If you have an aggressive chewer at home, you know how important finding long lasting chew toys can be. When in the market for a chew toy, durability is definitely one of the most important qualities a toy can have. But what features can we look for to ensure a toy is durable and up to the challenge of keeping up with Fido’s chewing habits? By making sure a chew toy has certain qualities you can save tons of money on replacement toys and provide a safer play environment for your pup.

What Features to Look for in a Durable Dog Toy

Paying attention to toy labels and reviews can give you insight on the product in question. Considering your dog’s unique characteristics can also help when purchasing the perfect durable chew toy for Fido. When you consider things like Fido’s age, size, and chewing habits, you can extend the lifespan of your chew toy. Younger pups who are still teething will need softer, smaller chew toys. While adult dogs with a developed jaw structure can handle tougher material.

Some features to look for in the chew toy itself are size, color, shape, flavor, and ingredients. The size of the chew toy should compliment the size of your pooch. The shape and flavor of the dog toy are features that can cater to your pup specifically. Bringing Fido to the store with you is a great way to guarantee a good pick. When reviewing durable toy labels, ingredients and materials you want to look for are hard or stiff rubber and nylon and natural ingredients.

Some other features or quick tips to keep in mind are easy to clean toys and avoid chew toys that resemble house-hold items. This will help prevent unwanted chewing on actual house-hold items. Coming soon, a full length article will go into greater detail about what features to look for in a durable dog toy and why.