Many dogs struggle with itchy and irritated paws; which is why you may find dog paw chewing. This can be caused by allergens, food allergies, and a variety of other pesky culprits. Fortunately, there are plenty of products at your disposal to keep your dog comfortable and focused on their number one job, having fun! When your dog is struggling with this habit, you may not know where to turn too. Well, look no further! Our all inclusive guide will give you the information you need to identify the cause, and find a healthy solution for your pup. 

We will cover everything you need to know about your pup’s paws and why paw chewing occurs.  From how to detect allergies, to how to prevent your dog from damaging their paws. No matter how familiar you are with this unusual habit, we’re here to help. No need to waste your valuable time scouring the internet trying to find the information, that’s what we’re here for! Even better, we’ll recommend some great products out there to help your pup stray away from this behavior, and all of our top picks are on Amazon; you don’t have to run out to the store for anything. Simply read, click, and get ready to learn all about this habit.  

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When Should I Be Worried?

If your pup engages in occasionally, light licking or chewing of the paws, you probably have nothing to worry about. They could simply be licking off dirt, food, or other things they’ve been running around in outside! Keep in mind however, that during the winter, you should always check your dog’s paws for anti-freeze, as the rock salt can get lodged in your dog’s paws and later ingested. 

What you should be on the lookout for, is sudden and incessant licking or chewing. There are several reasons for this abrupt behavior. A dog suddenly chewing on their paws is not the best sign in the world.

1. infection

If your pooch has an infection, this can cause them to start chewing or licking on their paws. You should be on the lookout for any signs of infection such as swollen paws, blood, a strong odor, or puncture wounds. If your pup has an infection, it’s time to see a vet, as the infection could get worse and lead to life threatening conditions. 

disinfecting spray

Wether or not your dog has any cuts, scratches, or infections, it’s important to disinfect their paws if you’re worried about bacteria. Unlike humans, dogs can’t simply wash their hands after running around outside, that’s what you’re there for! Now, you don’t actually need to wash their paws every time they go outside, but it’s important to go the extra mile if you suspect an infection, or you find any cuts. 

The Curaseb Spray is a great way to prevent and treat your dog’s open sores. This spray combats itch, fungus, bacteria, and works against ringworm, yeast, and psyoderma. No matter what your pooch gets into, this antiseptic spray will be a life savor! How? It contains chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, both are super effective as a disinfectant for your pooch.

We love this formula because it’s safe to use on pets, and it’s also pain-free. That’s right, no stinging involved! Additionally, it has a great smell, and even works for pups with sensitive skin. It contains ingredients such as aloe to sooth the skin rather than irritating it further. 

This spray is made in the USA, and has veterinary strength ingredients. We highly recommend to treat itching and sore spots on your dog caused by cuts, allergens, and other painful nuances. Additionally, if your dog’s paws begin to smell, this is probably due to a fungus that all dogs carry on their paws. This disinfecting spray will work to kill that fungus as well!

2. Something Lodged In Their Paw

If your dog can’t seem to stop chewing at their paws all of a sudden, it may be because they have something lodged between their toes, or something is lodged in their paw. Take a look at their paw and look for anything that may be irritating them; a rock, sand, rock salt, thorns, or dirt. If it’s something sharp, it’s important to get it out before they do any damage to their paw, or accidentally swallow it. 

paw plunger

Washing your dog’s paws after they come inside will not only keep your house clean, but help you remove dirt, rocks, and other irritants from your dog’s paws before any damage is done. If your dog gets an infection in their paw, this can lead to incessant licking, and lead to worse problems down the road.

The Paw Plunger is a great way to remove irritants from your pup’s paws when they come inside.  It will easily clean any mud, dirt, and allergens from your dog’s paws. It’s incredibly easy to use, and will get rid of all of those pesky irritants that get trapped in your dog’s paws while they’re outside. To use it, simply pour water into the plunger up to the top row of bristles. Then all you have to do is dip your dog’s paws in the plunger.

After the original Paw Plunger came onto the market, many other companies perfected and created their own. To check out all the best  paw plunger options, head on over to our article Paw Plunger Tools Every Dog Owner Needs. It will gently clean their paws, removing salt, anti-freeze, rocks, or even sand from your dog’s paws. 

When your pup has built-up dirt and irritants on their paws they will eventually try to lick everything off. This can lead to serious problems if your dog steps in any toxins. The Paw Plunger not only keeping your dog’s paws clean, protects them from harmful chemicals found on the ground.

3. allergies


The most common culprit is allergies. If you don’t see any cuts, or specific sore spots, your dog is probably trying to lick itchy, allergens off of their paws. These can be caused by seasonal allergies, or even food allergies. If the licking seems to occur in cycles throughout the year, you’re probably dealing with seasonal allergies. If not, you may need to try a new diet to avoid food allergies.  

Trying to identify allergies in your pooch? Your first instinct may be to look out for signs of respiratory irritation such as sneezing, watery eyes, or a runny nose. However, seasonal allergies in dogs usually irritate their skin. Most dogs will experience unusual itching in the springtime if they have seasonal allergies. Because your dog walks around on their paws all day long, their paws will suffer the most. Once the pollen and dander buildup under their paws, they’ll resort to chewing and licking at their paws to relieve this uncomfortable sensation.

relieving allergy symptoms

Relieving allergy symptoms in canines tends to be easier than relieving human allergies, because they’re caused by inflammation on the skin, rather than in their respiratory systems. The best way to give your dog relief is by giving them a bath. You can easily wash off all of the allergens from their skin and fur giving them instant relief. We suggest using a soothing shampoo that will help to soothe their red and sore spots as well. 

Additionally, you can resort to giving your dog booties to walk around in while they’re outside. While this won’t protect their fur, it will protect their paws from coming into contact with allergies on the ground. 

Last, but certainly not least, there are allergy supplements that your pooch can take. Just like you or I would pop a Claritin or a Zyrtec on a spring day, you can give your dog canine vitamins designed to keep their allergies at bay. 

Frequent bathing

We highly recommend Pro Pet Works Oatmeal Shampoo for dogs that struggle with allergies. It works to soothe the skin and get rid of all of the irritants on their skin and coat. It also works on flea bites, sensitive skin, and dry skin in the winter. It’s overflowing with nutrients and vitamins that will leave your dog looking and feeling great!

This unique blend of ingredients is completely safe for frequent use. It doesn’t contain any alcohol, animal byproducts, parabens, detergent, sulfates, or soaps. Just a simple blend of aloe vera, oatmeal, almond oils, and vitamins E, A, and D. This shampoo also won’t irritate your dog’s eyes, so they can splash around as much as you let them!

The Pro Pet Works shampoo will eliminate wet dog smell, dry, itchy skin, and irritated skin caused by allergens. This unique blend will also detangle your dog’s coat in the progress. 

We highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner for any dog struggling with dry, itchy skin. After all, what’s better than a clean, happy pooch?


Vet’s Best is a brand that we’ve come to trust over the years. They have a variety of supplements that help keep your dog healthy and happy. Their allergy tablets are a great way to combat the uncomfortable symptoms caused by seasonal allergies. Each tablet helps to support skin health and maintain normal histamine levels. Use these tablets to calm down your pup’s skin and get rid of the itching sensation. The tabs are made in the USA, and contain a variety of safe ingredients that should help to calm down the irritation they feel on their paws during the allergy season.

  • Perilla Extract: Rich in antioxidants that assist your dog in combating environmental pollutants.
  • Quercetin: Antioxidant rich ingredient that helps to restore natural histamine levels for dogs that suffer from season allergies. It also protects from free radical damage.
  • Nettle Extract: Helps to support a healthy immune system by maintaining healthy moisture content on your dog’s skin and fur. 
  • Citrus Bioflabinoid Complex: Contain antioxidants that reduces the negative effects of environmental factors such as pollen. 

We highly recommend this allergy tablet for dogs that suffer from seasonal allergies and aren’t getting enough relief from regular baths. Consult your vet, and you may be on your way to an allergy-free season with your pooch!

Dog Paw Chewing: How to stop licking & biting

Licking is not only a sign of a larger problem, but can lead to lick granulomas. Lick granulomas are basically red sores that develop on your dog’s paws due to excessive licking. These painful sores can make it hard for your dog to walk, and can even lead to infection. Which is why it’s so important to knock the habit before it becomes a larger problem. 

warren london deep cleaning Fizz Tablets

Warren London is a premium dog supplies company that we love. From shampoos, to nail polish, and everything in between; you can trust them to keep your dog squeaky clean and feeling good! 

The Warren London Deep Cleaning Paw Fizz is a great way to kill two birds with one stone; stop excessive licking, and keep your dog’s paws clean. How does it work? This fizz would remind you of a bath bomb. Simply drop it in a tub, and let your dog stand in the water. The unique blend of ingredients will clean, moisturize, and relieve any itching. 

The Warren London Deep Cleaning Fizz Tablets are more than just a ‘fancy’ soap for your pup. The tabs contain tea tree oil, which will fight fungus, bacteria, and even yeast. In fact, we use tea tree oil ourselves as facial cleansers. Needless to say, it’s a great ingredient that you can feel good about using on your pet. 

Not only does this product clean and disinfect, but it makes your dog’s paws and nails look great, too! This product is the closest thing to a spa as you can get, without having to leave the house. It gradually brightens your dog’s nails and moisturizes their paws. Each tablet is infused with natural seaweed extract to ensure your dog’s paws are conditioned and they stay healthy and clean. 

To use, simply drop 1 or 2 warren london paw fizztablets into a bucket of water, or into your bathtub. Then put your pooch in the tub and get them to stay in the tub for about 5 minutes (this is the hard part). 

We highly recommend these tabs for dogs that are constantly licking and biting at their paws. It’ll rinse off and remove all of the allergens from their paws alleviating the urge to itch. 

p.s. for dogs

P.S. For Dogs is a great food for dogs that alleviates the allergy symptoms that are typically responsible for dog licking and biting. So how does it work? It prevents the growth of yeast on your dog’s paws. Yeast growth is one of the main reasons why dogs are consistently driven to bite at their paws. If you’ve ever smelled a frito scent on your dog’s paws, that’s simply yeast buildup. While not cause for immediate alarm, it is irritating or your dog, and should be handled. 

This dog food is hypoallergenic, working to relieve not only the yeast buildup on your dog’s paws, but also work against all forms of allergy irritation. 

P.S. food helps to remove itching, redness, and bumps from your dog’s skin. How? it contains hypoallergenic human-grade ingredients that dogs love. It’s great for dogs on special diets, and those with both seasonal, and food allergies. It’s grain-free, high in protein, and easy to digest. 

Each bag of treats contains only limited human-grade ingredients that are delicious and wholesome. This delicious food is 90% free range grass-fed meat, making it extremely high in protein, delicious, and will help to keep your dog fuller longer. 

We love not only these treats, but this company. It’s a U.S. based small, family-owned company  that truly cares about the ingredients your dog will be eating. In our opinion, they truly get it. 

These treats are available in both Lamb and Turkey Flavor; and are both delicious and hypoallergenic. When you order from Amazon, you can purchase a 2 lb. bag for under $40; well worth the price in our opinion. 

omega paw lick remedy

Omega Paw Solutions’ Paw Lick Remedy is a great cleansing solution that targets the bacteria in your dog’s paws, helping to minimize paw licking and biting. It’s completely safe to use, affordable, and in our opinion, worth a try! If your pooch is constantly licking or biting at their paws, this is a great long-term solution. 

The Paw Solution will wash away any and all irritants on your dog’s paws. This includes allergens and other bacteria. Additionally, it removes odors, and moisturizes their paws for instant relief. No matter what the source of your dog’s dry, uncomfortable paws, this is a great first product to try. 

This solution will have your dog back to their normal self typically within three days. To use the product, mix 1/2 cup of the Omega Paw Solution with 1 1/2 cups of warm water. Soak all four paws in the mixture for about 15 seconds each. Then, simply pat their paws dry. We recommend repeating this process everyday for three days. Additionally, you can continue to wash your paws with the solution once a week to maintain keep your pup’s paws clean and moisturized. 

The Omega Paw Solution is completely safe to use on your dog’s paws. They can lick their paws after application, without any side affects. In fact, there are only a handful of ingredients in this solution; purified water, witch hazel, 1-hexadecylpyridinium chloride, allantoin, hydrogen borate, lavender oil, vitamin E. Many of these ingredients are also found in human skin-care products, so you know they’re safe!