Your fashion, home, and maybe even your office are super stylish. Why leave your sweet Fido out of this loop? Forget the basic looking pet supplies that you can get anywhere, it is time for you and your Fido to change up your daily routine with some style. Check out these 4 fashion essentials we have chosen to help make your daily walks feel like a walk down the runway!



Poochmaison’s accessory set will make sure that you are fashionable on every walk but also prepared for whatever you might walk into. This 3 piece set comes with a matching collar, leash, and bag. To make sure this set fits your simple and clean style you can get it in black or grey. However, if you are more into color the sets are also offered in green or purple.

To make each of these pieces the company uses vegan leather. Although, do not think that vegan leather takes down the strength of each set. The rose gold details are not only adorable but also strong because of zinc alloy. Each of these details like the rings make the pieces strong and sturdy.

To make sure that your stylish Fido stays by your side the set includes a leash. With a circle for the handle you are able to hold it easily in your hand or even slip it around your arm. Not every Fido walks at the same rate so some may need more slack than others. Thankfully, to keep them from pulling you away you can increase the length from 29 inches all the way up to 50 inches.

Additional Features

This leash will easily connect to the collar that is included because of two rings in the shape of D’s. These rings can also be used to hold a tag that reads your Fido’s name and your number. To make sure that the collar fits just right and does not fall off you can increase the size from 24 centimeters to 44 centimeters. According to the company these sizes are just right for Fidos who are on the small to medium scale.

Lastly, in this set there is a bag that connects to the leash. This bag is unique because of the variety of things it can hold. With a pocket on the inside it is able to store your cards and with a hole at the top it also stores waste bags. Additionally, if you are someone who always has their home key with them you will be able to easily store it on the key ring attached to the bag.



With the Kuoser dog coat you do not have to let the cold weather deter you from making sure your Fido is the most stylish pup in the neighborhood. The unique thing about this coat is that it is reversible. On one side there is a solid color puffy vest with cross stitching while the other side is a multi colored plaid vest. We love this dog coat so much that it even made our Snow Safety Products for your Pup top picks!

Since not everyone’s style is the same there are six different color options to choose from. With options ranging from brown to pink you will be able to find just the right look. Once you do find the color you also get to choose from seven different sizes ranging from XS to 3XL. According to the company you will be able to find a size that will fit a Chihuahua and also be able to find a size that will fit a golden retriever.

However, to make sure the size is absolutely the best fit the company recommends referencing the size chart or speaking with them before you buy. The most important measurement you will need to pay attention to for this specific coat is the chest. To get just the right fit the company also suggests allowing a little extra room that will fit two fingers between the tape around their neck and chest.


The outer side will protect your Fido from harsh weather conditions ranging from rain to snow storms. Since it was made with polyester fiber it will keep your pup warm even on those cold winter mornings. Not only that but it is also constructed to be waterproof so they will stay dry as well. Walks will be a lot better for you and your pup when they feel comfy and protected.

On the inside it is made out of polyester and a mix of terylene and cotton. Using this material allows it to be lightweight and not make your Fido feel like they are dragging something around. In addition, the fabric is also quite soft so it will feel nice in your arms as you carry them around.

Additional Features

 To make it even more comfortable and convenient for everyone the coats have 3 extra features. First, there is a buttonhole that allows you to connect a leash to their collar or even a harness. Next, to make sure it is not straining on their body the area in the chest is elastic so it will stretch as they move. Lastly, they use Velcro to keep the coat secure and closed which means there is no hassle to remove it.



Does you Fido have a big event or occasion coming up? If they do you may want to dress them up so they can impress everyone and look their best. One way to get them looking all cute and fancy is a bowtie. You may feel like plain bowties are too common and want something that will help them stand out. Thankfully, United Pups bowties come in a plaid design colored either red, blue, or black.

What really makes these bowties unique is the fact that they also come with a matching collar and leash. With these other accessories the company has kept the classy look going with nickel details like the buckles and rings. If you just wanted to wear the bowtie alone for an upcoming event do not worry. The tie is not attached to the collar and can be easily be worn on its own for any special occasion.

Size and Color

Although, to make sure that the collar will fit for any runway walks they may you can choose from 3 different sizes. With the option of a small, medium, or large your Fido will be able to strut their stuff comfortably. Also, if your pups size is more in the middle of two options you can easily adjust the collar to fit just right.

The small size is able to extend from 9 inches all the way up to 12 inches. According to the company this size is just right for chihuahuas or pugs. For a bit bigger dogs like a beagle or a bulldog they suggest a medium. This size is able to extend from 12 inches to 18 inches. Lastly, if you have a dog like a golden retriever or a husky then the large is right for you because it extends from 14 inches to 23 inches.

If the plaid pattern is not your thing there is also an option for a striped bowtie. These ties are offered in 3 different colors red, blue, and grey. With this set you also receive a matching collar but instead of a leash it will be a necktie. To keep the classy style going even to the necktie there is a nickel detail in the shape of the bone at the bottom of the tie. With these sets it is clear that no matter the neck attire they like best they will always be the best dressed.



When you step out to take a walk make sure you step out feeling stylish with this chic leather leash. The unique thing about these leashes are that they are handmade from genuine leather. Unfortunately, leather is known to be tough and hurt people’s hands. To combat this the company made their handles padded so it will be gentle on your hands.

To make it even more helpful to the owners they offer the leashes in 3 different sizes. With the length being either 4 feet or 6 feet you will keep your Fido close or give them the slack they need. It is clear with these features that they kept the owners needs in mind.  


Not only did they make the leashes accommodating to the owner they also made them super stylish.  With a total of 6 different colors to choose from everyone will find something that fits their aesthetic. For example if you like things that are more simple they offer it in black and cream or brown and cream. However, if you are into more colorful things they offer them with a touch of fun colors like pink or teal.  

To give these leashes their color they are naturally tanned. In turn, this means that they do not use any crazy chemicals or other rough products. It takes up to 40 days to tan the leather using natural items like bark and leaves. This process not only changes its appearance but it also adds strength. Also, since they do not use anything harsh it will not irritate your dogs skin.


Another way they make this leash chic and fashionable is with the braids at each end. To create this detail someone actually braids it by hand to make the leash stronger. With all these features making it stronger it is no surprise that the company says it can handle the weight of bigger breeds. The leather is not the only thing that will stay strong the brass components are lacquered to decrease the chance for rust.