Whether April is headed your way or the wet season is fast approaching, you know what that means, lots of rain! As much as you and your pups may hate cold, rainy days, you shouldn’t let it ruin your Saturday plans with Fido. Even if your pooch doesn’t like the rain, there are a variety of products out there designed to keep them dry and comfortable during the wetter seasons. Throughout this article, you will find tips and products that will help you get through rainy days with your furry friend. Our rain guide for dogs is packed full of helpful tidbits to get you working the raindrops like a pro.

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Tips for taking Fido out in the rain

     We know how tricky it can be to convince your dog to step outside on those rainy days. Our dogs like to hide, bark, and whine to convince us that they don’t need to go outside. Like they can fool us! We all know that ten minutes later there will be a puddle on the kitchen floor. Unfortunately, all dogs need to go outside at some point to take care of business, even in nasty weather.  

Desensitize them to rain

    No matter how much your dog may hate the rain, it’s best to desensitize them as much as you can. You might be asking, “How can I do this?” Well first of all, try to take your dog outside during light rain. This will give them exposure to mist without making them go out during a heavy storm. Getting your pup used to the rain will make it much easier to get things done during storms, and eliminate accidents when the weather is unfavorable.

Make them comfortable

     Making your pup comfortable outside is the key to getting them used to the rainy weather. If you go outside with your pup, keep them as dry as possible, and dry them off as soon as they come inside; they’ll find it easy to play around in the rain. Some dogs may not necessarily hate the rain, but rather, they are bothered by the feeling of wet grass. If you struggle to get Fido to step outside during dreary days, you may want to try taking them out on the pavement to help them adjust the weather differences. In addition, you should also try to get your pup equipped with the right clothing for unfavorable weather. Rain jackets, booties, umbrellas, anything that will make your dog feel more comfortable outdoors.

Positive Reinforcement

     After your dog finishes going to the bathroom out in the rain, make sure you both praise them, and immediately bring them back inside. This will help them learn that they’re doing a good deed, and they’ll learn that going potty means they can come back inside! Of course, you can also reward them with their favorite treats to sweeten the deal. Some of our favorite treats for positive reinforcement are listed out in The Best Low-Fat Dog Treats and Top Five Best Organic Dog Treats.

Make it fun!rhinoplay flip

     Maybe if you’re lucky, your dog already loves the rain! In which case, you can still go the extra mile to make sure you and your dog have the best time possible when going outdoors. If you and your pup don’t let the rain stop you from playing outside, you should check out our GoDog RhinoPlay Toys Review. You can use these toys in the pool, ocean, or lake, so they will be sure to work for a rainy day.

     To survive the wetter seasons, we want to show you some great products that make the rain less painful for you and your dog. From rain jackets, to booties, and products to dry your pooch in no time, you won’t have to worry about the weather ruining your plans!

Rain Jackets for Dogs

Ethical Pet Rain Jacket

     The Ethical Pet rain jacket is one of our favorite accessories. It’s both functional and cute, making rainy days fun for you and your pooch. The material is 100% waterproof, and also has reflective stripes to help cars see your pooch at night. To put it on, simply pull it over your dog’s head, and adjust the belly strap to keep it secure. The rain jacket also has a hood, so your dog will be covered just about from head to toe! In our opinion this rain jacket is a no-brainer for dogs that don’t like getting wet. Their back, head, and body won’t be able getting soaked, making your house cleaner, and your pup happier.

     This rain is adjustable and available in six sizes to provide a comfortable fit no matter how big or small your pup is. Each size has a self-adjusting belly strap that easily fits around your pup without becoming too invasive. To meet the needs of your dog, you can choose from these sizes:

  • XS: 8″-10″
  • Small: 10″-14″
  • Medium: 14″-18″
  • Large: 18″-21″
  • XL: 21″-26″

Large Breed Pick: Mikayoo Rain Jacket

     We can’t forget about our large furry friends during the rainy season! It can be hard to find clothing for big breeds; that’s why we went on a search for a larger rain jacket. Made with professional material, the coat is waterproof and breathable to give your dog the quality they deserve. In addition, Mikayoo included a reflective material to the jacket to increase visibility for night time (or dark, rainy weather!). We love this feature, because it makes your pet safer for walks.

     Of course, one of the best aspects of this product is the size range. From medium to XXL, you can choose from these options:

  • Medium: back length 15.7″, chest circumference 25.6-27.6″, neck circumference 13.6-17.3″
  • Large: back length 19.3″, chest circumference 30.3-31.9″, neck circumference 14.8-19.8″
  • XL: back length 23.3″, chest circumference 35-38.1″, neck circumference 17.3-24.7″
  • XXL: back length 28.8″, chest circumference 38.2-41.3″, neck circumference 18.5-27.2″

     Plus, you can choose from an array of colors to fit your dog’s own personal style! There’s brown, gray, dark blue, lake blue, pink, and yellow to choose from. No matter which color you pick, each one will provide a high-quality design for your big breed.

Rain Boots for Dogs

Pawz Waterproof Dog Boot

     The Pawz Waterproof Dog Boot is probably the most easy-to-use and comfortable bootie your pup can wear to protect their paws from rain, snow, ice, and other outdoor elements. Unlike other more expensive booties, these are less than $10 and fit over Fido’s foot like a sock. Due to this style of fit, it allows your furbaby to have full-range motion of their foot during use (which will definitely help eliminate any uncomfortable feelings for them).

     Both reusable and disposable, the best part about these waterproof dog booties is their materials. It is made from natural rubber that is 100% biodegradable, not to mention USA-made! They will fit into your natural-living lifestyle; increasing your dog’s footprints but reducing your carbon-footprints.

     Along with a wide range of solid colors (8 to be exact), the company makes sure to build a ton of different sizes to fit every breed. The size chart below will tell you everything you need to know in order to purchase the right one.

Premium Pick: QUMY Dog Boots

     These are more of a “rugged” option compared to the PawEffect booties. The QUMY Dog Boots have an anti-slip design with the use of a rubber sole. Water can be slippery, so this is a great feature to find in a rain boot. Of course, these boots are water resistant to keep your dog’s feet dry and your home mud-free. You’ll be happy to hear that The QUMY Dog Boots are easy to get on and off your pup, because they have a split seam opening. This will make getting dressed for the rain less painful for not only your pup, but you as well. 

     Also, the boots have an adjustable velcro strap, allowing you to give Fido the most comfortable fit. Along with being adjustable, the straps are reflective for added visibility. By having your pup wear reflective material, it will make drivers able to see them in the dark. After all, safety always comes first!

     There are two colors to choose from: red and black. Each one provides style and quality for Fido! To meet the needs of all size dogs, QUMY provides a variety of options, including:

  • Size 5: 2.7 x 2.2″ for 40-55 lbs
  • 6: 2.9 x 2.5″ for 52-65 lbs
  • 7: 3.1 x 2.7″ for 63-75 lbs
  • 8: 3.3 x 2.9″ for 74-88 lbs

     To clean these boots, you can hand wash them in a sink and let them air dry. Unfortunately, neither of the boots we cover are machine washable. However, washing them by hand shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

     Keep in mind, these boots are more of a “premium” option. When comparing them to the Pawz WaterProof booties, these cost a little more. After comparing the features, you can choose which ones are a better fit for Fido and your wallet.

Paw Plungers for Dogs

     The Paw Plunger is a must-have for dogs that are constantly running around outside, getting their paws covered in mud. If your pup tends to become a muddy mess, this product will save your carpets and your clothes! It’s incredibly easy to use, and will get rid of dirt and irritants that get trapped on your dog’s paws. To use it, simply pour water into the plunger up to the top row of bristles. Then, all you have to do is dip your dog’s paws in the plunger. It will gently clean their paws, remove salt, anti-freeze, rocks, or even sand from your dog’s paws. When your pup has built-up dirt and irritants on their paws, they will eventually try to lick everything off. This can lead to serious problems if your dog steps in any toxins; no pet owner wants that! With the use of a paw plunger, you can keep your dog safe, clean, and avoid ruining your carpet.

The Original Paw Plunger

  The original Paw Plunger will remind you of a mug because it features a sturdy handle that makes inserting your pup’s paws super easy. Once you add some clean water inside, its black bristled rim will keep it from splashing out everywhere (unless you hold it upside-down of course!). Simply dip your dogs paws, one by one, into the container a couple of times to scrub off dirt and grime. Then, dry each paw off for a finishing touch.

paw plunger     The size of a dog’s foot is going to vary depending on their age and breed. Instead of settling for a paw plunger that is too big or too small, this one allows you to cater its size for the right fit. They come in:

  • Small: 4” tall x 3.5” wide, for dogs weighing up to 15lbs.
  • Medium: 6.25” tall x 5.75” wide, for dogs weighing 15 to 75lbs.
  • Large: 9.6” tall x 6.5” wide, for dogs weighing over 75lbs.

Other Paw Plunger Options

      After the original Paw Plunger went on the market and filled the needs of countless dog owners, other manufacturers began to implement their own paw plunger designs. Actually, some of them are extremely functional and may work even better than the original! To learn more about these other paw plunger options, head on over to Paw Plunger Tools Every Dog Owner Needs.

Doggie Umbrellas

LesyPet Pet Umbrella

     If your pup hates apparel, a doggie umbrella may be your best option. They keep your dog dry during rainstorms, and can be easier than trying to get a jacket over their heads. Unfortunately, the downside is that they won’t protect your dog from wind blowing towards them. The umbrella won’t affect their vision, as it’s raised above their head. Your pup won’t even know the umbrella’s up there. All they’ll know is that they’re dry during the storms! This umbrella is fast to set up, durable, and allows you to see what your dog is doing through the transparent film. When you’re ready to go outside, simply install the stopper, tighten the shaft, and open the umbrella. You can even use it during the summer to help shade your dog a bit from the sun.

     The Lesypet Pet Umbrella has a 28″ diameter, and a built in leash hook that’s 12.2″. It’s pretty easy to handle, and works with most small dogs. As long as your pooch is less than 19″ in length, they’ll have great coverage during those rainy days.

     When it comes to materials, the umbrella is made of polyester, that’s durable, waterproof, and lightweight. You’ll also be happy to hear that the handle is environmentally friendly, and comfortable to hold. If you need a quick fix to your wet dog problems, this umbrella is a great, affordable option.

Patgoal Waterproof Pet Umbrella

     Not only is this an umbrella, it also functions as a leash. With this two in one design, it makes the Patgoal Waterproof Pet Umbrella ideal for walking your dog in the rain. The umbrella is transparent, so you can keep an eye on your pup. In addition, the handle has a hook design to give you a good grip during your walks. It comes in black or white, which refers to the color of the handle while the umbrella remains transparent. When it comes to size, the dimensions are as follows:

  • Total Length:73cm/28.74″
  • Length (chain):25cm/9.84″
  • Diameter (umbrella):77cm/30.31″

     Some customers have said the length is a little short. For tall people, this may come as an issue. To see if this product will be comfortable for you, we recommend measuring your current leash. If the length is similar to the Patgoal Waterproof Pet Umbrella, then it should be a good fit for you.

Drying Methods

The Snuggly Dog Towel

     Does your pup ever get uncomfortable and cold after bath time or a walk out in the rain? A snuggly dog towel may be the perfect way to keep them cozy and happy. Rather than standing with your pooch and trying to dry them off, this towel stays put until you take it off of your pup. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and best of all, helps to keep your dog and house dry. The towel prevents rapid cooling, which can be especially harmful for small dogs or those without hair. Ultimately, it provides an easy method to warm them up quickly!

Buying Tips: For proper measurements, measure from your dog’s shoulder blades down to the base of their tail.

     Made with 400gsm Microfiber, the Snuggly Dog Towel is ultra absorbent and cozy for comfort. Dogs seems to absolutely love these towels. Why? Well first of all, their human isn’t making them sit still to dry them off as soon as they get out of the bath or come indoors. They’re also warm, comfortable, and help them dry off much faster. This makes the perfect gift for dog lovers and dog owners. They’re available in blue and red, and three length sizes:

  • Small: 24”
  • Medium: 27”
  • Large: 30”

Soggy Doggy Super Shammy

     After your dog comes inside from being in a downpour, it can feel stressful trying to get them dry. With the use of the Soggy Doggy Super Shammy, you won’t need to stress anymore! Instead of ruining your nice bath towels, you can dry Fido off with the Super Shammy. Conveniently, it has hand pockets so you can easily rub the water dry from your dog’s fur. Also, the towel is machine washable to make cleaning simple. The Super Shammy holds up to 7 times its weight in water (wow!), so you can be sure to get your dog dry. It comes in one size, measuring at:

  • 31 x 14″

Removing the Wet Dog Smell

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray

     As a dog owner, you are probably all too familiar with the wet dog smell. When the weather is wet, that odor can become very present in our homes. To remove a wet dog smell, you can use the Fresh Wave Odor Removing Spray. It’s a pet safe product, so you can be sure it won’t do any harm to your dog. We love that it is made with natural ingredients, without the use of chemicals, alcohol, or strong perfumes. It comes in an 8oz spray bottle, so you can spray your couch, pet bed, blankets, and any other smelly objects.

     No kidding, one of our team members has this spray for their bathroom! Before we even knew it could be perfect for removing pet odors, it has been a staple in their household for naturally getting rid of odors. While it comes in both an original or lavender scent now, the original scent is our favorite. It has an earthy tone of fragrance that is not too strong and will remind you of the forest and exotic spices. Instead of simply covering up smells, it truly gets to work removing them from the air. Additionally, we have noticed that, even with regular use, one bottle of the spray should last you about 3 to 5 months.

Other Odor Eliminators

      Especially during the rainy season, it’s not uncommon for your home to start smelling a little bit like wet dog. While using a great dog towel after they come in from the rain can help prevent a lingering odor, it may not completely stop it. Through trial and error, many pet owners have come to rely on products they now swear by to eliminate those odors. We discuss multiple methods in our article Get Rid of Pet Odors. It covers every style of odor eliminators, including the best sprays, candles, air purifiers, and more.

Indoor Play for Rainy Days

     When the weather is too dreary to go outside, you don’t have to sacrifice play time with your pooch. Especially with younger puppies or energetic breeds, burning off some of their energy is pretty much a daily task you have taken on. One look outside into stormy weather and your thinking, “Crap, what do we do now?”

      There are tons of interactive and solo-play indoor dog toys out there, and we’ve found some of the best ones to keep your furbaby active. In fact, we have an entire article dedicated to soft toys that make household play safe. To read our in-depth look on indoor toys, head on over to The Best Soft Indoor Dog Toys article. Instead of worrying about breaking a lamp, you can continue playtime with ease. Plus, many indoor toys make for great comfort toys. Not only do comfort toys show effective calming results during storms, but your pup will love having a snuggle buddy for nap time! Without delay, let’s show you some of our top picks for indoor dog toys.

Ethical Pet Skinneeez Stuffless Dog Toy

      The Plush Skinneeez animals are made with a soft polyester fabric that is both durable against chewing, and water resistant. To get your pup excited for play, they also have a fun crinkle paper lining and a squeaker. The Skinneeez have a unique floppy design that makes them great for tug of war, fetch, and simply cuddling. Dogs love their floppiness, because it mimics that of a dead animal. As they play with the toy, it will bring out their natural head shaking and hunting instincts.  and lightweight design.

     On Amazon, you can choose a size based on length. There are many sizes for the Skinneeez, which vary depending on the animal you pick. The sizes include:

  • 13”
  • 14”
  • 15”
  • 17”
  • 19”
  • 20”
  • 23”
  • 24”

     No matter if you pick a fox, chicken, raccoon, or any other animal, these toys will be sure to bring tons of fun into your home. Luckily, If for some reason your pup doesn’t love this toy, you can get your money back within 18 months of your purchase.

Kong Comfort Kiddos

     The Comfort Kiddos were designed specifically for indoor play. With the use of incredibly soft material,  they will be the perfect nap-time toy for your pup. Also, you’ll be able to choose from an array of stuffed animals, such as an elephant, bear, pig, and lion. No matter which one you choose, they each are super cute and soft to bring comfort to your dog.

      When your furry friend isn’t snuggling their Comfort Kiddo, they can use it for playtime activities. In addition to their soft texture, these toys have a removable low-tone squeaker to encourage play. We love that it’s removable, because sometimes us pet parents need peace and quiet around the house. During the day your pup can play with the squeaker, and when it’s quiet time, you can easily remove it for silent play.

      Kong offers most of their Comfort Kiddos in sizes medium and large directly through their manufacturer site. However, on Amazon, the sizes and prices may vary depending on which animal you choose:


  • Small: 5 x 4.8 x 7”


  • Small: 4.8 x 5 x 6.2”
  • Large: 6 x 7 x 8.8”


  • Small: 4.8 x 5 x 6.2”
  • Large: 6 x 7 x 8.8”


  • Large: 6.8 x 6.8 x 9”

Chuckit! Indoor Ball

     The ChuckIt Indoor Ball is a soft and accident-free version of the classic ChuckIt Tennis Ball. It’s perfect for throwing through the house because you can be sure that the toy won’t cause damage. By having a lightweight design paired with Bounceflex Core Technology, it will be perfect to toss and bounce around your house.

This ball is great for rowdy pups who need sufficient play time; rain or shine. It is 4.7” in diameter, only 2.4 ounces, and great for playing fetch. The ChuckIt Indoor Ball is much larger than the classic ChuckIt Balls. These balls are best for small to medium dogs or puppies who aren’t heavy chewers, although gentle chuckit launcherlarge pups will also love this toy. Coupled with the ChuckIt Indoor Launcher, you can stay drool-free while playing with your indoor ball. To show our love for this toy, we even offer it on our own Shop Woof Pack website!