You love your pup, but you also care about the environment. Most pet owners do not realize the impact on the environment and wildlife we have with owning a pet. How you feed them, the toys you buy, and how you clean up after them may have a huge impact. Pets can negatively affect the environment, but unlike humans, these animals rely on people to make eco-friendly choices for them.

First of all, being eco-friendly is becoming more and more important for our planet. It goes way further than just turning off lights when you leave a room or recycling garbage. It’s about your lifestyle and changing how you live. Most people think being green will cost them more money when in reality, these small lifestyle changes can often save you money. Give the planet a helping hand by making simple changes one step at a time.

Why it’s Important to Be Environmentally Aware

Eco-Friendly living helps preserve the earth and the lives existing on it. We have a responsibility to keep our planet safe and protecting the environment. In order to understand why it’s better to be eco-friendly, we need to discuss the major environmental problems.

Exploitation of Natural Resources

This could be cutting down trees or limiting supplies. A lot of cities do not have water that is fit for drinking because of toxic materials and waste that are put into pure water. This not only affects the ability to drink fresh water but also hurts the marine life.


Erosion can cause a lot of damage to our planet and the environment. Over development of land construction or housing purposes are just some reasons it can occur.


Lastly, is pollution. This is a very common problem, which people are all aware of.  Some causes of pollution include smoke from cars, factories, and industries. Water, air, and land pollution are the three types and we are sadly the victim of all three of these. In order to save our planet, we need to promote self-sustainability and self-sufficiency. Earth will only get worse with each day passing if we do not choose to live a greener and healthier life.

This is where eco-friendly products can benefit our environment not only for us but for the animals living on our planet too. Products such as fuel-less generators, eco-friendly air conditioners, or solar power generators will be more efficient and effective.

Benefits of Being Green

Healthier lifestyle

Eco-friendly products can benefit your health in many ways. Products that are organic are not made of any toxic or harmful materials. Whether it is for your pet or yourself, you are guaranteed a healthier outcome. Also, without harmful gases going into the air, humans and animals will have clean air to breathe that won’t negatively affect their bodies. Going eco-friendly improves your quality of life in terms of age and diseases.


This is the main reason of going green. The Earth is corrupted with pollution and toxic materials, so making a more sustainable lifestyle will benefit all lives on our planet.

Low Cost

Purchasing eco-friendly products will cost you less than normal products. By doing so, you will be spending your money more efficiently and better the Earth for generations to come.

Tips on Becoming an Eco-Friendly Pet Owner

1. Switch to Natural Grooming- Organic shampoos and soaps are made from natural materials that will benefit your pet’s overall health, and is safer for the environment! A lot of commercial grooming products are made with harsh chemicals and are toxic. These chemicals can easily make their way into the environment when poured down drains.

2. Shop Responsibly- Make sure to buy eco-friendly toys, treats, and supplies. This can be products made from recyclable, renewable, or sustainable materials. Not only will this benefit our planet, but they are better for your pet’s health.

3. Clean with Natural Solutions- A lot of cleaning supplies are filled with toxic chemicals that you end up spraying throughout your home. Instead, use natural or homemade solutions to keep your home clean and healthy.

4. Ditch the Paper Towels- Using towels or rags to clean up after you pet will reduce waste in landfills. Consider using reusable personal hand towels that are machine-washable.

5. Pick Up Waste with Biodegradable Bags- Picking up your dog’s waste is not just so you don’t step on it. Dog feces can contaminate bodies of water or cause animals to get sick from the bacteria. That is why pet owners should use biodegradable bags so they do not fill up landfills quickly.

What are Eco-Friendly Products?

Plastic pollution is a widespread problem that is harming our environment rapidly. Only 27% of plastic bottles are being recycled. This means that the other 73% is sitting in landfills where it can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. Not only is this affecting our landfills, but it is also harming seabirds and marine animals. One million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die each year from plastic pollution in our oceans. The toxic materials affect us humans as well. A study by the U.S. Centre’s for Disease Control showed about 93% of people tested positive for BPA, which is a harmful chemical found in plastic products.

Additionally, eco-friendly products will help to eliminate plastic pollution and will help you make a positive impact on our environment and planet. Such products include having eco-friendly packaging, are compostable or recyclable, biodegradable, have no harmful plastics, and are sustainable.

Eco-Friendly Materials to Look For:

Bamboo-Alternative material that is strong and natural. It can be used for many products around the house for you and your companion.

Hemp-This plant is fast growing, renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. Even better, its hypoallergenic and can be used for any pet. It’s a useful resource that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

Organic Cotton- Conventional cotton is made and produced with tons of chemicals that can harm pets and people’s health and the environment. Organic cotton is manufactured with safe and natural options that are beneficial for health and our planet.

Jute- These fibers are one of the most natural eco-friendly materials in the world. It is highly durable and inexpensive. Jute also has a lot of environmental benefits including less pesticides to grow, absorbs high levels of carbon dioxide, and is both recyclable and biodegradable.

Recycled Cardboard- 40% of all waste is paper waste. Recycling cardboard is an effective way to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. This can also help reduce the number of trees used for paper manufacturing. Reusing cardboard materials will create less waste and will cost you less money!

6 Eco-Friendly Products for Your Pup

1. AtEase Accents Natural Bamboo Brush

This doggie brush is the number 1 eco-friendly pet grooming brush! It has a unique design that is made from high quality bamboo that is also sustainable. This brush is durable, safe, and easy that is also comfortable to use. It has soft bristles that stimulates your pets blood flow which promotes their natural oils for a shiny coat. This is a natural way to detangle and brush large or small, short or long-haired dogs. It is also suitable for kittens, puppies, and cats.  

2. See Spot Go Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Poop Bags

Pet owners can now pick up their dog’s waste without harming the environment. These waste bags are made with eco-friendly material from corn starch, polymers, and recycled paper. They are built to be strong and durable to hold your dog’s waste. They are leak proof, tear proof, and break proof. Each bag comes in a set of 8 rolls, which contain 15 bags for a total of 120 bags. Additionally, the high-quality material seals the odor making them the best solution to cleaning up and carrying.

3. Bodhi Dog Organic Paw Balm

Protect your pup’s paws with the Bodhi Dog Organic Paw Balm. This product soothes and moisturizes dry and rough paws that can be uncomfortable to your pet. It provides instant relief and quickly restores your dog’s paws. It’s made with natural, non-toxic ingredients that are great for sensitive or allergy prone skin. Some of these ingredients include organic shea butter, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, beeswax, and candula extract.

4. Friends Forever Natural Dog Shampoo

This organic coconut-based shampoo is great for dogs with sensitive skin and coat. It’s all natural and hypoallergenic that will naturally cleanse your dog. It has a light green apple scent with chamomile extract that will remove odor and will put your dog into relaxation. This shampoo is formulated with botanical extracts and essential oils that are safe and will prevent your pet from having dry itchy skin. These antibacterial ingredients include tea tree oil, lavender, and flax seed oil.

5. Life Miracle Natural Pet Cleaner

Chemicals found in household cleaning solutions can be very harmful to people and pets. All of these toxic cleaners end up in the eyes, skin, blood, and other organs of the body. That is why Life Miracle Natural Pet Cleaner will benefit you and your pet’s lives. It is an all-natural enzyme cleaner with no harmful toxic chemicals. It easily removes pet’s stains and smells from all surfaces. Within minutes, you will see the stain disappearing with no odor!