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Not too hot and not too cold, the season of Autumn is loved by many owners and dogs. The worry of heat exhaustion is gone, and that frigid chill won’t settle in for a couple of weeks. It’s the absolute perfect time for outdoor play, hiking, and all the activities that your pup loves the most! Like any season, Fall presents a unique environment. From shorter days to festive celebrations, there are lots of things to look forward to! We adore this time of year and have dug up great facts, tips, and fabulous products to help you and your fall dog traverse the season. As the Fall Guide, you can expect an all-encompassing run down of everything Autumn.

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get ready for the season

Fall is a favorite season for many dogs and dog owners. When the weather starts cooling off, and the fun fall colors come out, it’s hard not to be excited! Fall is a great time for dogs as well. The pavement starts cooling off, which doesn’t hurt their paws as much, and many long-haired dogs enjoy running around in the cooler weather. Additionally, there’s a much lower risk of severe dehydration in the fall, as your pup isn’t stuck outside playing in the hot sun all the time. With so many fall activities and fun family holidays, there’s no reason not to include your dogs in all of the festivities!

Activities For Your Fall Dog

There are a variety of fun activities you can take part in with your pooch when the leaves start to change! Dogs love being outside in the fall season; the weather isn’t too hot or cold, the air is crisp, and there are leaves everywhere! Fall is a great time for family, including your dog. So what are some dog friendly, activities you and your pooch can both enjoy?

  • Hiking
  • Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Patches
  • Dog-Friendly Farms
  • State Parks
  • Dog Parks
  • Create a pile of leaves for your pup to play with
  • Throw the football (or tennis ball) around
  • Bake some dog friendly treats

General fall cautions

check your yard:


Even though fall is a great time for both you and your pets, there are some hazards to keep in mind as your dog spends more and more time outside in the fall. First of all, acorns and other nuts are going to inevitably start falling from the trees; unfortunately, some of these nuts, especially acorns, are actually toxic to dogs.  Acorns contain toxins that can hurt your pup in large quantities, and can even cause digestive blockages, much like rawhides.

If you have an oak tree in your yard, it’s especially important to make sure your pup doesn’t have access to all of the acorns dropping. While acorns may be the worst type of nut for your dog, all nuts can cause an upset stomach at the very least. 

Of course we’re all familiar with the prickly pine needles that tend to end up all over our yards in the fall. While pine needles aren’t toxic to dogs, they can prick their nose, mouth, or tongue if your dog feels the need to either sniff or eat them. If your dog does manage to ingest a pine needle, it could puncture their intestine causing many health problems. We suggest taking a walk around your yard and checking out what’s falling from the trees so you know what potential hazards are in your yard. 

You should also be aware that fall is the prime season for mushrooms. Many dogs think they look and smell like a tasty treat but, in general, they’re toxic to dogs and can cause severe health issues. If you find any mushrooms in your yard, make sure to not only pull them out, but to regularly check the area for regrowth.

the sun sets much earlier:

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you love longer nights!), as Fall approaches, it starts to get darker earlier, making it hard for your dog to play outside in the evenings. You may lose sight of them easier, or even worse, drivers on the road won’t be able to see them as clearly. As summer begins to end and the clocks change, you may have a hard time keeping an eye on your pup, even as early as before dinnertime. When this happens, there are a variety of light-up toys and accessories that you can purchase for your pup that will make them and their toys more visible.

To make things easier for you, we have gathered and reviewed some product that can help you keep an eye on your dog! You can purchase LED leashes, collars, and accessories for your dog that will not only help you see them better but allow other people and cars to be aware of them, too. This will make you feel more comfortable taking them out for walks at night and highly increase their visibility.

Fall Dog Nighttime Visibility

premium LED LEASH

led dog leash

With nightime falling earlier in the evening, LED leashes are a great way to make your dog visible to other people, and cars when they’re outside. The LED light is bright enough for drivers to see, and you’ll always know where your dog is. It can also make it easier for your dog to see where they’re going and to find you. We recommend LED leashes to any dog parent walking their dog in poorly-lit places, at night or areas where traffic is busy.

Premium Industries LED leash is available in 6 colors; blue, orange, red, pink, green, and  yellow. All of these colors have a bright LED light that you can trust to make your dog more visible to everyone around. We love that all of these leashes have 3 light modes that will allow the leash to be as dull or bright as you need it to be. The leash itself is made from heavy duty electroplated steel which is not only durable, but corrosion resistant. 

When the leash starts to die, simply charge it with a USB chord. It takes just 1 hour to fully charge, giving you 7 hours worth of battery. The leash is also water resistant,  no need to fear if it starts raining on your daily walks!

Chuckit! Glow Ball

chuckit glow

It can be hard for your dog to find their toys at night. Of course, just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean your dog is done playing! Toys that either light up, or glow are a great pick for the fall and winter seasons. Your pup will be able to fetch them without any issues, and you’ll be able to find them when it’s time to clean up the yard. The Chuckit! Max Glow Ball is one of our favorite night-time balls. It’s durable, safe, and doesn’t require batteries.

The Chuckit! Max Glow Ball has a great long lasting glow that doesn’t require batteries. It will charge quickly by any nice bright light. Either leave it out in the sun all day, or simply put it under a light before your pup goes out to play with it. Because it doesn’t require batteries, it’s completely waterproof, and is very easy to clean. 

The Max Glow is available in four sizes suitable for any dog. The Small is 2 x 2 x 2 inches, the medium is 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches, the large is 3 x 3 x 3 inches, and the extra large is 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches.

nite izr spotlight clip

clip on light

Clip on lights are a great way to keep an eye on your dog when it starts getting dark! Especially in the fall and winter month, it’s hard to fit in all of your dog’s outdoor time while the sun is still up. With a clip on light, you’ll always be able to see your dog, and so will other people and cars. If you’re taking your pup for a walk at night, you can attach it to their collar or harness, and drivers will be able to better see both you and your dog. 

You can use this clip on light for anything; attach it your pup, attach it to your jacket, or even strap it to your child’s backpack. This light is water resistant and lightweight, making it great for outdoor use, even if you have a small dog. The light is 2.12″ x 1.28″ x .85″ and weighs just .56 ounces. 

This light clip has a stainless steel spring clip attachment, different glow or flash modes, and easy to replace 3V lithium batteries. After fresh batteries you’ll have either 20 hours of life in the glow mode, or 25 hours of light in the flash mode. 

Morpilot Pet Collar Light 6PCS

Many dog owners swear by attaching light emitting products to their pup’s collar. Obviously, this makes your dog more visible to both you and bystanders during the evening and nighttime hours. We discovered another great option with the Morpilot Pet Collar Light. It offers a great bang for your buck! As a matter of fact, you will receive 6 lights for under $12.

Each light measures 1.26” in diameter and .75” in thickness. More importantly, the Morpilot Pet Collar Light is lightweight: just .56oz. No dog wants to carry around a heavy gadget on their neck! Furthermore, the little light is great for biking, camping, night walks, and finding your keys in the dark. This multipurpose advantage ensures that all 6 lights will be put to great use.

Unfortunately, we do see a downside; you do not have a choice in the colors you receive. Upon purchase, you will have white, yellow, green, rose red, orange, and blue. Luckily, the variety of colors is pretty decent! One customer uses different colors for each of their pups. They love not only seeing where their furbabies are, but also having the ability to discern who each one is. We love this idea and would recommend the tactic to any multi-dog owner!

The Morpilot Pet Collar Light does not emit light in 180 degrees. In fact, the light shines only on the front of the gadget, keeping a safe distance from your pup’s eyes. Furthermore, the glow can be seen more than .5 miles away! You will be able to switch between a steady glow, slow flash, fast flash, and off by simply pressing the light’s center. When the battery runs out of juice, it will be easy to change. You can expect to use a CR2032 battery in replacement.

Possibly the best quality of this product includes its all-weather durability. While you will want to remove it for swimming or bathing, go ahead and leave it on for rain and snow. Additionally, a stainless-steel spring clip carabiner comes fully prepared to attach directly onto your pup’s collar. Yes, some curious puppies and dogs will stop at nothing to rip off the light. But, we foresee this as a risk with any collar attachment you purchase.

By and large, the Morpilot Pet Collar Light is a fabulous find for the low price offered. With the skies becoming dark sooner and sooner, you will want to be well equipped for nighttime play. Whether you go with the Morpilot Pet Collar Light, or another of your choosing, we highly recommend using a collar light with your furbaby.

Click the Amazon link below to view this cool product.

Fleas & Ticks

The summer months are the absolute worst for fleas and ticks. As the weather starts to cool down, you may feel comfortable letting your dog wander off without proper flea and tick protection. Unfortunately, fleas and ticks are still quite active in the fall season. When the weather starts to change they like to hide in the leaves, tall grass, and in larger plants. It’s important to trim down your grass regularly, and dispose of any leaf piles or stray leaves. Of course you should also be proactive about it; make sure you still provide your dog with flea and tick supplements to ensure they stay clear of your pup in the fall. 

Fortunately there are a variety of great flea & tick products on the market that we have found to work wonders with dogs. From sprays, to collars, to shampoos; we’re here to help you find the perfect solution to keep your dog itch-free during fall.

Vet's Best Flea & Tick Prevention

vet's best flea & tick spray

The Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray is a great way to get rid of flea and ticks if your pup manages to get into a bad situation. This spray kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks. Fortunately, it will also repel mosquitos! We love this spray because it’s not only safe to use on and around your dog, but it’s designed to work on all of your home surfaces as well. Use it on pet beds, blankets, upholstery, carpets, or just around your yard. Your dogs will be safe around this formula, and you won’t have to worry about pesky mosquitos, fleas, or ticks during the fall season. 

The Vet’s Best Flea spray is one of the best sprays to use for both home and pets. It won’t stain any of your upholstery, and it doesn’t have a harsh smell. They use a unique formula of natural essential oils and plant-based ingredients such as peppermint oil and eugenol.  The ingredients are safe to use on dogs over 12 weeks old. Simply massage the spray into your dog’s coat to give them full coverage. 

This spray is manufactured in the USA, and uses quality ingredients you and your dog can trust. We recommend this spray to any dog owner looking for an indoor and outdoor spray to keep their dog safe during the summer and fall months.

Bayer Seresto Flea & Tick Collar

dog flea collar

Flea & Tick collars are an easy way to protect your dog. They’re cheaper than monthly treatments, and not as sticky as sprays. The Seresto collar will kill and repel ticks & fleas without contact. It’s easy to use, and has a non-greasy formula that won’t get all over your dog’s coat. Because this collar works for 8 months at a time, you can easily use it throughout all of summer, and still be able to prevent flea & tick bites in the fall. 

The Seresto Collar has a polymer matrix design that constantly provides two active ingredients; imidacloprid and flumethrin. The collar will continuously replenish your dog’s skin and coat with these active ingredients for the entire 8 months. As soon as you put the collar on your pup it will quickly kill all fleas within 24 hours, making flea & ticks a problem of the past. The collar is available in two sizes, making it suitable for dogs of any size. We definitely recommend this collar to pet owners looking for a simple way to protect their dog for long periods of time. 

adams flea & tick shampoo


Fleas and ticks are not pests that you want to deal with. Finding a good flea and tick control shampoo that actually works can be hard to come by. The Adams Precor Shampoo is one of our favorite flea and tick shampoos. It kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, and lice on dogs of all sizes. The Adams shampoo is safe to use on both puppy and adult dogs no matter what they’ve gotten into. Even if your dog has sensitive skin, this shampoo is fantastic. 

Adams Flea & Tick Control Shampoo also contains ingredients to help sooth your dog’s skin. Ingredients such as aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal all work together to help your dog’s skin stay moisturized and free from irritation. This shampoo also contains Precor which will provide 28 days of control of pre-adult fleas. This will prevent fleas from growing to the size where they can bite your pup. 

We definitely recommend letting your dog run around outside for awhile after you use this shampoo. You will notice soon after their bath that the fleas and ticks simply fall off of them (which can prove to create a nasty little mess if your dog is covered in ticks). We highly recommend this product for dogs exposed to fleas or ticks, it’s a great precaution to take, and your dog will thank you for it!


When the temperatures start to change and fall rolls around, many humans experience fall allergies. You may not realize however that your dog can have bad fall allergies as well. Many dogs are sensitive to certain weeds that pollinate in the fall, especially ragweed. So what do fall allergies look like in your dog? The first thing you’ll notice is how itchy your dog becomes. Another sign of allergies is constant ear infections. If your dog seems to constantly have infections in certain seasons, this can be a sign that they’re having an allergic reaction. 

Fortunately, once you begin to notice the symptoms, there are plenty of options. The first step you should take is visiting your vet to make sure you actually are dealing with allergies. You can then try vitamins, anti-itch shampoos, and more! Check out some of our favorite anti-allergy remedies for dogs. 

moosh natural dog shampoo


If your buy the right shampoo for your dog it can do a whole world of good. Dog shampoo can not only keep your dog clean and smelling great, but help heal their skin and fur to keep them feeling their best. If your dog has constant problems with itchy skin, it may be time to switch shampoos. The right shampoo can relieve itching caused by dry skin, allergies, and even hot spots. Shampoo is a great way to give your dog long-term relief to common problems and irritants. 


Moosh is superior to a lot of dog shampoos out there. First of all, Moosh is 100% natural and organic. You can feel good about washing your pup with a product that’s free from preservatives, chemicals, and sulfates. When your dog grooms themselves, you can trust that the ingredients in this shampoo won’t hurt them. The shampoo is hypoallergenic, easy to rinse, and concentrated. No matter how sensitive your dog’s skin is, this shampoo will do wonders for them. Creating a calm and natural bathing experience for them. 

Moosh has a variety of beneficial ingredients to help relieve itchy, dry skin. Moosh is the only shampoo made with bentonite clay. Bentonite clay naturally binds with bacteria, fungus, toxins, and heavy metals and easily pulling them away from the skin. This is a great, natural way to keep your dog’s fur and skin clean without harsh chemicals.  Moosh also has Argan Oil and Neem which create a natural anti-septic and anti-fungal. These two great ingredients also work to reduce dandruff and flaking by moisturizing your dog’s skin. Moosh also contains shea butter and aloe vera which of course will moisturize the skin and leave their fur silky and shiny. The shea butter will also create a natural fragrance without the use of fake perfumes.

Moosh is a cruelty free, eco-friendly product made right here in the USA, we highly recommend this shampoo for any dog owner looking for a natural shampoo that will sooth their pup’s skin and leave them smelling and feeling great. 

NaturVet Chews

naturvet allergy chews

NaturVet’s Allergy Chews are another easy way to prevent fall allergies. Unlike topical treatments such as shampoos and moisturizers, this treat works from the inside out to protect your dog’s skin, and support other functions such as their immune system. We’re a big fan of NaturVet’s treats; they’re safe for dogs, delicious, and all provide a variety of health benefits. Even better, these chews are made in the USA with ingredients you can trust. 

NaturVet’s aller-911 contains natural antioxidants that your pup needs that will support their immune system and keep them feeling their best. This will help to prevent them from getting sick as the weather changes. They also contain omegas and EPA that will help maintain skin moisture in your dog. This will keep the pollen and allergens in the air from settling on your dog’s coat and damaging their skin. Their itches and dry skin will disappear from the inside out creating long-term results for their allergies.

warren longdon hydrating butter

warren london

If the route of your dog’s problem is extremely dry skin, you may need a strong conditioner to do the job. Warrn London Hydrating Butter is a great conditioner that works to condition both their skin and coat; healing damaged skin, coats, and even paws. Just like lotion and condition work to moisturize you, the hydrating butter will get rid of dry skin and prevent itching. We definitely recommend this hydrating butter for those of you that have dogs with excessive itching due to dry skin. It will not only make them feel more comfortable, but their coats will look great too!

The Warren London Hydrating Butter is a great leave-in conditioner for your pooch that won’t leave them with oily skin or fur. This great hydrating butter is a natural humectant that will lock in moisture and give your dog the vital nutrients they need to keep their fur healthy. Unlike traditional conditioners, it will release moisturizing emollients every 2 hours for a 24 hour period. You can trust that with every use, your dog is getting a great deep moisturizer that will leave them itch-free! Furthermore, use it to keep their fur conditioned and to heal dry paws. 

Purchase this hydrating butter in an 8 ounce bottle from Amazon. It has a great aromatherapy scent that will sooth your dog in addition to helping to manage their dry skin. We highly recommend this to any dog struggling with dry skin, paws, and fur. 


Everyone knows that dogs shed like crazy as summer approaches. However, you may not know that dogs shed their summer coats in the fall to get their winter coat ready for colder temperatures. Of course, shedding is not only a problem for your furniture, it can add to fall allergies as well. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to help your dog shed quickly, and keep their coats looking great as fall approaches. You can also save money on routine trips to the groomer, as it can be impossible to keep up with your dog’s shedding. Especially if you have a dog with a long or thick coat, you’ll want to prepare for both the summer and winter seasons by properly treating your dog with shampoos, and brushing their coat’s regularly.  

Below you’ll find some of our favorite shed control products; from shampoos to grooming tools you can use at home, we’re here to help you save money and keep your dog looking great for those holiday guests!

wahl shed control shampoo

deshedding shampoo

Some dogs seem to leave a trail of fur behind them no matter what you do. When de-shedding brushes don’t do the job, shed control shampoo is your next best choice. Shed Control shampoo will thoroughly wash dirt, dander, and excess fur from your pup as you bathe them. Wahl is a well known brand in the dog community. They have a variety of grooming tools and shampoos that have been tested by hundreds of dogs with great reviews. Their shed control shampoo is one of our favorite Wahl Shampoos, and we think you’ll agree!

Wahl’s Shed Control shampoo contains a unique blend of ingredients that will keep your dog’s coat healthy and help to prevent shedding. Ingredients such as lemongrass, sage, aloe vera, and oatmeal help to reduce shedding and dander, leaving your dog’s coat looking and feeling great. Wahl’s shed control shampoo also contains only natural ingredients which are perfect for dog’s with sensitive skin; you won’t have to worry about toxic ingredients or chemicals irritating your dog. 

We highly recommend the shampoo for dogs that are constantly shedding. It helps your dog’s fur and skin stay healthy and shiny without the use of harmful chemicals It’s easy to use; lathers quickly, and is easy to rinse out. In our opinion it’s well worth the price. Your dog will have a quick and painless bath and you won’t have to constantly brush your pup clean. 

furminator deshedding tool


Deshedding tools will save you a ton of time cleaning up after your pet. They will reduce the amount of shedding your dog produces with just weekly use. If you buy the right size tool, you will be able to remove almost all of your pet’s excess fur with each use. We find these extremely useful for any dog with longer hair. Although deshedding tools won’t be able to get out knots or mats in your dog’s fur, they will keep your dog’s fur looking great and feeling light.

The Furminator is definitely one of our favorite grooming tools. It removes 90% of the excess fur from your pup without any pain or discomfort. The Furminator is designed specifically for different size breeds and different hair lengths. There are five sizes available, in either a short hair or a long hair version. Not only does the Furminator remove excess hair, it also reduces the amount of shedding your pup does between brushes. We absolutely love this product, you’ll definitely be getting more than what you pay for with this purchase.

holiday stress

While the holidays are a fun time to be with family and friends, we all know that it can be a bit stressful. Keep in mind that the holidays can be stressful for your pets as well. They’re going to be surrounded by people they’re not familiar with, new noises, smells, and they can get overwhelmed by new foods if you decide to treat them during the holidays. 

To prevent some of the stress, it can be helpful to designate an area for your pup that kids and new guests can’t get to them constantly. This will help them feel safe, and they can always go to a safe spot if they get overwhelmed. We like play pens for dogs because your pup will still feel like they’re a part of all the action without feeling overwhelmed. 

Keep in mind that every dog responds with different levels of anxious behavior. A mildly anxious dog may have their tail tucked and be withdrawn or even hide. You may notice your pup trembling or licking and biting themselves. More anxious dogs may continuously pace and pant, increasing their heart rate even more. There are some quick and easy ways to combat and prevent anxiety for your pooch that they may experience due to the holidays.

For a more in-depth analysis of party stress, check out our article on Party Safety with Pups!

Precision Pet Crate Cover

Dog Crate Cover

When dogs get stressed out, sometimes they just need a place of their own to go to where they’re not being bombarded with new faces and people. Crate covers are a great way to distract your dog from new people and holiday events. They can lay down, take a nap, and won’t be constantly watching you and your friends dealing with the holiday festivities. The Precision Pet Crate Cover is one of our favorites. It’s made with premium materials, and creates a quiet space for your dog.

This crate cover is available in three fun colors; grey, red, and navy. The cover is 24″ by 19″ by 18″. The cover will cover the top, back, and both sides of your crate, allowing your dog to see out of the front, and giving you easy access to the door. This will also allow for great ventilation. 

sonic calming collar

sonic collar

This calming dog collar is a wonderful tool for sound-sensitive dogs. Loud sounds are one of the most common anxiety triggers in dogs, and may make them pant and pace uncontrollably. Anxious dogs can also be destructive, and aggressive towards other dogs and humans. We love that this collar is backed by multiple studies and endorsed by pet professionals all over the world. Veterinarians even love to use this Pet Acoustics Collar when dogs are separated from their owners during medical treatment and surgeries. Although it’s not a noise-related stressor, this collar almost immediately calms them down at the vet. Fireworks, thunderstorms, and other noise phobias will also no longer be a problem for you and your pup once you try out this collar.


Pros: You can’t beat a product that is backed by science and real testing. This collar also comes in three sizes; small (9-13 inches), medium (12-18 inches), and large (16-25 inches), so you can choose the best fit for your dog.

Cons: This collar is the most expensive out of the three, but you can save a lot of money if you buy it off of Amazon instead of the Pet Acoustics website. It also has to be recharged after every 3 hrs of use which may not be ideal if your dog needs to use a calming collar for long trips, or days alone at home.

For a one-time purchase, this collar is a great investment. It’s still affordable, and it doesn’t need to be replaced. This collar is worth more in general, just because it’s a high-tech gadget that actually plays music for your dog to hear. The magnetic USB charger is also included in the price, and it’s water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills.


The Pet Acoustics UltraCalmer uses frequency and decibel modified music to calm down your dog. Your dog has acute hearing sensitivities that allow them to pick up these calming changes. Your dog is clinically proven to calm down within five minutes of putting on this collar. They have performed studies using the Ultra Calmer music, with incredible success rates on dogs and horses.

The Pet Acoustics UltraCalmer Sonic Collar is specifically designed for dogs who are sensitive to noise, so you may see the best results if you know your dog is noise-sensitive. Although, this collar can calm down dogs who are anxious for the vet, car rides, meeting new dogs, and much more. The reason it’s so effective for noise-sensitive dogs is because it masks the unwanted noises on top of having calming properties.

Check out more of our favorite calming dog collars here. 

calming smartbones


These rawhide-free chews are wonderful for calming your dog, with ingredients like camomile and lavender. They are great for pups of any size and age, and sure to be a crowd-pleaser! The camomile in these chews helps to calm a nervous stomach by reducing discomfort. It may even stop vomiting, indigestion, and gas. Lavender is known to be a wonderful plant for calming humans and pups alike, and will help to put your dog at ease. Not only are these treats great for anxious dogs but they taste great too!

The first five ingredients of these chews are a healthy corn, chicken, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots. They are wonderful for rescue pups who are adapting to their new home, or any dog who gets anxious from time to time. Tough chewers may devour these chews in a minute or less, while other dogs may take the time to slowly enjoy their tasty treat. Certain dog owners don’t see much of a difference in their dog’s demeanor after they have a chew, but most absolutely swear by them.

Check out our other top picks for calming treats here.

SmartBone Rawhide-Free Dog Bone: Classic Chicken

Autumn hosts some of the best occasions of the year. While friends and family gather at your abode, your furbaby is bombarded with delicious smells, loud noises, and possibly people he or she has never met. It’s a whirlwind of excitement that can make Fido react in various ways: good and bad.

During such gatherings, we recommend getting your furbaby a fun new toy or treat of their own. The interactive nature of many dog products will engage your dog’s energy and mind. Therefore, reducing any possible fear or stress. In particular, chew toys and treats allow a pup to gnaw. The act of chewing is a natural technique used by canines to soothe their anxieties.

Unfortunately, rawhides spark some controversy among owners and veterinarians. The material may not be the best option for your dog to ingest. We recommend checking out SmartBone’s Rawhide-Free Dog Bones. They come in a wide variety of sizing options for you to choose from. You can expect to dish out a different price depending on the size and quantity ordered.

  1. Mini: 8 pieces, 16 pieces, 24 pieces, 48 pieces, and 24 pieces x 2 pack
  2. Small: 6 pieces, 12 pieces, and 6 pieces x 3 pack
  3. Medium: 4 pieces, 8 pieces, 4 pieces x 2 pack, 4 pieces x 3 pack, and 4 pieces x 4 pack
  4. Large: 1 piece, 3 pieces, and 3 pieces x 2 pack

According to the manufacturer, SmartBone Rawhide-Free Dog Bones conveniently come with size recommendations. First, the mini size is perfect for 5 to 10lbs dogs because it measures 2.5” and contains 50 calories. Second, the small size is practical for 11 to 25lbs dogs because it measures 5” and contains 161 calories. Third, the medium bone will be great for 26 to 50lbs dogs because it measures 5.5” and contains 243 calories. Finally, the large bone is recommended for pups larger than 50lbs because it measures 7” and has 337 calories.

In particular, these Vietnam made raw-hide free bones are easy to digest due to ingredients like chicken and vegetables. The manufacturer states, “…SmartBones will very seldom cause an upset stomach or loose stool.” Additionally, vitamins and minerals are added. The bones contain 9% crude protein, .2 to 1% crude fat, 1.5% crude fiber, 14% moisture, 35mg/kg Manganese, and 100 IU/kg Vitamin E.

While natural ingredients like sweet potatoes, peas, carrots, corn, and chicken are used, we notice an addition of artificial ingredients. This includes artificial flavor. One customer notes a fruity smell, which we are unsure if it comes from natural or artificial flavorings.

We recommend the SmartBone Rawhide-Free Dog Bone to any owner looking for a treat bone option that won’t disturb their pup’s stomach. You can expect the bone to last substantially shorter than a traditional rawhide. But, it still remains an excellent treat for your furbaby during Fall gatherings.


Halloween is a fun holiday that you and your dog can enjoy together! There are a variety of fun costumes you can purchase for your pooch to include them in on the fun. From sweaters, to costumes, to fun pumpkin flavored treats; your dog can enjoy the holidays right along with you! Fortunately, the fall season is a bit cold for many dogs, especially smaller breeds; you can easily find festive sweaters and costumes for your dog that will not only help them stay festive, but will keep them warm as well!

Halloween cautions

There are some hazards to keep in mind as this holiday approaches however. Of course your pup may become overwhelmed with all of the strange smells, noises, and people showing up to your door on Halloween. If your dog begins to get too stressed out by the constant doorbell ringing and commotion, it may be best to lock them away from the front door to give them a break. You should also be cautious as your dog will inevitably be excited by all of the Halloween treats; make sure to store them in a high place where your dog won’t have a chance to rip through the candy wrappers.

You must also be cautious with your fun halloween decorations. Make sure all important wires, chords, and decorations that could be choking hazards are tucked behind furniture, or taped up high enough that your furry friends can’t reach them. You should also make sure that your dog has an ID tag on them at all times during Halloween. With your door constantly opening and closing, there are many opportunities for fido to make a run for all the fun going on outside. You can also purchase play pens, or put up baby gates if you’re fearful that your pets may run around too much. 

bobibi holiday sweater

halloween dog sweater

The Bobibi Holiday Sweater is an easy way to not only keep your dog warm in the fall months, but it also makes them the center of attention. The sweater has a comfortable fit, and because it’s stretchy, it fits dogs of just about any size. The sweater is available in three fun designs, a pumpkin, a large skull and crossbones, and a plain skull sweater. Your dog will have a nice warm sweater to wear, and you’ll have a costume for them that they won’t mind wearing!

XS(X-Small): Length 8.7″ – Neck 7.9″ – Chest 12.2″

S(Small): Length 10.2″ – Neck 10.7″ – Chest 13.0″

M(Medium): Length 12.2″ – Neck 13.0″ – Chest 14.6″

L(Large): Length 15.4″ – Neck 15.0″ – Chest 19.3″

XL(X-Large) : Length: 18.1″ – Neck:16.1″ – Chest 20.9″

Large Dog Costume

dog costume

The Tomsenn Lion’s Mane costume is an easy way to get your dog Halloween ready. You don’t have to deal with exact measurements, or full outfits that your dog won’t want to wear. The lion’s man is comfortable, affordable, and your dog will be able to carry on with normal activities without any difficulty. This Lion’s Mane is great for medium and larger sized dogs. The neck stretches between 60cm and 80cm, allowing for a comfortable fit for most dogs. 

Make your dog the life of the party with this fun costume. The lion’s mane is one of the cutest and easiest costumes you can purchase for your pooch. It’s made from wool, making it not only realistic looking, but easy to clean as well. We highly recommend this product for average and larger sized dogs. This is truly a costume that you and your dog will both enjoy. 

Native Pup Halloween Collars

bat collar

Get your pup into the halloween spirit with a Native Pup Collar. They have a variety of halloween-themed collars available that will keep your dog looking festive without a costume. The collar is available in a bat design, pumpkins, skulls, or an orange checkered pattern. All of these fun patterns are made with vibrant colors and available in a size suitable for any breed. 

The Native Pup Halloween Collars are made from a durable polyester material to avoid stretching or fading. They also have strong plastic clips and metal D-rings to ensure your pup doesn’t escape your care when you’re walking them. And with the bright colors, it’ll be hard to lose your pup! They’re a festive way to keep track of your furry friends and get them into the Halloween spirit.

This collar is available in three sizes to suit just about any dog. The small is adjustable between 11″ and 15″ and is 5/8″ wide. The medium is adjustable between 14″ and 20″ and is 3/4″ wide. The large is adjustable between 16″ and 26″ thick and 1″ thick. We recommend these collars to dogs that need a festive collar to wear around during the holidays. 

Blue Buffalo Boo Bars

Blue Buffalo has some of the healthiest treats you can buy for your pup. They’re easy to digest, and only contain safe ingredients. Their boo bars. They contain simple ingredients; free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. They also never contain chicken by-product meals, corn, soy or wheat. They have a great chewy texture that will scrape plaque and tartar buildup off of your dog’s teeth. These Boo Bars are a great way to celebrate Halloween with your pooch! While they shouldn’t have candy, your dog can trick or treat with these fun treats. 

Blue Buffalo’s Boo Bars are made with wholesome ingredients and vegetables that are easy for your dog to digest, and low-allergen. We also love that these treats include omega 3 fatty acids that are great for their skin and coat. The Boo Bars also contain antioxidants that your dog needs. 

Now that you know how healthy they are, you may be wondering if your dog will actually eat them. The Boo Bars are baked with pumpkin and cinnamon giving them a unique fall taste that your dog will flip for. We highly recommend these fun treats for dogs with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues that need a fun holiday snack. 

Burrow Squeak Toy

halloween dog toys

Zippy Paws has a whole line of great plush toys that your dog will love. The Burrow Squeak Toy acts as a plush toy, a puzzle, and a squeakable toy. This toy will definitely keep your dog occupied during the holiday season. It will give them a puzzle to work on, and alleviate destructive behavior caused by boredom. The puzzle will also keep their brain stimulated and help to keep their mind healthy, even in old age. 

The Burrow Toy comes with three squeakable bats that fit right inside the pumpkin. They make for great fetch toys, and of course your dog will love to chew them out of the pumpkin. The pumpkin itself is 7″ x 7″ x 5.5″, making it ideal for small and medium breeds. Both the pumpkin and the bats are very well made, and won’t get ripped to shreds on the first use. 


One of our favorite parts about fall is Thanksgiving, and it’s even better when you get to enjoy it with your dog. There are some great treats out there that have great fall flavors that your pup will love, and are pretty good for them too! 

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for family and friends, and of course, pets are family too! There are a variety of ways to help them feel and look their best when the holidays roll around. You might be surprised to hear that pumpkin is not only a great flavor for humans, but dogs as well. Pumpkin is full of vitamins, tastes great, and is full of fiber. Dogs can easily digest it, and our treat testers love the flavor! Feeding your dog pumpkin treats will keep them feeling like part of the family during the holidays.Your pup can also look their best when Thanksgiving comes around. From bow ties, to bows, to bandanas and more, there are a variety of easy accessories you can purchase for your pooch to help them celebrate. 

thanksgiving cautions

Keep in mind that during the holidays dogs may get sick from all of the unusual foods they’re not used to. Refrain from feeding your dog table scraps to avoid upsetting their stomach or making them sick from overeating. 

If you do choose to feed your dog table scraps, there are some foods that are particularly popular during the holidays, and dangerous for dogs. First on the list is bones; many dogs end up at the vet because they accidentally ingest bones. Bones can block your dog’s airway or digestive tract and become an incredibly scary situation. Turkey is another popular Thanksgiving food you want to steer clear of when feeding your dog. Turkey can cause pancreatitis, which is painful and life-threatening for dogs. Sugar-free treats may be healthy for you, but they can be highly toxic for dogs if they have Xylitol in them. 

Of course there are 4 big toxic foods for dogs that you may come across during the holidays; onions, chocolate, raisins, and grapes. Be cautious when serving these foods as they may be dropped by your guests and accidentally ingested by your pup. 

For an interesting bonus read, check out our article Can My Dog Eat Pumpkin?

Fruitables Pumpkin Spice Treats

skinny minis

Fruitables is a great brand of dog treats that we have grown to love. They have a variety of flavors manufactured right here in the USA that dogs flip for. These treats are a great way to reward your pup during the holidays, and give them a dog-friendly treat to enjoy while you’re enjoying your holiday baked goods. The Skinny Minis are not only delicious, but they’re healthy for dogs as well. And at only two calories per treat, you don’t have to worry about your dog gaining weight during the holidays. They also have a fun chewy texture that your pup will be able to gobble up with ease. 

The Fruitables Pumpkin Spice chews are an all-natural treat free from wheat, corn, soy, and artificial ingredients. They contain wholesome ingredients such as real pumpkin to ensure your dog is getting the maximum nutritional benefit from these delicious fall ingredients. As soon as you open the bag you’ll be greeted with the rich smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple; you may even be tempted to try them! These treats are available on Amazon, or you can order them as part of a pack full of dog treats and toys from shopwoofpack.com. Either way, your pup will have a fun new holiday treat to try out!

Luluebelles Turkey Toy

The Lulubelles Turkey is a fun and festive way to include your dog in the holidays. The turkey is not only soft and comforting for dogs, but also durable enough to make it through the holidays. The turkey is lined with durable mesh that keeps your pup from ripping through it too quickly. It also has a squeaker which will entice play and keep your dog busy playing through the holidays. Your pup can cuddle with it, chew on it, and it’s even a great toy for tug of war. 

The Lulubelles Turkey Toy is ideal for small and medium sized dogs; it’s dimensions are 6” x 4.5” x 4.5”. We have found that compared to other soft plush toys, this toy holds up better with tough chewers. It will be much harder for your dog to gut this turkey than you may think! It should last through the holiday season, keeping your dog occupied, and helping to deter destructive behavior caused by boredom. 

blueberry pet fall collars

fall collar

Blueberry dog collars are notorious for having tons of color, pattern, and size options. You don’t have to settle for a pattern that you don’t love for you dog because of the wide range of choices. Blueberry Pet’s fall line has 8 fun patterns that you can choose from! Each collar has special 3D decor attached, that you can take off, or put on as you please. They’re a great way to give your dog a fall accessory that they’ll be comfortable in. 

All of the Blueberry Pet Fall Collars are made with a high density polyester material and nickel-free hardware. This makes it both durable, and comfortable for your pet to wear. The buckles are also made of eco-friendly plastic, so you can feel good about the products used in production as well. 

All of the fall collars are available in three sizes, and are adjustable, making them suitable for just about any dog. The smallest size is 5/8″ wide x 12-17″ long; the medium is 3/4″ wide x 14.5 – 20″ long, and the large is 1″ wide x 18-26″ long.

wet noses pumpkin treats

Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats

Pumpkin is actually a very healthy treat for dogs! Pumpkin is high in fiber, full of vitamins, and tastes great for dogs. All of Wet Noses treats are certified Organic and non-GMO. If you have a pup with allergies we’ve found the perfect treat for you; these treats are organic, and free of wheat, corn, and soy. Few treats will get your dog excited like these, and at only 30 calories per treat you can feel good about treating your pup to a healthy snack. Their pumpkin treats are full of vitamins, and can become the perfect organic treat for dogs when autumn rolls around. They taste so good, your pup will think you’re treating them to people food. 

Pumpkin treats, in general, are extremely beneficial for dogs and these treats are no exception. They’re full of minerals, antioxidants, and healthy vitamins to help your pup obtain a healthy diet. Because these treats are organic, your pup will be able to easily absorb and digest the nutrients. The pumpkin in these treats contains Vitamin C, K, and E; great for your pup’s bones, joints, and energy. They also contain manganese, iron, magnesium, and zinc, at only 30 calories per treat. The pumpkins are certified organic, and the treats don’t contain any soy, dairy, artificial preservatives, colors, or chemicals.

Ingredients: Organic Rye Flour, Organic Pumpkin Puree, Organic Ginger, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Crushed Peanuts, Water

You can check out our in depth review of all of the Wet Noses varieties here. 

ollie diggs bandana

fall bandana

Bandana’s are an easy way to help your dog accessorize. They fit right over their collars, and give your pup a cute outfit without having to find clothing that fits them. We love bandanas because they’re one size fits all, and dogs hardly notice them. If you’ve got some fall activities planned, you can help your pup dress for the occasion in just seconds. The Ollie Diggs bandanas are one of our favorites because a portion of all of their sales benefit animal rescues, so your money will be well spent!

This fun checkered bandana is available in three styles; pumpkin patch (pictured), rusty, and booberry. All of the bandanas are a fun triangle shape, and are 45cm x 45cm x 65cm. They tend to fit dogs that wear anywhere from a size XS to a size Large. Your pup will love the comfortable fit; it’s made from high quality cotton that won’t stretch or fade. The bandana is also double sided, so no matter how your dog wears it, it will always have them looking their best. 

very vintage pumpkin bowtie

fall bowtie

Much like bandanas, bowties are an easy and fun way to spiff up your dog’s collar without making your dog uncomfortable. All you have to do is clip it to their regular collar, and their outfit will be complete. No need to fuss with clothing, or specific size measurements. The Very Vintage Bowties are some of our favorites. They’re comfortable for your pets, affordable, and hand-crafted. Your pup will be the center of attention at any gathering, and you’ll have them ready to go in a matter of seconds.

This Very Vintage pumpkin bowtie is available in three standard sizes to suit small, medium, and larger sized dogs. The sizes are designed for various collar sizes to easily attach and stay put. The XS is 3″, the Small/Medium is 4″, and the large is 5″. This fun bowtie is made with 100% cotton, and hand-crafted to help your dog stand out. 

Fall Apparel Guide

Of course, what better way to celebrate fall than with festive accessories. From fall handkerchiefs to collars, to outfits, we’re scouring the market for the cutest and most practical fall accessories that your dog will love to wear. Now you and your dog can both look great for the fall season! We know how hard it can be to not only find clothing that fits your dog’s unique build, but also clothing that’s comfortable and stylish. We’re happy to introduce our how-to guide on purchasing fall clothing for your dogs. 

Unfortunately, pet clothing is never one size fits all. In fact, you often can’t even rely on the typical “small, medium, or large”.  Some clothing brands are made specifically for different types of breeds. If you think about it, no two breeds are built the same. Some dogs have longer necks, legs, and body lengths. No matter what kind of pup you have, you can find clothing that fits them if you take the time to measure your pup.

Of course the first step is to find an article of clothing that is designed for your dog’s specific breed. This is the easiest way to ensure your pup will be able to wear the clothing comfortably. If not, pay close attention to all of the measurements available. If the clothing company doesn’t offer measurements, chances are – it won’t fit your pup. Once you have your dog’s measurements, you’re ready to start shopping! We’re working hard on a list of some of the best dog clothing brands out there, that are not only durable for your dog, but easy to clean and comfortable as well. The last thing you want is a piece of clothing that’s too uncomfortable to wear.

mummumi flannel

dog flannels

Flannels are a must-have when fall approaches; they’re comfortable, soft, and stylish. Flannels are not only great for humans, they’re great for dogs as well! They’ll have your dog not only looking their best for holiday festivities, but they’ll be cozy and warm as well. The Mummumi Pet Flannels are one of our favorite fall shirts for dogs of just about any size due to their warm design and soft cotton material. You’ll also love that this flannel is machine washable; your pup can run around in the backyard and get it as dirty as they want, and it’ll always be easy to clean. 

Before ordering this adorable flannel for your pup, make sure to measure them; the flannels seem to run a bit small in our opinion. 

XS–Chest-28cm/11.02”, Length-19cm/7.48”
S—Chest-32cm/12.60”, Length-25cm/9.84”
M—Chest-36cm/14.17”, Length-29cm/11.42”
L—Chest-40cm/15.75”, Length-33cm/12.99” 
XL–Chest-44cm/17.32”, Length-39cm/15.35”

fami sweater

fami sweater

The Fami Sweaters are designed for smaller dogs that need an extra bit of warmth during the colder months. They’re soft, warm, and comfortable for even picky pups. These sweaters are made from woolen yarn that will be flexible enough for your dog to move around with ease. You can purchase the sweater in three sizes, and three colors; black, red, and blue. All sizes will fit your pup from their necks down their backs, and keep them warm whether they’re inside or outside. The wool is soft and stretchy enough for dogs to feel comfortable in. You’ll also like that it has a pullover design so you won’t have to deal with any buttons or buckles to get it on and off your pup.

Small: Ideal for dogs 6-9  lbs. Neck girth: 10.24″, chest girth: 14.17″, back length: 11.02″

Medium: Ideal for dogs 9-11lbs. Neck girth: 11.02″, chest girth: 16.54″, back length: 12.6″

Large: Ideal for dogs 11-15 lbs. Neck girth: 12.6″, chest girth: 17.3″, back length: 14.15″.

We have found that the sizing tends to run on the small side. If your pup is in between sizes, definitely go with the next size up.

kuoser waterproof vest

dog vest

Vests are a great way to keep your dog warm in winter months. They’ll keep their torso warm without constricting their tail or limbs. We also love vests because there’s a great chance you’ll find a size that fits your dog appropriately. If you think a dog vest might be a good fit for your pup, the Kuoser waterproof vest is a great pick. It’s available in a variety of fun colors, its reversible, comfortable, and most importantly – it will keep your dog warm. It’s high quality design makes it one of our favorite winter accessories for dogs. 

The Kuoser Vest is made from a polyester terylene and cotton blend that makes it warm and comfortable. The outer layer is water resistant to protect your dog from getting wet in the snow, and the inner lining is made from a warm fleece. You can purchase this vest in four different fun plaid colors; red, beige, green, and brown. Each color is reversible as well, and will keep your dog looking great in the winter months. Your dog will be protected from the wind, snow, rain, and anything else you don’t want their torso exposed to. It’s warm materials and polyester filling make it one of the warmest vests you can purchase for your pooch.