Every generation of dog moms will stop at nothing to keep their furbaby happy and healthy. After all, your pup is an important part of your family! Furthermore, going above and beyond to spoil them is fun and exciting! In fact, the Millennial generation is acquiring a reputation for incorporating their pups into the family like never before. From doggie wine to furbaby selfies, the millennial dog is pampered from paw to ears!

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Pamper Your Millennial Dog

Every dog has a different personality. A cute ensemble may be fun for a little chihuahua (because it keeps them warm), but it may seem more like a punishment to your border collie. It’s important not to sacrifice your dog’s comfort just to snap a cute picture or to make your dog look stylish. You need to keep in mind how practical, comfortable, and safe all of the products and accessories you purchase for your pooch really are. That bedazzled collar may look cute, but if the jewels come off, this poses a choking hazard. 

Fortunately, we’re here to help you make smart (and chic) buying choices for your dog. All of our picks are not only adorable, but safe and practical as well. The last thing any pup parent wants is to blow their paycheck on accessories that their dog absolutely hates. That’s why we test the products, and our dogs try them out, too! We’ll make sure to get their opinions, and give you a good idea of how your pooch will react. From toys, to treats, and even furniture and accessories – your dog is in good hands. Be sure to consult your pooch on their favorites, and you’ll be on your way to spoiling your pooch! 

Emoji Squeaker Toys

Bring your favorite phone emojis to life with ZippyPaw’s Squeakie Emojiz Plush Dog Toy! Each toy measures 7″ in length, so make sure they will be the right fit for your pup before purchasing.

We love the innovative and creative designs that ZippyPaw’s presents in their Squeakie Emojiz Plush Dog Toy line. In particular, you can choose from: angry face, heart eyes, pile ‘poo, pizza slice, speak no evil monkey, and tongue out. Each emoji will allow your unique pup to emote their budding emotions!

We recommend this plush toy to dogs who are more gentle with their toys. Destroying pups may rip through the material and pull out the squeaker. On the whole, customers are very satisfied with the product and we believe you will be too! Additionally, we see these emojis as the perfect prop for your next selfie session!

Dog Wine

Ever come home after a long day and just want to have a nice glass of wine, but don’t want to drink alone? Now you can unwind with your canine friends! After all, if you’re drinking with your fur baby, you’re not really drinking alone. Pet Winery has an assortment of non-alcoholic bottles made for dogs with classy tastes. From champagne, to beer, to wine, and even doggie tea! Anything you drink, they can now enjoy with you. 

Of course all of these products are non-alcoholic and contain only ingredients that are safe for dogs. You can put some in their food bowl to make their food taste better, or even add some yummy flavor to their water bowl. Your days of drinking alone are over! Even the pickiest pups enjoy the taste of these high-class beverages. 

All of the various flavors are completely safe for dogs, and simply provide a yummy treat for them. They’re great for dog birthdays, or even your birthday. You can now celebrate any occasion with your pooch. Most of the flavors contain ingredients such as organic salmon oil, and organic flavoring extract. Your dog will feel like a human, and all they’ll love the taste! Check out the various bottles available on Amazon, your dog will thank you. 

Dog Crate Cover

Most fur moms and dads have crates in their houses. Not only do they give your dog a safe place to go when you’re not home, but they also serve as time-out areas, and cozy sleep quarters. While crates can be an eyesore for your house, they don’t have to be! With the Precision Pet Crate Cover, your crate can be a statement piece in your living room or den! They’re available in a variety of fun colors, and you can even purchase matching dog beds to complete the look.

Crate covers don’t just serve as a cute fashion piece, they’re also good for your dog. Dog covers help to keep your dog from getting overwhelmed with what’s going on outside of their crate. They also create a dark and “safe” place for them to cuddle up when they want to be alone or take a quiet nap. 

The Precision Pet cover is our all-time favorite. It’s made with soft faux suede material that’s lightweight and eye-catching. The cover will cover most crate sizes, the dimensions are 24 x 19 x 18 inches. It will cover the top, sides, and back of the crate, leaving the front of the crate open for your pooch. It’s easy to wash, classy, and in our opinion, it’s a no-brainer! Check out the various colors on Amazon, and you’ll never have to worry about hiding your crate away again. 

Personalized Dog Bed

What better way to show your millennial dog you love them than with a personalized dog bed made just for them! If you’re like us, you love personalized accessories, especially when they’re for your fur baby. This custom pillow bed will give your dog a chic and comfortable place to relax after a long day of snacking and napping. 

RNK Shops is a fun hand-made shop that sells their fun products on Amazon. When you order, you’ll get to work with a designer from RNK that will make sure your pooch gets the perfect bed. Within the hour, you’ll get a link to design your product; that’s right, you get to design the perfect bed for Fido! You can pick from a variety of fun patterns, colors, and of course, each bed is handmade with your dog’s name on it. 

The beds are actually very soft, and even easy to clean! When it gets too dirty, simply unzip it, take out the insert, and throw it in the washing machine. If for some reason your pooch doesn’t like the padding inside, you can always purchase different inserts to make it the perfect consistency for them. 

The top of the bed is made from a soft velveteen material, and the bottom has a polyester canvas material. Each bed is handmade, durable, and of course, will be made to your liking. Check out this adorable bed on Amazon, and get started with the design process!

Personalized Dog Mat

Our next pick is another great handmade product from RNK. These great personalized rubber mats give your pooch the perfect stylish placemat for mealtimes. Each mat is 19″ x 13″ and has a rubber backing. As you can see from the picture, they’re also made in a fun bone shape for our pooch.

Don’t like the pattern pictured? No problem! When you order from Amazon, RNK will send you a link to design your food mat! You can choose from a variety of fun colors, patterns, and of course, your mat will be personalized with your dog’s name on it.  

If you’re looking for a handcrafted mat with a personal touch to treat your pup to, you’ve found the perfect product! RNK Shops hand makes each product to fit your design specifications. In our opinion, this product is well-worth the price (under $20!).

End Table Crate

 End table crates are another way to avoid having an ugly dog crate in the middle of your living room. The Casual Home Pet Crate is a great size for small to larger sized dogs. There are two sizes, and two colors available for the crates, depending on your dog’s needs. The smaller crate is 24″ wide, designed for dogs up to 20″ long, and 14″ tall. The larger crate is 27″ wide, ideal for dogs 38″ long and 29″ tall.

The Causal Home end table is superior to a lot of the end tables we’ve seen. It has great ventilation because of all of the slots, this also makes it easy for your dog to feel like part of the group when they’re in the crate. It has a secure latch on the front if you do want to make sure your pup stays in one place. It’s also made of solid wood, which will not only look great but will last your pup a long time.

Friendship Collar & Bracelet

The Friendship Collar is a growing brand, and we can see why. This duo allows you and your millennial dog to sport matching accessories no matter how far apart you get. They’ll get a functional collar, while you get to wear a fun bracelet. The fun design is printed on vegan leather, with a sturdy, gold plated d-ring for leash attachment. 

The friendship bracelet and collar are available in a variety of sizes and are adjustable, so you and your pup will be able to wear them no matter what the size. The matching leash is available in three sizes as well. Check out the variety of patterns and sizes on Amazon!

Dog Carrying Sweatshirt

There’s nothing better than lounging around the house with your furbaby. The only problem? It’s hard to get up without disturbing your pup, and you’ll have to set them down somewhere. Our solution? Pick up one of these dog carrying sweatshirts. It may look silly, but they really come in handy. Your pup can sleep on your stomach when you’re lounging on the couch, and hangout in your “kangaroo” pouch when you’re up and walking around. After all, what’s better than carrying your little pup around everywhere you go? 

This sweatshirt is not only comfortable for your pooch, but for you as well. It’s 80% cotton, and 20% polyester. If you have a smaller dog, we highly recommend this sweatshirt. It’s stylish, cozy, and your dog will fit perfectly inside. 

The sweatshirt is available in four sizes, and they fit pretty true to size. We suggest ordering a size up because it will shrink a bit when you wash it, and what’s better than an oversized sweatshirt? 



  • Bust:41.7″
  • Sleeve Length:27.6″ 
  • Length: 27.2″


  • Bust:43.3″
  • Sleeve Length:28.0″
  • Length:27.6″ 


  • Bust:44.9″
  • Sleeve Length:28.3″
  • Length:28.0″ 


  • Bust:46.5″
  • Sleeve Length:28.7″
  • Length:28.3″ 


  • Bust:48.0″
  • Sleeve Length:29.1″
  • Length:28.7″

Booster Seat

While it may be fun to have your pooch sit on your lap while you’re driving, it’s unsafe to do so. Dog booster seats give your pooch a place to sit while you’re driving; keeping you focused on the road, and them out of trouble. They’re great for small dogs, because they’re raised up enough to allow them to see out of the windows. Additionally, many dog booster seats strap in to your car, and have attachments to allow you to buckle your dog into them. While your dog may prefer to sit on your lap, a booster seat will give them a comfortable, safe place to hangout during car rides. 

The K&H Pet Products Booster seat is a must have for smaller dogs that can’t see out of the windows. It easily fits in either the front or back seat, and is comfortable for any smaller breed. Additionally, this booster seat is great for safety! It straps into your car, and also comes with an adjustable security leash that can attach to your dog’s harness. 

This safety seat is available in two sizes and two colors; beige and grey. The smaller seat is 16″ x 16″ x 16″, and the larger version is 18″ wide x 13″ deep x 16″ tall. 

When the seat gets to be too dirty, simply remove the cover and throw it in the washing machine. It’s easy to install, easy to clean, and a great pick for small dog owners. 

Pup Teepee

If you and your pooch have bougie taste on a less-than bougie salary, the pup-tepee is a great pick! Treat your furry friends like kings and queens without breaking the bank. Your pooch will have a comfortable place to rest during nap times, and plenty of space, peace, and quiet. Each tepee is made with a 100% durable cotton canvas. Some of you may be worried about the white color; however, the canvas is completely machine washable. 

The tepee is easy to assemble, and perfect for any pooch. Simply insert the pine wooden poles into the canvas and it will be ready to go. The tepee will stay up even if your dog is a little rough with their play. 

Each tepee is 24 Inches tall, and 20 inches in diameter; making it ideal for dogs around 15 lbs. If you don’t already have a good dog bed that’ll fit inside this tepee, you can purchase the tepee with a matching white cushion to complete the space. 

This tepee will look great in any space, and your dog will love having their own ‘room’ inside the house. In our opinion this tepee is well worth the price. Check out the various cushions and order your pup their very own today!

For even more pet tepee options, check out our article on the Zaihe Pet Tepee Dog Bed.

Monthly Gifts

Making time to spend with your dog can be hard, and making time to shop for them is even harder. With our two dogs, we simply signed up for a monthly subscription box. Every month Woof Pack sends us a pack full of goodies, and we never have to go to the pet store to stock up on toys or treats. Woof Pack is great because you can choose between a treats only pack, or a treat with toys, treats, and chews. Both our chihuahua and our border collie always go crazy over the treats, toys, and chews included. Their packs go as low as $20 per month, and you can cancel anytime. Check them out for yourself, your pup will thank you!

Pooch Selfie

We all love to take pictures with our millennial dogs, but sometimes getting them to focus is tricky! We try holding treats near our phones, saying their names, and often it’s more work than it’s worth. The pooch selfie makes taking photos of your dog easy! As you can see, it’s basically an attachment with a tennis ball on top. Your dog will be focused on the ball, which is placed directly above the camera on smartphones. This makes a tremendous difference in the photos we take of our dogs. Simply clip the accessory on your smartphone, tell your pooch to sit, and voila, the perfect picture of your pup! When you’re finished taking the picture, simply pop the tennis ball off, and reward your dog for being so good!

The pooch selfie is compatible with just about every smartphone out there. You can use it with both your rear camera, and your front facing camera, capturing the perfect picture every time. In our opinion this product is well worth the price. You won’t have to fight your dog to take a good picture with you anymore!

Blueberry Collar & Harness

Blueberry dog collars are notorious for having tons of color, pattern, and size options. You don’t have to settle for a pattern that you don’t love for you dog because of the wide range of choices. The Blueberry Floral Collars come in 11 different color/pattern options. Kai loves that you can customize these collars to include your phone number and dog’s name. The price increases a bit when you choose the customized collar, but it’s way worth the price to have one less tag to purchase for your dog. You can even choose the color of the embroidered text to match the collar of your choice.

dahlia harness

All collars have an eco-friendly plastic buckle. They range from size extra small to large. The extra small fits neck sizes 7.5-11 inches, the small fits 12-16 inches, the medium fits 14.5-20 inches, and the large fits neck sizes 18-20 inches. Out of the hundreds of collars on the market, Kai loves how personalized these collars are. If you add the embroidery option, your pup will have a one-of-a-kind fashionable collar. You can even purchase an adorable matching leash and harness on Amazon!