A dog’s intelligence is the product of their ancestral abilities. From the wolf to today’s domesticated canine, your pup’s brain has evolved to best suit their survival in a modern environment. To put it simply, your dog is not dumb. Although it is not the only way to practice a dog’s intelligence, an owner can purchase cool and innovative mind games for their pup. The Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy is a creative option that offers 3 games in 1!

Harnessing your dog’s memory and physical abilities, these impressive doggie game toys give a great brain work out. Additionally, they provide new entertainment for Fido! Most use the yummy power of treats to motivate your dog into action. Sliding boards, flipping over tops, or revealing hidden compartments; a dog is instantly rewarded for their scavenging competence. Stimulating Fido’s mind is just as important as their daily exercise. When pup’s get bored, havoc is just around the corner.

The Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy will give you more bang for your buck. It features 3 different games you can play, all in one package! You can expect to pay under $20 for this creative and innovative doggie game. After unearthing background information and product details, we present you with our honest review of the Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy.

Why Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind?

You take care to make sure your pup is happy and healthy. This includes an instilled daily routine and plenty of exercise. While physical exercise is notably obvious, the brain is also a muscle to be worked. Stimulating your dog’s mind should also become part of your daily routine with Fido.

First, a good workout for the brain will reduce boredom. In turn, this can reduce problem behaviors. When a dog is bored, their excess energy turns into barking, digging, aggressive chewing, paw licking, home destruction, and other less-than-optimal behaviors.

Depending on the breed and unique personality, you might have a low, medium, or high energy dog. While high energy dogs are great for outdoor adventuring, they will not do well in a low-key household. Creative brain games are an innovative technique to fulfill their needs.

Furthermore, your can not expect all breeds to have the same level of intelligence. Poodles are known to be smart. Therefore, they may burn through stimulating mind games much faster than a Shih Tzu. Increasing the difficulty will keep such breeds active longer.

Second, stimulating mind games provide an excellent bonding activity for you and your pup. Most mind games require both owner and dog to participate. In essence, you are teaching your pooch a new trick. They will watch you closely to learn the key to success!

Third, a good brain workout becomes increasingly important as a dog age. Just like you complete the daily crossword, doggie mind games keep them active and sharp. Although your pup may be heading towards seniority, that doesn’t mean their brain stops working!

The Product: Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs

We found this specific dog mind game intriguing because it offers 3 games in 1. The Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy is recommended for small and medium sized pups. Physically, it has a blue colored base with a white top rim, plus green hole toppers and spinner. Measuring 12” long x 12” wide x 1.5” high, the toy is meant to sit directly on the floor for Fido to play with. Furthermore, it is extremely light-weight at only 1.9lbs.

The company was very thorough when including game instructions. Instructions for all 3 games are printed directly on the packaging; in English, French, and Spanish languages. Additionally, a caution is projected to the consumer. The company notes that your pup should not play with the smart toy unattended. It is meant for owner and dog to play together.

This game is designed and built for intelligence practice. Consequently, we do not recommend it for chewers or rough-playing dogs. The game bored it quite fragile and can be broken if left unsupervised. Furthermore, the green toppers can be carried away; never to see the light of day again! Make sure you become aware of your pup’s habits before purchasing the Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy.

The three games you can play are called Hide and Seek, Spin-a-Whirl, and Sliding Puzzle. The 3 in 1 idea is unlike any other dog mind game we have seen before! It adds extra value to the product because you are getting more out of your money. Furthermore, if your pup doesn’t enjoy one games, you can simply modify the toy for another! One customer even combined the toy’s pieces to create their own game.

To play Hide and Seek, place your preferred treat in one or multiple holes. Next, cover those holes with a green topper. Your pup will work to uncover the toppers and get his or her treat. To play Spin-a-Whirl, hide your treats in a hole or two and cover them with the flat green wheel. Your dog will find out how to spin the wheel to reveal the treats! To play Sliding Puzzle, first fit in the white centerpiece. Sliding Puzzle mimics the original Hide and Seek game. Your pup will learn how to slide the green toppers from one place to the next, revealing hidden treats!

The three games included in the Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy will engage your pup’s physical and mental abilities. Additionally, their attention will be keenly focused. In essence, this will combat boredom and build problem solving skills. Although treats do not come included, the game’s holes are able to fit pieces of kibble or small treats. Do not expect to fit large treats or whole meals.

By and large, we love that this doggie brain game provides 3 games in 1. This will allow an owner to easily change it up when their pooch gets bored. Perfect for small and medium sized breeds, understand that the game bored can be fragile. With this in mind, attempt to monitor your furbaby’s play with the product. In other words, create a bonding moment through teaching and praising their success!

The Company: Dogit

Dogit carries all sorts of dog products. This includes housing, grooming, transportation, walking, clothing, dishware, toys, and treats. Like many other dog merchandisers, Dogit is simply a brand under the parent company: Hagen. Hagen began in the pet product business back in 1955. Today, their brands cover most domesticated animals you can find in any home.

Extra Tidbits

An Evolutionary Perspective

The domestic canine hails from a long line of predatorial ancestors. These ancestors used problem solving skills as a method of survival. For example, scavenging for food or hunting down prey. Research indicates that our cuddly domestic dogs have lost some of their previous cognitive abilities. By and large, this is due to relying on owners (humans). Wikipedia agrees, noting “…modern domestic dogs seem to use humans to solve some of their problems for them.”

Instead of tracking down their prey, modern domestic pups are confident that an owner will provide food. Therefore, bonding with a human is, in fact, essential to their survival. Knowing this, it becomes our duty to maintain their healthy habits.

A Dog’s Learning Abilities

If you have ever closely and truly observed your pup, you will notice their unique ability to learn. Skilled trainers harness these particular abilities to gain great results from dogs. Chiefly, dogs learn through reinforcement, watching humans, and watching other dogs.

You can expect your dog to have the cognitive ability of a child. Spectacularly, dogs understand human cues and body language. When an owner points or looks in a certain direction, their pup will often figure out the directional meaning. Combined with a command, you will be surprised at how accurately your pup can perform.

In Closing

The brain is an important muscle that also requires daily exercise. Without such stimulation, a dog can become increasingly bored. Consequently, they will find their own methods of killing boredom; barking, digging, chewing, home destruction, and more! Dog brain game toys, like the Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toy for Dogs, provide a unique avenue for brain stimulation.

In particular, the Dogit Mind Games Interactive Smart Toys for Dogs houses 3 games in 1 product. We believe this gives great value for a price under $20. In essence, an owner will be able to easily switch between games to keep their furbaby occupied. In warning, the game is definitely not for pups who like to chew or destroy!

Sitting down with your furbaby and taking the time to play with them is exceedingly beneficial. Doggie brain games allow you to level up and give your pup another fantastic toy. It will be like playing a board game with your pooch! Fido will receive yummy treats for their hard work and you will receive the enjoyment of bonding.