Looking out the window, you see those doom-and-gloom clouds heading your way. The weatherman called for rain and now it’s coming; just in time for your pup’s daily outside play time! The thought of a drenched pup and muddy paws makes your skin crawl. Luckily, knowing these days happen, you have stocked up on some great indoor game options for your furbaby. The Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap Puzzle is one example. They may not be running around outside, but these doggie games and puzzles will provide engaging activity.

     Although a mouth full to say, the Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap Puzzle is bundles of fun. When your furbaby uses their nose or paw to move the puzzle’s parts, it reveals yummy treats. As a matter of fact, your pup will love a great brain workout because it builds intelligence and fights boredom.

     We have reviewed many educational dog games and puzzles because they provide great canine benefits. With so many options out there, it’s hard to choose which is best for your furbaby. You don’t want the puzzle to be too easy or too hard. Plus, who’s to say Fido will even like it? Our in-depth reviews will help to make that decision easier for you. In the end, you simply want your pup mentally entertained.

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The Company: Ethical Pet

     Ethical Pet began in 1952 and is based out of New Jersey, USA. In fact, the company produces pet products for seven different brand names. They include Spot, Fashion Pet, Lookin’ Good, Outdoor Dog, Skinneeez, Sleep Zone, and Healthy Balance. All of which have a huge similarity: dogs.

Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap


     The Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap by Ethical Pet is a low disc that will sit directly on the ground. The toy has a flat, circular base. On the top you will see each fun activity your pup can get involved in. At its core, the product is a treat dispenser. It is these treats that will entice your pup to play!

     The toy is largely designed for solo-play. Unlike games of tug or toss, the Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap does not require owner participation (except for filling the treats). On the other hand, you can happily join in if you want to! We recommend capturing the moment as a teaching opportunity between you and your dog.

Treat Compartment Details

     There are five compartments you can fill with small bits of dry kibble or treats. Unlike other treat dispensers, you will want to stay away from smearable dog treats like peanut butter. A wet or smearable treat will, unfortunately, create a more unpleasant mess.

     The first set of treat compartments are three shallow holes within a curved track. There are two sliding discs with bone details atop the track. In order to work properly, there are only two sliding discs instead of three. By using their paw or nose, your dog can slide each disc to reveal the treat compartment below.

     The second set of treat compartments adds a unique challenge. Surprisingly, the challenge is something we have not seen before in a dog educational game or puzzle! It hides two shallow treat compartments under two flaps. Near each flap, you will notice a rotating gear. When your furbaby turns each gear with their nose or paw, the corresponding flap will open. To clarify, the challenge is a true mental workout because your dog must understand how one moving part affects another. This two-step process is crucial for building intelligence.


     The Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap is entirely wood made. Not only does this material provide stability, but it’s eco-friendly! Although the company does not openly state it, we imagine the product is entirely recyclable.

     In contrast to this major, natural benefit, customers do wish it was more sturdy. The wooden material can easily be chewed on by your dog. Consequently, it’s moving parts may stop working properly.

     Furthermore, we recommend keeping the toy dry. If its wooden composition becomes wet, it will decrease the product’s durability. Therefore, the Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap should be kept inside.


     The toy itself lays directly on the floor. It measures roughly 10” in diameter and 1.6” in height. As a result, it will be hard for your dog to flip or knock the puzzle over. Unlike some taller treat dispensers, this will prevent Fido from cheating!

     You can expect the game to weigh 1.65 lbs. In our opinion, this weight is not too light and not too heavy for a dog toy.

Who is the Dog Puzzle For?

     Ethical Pet states their Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap is great for dogs of all sizes: small, medium, and large. We have come to the same conclusion. To explain, although the game’s base is large, small dogs will still be able to work each moving part. Furthermore, large dogs will not be left in the dust. Each moving part will work using a dog paw or nose.

     No matter the size or breed of your pup, this toy will be a great fit. While some dogs may find it difficult at first, they will master each activity through the help of their owner. The best part is watching as your dog figures it out! In the end, there are no dumb dogs. We truly believe each pup is smart in their own unique way.

     Other dogs will quickly burn through each activity. If you have an exceptionally smart dog on your hands, one customer has a brilliant suggestion. Instead of leaving the Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap out, take the toy away every once-in-awhile. Therefore, when you bring it back out again, your dog will see it as a brand-new toy!

     By and large, we recommend the Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap to any dog owner wanting a unique way to practice their pup’s mental skills. Additionally, many owners dread leaving their dog(s) home alone during the day. Doggie puzzles, like this product, are a perfect activity for your furbaby while home alone. You can fill it with treats before you head out the door or break it out on those stormy days.


     Ethical Pet states four good reasons to provide the Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap. They include:

  1. It provides mental stimulation to your dog
  2. The puzzle strengthens and tests your pup’s skills
  3. It rewards your furbaby for task completion
  4. And it’s good for crate training or alone time

     Through our vast background research on interactive or educational dog toys, the company has brought up some great points. In the category of interactive dog toys, you will see two different types. First, there are those that require owner participation. Second, there are those designed for solo-play. The Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap belongs in the second category; with those meant for solo-play time.

     Such interactive dog toys are absolutely necessary to keep on hand. They reduce dog boredom, engage their active brain, and practice key thinking skills. Furthermore, receiving treats as a reward encourages your dog to play even more! Without mental stimulation, Fido may turn to bad behavior. This may include furniture destruction, unwanted chewing, paw licking, hole digging, and much more.

     The Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap hits all these key points. Unlike other interactive dog toys, it offers multiple activities in one. Furthermore, the puzzle includes an activity we have yet to see in dog puzzles! As previously noted, this cool activity uses rotating gears to open treat compartment flaps.


     We know there is a possibility of negative experience with any dog product. However, Ethical Pet provides an 18-month warranty with a money-back guarantee. Therefore, you can safely purchase this product knowing you can receive a refund if needed.

Similar Product by Ethical Pet

The Spot Seek-a-Toy Shuffle Board

     This second interactive dog puzzle by Ethical Pet is very similar to the Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap. You will notice the same all-wood material and design that lays flat on the ground. In contrast, the Seek-a-Toy Shuffle Board comes in the shape of a bone. It features only one activity; which includes sliding tracks that reveal a treat compartment underneath the moving discs. In total, the game has ten shallow treat compartments.

     With only one type of activity featured, the Seek-a-Toy Shuffle Board will be easier for dogs to complete. We suggest this dog puzzle version for pups just beginning their intelligence-building journey. In terms of size, the board measures 8.1” x 1.1” x 12”. Like our recommended Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap, the larger size helps any dog play the game. To learn much more about the Seek-a-Toy Shuffle Board, check out our full article Spot Seek-a-Toy Shuffle Board.

In Closing

     Dog puzzles can go by many names. Interactive dog toys, educational dog games, treat dispensers, you name it! All fall under one creative category for your lovable pup. In essence, these dog toys and games provide tons of fun and mental stimulation, which keeps Fido engaged and active. After completing extensive research, we highly recommend the Ethical Pet Seek-a-Treat Flip ‘n Flap.