Choosing the best dog bed for your furry companion(s) is a go-to step for most pet parents. Whether you are bringing home a new bouncing puppy or your loyal pooch is getting older, deciding on their perfect bedding option fulfills basic doggie needs. In fact, it should probably on your essentials list; right next to food and water. Just like us humans, dogs need a comfy place to rest and call their own. How else will they finally catch that cat in their dreams?!

     Thankfully to make sure that they are comfortable and ready for any tricks that cat may pull there is floor beds, elevated beds, and even some unique beds. However, not every bed is right for every dog. Some may need ones closer to the ground while others may need one to keep them cool. To help you out we have picked our top beds in each category and also took time to explain who they would benefit. In no time your pup will be snoozing in just the right bed for them!

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How to Choose the Best Dog Bed

     Before digging into any research, you may think all dog beds are the same. That they are just fluffy polyester pillows, used to give your dog a designated resting area. Although, if you choose the right dog bed for you and your pup, it can be so much more than that. Does your dog have joint problems? Try an elevated dog bed to keep their legs off the ground. Trying to protect your couch from dog hair? There is a dog bed for that too! Dog companies are getting smart with their bedding options and, nowadays, you have a wide variety at your fingertips.

     Landing on the best dog bed for your pooch boils down to some key factors:

  • Age of your dog
  • Chewing habits
  • Size of your dog
  • Any allergies
  • Injuries or joint pain

     As you scan through our list of recommended best dog beds, think about the needs, wants, and habits of your dog. We provided insight into the benefits of each dog bed variation, which will make your decision that much easier.


     To give the beds their comfortable but supportive feeling many of them are made with fillings. Unfortunately, with these fillings comes the perfect place for heat and moisture to become trapped. This is a very bad combination because it can lead to mites, mildew, mold, and bacteria. In turn, this could cause your dog to have an allergic reaction that will get worse overtime. Thankfully, to combat this issue, elevated dog beds are your best bet. These beds keep the water from soaking in and the heat from being trapped. In the end, this will deter mites and prevent mold, mildew, and other bacteria from forming!



     As dogs start to age their joints get weaker which makes it harder for them to jump around. Their older joints cannot take as much stress and could seriously injure the dog if they push it. Since jumping off an elevated bed could cause too much stress they should use a bed that is much lower to the ground. This will in turn allow them to get on and off the bed without a risk of injury. Not only will older dogs benefit from a floor bed but small dogs will as well. Since they have such little legs they tend to have trouble jumping down. In fact with no way to really brace themselves they could injure themselves as well if they push it. Thankfully, to help make sure that no one has to jump down and chance injury there is floor beds.


  • Chew, scratch, and bite resistant cover
  • Waterproof cover
  • Non-toxic shredded foam mattress
  • 9 different color options
  • Small to XX-Large

     When you shop for a bed one of the top qualities you look for is comfort. Recently the biggest trend in the comfortable bed department is memory foam. This may be because we all love to be remembered or because it is like a cloud… Anyway, now with this bed from PetFusion your dog can enjoy it as well! Inside of the base there is 4 inches of memory foam and it is then surrounded with a cushion filled with polyfill. This cushion is beneficial because it gives them a place to rest their head that will also support their neck.

     Covering this cloud of memory foam there is a mix of polyester, cotton, and twill. These materials working together creates a comfortable and also durable cover. In fact the cover is so strong that it is actually water and tear resistant. Also, with a non-skid bottom not only will the bed be protected but your floors will be as well.


     This bed may be rectangle in shape but that is where the basic elements end. On top of the base there is a raised barrier cushion with a small opening at the front. To help you find the right color to match your home there is 3 different options to choose from. These shades include chocolate brown, sandstone, and slate gray. The sandstone colored bed is special because it also includes a plush layer of fabric on top of the base.

  • Small: 25 x 20 x 5.5 inches
  • Large: 36 x 28 x 9 inches
  • X-Large: 44 x 34 x 10 inches
  • XX-Large Jumbo: 50 x 40 x 13 inches


  • 12 inches thick
  • Berber cover
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Recycled bottle polyfill
  • 2 color options
  • Small to Large

     Sometimes the world is just too much to handle and your dog will need to hide for a little bit. If you watch the news you definitely cannot blame them! Whether it be for a nap or just some quiet time being able to snuggle up in a bed will keep them calm and happy. To help them burrow this bed from K&H Pet Products is 12 inches thick giving them plenty of height to sink right in. Also, with the cover being made of berber it will feel comfortable on their skin as they snuggle.

     When your dog needs to get out of this thick cushion they will need to wiggle and climb out. Thankfully, to stop the bed from moving across the floor the bottom has a layer of non-slip fabric. To create such a generous cushion it is filled with a ton of polyfill. Since the thickness requires so much polyfill the company decided to make it out of recycled plastic bottles. In turn, not only will your dog be happy but the environment as well.


      To help you fit this bed into your home design it comes in 2 different color options. These two colors are gray and mocha. There is also a dark green color made but it is not available on Amazon at the moment. To keep a clean look the zipper that allows you to remove the cover is hidden underneath. Also, all of the stitching is hidden on the inside as well leaving smooth and clean edges.

  • Small: 24 x 24 x 12 inches
  • Medium: 28 x 28 x 12 inches
  • Large: 32 x 32 x 12 inches



      When your dog lays down for a long time of a cushioned bed it is easy to become overheated. The stuffing and soft fabric is comfortable but it will also trap the heat. With an elevated bed there is no stuffing or fabric and with an open bottom air can flow freely. Also, with soft fabric the bed can easily become messy. This can become a big issue if your dog is prone to drooling. Thankfully, the fabric used on elevated beds will not soak up and hold onto the mess allowing you to easily clean it. Lastly, if your dog enjoys relaxing outside then an elevated bed would be perfect. Not only because it is easy to clean but also because it is light and easily portable.

      Even better, elevated dog beds are your best bet when it comes to combating any allergies or irritations. As dog beds sit directly on the ground, all that heat and moisture get trapped in the fabric. Ultimately, they become a breeding ground for bacteria, mites, and mildew. However, elevated dog beds lift up from the ground.


  • Aluminum frame
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • 40 ounces of solid vinyl
  • Durable against diggers
  • 4 color options
  • Mini to XX-Large sizes

     If your dog has a habit of chewing on their bed then this one from Kuranda is right for you. I know how hard it must be to resist that bone in their dreams! With an aluminum frame their little teeths will be no match and will keep you from having to purchase a new bed every other month. Not only is it chew proof but this aircraft-grade aluminum can also hold up to 250 pounds of weight. This element would be perfect if you have multiple dogs that like to cuddle!

     To help hold up this weight there is 40 ounces of solid vinyl. This fabric is unique because it smooth allowing you to easily clean it without any issues. Also, if your dog tends to bury things in their dreams because according to the company it will hold up against the most determined diggers.


     Unlike other beds that come in just neutral colors this bed comes in 3 bright shades. These colors include burgundy, forest green, and royal blue. Not only are these colors stand out but will add a fun detail to any setting. However, if you would like a more calm color it also comes in the shade smoke which is a greyish black. No matter what color vinyl you do choose each one will have a silver aluminum frame that will shine in the light.

  • Mini: 25 x 18 inches
  • Small: 30 x 20 inches
  • Medium: 35 x 23 inches
  • Large: 40 x 25 inches
  • X-Large: 44 x 27 inches
  • XX-Large: 50 x 36 inches


  • High density polyethylene fabric
  • Breathable and cool
  • Recycled materials used
  • Mites, mold, fleas, and mildew resistant
  • No lead of phthalates
  • Elevated 7 inches
  • Powder-coated steel frame

     With a very unique design not only will your dog look cool in this bed from Coolaroo they will feel cool as well! The fabric that will hold your dog is made from high density polyethylene fabric. Unlike other fabrics it is breathable allowing air to flow through and eliminate hot spots. Also, to make this fabric they use completely recyclable material that does not include lead or phthalates.

      Since it is elevated 7 inches off the ground the cool air will not only go through the fabric but all around your dog as well. In turn, this will prevent any heat being trapped which will keep away mites, mold, fleas, and mildew. The frame holding all this fabric is made of durable powder-coated steel that is lightweight for easily transportation.


      The frame on every bed is black in color but the fabric holding your pup comes in 4 different shades. These color options include brunswick green, nutmeg, gray, and terracotta. No matter what color you do choose it will stretch out across the frame in a octagon shape leaving the frame to poke out at the corners.

  • Small: 35.4 x 21.6 x 7.9 inches
  • Medium: 25.6 x 43.3 x 7.9 inches
  • Large: 31.5 x 51.2 x 7.9 inches


  • Rubber feet
  • 600-denier fabric
  • Waterproof
  • Mesh center
  • Mold, mildew, bacteria, odor resistant
  • Holds up to 150 pounds
  • 2 color options
  • Small to X-Large sizes

     If your pet is very active then they will be jumping on and off their bed a ton throughout the day. With every jump a regular bed could slide across the floor causing marks or putting it right in the walkway. You may want to ‘fall into bed’ but I do not think a dog bed is what you had in mind! To keep this bed from K&H Pet Products in place the frame’s feet has rubber bottoms.

     In the middle of this frame there is a cot made out of 600-denier fabric. Not only is this cot waterproof but it also has mesh in the center. With both of these elements both water and heat will not be an issue. In turn, this means that mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors will not be an issue either. With this strong and unique fabric the cot is durable enough to hold up to 150 pounds.


     This bed has a black frame and a black mesh center in the middle of the cot. Surrounding this center there is a durable fabric that comes in 2 different shades. These 2 color options include gray and chocolate. The colored border goes around the octagon completely wraps around the frame at each side.  

  • Small: 17 x 22 x 7 inches
  • Medium: 25 x 32 x 7 inches
  • Large: 30 x 42 x 7 inches
  • X-Large: 32 x 50 x 9 inches



     Just like the name the benefits of a unique dog bed is…unique! Each one has different design, look, and size elements that is hard to group them into one category. Although, one benefit that is the same is the personalization element. Since each bed is so different you get the chance to choose one that fits your dog’s personality the best. Whether that be because of its design or its look is totally up to you!


  • Storage pocket
  • 2 inch legs
  • Vibration absorbing foot pads
  • Cushion held with toggle and loop
  • Hand crafted wooden frame
  • Grey and white chevron
  • Button and sizing details

     One of the best parts of the day is when you finally get home and can fall onto the couch. Now with this dog bed from Enchanted Home Pet your dog can now do the same. Hopefully they do not lose any milk bones under the cushion though! Thankfully to hold all of their treats and toys there is a storage pocket. This will keep them off the floor like the 2 inch legs keep this bed off the floor. These legs are unique because they both have a foot pad that absorbs vibrations. This means that you will not need to worry about waking them as you go about your day.

     Once your dog is awake and jumps off the bed you may be worried that the cushion will fall to the ground. However, with a toggle and loop to secure it, it is actually the complete opposite! No matter how much they jump around the cushion will stay still. All of these elements are held together with a hand crafted wooden frame so you know it is constructed with care.


     There is no denying that this bed is in the shape of a couch. With two legs, a cushion, and a frame they can relax after a long day with you. The majority of this bed is light grey but also includes white and grey chevron surrounding the frame and detailed on the cushion. To add even more detail there are a 3 buttons on the inside of the frame and one side of the frame goes higher than the other.

  • Bed: 27 x 15 x 15 inches
  • Cushion: 17 x 11 inches
  • Feet: 2 inches


  • Protects your furniture
  • 100% polyester plush material
  • Easy to clean
  • Cushioned border for support
  • 3 color options

     So many new dog owners set a “no dog on the couch” rule, only for their dog to claim the couch the next day. This dog bed from Home Fashion Designs is a wonderful solution to the problem. However, I am not sure we can help with getting them to listen! The unique thing about this dog bed is that you lay it on top of the couch. This way they get to sleep on comfortable space just for them and your furniture is protected.

     The fabric used for this cozy bed is completely polyester plush material. Polyester is comfortable and easy to spot clean. The polyester material is stain resistant, so you shouldn’t have a hard time removing stains if your dog happens to have an accident. To add some support to their necks when they rest their head there is a bolster that borders the back.


     To help you match the look of your couch this bed and house it comes in 3 different color options. These 3 shades include charcoal, chocolate, and taupe. No matter what color you do choose the bed will have cross stitching detail and a U shaped cushion bordering the back.


     The Ultra Plush Pet Bed & Furniture Protector comes in one size only, measuring 24 x 17 x 15 inches.


  • 2-in-1 design
  • Cuddler shape
  • Dome shape
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Micro-plush cushion
  • 2 color options
  • Standard and Jumbo sizes

     This may not be the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but it will still bring your dog a ton of joy. They may even think it is the happiest place on earth! What makes this bed from Disney so unique is its 2-in-1 design. The design allows you to change your dog bed depending on how your dog is feeling or even the temperature of your home. First, you can choose to use it as a cozy hut when your pet is feeling tired, cold, or would just like some quiet. If your pet is feeling social, hot, or just doesn’t like enclosed spaces this bed also transforms into a cuddler. A cuddler dog bed has a traditional dog bed shape without a dome overhead.

     To keep your dog comfortable no matter which design there is a plump micro-plush cushion. If your dog is getting too hot for it one day it easily removable so they can be comfortable no matter the temperature. Some Disney movies can get quite scary so if your dog does have an accident do not worry! The bottom of the bed is waterproof oxford fabric that will stop any liquid from reaching the floor.


     To add the magic to this bed there is a Mickey Mouse head right on the front below the entrance. When the top is removed the bed is in a U-shape while with the top connected it in the shape of a honeycomb. The cushion inside has two different sizes one has Mickey Mouse’s face on it while the other side is just a solid color. The 2 colors that this bed comes in is either black or red. Just think about the colors of Mickey Mouse!

  • Standard: 17 x 17 x 14 inches
  • Jumbo: 20 x 20 x 17 inches