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Sometimes you need to reward your pup with a tasty treat that they’ll flip for. While not all dog cookies are healthy, you might be surprised by how many nutritional options there are. Some of our favorite cookies come from companies such as Exclusively Pet, which offer some nutritional benefits for your pups. So take a look at some of our top picks, and go ahead and treat your pup, they deserve it!

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a word about exclusively pet

Dog Biscuits

Exclusively Pet has two lines of treats with everything from guilty pleasures to healthy all-natural chews. You can purchase the Exclusively Dog Cookies if you need yummy treats and rewards for your pups, or go the healthier route with Exclusively Dog Chewy treats. The Exclusively Dog Cookies line has cookies, animal crackers, and delicious snacks that look just like yummy human food; the Exclusively Dog Chewy line has healthy options for dogs with allergies that can’t have wheat, corn, or soy. Either way, both lines of treats cater to even the pickiest pups that won’t accept anything less than exceptional.

Exclusively Dog Cookies

Exclusively Pet makes delicious treats for dogs that look just like yummy people snacks. Even the pickiest of pups go nuts over these human-like treats. From animal crackers to cookies, Exclusively pet will get your pup one step closer to feeling like a member of the family. All of their products are Kosher, made in the USA, and free from animal byproducts. Their unique blend of ingredients makes these treats taste so delicious, they won’t even know they’re eating dog food; the perfect reward for your food-motivated pup. All of the treats in their cookie line are just for rewards, be sure to follow the feeding guidelines. Below you can find Kai’s favorite three Exclusively Dog Cookies. 

The Barking Bus

Barking Bus

The Barking Bus is an all-natural tasty dog treat for any size breed. They’re bite–sized animal cookies for fun-loving pups. Kai’s bundle includes a 24-pack of animal treats; perfect for training, rewards, or just a snack. Your pup will love them because they’re a delicious cookie made just for them, and you can love them because they’re an all-natural treat even the finickiest eaters will enjoy these treats.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Corn Syrup, Salt, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Cornstarch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Lecithin, Garlic Powder.

  Are These Treats Right For My Pup?

Unless you have a pup with allergies, your pup’s are going to love these treats. Just like human animal crackers, these dog cookies are the perfect reward for your pups.  Their garlic smell and bite-sized pieces make them a favorite amongst our puppy testers.  If you have picky eaters on your hands, these treats will be the perfect reward for them. The Barking Bus Animal Crackers don’t contain fillers or animal byproducts, and come in perfect bite-sized animal shapes. As soon as you open the box your pup will smell the garlic and get as excited as puppies. If you have a picky eater, these will be the perfect food motivator.

As long as you follow the feeding guidelines below you won’t have to worry about any of the negative effects associated with overconsumption of some of the ingredients. If you purchase Kai’s Bundle, you’ll get a variety of healthy treats to help your pup get a great balance of nutritional treats, training treats, and rewards like The Barking Bus.

Toy breeds can have up to 2 treats per day, medium dogs- 4 treats, and larger breeds can have up to 5.  At only 7.5 calories per treat, they’re perfect for training and rewards.

  Exclusively Pet Sandwich Cremes

peanut butter dog cookies

These delicious sandwich cremes look so good you may even be tempted to try them! They’re available in five flavors; carob, vanilla, s’mores, peanut butter, and carob & vanilla. Every flavor is full of all-natural, kosher ingredients that your pups are sure to love. Dogs go absolutely crazy for these cookies, their crunchy texture and delicious taste will keep your pup excited. Every cookie contains about fifty delicious calories; the perfect puppy dessert! They’re available in eight-ounce packs just like people food. Exclusively Pet suggests 1-2 cookies a day for tiny pups, 2-3 for medium-sized pups, and 4-5 for larger pups. Keep in mind that these treats should only be used as the occasional treat or reward. You can purchase individual bags, or you can try out all five flavors at a discounted price.

  The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen Company is a great dog-loving company located right here in the US. It was founded by Lucy Postins in 2002 when she began making special treats for her pup. He had ear infection problems and skin problems caused by food allergens, so she decided to make her own healthy treats. The Honest Kitchen’s treats are made with human-grade dehydrated ingredients, great for sensitive pups. They also make organic treats whenever they can, ensuring all pups have a chance to have a delicious treat, no matter what kind of allergens they have. We love this company because their passion for dogs truly comes out in the wholesome ingredients they use for all of their treats.

honest kitchen

  Grain-Free Cookies

The Honest Company’s Cuddles treats are bite-sized healthy cookies for dogs of all ages. The treats are available in four flavors; beef & blueberry, fish & pumpkin, chicken & cranberry, and duck & cherry. These treats are great for dogs on special diets, they’re grain free, and only 8 calories per treat. Each bag of treats has their own unique benefits for your pup.

The beef & blueberry treats are full of fiber and antioxidants and also have a large amount of protein. The fish & pumpkin flavor is high in protein and contains fiber and Vitamin A. The chicken & cranberry flavor are high in protein with cleansing properties. The duck & cherry flavor is high in protein and very low in fat. All of the flavors will give your pup an assortment of vitamins and antioxidants to keep them feeling great without packing on the pounds.

cuddles treats

  Bandits Best

bandits best

Bandits Best is another great dog cookie company. All of their cookies are freshly baked in the US in small batch sizes to ensure freshness. A majority of Bandits Best treats are designed specifically for dogs with allergies and grain sensitivities They only use wholesome ingredients that can be baked freshly for a variety of diet restrictions. We love Bandits Best because they’re an affordable quality gourmet treat for dogs that can’t tolerate harsh ingredients. Most pups go crazy for their delicious taste no matter how picky they are.

  Grain-Free Biscuits

baked treats

Bandits Best grain-free biscuits are a great low-allergen treat for dogs. They’re available in three healthy flavors; blueberry, cheese, and peanut butter. All three flavors are gluten-free, grain-free, corn-free, soy-free, and all-natural. These delicious bakery treats are large enough for even the biggest dogs, and can easily be broken into smaller pieces for tiny pups. If your dog has allergies we would highly recommend these treats, they’re delicious enough for picky dogs and healthy enough for special diets.

  Andy's Dandys

Andy’s Dandys is a small gourmet dog cookie company established in 2008 in Richmond, Vermont. We love this company because of their family oriented business model. Their family began the company when the owners’ son Andy began baking special treats for his dog, Rosie. All of their treats are made with wholesome ingredients, they’re almost as delicious as people cookies! If your pup has a special diet, you’ll also be happy to hear that many of their treats are wheat free. Andy’s Dandys treats are also only made with farm fresh ingredients that are healthy for dogs. 

andy's treats

  Peanut Butter Cookies

These peanut butter cookies are one of our favorites. They’re especially great for gifts because of their unique handmade decorations. The peanut butter cookies are wheat free, vegetarian, and sugar-free, making them great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. These cookies contain local farm fresh eggs, all natural vanilla, peanut butter, and a sugar-free yogurt tapioca frosting. You can purchase a 1lb. bag of these unique treats right from Amazon for around $30, allowing you to have delicious treats for your pup and gifts for friends for a long time.

dog cookies

  Three Dog Bakery

white dog

The Three Dog Bakery was founded to provide delicious gourmet treats for picky dogs. All of their treats are made from scratch with dogs in mind right here in the USA. The founders, Mark and Dan, began the company to satisfy their picky Great Dane that refused even premium dog food. In 1989, Mark and Dan opened the world’s first bakery made just for dogs! Their delectable treats are hard to imitate, even the finickiest pups devour their treats. We would highly recommend these treats to dogs with superior taste.

  Sweet Potato Woofer Cookies

sweet potato treats

The Three Dog Bakery’s Woofer Dog Cookies are a unique treat for dogs with allergies. They’re wheat-free, all-natural, and free from artificial preservatives and flavors. These delicious treats also contain sweet potato which has a variety of health benefits for dogs. Sweet potatoes are easy to digest for dogs because they’re high in fiber, and also contain Vitamin C and Vitamin B6.

The dog cookies also contain rice flour, honey, canola oil, millet, cinnamon powder, dried whole egg, dried cane molasses, baking soda, vanilla powder, baking powder, citric acid, and mixed tocopherols. Almost all of these delicious ingredients are used in our own homes for delicious people treats! These treats can be purchased through Amazon in a 13-ounce package, sure to last your pup awhile. They’re great for training, treats, or just the occasional reward.

  Classic Cremes

The Three Dog Bakery’s Classic Cremes bring a delicious twist to the typical dog cookie. These cookies look and taste so delicious your dog won’t even know they’re eating dog treats! These classic cremes are a delicious carob and vanilla flavor; made with all-natural ingredients and slow baked for freshness. These treats contain wheat flour, dried cane syrup, dextrose, canola oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, corn syrup, carob powder, vanilla powder, baking soda, baking powder, and lecithin. All of the ingredients used in these treats are safe for pups, and all-natural. You’ll also be happy to hear that they’re made in the USA. You can purchase a 13-ounce bag of Classic Cremes right from Amazon that your pooch will flip for.

classic cremes

  Old Mother Hubbard

Old Mother Hubbard is one of the oldest dog treat companies we’ve reviewed, and they truly know what dogs like. Their snacks actually started out as treats for fisherman; when they realized how much dogs also liked their cookies, they decided to alter their focus to dogs. Over the years they’ve worked with vets and nutrition specialists to create nutritional treats that are safe and delicious for dogs.  They started 92 years ago in Gloucester, MA. Here we are almost 100 years later and they continue to perfect their recipes to suit the ever changing tastes of dogs.

dog bakery

  Classic Crunchy Treats

The Old Mother Hubbard Classic Treats are one of the most popular cookies for dogs. The bags contain an assortment of flavors, cheddar, chicken, and char tar. These classic treats are made with all-natural ingredients right here in the US, and dogs love the taste. These mini treats are great for dogs of all sizes due to their small size and are only 8 calories per treat. Surprisingly, they’re also packed full of protein, with only a small percentage of fat. They truly are a unique slow baked treat great for just about any pup. We would highly recommend Old Mother Hubbard’s treats to any dog parent that needs training treats, or even just one-time treats for dogs with picky tastes. You can purchase a 5-ounce bag right from Amazon for under $5.

old mother hubbard