Featured Item: The Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Table of contents

  • A Word About Chuckit
  • The Chuckit Ball Classic Launcher
  • About Thr Chuckit Classic Launcher
  • Is This Right For My Dog?
  • Why Is This Unique?
  • Pros/Cons
  • Value
  • Variations

A Word About Chuckit!

Chuckit! built their entire brand around the de facto toy for dogs, the tennis ball.  Walk into any pet store and you’ll see the distinct orange and blue their toys are known for. Priding themselves on interactive dog toys, the Chuckit! brand develops toys that are not designed for solo play.  The Chuckit! goal is to help dog owners develop a deeper bond with their furry best friends, and it shows across their entire product line.  From fetch balls to frisbee-like boomerangs, to fumbling footballs, to fetching floater toys, it’s all about building that special pet to owner bond.  

The Chuckit! Ball Classic Launcher

If you dog loves to play fetch, this product is a must-have. Not only will it save your arm from becoming tired and worn out, but you won’t have to pick up a dirty ball each time your dog brings it back to you. It also allows you to throw the ball 2x- 3x farther than you could with your arm strength alone. The Chuckit Ball Classic Launcher is a staple item for all dogs who love to play fetch with tennis balls. When you purchase the Chuckit Launcher, it comes with a Chuckis Tennis Ball so you can start tossing right away! 

About the Chuckit Classic Launcher


The worst part about playing fetch with your playful pooch is having to touch the slobber-covered ball they return to you after each toss. Grabbing that moist, felt ball is a disgusting task you won’t have to do ever again when you purchase the Chuckit! Launcher. It’s also tiring to bend down each time your dog brings you the ball. The launcher allows you to reach down with the long handle and pick up the ball without having to crouch down. Chuckit Launchers are especially great when you are playing fetch in the water or the mud. You’ll be more comfortable and more willing to play with your pup in all types of terrain with the Chuckit Launcher.

The Chuckit Launcher can be used with any medium-sized Chuckit ball, or any ball that measures 2.5 inches. The Classic Launcher has a 26 inch handle that allows you to throw tennis balls much farther than you could without this product. The bottom of the handle is made from rubber that is easy to grip, and makes throwing even easier. The rest of the Launcher is made from a lightweight plastic that grips the tennis ball, and releases it as you throw. It features an ergonomic handle for the perfect amount of control and comfort. To get the most out of the Chuckit Launcher, you should use an overhand throw and follow-through.

Is this right for my dog?


If your dog is obsessed with the game of fetch, this product is absolutely necessary. There are so many dog owners that become annoyed by their dog’s constant need to pay fetch (gotta love them) because of the amount of energy it may take to play with them. Some dogs could play fetch until they collapsed! You and your dog will both be thrilled with the performance of the Chuckit Launcher. You will love being able to avoid all the dog slobber and your dog will love you more because you will be willing to play fetch for longer. Your arms won’t become tired out from continuous throwing, and you’ll be able to throw 2-3x farther each time. Overall, playtime will be much more enjoyable for you and your dog with the Chuckit Launcher.

Why is this unique?

Chuckit was the first company to really master the ball launcher. Each launcher comes with it’s own Chuckit ball so you can start playing right away. Chuckit Tennis Balls are not meant to be solo toys, so this allows you to play with your pup in the safest, most pain-free way possible. Dogs absolutely love interactie play, especially with their best friends! This product is unique because it benefits you as a dog owner as much as it benefits your dog. The Chuckit Classic Launcher promotes a happy lifestyle for you and your dog. A happy owner means a happy dog! 


Pros: The Chuckit Classic Launcher has a very long list of pros. You won’t have to pick up slobbery tennis balls during playtime, you can throw 2-3x further, you will save your arm from becoming sore and worn out, and much more.The Chuckit Launcher is also a great product for owners with mobility issues. No one wants to let their physical state get in the way of playtime with their dog, and now you won’t have to. Basically, the Chuckit Launcher is incredibly user-friendly as well as dog friendly. There’s really nothing more you could ask for in a dog toy.

Cons: Be careful not to leave the Chuckit Classic Launcher in your dog’s reach. If they are a heavy chewer they may mistake the Launcher as a chew toy. Chuckit Launchers are made for human-handling only and should not be given to your dog as a chew toy. These launchers also may take a few moments to get used to. You may have to learn exactly where to aim the launcher so that it throws the farthest distance possible. But, once you get the hang of it, there’s no learning curve involved.


The Chuckit Classic Launcher is well worth the small price in our opinion. It’s very inexpensive for the quality and the large number of benefits. Usually, lightweight plastic wouldn’t create a quality product. But, the materials used for the Chuckit Launcher are designed specifically to make throwing easier. The lighter the materials used, the better this launcher performs.  The curve in plastic handle allows you to throw the ball 2-3x further, so your dog will get much more exercise per play session. There’s really no price you can put on increasing your dog’s level of activity.


The Chuckit Launcher comes in an assortment of different sizes and variations. You can try out the Chuckit Small Ball Launcher for smaller dogs, CHUCKIT Sport LX Launcher System to toss back and forth with a friend, the  Chuckit Indoor Launcher for rainy days, or the Chuckit Pro Launcher to throw even further. Each variation has it’s own set of benefits on top of the benefits of the Classic Chuckit Launcher. If you have more than one dog, you may find that having two different launchers is the best way to go. If you have two different sized dogs, you’ll want to purchase the correct launcher for the tennis balls they use. This way, they will both get the most out of their playtime with you.