Allowing your dog to enjoy the outdoors without getting into trouble or danger is important. As a dog parent, you definitely want your pup to head outside without constant supervision. Not only is that tiresome for you, but your dog needs a little independence. Whether you’re moving into a new home or adopting your very first pup, the idea of how to keep them safe in your yard is one of the very first thoughts. You may find that an electric fence is best suited for your lifestyle, but they can get pretty darn expensive! This is why we dug through products and customer reviews to bring you our picks for electric dog fences under $100.

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Why Use an Electric Fence?

      The idea of shocking your dog may make you feel uncomfortable about using an electric fence. However, before turning away from them completely, let us explain a few benefits that they provide. Each fence is different and has different qualities that you may find works great for you and your dog.

      Just like a regular dog fence, an electric dog fence makes sure that your darling stays in one area. It’s a simple matter of safety for your dog. Instead of interrupting your busy schedule to constantly monitor them outside, an electric dog fence will set a boundary. This will save you a lot of fear and worry because you will no longer have to spend hours searching for them when they run off to chase a squirrel.

     Not only will an electric dog fence keep them close but it will keep them from getting injured. While they are running around you never know what they could get into! For example, they could come into contact with a dangerous animal, run into the busy road, or they could even fall while they are running. While running they are not being as careful with their surroundings. With a dog fence, you will be able to send them outside feeling comfortable that they are safe.  

Electric Vs. Standard Dog Fence

     With a regular fence, your pooch may feel enclosed because it is so high and will block their sight. In fact, this could give them anxiety and even make them bark when they hear noises coming from over the fence. The stress of it could even cause some dogs to damage the fence or dig holes trying to escape.

     However, when it comes to an electric fence, it is a completely different feeling for them. There is nothing blocking their sight so they feel safer knowing what is going on around them. Instead of giving them stress or anxiety this will allow them to run around and play freely in an open yard.

Top Electric Dog Fences Under $100

Patriot Electric Dog Fence

What It Includes

     For around $50 you will receive 3 items from Patriot to help you get your electric fence started. These 3 items are the Patriot Electric Fence Charger, aluminum wire, and their Quick Tip Guide. According to the company, these items will be the perfect way to keep your pets in and also keep small, unwanted animals out. For example, it will keep out that small animal who keeps digging in your garden. However, you can expect this particular fence to remain above ground.

PE5 version shown above

How it Works

     The Electric Fence charger gets its power by being plugged into a 110-volt plug. The farthest distance the field can reach is 2 miles. The PE2 version we chose is specifically designed for small acreage. For your pup, this is all you will need. When the charger is on and working, an LED light will light up on the front. This will make sure you are not playing a guessing game with electricity.

     With the charger, you also receive an aluminum wire that was made right here in the United States. This wire is 17 gauge and measures 250 feet long. A great aspect of this wire is that it will not rust. It will stay strong and working.

     Unfortunately, with this order, you will not be receiving any ground rods and you will have to purchase them separately on your own. The company has put recommendations for the ground rods in their user manual. Take a look at their advice before doing your shopping. One detail they do stress is to make sure that the rods you  buy are no less than 6’6 inches long.

     Other details that they stress is that the ground system should be 33 inches or more from electric and telephone poles. If it is too close they could cause issues with interference. They also suggest putting the ground system in a wetter area because wet soil works with electricity better than dry.

Main Benefits

  1. low cost
  2. user manual available
  3. designed for dogs, but will also keep small wildlife from yard or garden
  4. easy to install

Dr. Tiger Electric Dog Fence

What it Includes

     At a price of about $70, you will be receiving different elements from Dr. Tiger to make an electric fence that fits your personal needs. To allow you to make a perimeter you will get a wire that is 328 feet long and 20 gauge thick. You can attach this wire to a fence you already have or even put it underground.

     You will also receive two collars. Since they are waterproof and can be recharged, you will not have to worry about replacing them often. These collars are also adjustable and can be used on dogs that weigh between 10 and 120 pounds. If after a bit of training you no longer want to shock your dog all you have to do is put on plastic covers that are included.

How it Works

      The electric fence signal comes from the transmitter and is sent into the wire. Then a collar that you will put on your dog will pick up this signal if they get too close and notify them to turn around with beeps and shocks. To decide how powerful the shocks are, you just have to push the plus or minus button on the transmitter.

      If you find your boundary being too big for the wire you have you can always add more wire to complete the loop. One thing you do have to be careful about is how much you twist this wire to create the boundary. If you twist the wire more than 10 times in a distance of 1 foot then you may be stopping the signal.

      Since the wire is 20 gauge thick it will have a steady signal. This means that your dog will always be shocked if they get too close. To prevent unnecessary shocking during training you can use that flags that are included to make sure you remember the exact location of the boundary.

Main Benefits

  1. low cost
  2. above or below ground capability
  3. reliable signal
  4. customize collar shock strength
  5. rechargeable

Free-Spirit In Ground Electric Dog Fence

What it Includes

     Ordering this kit from Free Spirit for under $100 means you will receive everything needed to create a reliable electric dog fence. It covers 1/3 of an acre and is suited for 1 dog. However, if you would like to cover a larger area and hold more dogs, you would need to purchase more kits and add on to the original.

     Gadget elements included are:

  1. 500ft boundary wire
  2. 20 boundary markers
  3. mounting hardware
  4. pre-installed short contact points
  5. long contact points
  6. tool for testing
  7. transmitter power adapter
  8. collar charger

How it Works

      The collar that comes with this fence includes 3 different warnings. When your dog first comes close to the wire it will vibrate and play a sound to warn them. Then if your dog moves even closer the collar will then shock them. There is a total of 5 different levels of shock so you will be able to choose what is right for you and your dog.

     Since many dogs like to be outside no matter the elements the company made the collars waterproof. It is also rechargeable, which will make your life a heck of a lot easier. This means you can always keep it ready to go and not worry about having to buy hundreds of batteries.

     Adding to the great qualities of this collar, it is also adjustable. After adjusting, it will be able to fit any dog that has between a neck size between 6 to 26 inches. With this detail, it allows all dogs no matter their size to enjoy their yard. Though one thing that the company does stress is that collar should only be used on dogs that are more than 5 pounds.

     To make sure that the collar works when adjusting it make sure that the contact points are against their skin. If it is too loose they will not be able to feel the shock and will run off. According to the company, you should not keep the collar on them for over 12 hours each day because it can become uncomfortable or irritate their skin.

Main Benefits

  1. includes everything you need for one dog
  2. adjustable collar
  3. rechargeable
  4. 5 levels
  5. in-ground

Cevene Underground Electric Dog Fence

What it Includes

     The CEVENE underground electric dog fence will cost you about $100. You will receive 10 different items, each suitable for maintaining one dog. However, the most important things included  is the copper wire, the transmitter, and the collar receiver.  

      The product has a 20 gauge wire that runs 650 feet long. With this copper wire, you will be able to cover all the way up to ¾ of an acre of land. Sometimes you may want to expand or minimize the area your dog is allowed. That is why this company made it so you can change the space just by moving the signal between 1 and 10 on a scale.

How it Works

      As your dog approaches the boundary you have set the collar will beep and shock your dog. However, instead of just one stable shock the closer they get to the boundary the stronger the shock will become. There is also a quality called “Speed Detection” that ranges the strength of the shock with how fast your dog is running toward the line.

     The collar is completely rechargeable and waterproof so you will not have to worry about it being damaged or dying frequently. According to the company, these collars are made specifically for dogs that weigh between 12 and 135 pounds that have a neck ranging from 8 to 27 inches.

     Another great quality this electric fence has is a warning that will show up on the transmitter if a wire broke. Although, one important aspect the company wants you to remember about the wires is that they do not create the boundary. Instead, the signal created by the wires and the strength you have it set on does. The company also stresses to not use the collar for more than 12 hours and to train them for around 3 weeks before fully using it.

Main Benefits

  1. in-ground
  2. rechargeable
  3. all items included for one dog
  4. “Speed Detection”
  5. will warn when a wire is broken