When choosing a dog collar, there’s more to it than picking a fun pattern or cute design. Collars should always fit your dog’s neck correctly to keep your pet safe and secure. This may seem like an obvious thing but believe it or not, a lot of dogs don’t have the right sized collar. An ill-fitting collar means your pet could slip out and run away or possibly even get caught on something and choke. Many pet owners prefer buckle collars for their dogs, which can easily release for emergency situations.

However, you want to make sure the buckle on your dog’s collar is safe. We’ve all seen those collars with cheap plastic buckles that break way to easily, so obviously you want to avoid those! In this article, we will discuss why you should consider a quick release buckle collar, the different options, tips on safety precautions, and our favorite quick release collars!

Reasons to Consider a Quick-Release Buckle Dog Collar

1. The buckle is designed for safety and durability.

The plastic quick release buckles on the collars are designed to handle high impact and remain durable and secure. These are great for dogs who are strong pullers during walks because you won’t have to worry about it breaking off and your dog running away. Plus, buckles are tough enough to last through all weather conditions, even harsh winters!

2. Additional safety for dog parks and play dates.

Emergency situations can happen at any minute, so the best thing is to be prepared! A major concern of dog collars are them getting caught on something or getting tangled during play with another dog. That’s why you need to be able to quickly release your dog’s collar so prevent injuries. For example, if you take your dog to the dog park and they get caught on another dogs collar you can immediately release their collar before it gets serious. With a quick release buckle, you will be able to quickly and conveniently remove your pup’s collar in most emergency situations.

3. Engraving on the buckle instead of a noisy tag.

All dogs need an ID somewhere on their collar. Dog tags can be quite noisy, which can get a little annoying! With a buckle collar, you can get your dog’s name and your contact information engraved right onto it. That way you don’t have to listen to the dog tag and you won’t have to worry about your dog’s ID tag falling off and getting lost.

4. The collars come in different styles – martingales, reflective collars, etc.

Buckle collars are becoming more and more popular considering all of the benefits for both the dog and the owner. A lot of companies are now selling varieties of buckle collars in several styles. From fun patterns to safety reflective collars, your pup will be stylish and safe.

Dog Collar Safety Tips

When choosing a collar, consider the following safety precautions:
  • Type of Collar: Think about your pets’ size, lifestyle, and strength when purchasing a new collar. The traditional collar that goes around the neck is the most popular but if you have a strong dog that pulls, a martingale style might be a better choice.
  • Fit: When fitting your pet for a collar, you should only be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your pets’ neck. If it is too tight, your pet could choke or strangle themselves when pulling against it. If it’s too loose, your pet could easily slip out and run away.   
  • Collar Size: Different collar companies have different measurements for each size. So, it’s best to measure around your pets’ neck with a tape measure. When doing so, make sure to add two inches for the amount needed to get two fingers underneath. 
  • Selecting a Leash: You may think purchasing a leash is the easiest part. However, each leash has different qualities for different activities. Keeping several varieties of leashes gives you options for every activity:
    • Standard Leash: A six-foot leash is the most common leash for everyday use. It keeps your dog close to you on walks and prevents them from going too far or running after people or other dogs.
    • Retractable: This type of leash is a good option for owners who want to give their dog more room to roam. A retractable leash allows you to keep your pet close and let them have more freedom to explore.
    • Reflective: All dogs should have some sort of reflective material on them when going on walks. It’s a great way to keep your dog safe. For example, when cars pass by, their headlights will bounce off the reflective material so drivers can see you and your dog.

Top 5 Emergency Release Dog Collars

1. Blueberry Pet Collars

While there are certainly luxury dog collars out on the market, many dog owners just want something that will keep their dog safe and secure without breaking the bank. The Blueberry Pet Collars features a classic design and is adjustable so you can customize the fit for your pup’s neck. It’s made from lightweight nylon, which is durable and budget friendly! The clips and plastic parts are made from eco-friendly plastic and the D-ring is a chrome-plated metal for extra durability. Unlike other collars, this one won’t stretch so your dog can’t get loose or get their mouth around it to chew.

This collar may not have all the bells and whistles as other collars, but its simplicity attracts many dog owners due to its durability and long-lasting material. With over 850 reviews on Amazon, most of them are positive.


  • Made from nylon with extra webbing for durability
  • Clips made from eco-friendly plastic
  • Available in 4 sizes and 12 colors
  • Metal D-ring is chrome-plated
  • Adjustable sizing


  • May not accommodate dogs with necks larger than 26 inches
  • Color may fade over time
  • Sizing may run large 
2. Illumiseen LED Dog Collar 

This is a dog collar you will especially want your dog to wear for early morning or night time walks or in any other low light conditions. Along the entire length of the Illumiseen is a flexible strip of LED light that will increase your dog’s visibility in the dark. This is a great choice of collar if you run or walk near roads, so cars driving by can see the reflective strip of your dog and be alerted of your presence even from a distance. This not only will keep your dog safe but also you!

Additionally, if your dog gets loose, locating them will be a lot easier, especially in the dark. Nothing would be worse than losing your pup at night and not being able to see a thing! That’s why this collar is a great option. The LED light lasts 5 hours upon full charge, which usually takes about an hour. The collar also has three different light modes: slow flashing, rapid flashing, and a steady beam.


  • Steady, durable, and water resistant
  • 6 LED light color options and 6 collar sizes
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 1-click toggling for light modes
  • 3 LED light modes: steady, rapid, slow


  • Some owners may forget to charge the collar or don’t like that it only lasts 5 hours
3. PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Snap Buckle

The PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar has a very simple design with a quick buckle for emergency releases. It is only composed with 3 different materials: metal D-ring and loops, sturdy plastic buckle, and heavy-duty nylon brand that comes in 3 different widths. The collar was designed with a quick snap buckle, which allows for one-handed closure and opening.

Best of all, it’s made with very strong and durable materials. It may not have the luxurious look and feel like other collars, but it will keep your pet safe and secure. Plus, it’s cheaper than most dog collars, so you can save a couple bucks while protecting your pup!


  • Secure martingale loop
  • Easy on and off quick release buckle
  • Durable and high quality nylon webbing
  • 6 colors options and 5 collar sizes


  • Sizing may be off, so you should select a size smaller than you normally would
4. Friends Forever Patterned Dog Collar

The Patterned Collar by Friends Forever is the best choice if you want a collar that already comes with a matching leash! The sizes range from a small 14-inch collar to a large 20-inch collar, which are great for medium to large breed dogs. The bands are made of two layers and include a polyester webbing for durability and a printed layer to give your pup some style!

You can choose from four different patterns: tribal teal, geometric gray, tribal orange, and geometric pink. Not only are these fashionable but they are also durable even for large dogs.


  • Durable yet comfortable and soft for dogs
  • Additional layer of durable material
  • 4 patterns to choose from
  • Heavy-duty chrome-finished
  • D ring


  • Some owners have said it readjusts too easily so they have to tighten it every now and then
5. Country Brook Petz Premium Nylon Dog Collar

Second, The Country Brook Pets Premium Nylon Dog Collar is made from soft nylon that will conform to the shape of your dog’s neck for the best comfort! The hardware is aluminum and stainless steel for more durability and security. The collar won’t break or fray easily and the colorful designs are made with colorfast dye, which means it won’t run onto your dog’s fur when it gets wet.

Furthermore, they are available in several different sizes and comes in 20 colors. What makes these collars great is that they are suitable for both male and female dogs and you can choose a color to match your favorite leash or a color that complements your dog’s natural color!


  • Adjustable collar for a great fit
  • Available in many different colors
  • Rust-resistant aluminum and steel hardware
  • Collar is made of soft nylon


  • Customers have said it’s not great for large, strong breeds.