Fleas are the last things you want invading your house. Unfortunately, dogs can get fleas from a variety of commons places they go; their yard, the kennel, even just out for a simple walk. And once they have them, you have a real mess on your hands. Fortunately, we’re here to help! We’ll help you identify fleas, avoid them, and get rid of them if your pup manages to become a host for these pesky bugs. We’re in the process of reviewing some of the best products out there for flea extermination and prevention to help you and your pup stay healthy and flea free all year round.

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how do dogs get fleas?

Dogs can get fleas from a variety of common places; your home, other animals, or anywhere outside. Fleas easily bounce from one place to another, and dogs are a prime target. Dogs can get fleas from cats, raccoons, house mice, and other areas that may commonly be in your yard or around your house. Additionally, you may have fleas hanging out in your bushes, grass, or even in your dog house. While fleas are active all year round, they tend to be more active about a month after the weather starts to warm up in the springtime. Keep a close eye out for them when your pup starts enjoying this warm weather. 

what happens if my dog gets fleas?

The most common symptom associated with fleas is excessive itching. This of course can lead to red, irritated skin that may drive your pup absolutely nuts. Unfortunately, some dogs are also allergic to fleas, which can lead to flea bite dermatitis; this can cause hair loss, dry skin and scabs. If your pup manages to get multiples fleas that aren’t treated right away this could lead to anemia. Just like mosquitos, fleas drink tiny amounts of blood from their hosts. If your dog has a variety of fleas on them for an extended period of time, this can lead to blood loss and anemia.


Probably the most disturbing problem associated with fleas are tapeworms. All fleas carry tapeworms, and if your dog manages to ingest a flea while they’re grooming, they will inevitably ingest tapeworms. If they inhabit your dog’s digestive system, they can affect how well your dog absorbs nutrients and affect their digestion. 

Many of you are wondering? If my dog brings fleas into my home, am I at risk, too? Fortunately, no. Fleas will look to your dogs and cats as hosts, but humans aren’t a great host for fleas. Unfortunately, fleas can bite humans and possibly pass diseases on to you. That’s why it’s so important to get rid of fleas at the first sign of them.


scratching dog

When it comes to fleas, prevention is the best thing to focus on. Once your pup drags fleas into your house, it can take months to exterminate them and keep your pup safe. So how exactly can you prevent fleas? Fortunately, fleas are creatures of habit, so it can be easy to predict where they are, and there are also products out there that will help your dog stay safe no matter where they wander off to. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that fleas like warm, moist, shady areas. Unfortunately, this tends to cover a lot of areas in your yard. Dog houses are a big culprit because they’re shady, warm, and your pup may spend a lot of time in there. Make sure you clean out your dog’s house occasionally with very hot water. You should also try to keep your dog from hanging out near brush that’s heavily shaded; we realize this can be difficult if you live in a heavily wooded area, but all the more reason to be cautious!

When it starts to get warm out you should make sure you vacuum your house more often, and wash your dog’s bedding in very hot water every so often; yes, this can all be a lot of work, but trust us, this work is worth it!

seresto Flea & tick collar

dog flea collar

Flea & Tick collars are an easy way to protect your dog. They’re cheaper than monthly treatments, and not as sticky as sprays. The Seresto collar will kill and repel ticks & fleas without contact. It’s easy to use, and has a non-greasy formula that won’t get all over your dog’s coat. Because this collar works for 8 months at a time, you can easily use it throughout all of summer, and still be able to prevent flea & tick bites in the fall. 

The Seresto Collar has a polymer matrix design that constantly provides two active ingredients; imidacloprid and flumethrin. The collar will continuously replenish your dog’s skin and coat with these active ingredients for the entire 8 months. As soon as you put the collar on your pup it will quickly kill all fleas within 24 hours, making flea & ticks a problem of the past. The collar is available in two sizes, making it suitable for dogs of any size. We definitely recommend this collar to pet owners looking for a simple way to protect their dog for long periods of time. 

coconut oil

coconut oil for ticks

Coconut Oil is a more natural way to handle your flea & tick issues. It not only protects your pup from fleas, ticks, and mites, but also helps to heal their skin if they do get irritated by fleas or ticks. If you’d like to give coconut oil a shot, we recommend Raw Paws. Their coconut oil has a variety of health benefits for your dog, and is 100% organic. Additionally, this coconut oil is 100% pure, it doesn’t contain any additional ingredients or artificial fragrances or colors. You can simply add the oil to your dog’s food, or give it to them as a treat. You can give your small breeds and puppies 1/4 tsp daily; or give 1 tsp daily per 10 lbs of body weight. 

You may be surprised to hear that coconut oil has a long list of benefits for dogs. It can sooth your dog’s skin, getting rid of itchy, dry skin, or skin irritated by bug bites. It also works to kill yeast, bacterial and fungal infections. Additionally, coconut oil is safe for your dog to ingest, so you can use it to freshen their breath, or just to brush their teeth. 

Coconut oil is a great all natural, holistic healing remedy for just about any problem your pup has. It’s great for dry skin, infections, and its safe to ingest. In our opinion coconut oil is a staple for households with pets.

flea drops

frontline plus

Frontline Plus is one of the best medicated ointments for dogs. It kills fleas, eggs, larvae, and ticks. This product will kill fleas in about 24 hours, and continue to work its magic for a full month. You can use this product on puppies 8 weeks and older between 5 and 22 pounds. Fortunately, this product comes with three doses, so you’ll have 3 months of great protection for your pooch. Simply drop the product between your dog’s shoulder blades and you’ll be on your way to a flea and tick-free dog. 


Fleas aren’t incredibly easy to spot, but if you know what to look for, you’ll have an easier time keeping Fido flea-free. One of the best ways to detect fleas is through the use of a flea comb. You simply run the comb through your dogs fur (and skin), and you’ll be able to see little brown spots pop up if your dog has any fleas stuck to them. You can also run a paper towel all over your dogs fur, if any black spots show up you may be dealing with fleas. Fleas tend to leave little black spots on your pup (flea dirt). The two most common places for fleas to hide are in your dog’s armpits and groin (where it’s warmest), so be sure to check these places too. 

Another tell tale sign of fleas is constant itching. If you begin to notice red, dry, itchy spots on your pup caused by itching, you may either have a tick or flea problem.

Safari Flea Comb

flea comb

The Safari Flea Comb is one of the most popular flea combs on the market. It will allow you to gently and easily identify fleas on your pups in no time. Simply run the comb through your dog’s coat, and the super thin bristles will not only detect fleas, but remove them from your pup. Unlike many combs, this comb features a double row of bristles that captures every last pesky flea. If you’ve never dealt with fleas before you should keep in mind that once you get them on the comb, the fleas can still jump off. We suggest having a hot, wet, soapy washcloth ready to quickly capture the fleas once they’re on the comb. 

how to get rid of fleas

If you find out your pup has fleas, you have several options. First and foremost, you should wash all of your dog’s bedding, blankets, and anything they lay on throughout the day. There are also plenty of chemical formulas that you can use to eliminate fleas from both your dog and your house. You can also try out chemical-free shampoos that are less harsh. 

vet's best flea Spray

vet's best flea & tick spray

The Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray is a great way to get rid of flea and ticks if your pup manages to get into a bad situation. This spray kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks. Fortunately, it will also repel mosquitos! We love this spray because it’s not only safe to use on and around your dog, but it’s designed to work on all of your home surfaces as well. Use it on pet beds, blankets, upholstery, carpets, or just around your yard. Your dogs will be safe around this formula, and you won’t have to worry about pesky mosquitos, fleas, or ticks during the fall season. 

The Vet’s Best Flea spray is one of the best sprays to use for both home and pets. It won’t stain any of your upholstery, and it doesn’t have a harsh smell. They use a unique formula of natural essential oils and plant-based ingredients such as peppermint oil and eugenol.  The ingredients are safe to use on dogs over 12 weeks old. Simply massage the spray into your dog’s coat to give them full coverage. 

This spray is manufactured in the USA, and uses quality ingredients you and your dog can trust. We recommend this spray to any dog owner looking for an indoor and outdoor spray to keep their dog safe during the summer and fall months.

flea & tick shampoo

flea shampoo

Fleas and ticks are not pests that you want to deal with. Finding a good flea and tick control shampoo that actually works can be hard to come by. The Adams Precor Shampoo is one of our favorite flea and tick shampoos. It kills fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, and lice on dogs of all sizes. The Adams shampoo is safe to use on both puppy and adult dogs no matter what they’ve gotten into. Even if your dog has sensitive skin, this shampoo is fantastic. 

Adams Flea & Tick Control Shampoo also contains ingredients to help sooth your dog’s skin. Ingredients such as aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal all work together to help your dog’s skin stay moisturized and free from irritation. This shampoo also contains Precor which will provide 28 days of control of pre-adult fleas. This will prevent fleas from growing to the size where they can bite your pup. 

We definitely recommend letting your dog run around outside for awhile after you use this shampoo. You will notice soon after their bath that the fleas and ticks simply fall off of them (which can prove to create a nasty little mess if your dog is covered in ticks). We highly recommend this product for dogs exposed to fleas or ticks, it’s a great precaution to take, and your dog will thank you for it!