections

There are several types of ear infections that could be affecting your pup. The general term for inflammation or an infection of the ear is called otitis. A good way to figure out where the infection is coming from is to look where the swelling starts and if the eardrum is punctured or not.

Otitis externa is redness or swelling in a dog’s outer ear and the outer part of the ear canal. This type of ear infection is often caused by swimmers’ ear when water gets trapped in the dog’s ear canal. When the ear is moist, bacteria forms causing pain and swelling. If left untreated, the bacteria can spread causing more pain and health complications.

Similarly, otitis media is another ear infection but less common. This is when the dog’s middle ear is inflamed, which is located just behind the dog’s eardrum.

Lastly, otitis interna is the most severe as it is an infection in the inner ear, which is connected to the brain and contains nerves for balancing and hearing.  

Causes of Ear Infections

While bacteria are the most common cause of ear infections in dogs, there are a variety of other reasons your dog may be experiencing inflammation or pain. Unlike human ear canals, which are horizontal, dog’s ears canals are vertical making it very easy for debris and moisture to enter and get trapped in the ear canal. The following is a list of potential causes for canine ear infections.

Allergies-Common cause for ear infections and causes itching and swelling.

Hypothyroidism- This can lead to a variety of skin issues including dry skin, bacterial infections, and chronic ear infections.

Ear Mites- Another cause of ear infection commonly found in puppies. These increases dog’s chances of bacterial infections.

Trauma- This would be a head injury or another trauma to the body that a dog suffers from.

Foreign Objects- Objects that get stuck in the dog’s ear can cause pain, injury, and bacterial infections.

Aspergillus- This is a fungus that is linked to inflammation and ear infections.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Depending on the ear infection and the severity, symptoms may vary. Your pup’s symptoms could range from barely visible symptoms to severe cases such as face paralysis. Here are several symptoms that may indicate your dog is suffering from an ear infection and should be seen by a vet for a professional exam.

  • Yellow, brown, or bloody discharge in the ears
  • Pain when dog chews or opens their mouth
  • Scabs or crust inside the dog’s ear
  • Hair loss around the ear
  • Head shaking or head tilt
  • Loss of balance or visible vertigo
  • Bad or abnormal odor coming from the ear
  • Leaning to the side of the affected ear
  • Redness or swollen appearance around the ear canal
  • Excessive rubbing, pawing, or scratching of the ear
  • Unusual eye movements
  • Pacing in circles
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Wobbly body movements

Treating Your Dogs Ear Infection

1. Vet Organics EcoEars All-Natural Dog Ear Cleaner 

With 100% all-natural and safe ingredients, Vet Organics EcoEars All-Natural Dog Ear Cleaner will help to cure your pups ear infections caused by bacteria, fungus, or ear mites. It is fast acting and will relieve itchiness and pain. You will no longer have to watch your pup suffer thanks to this ear cleaning formula.

EcoEars All-Natural Dog Ear Cleaner is made in the USA in an FDA-registered facility. It provides relief in 24-48 hours and is easy to use to cure common infections. Ingredients in this formula include organic mullein leaf extract, witch hazel extract, rosemary extract, tea tree oil, and fingerroot extract. All of these are powerful antiseptics and are known for healing wounds and infections.

2. Bexley Labs Curaseb Antiseptic Ear Flush

Curaseb Antiseptic Ear Flush is formulated to fight your dog’s stubborn ear infections. It contains anti-yeast, antibacterial, and antifungal ingredients to relieve those problem areas. The formula is tough on ear infections but gentle enough to get rid of debris and deodorize the ears with a cucumber melon scent.

Not only can you use this treatment on your pup ears but it is also safe for their skin too! It helps skin problems such as rashes, scaly patches, and even acne. The soothing aloe ingredient will give relief to painful and itchy areas. It has veterinarian strength without the prescription! The Curaseb Antiseptic Ear Flush is made in the USA and is veterinarian recommended for dogs who suffer from ear infections.

3. Zymox Plus Otic-HC Ear Solution

The Zymox Plus Otic-HC Ear Solution treats chronic ear infections in dogs. It contains no antibiotics and is 100% safe for your pet. The powerful enzymatic naturally cleanses and disinfects dog’s ears while destroying the underlying problem causing the infection. It is easy to use while treating once a day for 7 days and 14 days for chronic ear infections.

It’s safe for dogs of all ages including puppies. This formula can also be used on kittens, cats, and horses. No pre-cleaning is required as this product works best in “dirty” areas. It works quickly and effectively to remove the bacteria and fungus that is causing itchiness, pain, and swelling.

4. Earth Vibes Advanced Dog Ear Cleaner

Cruelty free and made in the USA, the Earth Vibes Advanced Dog Ear Cleaner cleanses and soothes your dog’s ears. It gets rid of bacteria, yeast, itching, and bad odors. Earth Vibes Advanced Formula is made with 100% premium natural ingredients that is veterinarian recommended. This formula is pH balanced for sensitive skin. It is fast acting and works within 24-48 hours. Your dog’s overall health and hair appearance will enhance while treating the affected areas.

Furthermore, it is free of harsh chemicals such as added colors, parabens, DEA, synthetics fragrances and gluten. Ingredients in this product include eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, aloe Vera, and purified water. It can be used for dogs, cats, ferrets, and rabbits. Show your pup some love and try this fast-acting ear cleanser!

5. Arava Pet Ear Wipes

This gentle formula removes dirt, wax, and discharge around the ears. These wipes will disinfect even the most sensitive ears with no irritations or allergic reactions. They will also remove odor with no discomfort for your puppy. Arava carefully selects the best ingredients that will naturally treat serious infections that cause itchiness and pain.

Arava Pet Ear Wipes have various beneficial ingredients that are organic and hypoallergenic. These include chamomile, aloe Vera, Vitamins D, E, B5, burdock, and 26 healthy dead sea minerals. All of these combined boosts your pups skin health and reduces the risks of skin infections. These wipes will show your pet that you care.

6. VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes

The VetWELL Dog Ear Wipes are veterinarian formulated to gently clean and deodorize your pets’ ears. These wipes are used to treat and prevent ear infections. They reduce odor, itching, debris, and wax build up without medicine or medication. It’s fast, easy, and convenient to use on your dog’s ears. They are gentle enough for everyday use and won’t cause stinging.

They are made in the USA in federally regulated facilities. The main ingredients include aloe Vera, and eucalyptus for non-irritating, soothing and gentle cleansing. They are safe for dogs and puppies over weeks of age. All you have to do is gently rub the affected area with the pad. Repeat with a clean pad until the ear is free of dirt and debris.


Taking a proactive step is your dog’s grooming routine is essential to preventing future possibilities of ear infections. Similarly, it’s also helpful to identify the different reasons why your pup is getting these infections in the first place. As said earlier, bacteria and fungus can result in irritation, swelling, and odor. However, this can be caused by your dog’s daily activities where their ear canal becomes moist. Whether its swimming, bathing, or grooming, water can get trapped in their ears and cause an infection.

Therefore, keeping their ears dry are essential to preventing ear infections. Here are seven helpful preventatives to keep your dog’s ears healthy:

  1. Consult your vet first
  2. Use dog-safe products
  3. Routinely clean your pup’s ears
  4. Keep your dog dry
  5. Get your dog professionally groomed
  6. Never use Q-tips
  7. Follow up with your vet