When you think of hemp, you probably think of products that provide us with healing properties, such as anxiety relief or inflamed skin relief.  However, Earthdog not only provides dogs with healing products but also collars, leashes, and other wearable items all made from quality hemp material! These products are comfy, eco-friendly, and handmade right here in the USA. The collars and leashes have unique designs that are durable and are also inspired by 16 of their adorable rescue dogs. They are all rescues from various walks of life and misfortunes that have found their way to the Earthdog people. You can find the dogs names on the collar patterns and their images throughout their line!

They offer various products such as wear, walk, sleep and travel, healing, and items for pet owners! Plus, 10% of their profits go toward spay and neuter programs to help reduce the homelessness of dogs around the world. Purchasing hemp products is a great way to promote a more sustainable world. Hemp products can also be recycled, reused, and are 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, dogs love the comfort of the material that is form fitting and durable so you and your pup can enjoy the adventures ahead!

Coming soon, we will give you an in-depth review of the Earthdog Hemp Products. From all of the items they offer you and your dog to the benefits they offer the environment! If you’re a pet owner who is environmentally aware and want products that reduce your carbon footprint, Earth Dog is a great choice for you! Not only will you feel great about purchasing eco-friendly products, but your dog will also love all of the hemp items including collars, leashes, and more! Check back soon to read our review of Earthdog Hemp Products! Your dog and the environment will thank you! Click the link below to check out the Earthdog Hemp Martingale Dog Collar!