A classic game of fetch can be tons of fun for dogs and humans alike. Whether you’re spending the day at the park or in your backyard, Fido will love to chase a ball over and over again. Although fetch can be fun for dog owners, it can cause a strain on our arm after countless throws. Not to mention, picking up that slobbery dog ball isn’t pleasant for anyone. Fortunately, we’ve found a product that can end those fetch time struggles: The Chuckit Launchers. We’ve come to be fans of Chuckit! toys, because they encourage active play at an affordable price. With the use of a launcher, you won’t have to touch a slobbery ball or ice down your arm again!

     Chuckit! has quite an array of launchers to choose from, and we are here to help you find your perfect match. Each one offers similar benefits, while also having their own unique features that make it a great product. We took a significant amount of time to research important details like pros, cons, and the value the Chuckit! Launchers offer.

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About the Chuckit! Launchers

     The worst part about playing fetch with your playful pooch is having to touch the slobber-covered ball they return to you after each toss. Grabbing that moist, felt ball is a disgusting task you won’t have to do ever again when you purchase a Chuckit! Launcher. It’s also tiring to bend down each time your dog brings you the ball. Luckily, a launcher allows you to reach down with the long handle and pick up the ball without having to crouch down. With the use of a Chuckit! Launcher, you’ll be more comfortable and willing to play with your pup in all types of terrain.

     If your dog loves to play fetch and has excess energy to spare, this product is a must-have. Not only will it save you from touching a slobbery ball, but it takes the strain off of your arm as well. By using a launcher, it also allows you to throw the ball much farther than you could with your arm strength alone. As an added bonus, each Chuckit! Launcher comes with a Chuckit! Toy so you can start tossing right away! Many of them come with a Chuckit! Tennis Ball, which is much better than any human tennis ball. In fact, dogs should not chew or handle human tennis balls because the felt-lining wears away their tooth enamel. You can learn more about the pet-friendly dog balls offered through ChuckIt! in our Chuckit! Tennis Balls Review.

Types of Launchers by ChuckIt!

Chuckit! Classic Launcher

Main Benefits:
  • Throw a ball 2-3 times farther
  • Hands-free pick up
  • Made in the USA

     If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your game of fetch, The Chuckit! Classic Launcher will be a suitable option for you. This launcher can be used with any medium-sized Chuckit! ball, or any ball that measures 2.5 inches. Instead of searching around for your own ball, the company makes it super easy with providing specially designed ChuckIt! Tennis Balls.

     The Chuckit! Classic Launcher has a 26” handle that allows you to throw a ball much farther and faster than you normally could. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle made from rubber that is easy to grip and won’t fly out of your hands with each toss. The rest of the launcher is made from a lightweight plastic that grips the tennis ball, and releases it as you throw. To get the most out of the Chuckit! Classic Launcher, you should use an overhand throw and follow-through.

Chuckit! Junior Launcher

Main Benefits:
  • Great for smaller yards and parks
  • Suitable for dogs who don’t like to run far
  • Throw a ball 2-3 times farther
  • Made in the USA

     Similar to the Classic Launcher, the Chuckit! Junior Launcher is compatible with Chuckit!’s medium sized balls. The unique feature of this launcher is that it is perfect for smaller yards, parks, and for dogs that don’t like to run as far. When it comes to size, the Chuckit! Junior Launcher is 18” long, allowing you to still throw a ball 2-3 times farther. We love this launcher, because it gives dog owners who have smaller outdoor space an opportunity to improve their game of fetch. Plus, it fits easily into storage containers when you pack it away. To read even more in-depth details about this option, head on over to the article The Chuckit! Jr. Launcher – Small But Powerful.

Chuckit! Pro Launcher

Main Benefits:
  • Multiple size options
  • Has size extra large to handle larger ChuckIt! ball sizes
  • Throw a ball extra far
  • Ergonomic grip handle for comfort and control

     Once again, this launcher is very similar to the Classic Launcher. Of course, you will be able to throw the ball farther and have a hands-free pick up to avoid slobber. Unlike the previous launchers mentioned, the Chuckit! Pro Launcher comes in multiple sizes, including:

  • 18M: 18” for medium Chuckit! Balls
  • 25M: 25” for medium Chuckit! Balls
  • 26L: 26” for large Chuckit! Balls
  • 26XL: 26” for extra large Chuckit! Balls

     This is a great size range, because it provides appropriate options for larger pups or dogs with excess energy to burn. If you have a small dog, there’s no need to worry; our next launcher has you covered!

Chuckit! Sport Launcher

Main Benefits:
  • Multiple size options
  • Has a smaller size to carry small Chuckit! Balls
  • Made in the USA
  • Throw 2-3 times farther

     No need to touch a slobbery ball, the Chuckit! Sport Launcher has you covered. This launcher comes in assorted colors of orange, blue, and green. When purchasing the Chuckit! Sport Launcher, you can choose from a variety of sizes:

  • 12S: 12” (for small Chuckit! Balls)
  • 14S: 14” (for small Chuckit! Balls)
  • 18M: 18” (for medium Chuckit! Balls)
  • 25S: 25” (for small Chuckit! Balls)
  • 25M: 25” (for medium Chuckit! Balls)
  • 26L: 26” (for large Chuckit! Balls)

     We love to see an array of size options because it provides suitable options for almost every size dog. Ultimately, this launcher is going to be the best option for smaller furry friends, since it has sizes compatible with small Chuckit! Balls. Of course, the other size options will be perfect for medium and large dogs as well.

Chuckit! Max Glow Pro Launcher

Main Benefits:
  • Unique
  • Glows in the dark
  • Great for nighttime or early morning fetch
  • Comes with a glow in the dark ball
  • Charge without the use of batteries or cords

     Do you like to play with Fido at night or early in the morning? If you said yes, then we have the perfect launcher for you! The Chuckit Max Glow Pro Launcher glows in the dark, making it ideal for nighttime or early morning fetch. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about putting batteries in it. To activate the glow technology, simply allow the launcher to charge under a bright light for 5-10 minutes. After it charges, the launcher will glow for up to 30 minutes. Additionally, this launcher comes with a medium Chuckit! Max Glow Ball, which offers the same glow technology. We love the glow in the dark feature, because it makes fetching even more fun for you and your dog. Regarding size, you can choose from two options:

  • 18M: 18” (for medium Chuckit! Balls)
  • 25M: 25” (for medium Chuckit! Balls)

Chuckit! Indoor Launcher

Main Benefits:
  • Great for indoor play on a rainy day
  • Comes with a Chuckit! Indoor Roller
  • Brings hands-free fetch to your living room
  • Compatible with both the indoor roller and indoor ball

Buying Tip: Currently, this launcher comes at a higher price on Amazon compared to some of the other Chuckit! Launchers.

     There’s no need to sacrifice play time on a rainy day, because the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher brings fun to your living room! When the weather is gloomy, you and Fido can have a game of indoor fetch with an indoor launcher. At 18”, this launcher allows you to have a hands-free game of fetch with your pup.

     Fortunately, the indoor launcher comes with a compatible toy right with your purchase. This includes the Chuckit! Indoor Roller, so you can start playing right away. Along with the indoor roller, this launcher is also compatible with the Chuckit! Indoor Ball. The indoor roller and ball are uniquely made of soft material, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a lamp or scratching up furniture. In fact, Chuckit! has an entire line of indoor dog toys to choose from! If you are interested in taking play inside, check out our review on Chuckit! Indoor Dog Toys.

Are ChuckIt! Ball Launchers Right for My Dog?

      Hands down, this product is absolutely necessary for energetic pups who are obsessed with fetching. There are so many dog owners that become annoyed by their dog’s constant need to pay fetch because of the amount of energy it may take to play with them. Some dogs could play fetch until they collapse! Especially when you have a high-energy breed on your hands, it can be hard to find an activity that will exhaust them without exhausting you.

     With the use of a Chuckit! Launcher, you can avoid touching a slobbery ball and straining your arm, making you want to play fetch longer. Trust us, your dog will thank you for a longer game of fetch! Overall, playtime will be much more enjoyable for you and your dog with a Chuckit! Launcher. The bonding experience will create special, memorable moments that both you and your furbaby will cherish.


     The Chuckit!  Launchers have a very long list of pros. You can avoid picking up slobbery tennis balls, throw much further, save your arm from becoming sore and worn out, and much more. Also, the Chuckit! Launchers are great for owners with mobility issues. No one wants to let their physical state get in the way of playtime with their dog, and now you won’t have to. Plus, the launchers are extremely lightweight, making it easy to carry and travel with. Basically, the Chuckit! Launchers are incredibly user-friendly to improve your game of fetch.

     The Chuckit! company produces a long list of fetch toys that are 100% compatible with their launcher, which is a huge plus. While their Chuckit! Tennis Balls come in new variations, you may also be looking for something a bit more non-traditional. If that’s the case, we suggest checking out the Chuckit! Ring Chaser. This variation of the Chuckit! Launcher is specially designed to toss a ring. Unlike standard tennis balls, the ring gives your pup a much-needed change-up.


      Be careful not to leave the Chuckit! Launchers in your dog’s reach. If they are a heavy chewer, they may mistake the Launcher as a chew toy. Chuckit! Launchers are made for human-handling only and should not be given to your dog as a chew toy. Like any new activity, these launchers also may take a few moments to get used to. Unlike throwing a ball with your hands, the launcher works by flicking your wrist during the last moments of a swing. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll love how much fun it is to use during a game of fetch (and your arm will thank you).

     Some of the Chuckit! Launchers come in assorted colors of blue, orange, and green. However, you cannot pick the color of your choice when you checkout. We don’t think this is a deal breaker, but want you to be aware before buying your new launcher.


     The Chuckit! Launchers are well worth the small price in our opinion. Most of them are very inexpensive for the quality and the large number of benefits. Usually, lightweight plastic wouldn’t create a quality product. But, the materials used for the Chuckit! Launchers are designed specifically to make throwing easier. The lighter the materials used, the easier it is to throw far distances. In the end, there’s really no price you can put on increasing your dog’s level of activity.

     If you want to take some time and compare this launcher with other similar products, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at The Best Dog Ball Launcher to see both manual launchers, like the Chuckit!, and automatic launchers that come completely hands-free.

About the Company: Chuckit!

     Chuckit! built their entire brand around the classic toy for dogs, the tennis ball. Walk into any pet store and you’ll see the distinct orange and blue their toys are known for. Priding themselves on interactive dog toys, the Chuckit! brand develops toys that are designed for interactive play with your dog. Ultimately, their goal is to help dog owners develop a deeper bond with their furry best friends, and it shows across their entire product line. From their famous fetch balls to frisbee-like boomerangs, to fumbling footballs, to fetching floater toys; it’s all about building that special pet to owner bond.