For some reason dogs find cat poop to be the best snack they have ever had. In fact, they will knock over and spill everything in a room just to find it! To help dogs cleanse their palate and keep the cat’s room safe, the Door Buddy company has created the Door Strap. This product will keep out the snackers while allowing your cat to come and go.

     To learn more about the product and see if it is right for you, we have gone into depth about the company and the product itself. We have even included information on an additional product that may help your strap work even better. At the end of this article, if you do find yourself a fan of the Door Strap, we have also provided links that will take you right to the product on Amazon.



     The first step toward the Door Buddy Door Strap was back in June, 2014. One night a mother was shocked to find that her little girl pup had knocked over the cat’s bowls and was headed toward the litter box. The idea of her little girl eating cat poop was too awful to imagine so she knew she needed to quickly find a way to keep her out of the laundry room.

     After conducting a lot of research by speaking to friends, looking in stores, scavenging online; they were let down. There were little to no options available! In the end, they had to purchase a baby gate because it was the only thing that might help their situation. However, instead, it did just the opposite. The little girl was still able to get in, it was difficult for adults to enter the room, and the cat did not want to jump over it.

For Children and Dogs

     With so many problems, the Johnson family decided to brainstorm a new option. After throwing around some ideas they finally came up with the Door Strap. In October of 2015 they formed Ultaca LLC and brought the USA based product to the market.

     As people started to use their product the family found out something quite interesting. Not only do people have kids that sneak into the cat’s room but also dogs. Thankfully, this product is able to be used to keep both out the litter box.

Giving Back

     Although, the companies practice of giving back did not stop there. To help even more animals and people they partnered with Pet Partners, which is based in Washington. This organization uses interaction with animals as a type of therapy for people in need. Some people that they help are veterans with PTSD and children with disabilities.


     If you own both an adorable pup and a cute kitty, then you can instantly relate to the situation. Dogs always love to get into things, especially when those things involve their furry sibling. Here are a few reasons why you may benefit from using Door Buddy in your home:

     Minimize the Mess. When a dog finds the cat’s belongings their first instinct is to sniff and explore everything. In turn, this can lead to bowls overturned or litter thrown everywhere. To keep the room clean (and save yourself from grabbing the broom) you can use the Door Buddy Door Strap to stop their explorations.

     Save Money. As your dog overturns everything in the room, they may discover and even chow down on the cat’s food, treats, and toys. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to head back to the store and purchase all new stuff just for your dog to do it again. By using the strap you will be able to save the cats things and also save your money.

     Stop Fido from Eating Poo. The last thing you want your dog to eat is the cat poop found inside the litter box. Especially, when your dog loves to give kisses to you and your guest! Your dog might even roll in it as well, which means another trip to the bathtub. Keep the poop inside the litter box by keeping your dog out of the room.

     Easy Install. A huge reason why this product is right for you is because of how simple it is to install and use. Pet and baby gates can get annoying and no one wants to ruin a door by cutting a hole into it. With this strap, all you have to do is stick it to the door and the frame.

Does it Work?

     According to the company their strap has worked for multiple customers with dogs who weigh from 12 to 120 pounds. If your dog happens to be in this weight class then it may work for you as well. Although, the company does state the product may not work for people who have dogs that are smaller than their cats. Similarly, dogs who are aggressive may tear through the strap.



     The main purpose of this product is to keep your dog out of the room while still allowing your cat to come and go as they please. To do this the strap holds the door open just wide enough for the cats to enter. Since the opening is on the smaller side the dogs will not be able to squeeze through keeping them away from the litter box.

How to Install

     To install this strap you first need to clean the surface you will be attaching it to completely. Then all you have to do is peel off the covering and stick the ends to the door and the door frame. However, something the company does recommend that you do is plan out where you will be sticking the ends. This is because where you stick them determines how far you can keep the door open.

     These ends stay attached because of 3M VHB adhesive tape. The company recommends letting the tape cure for around 24 to 72 hours for it to be at full strength. If for some reason it does come off the company includes two extra adhesive tapes with each strap. Since you just need to use your hands to install there is no need to purchase or use expensive and dangerous tools.

     Taking off the door strap off is just as easy as installing it. The most important step you have to do is heat up the adhesives with a hairdryer. This will make the glue soft again so you can twist the end piece off and then remove the rest of the adhesive off the door and its frame.

Door Entry with the Strap

     All cats are not the same size. To make sure that your cat can easily squeeze through, the strap is adjustable. The company suggests trying to create an opening that is between 2 and 6 inches. Also, just because the Door Strap keeps your dog out doesn’t mean a human can not get through. To enter the room all you have to do is unlock a latch and you will be able to easily open the door.

Versatile Strap

     When it comes to figuring out if you have the right door for this product, there is no need to question. This strap can be used on a variety of doors like double, pocket, and bi-fold. If you do find yourself a little bit worried about the straps strength on your door you can make the device even stronger by installing it on the back of the door.

     To make the strap fit in with your homes or your own aesthetic it is offered in two different designs. The first is a grey chevron while the second is a caramel lattice. Not only does it do its job but it also looks nice doing it.

Additional Product: FINGER PINCH GUARD


     An additional product offered by the Door Buddy company is their Finger Pinch Guard. This product was made to prevent doors from slamming shut and pinching small children’s fingers. Although, something it also works for is blocking the cat from locking themselves inside of the room.

Product Details

     The guard itself is made from EVA foam which makes it able to fit around any door no matter the size. Also, since the foam tightly wraps around the door it will not fall off and become a new chew toy. To install the guard all you have to do is place it on the outer side of the door that swings open and close.  

     With this foam, you now have a cushion between the door and the frame that stops it from being fully closed. You will no longer have to worry about your cat accidentally closing the door or even a breeze pushing it closed. No longer will you be searching for Mr. Whiskers or waking up to him meowing in the middle of the night!

     Since the color of the guard is white it will not stand out and will easily fit in with any aesthetic you may have. If you are interested in adding this product with your Door Buddy Door Strap Amazon actually offers a package that includes one of each. Not only that but they also offer extra adhesives if you may need them in the future.