Most dogs love to chew, you can’t deny that. There are dozens of chew toys on the market, but unfortunately, many come up short for a variety of reasons. A lot of chew toys marketed as “tough” or “indestructible” end up not being so tough at all!  Dogs can easily tear through toys made of fabric or weak plastic in minutes, leaving a huge mess and a dog who is now looking for alternate sources of entertainment (like tearing up your new shoes). Chewing is a natural instinct that’s here to stay, so pet parents should always look for the best chew toys possible for their dogs. At Woof Pack, we think the best chew toys are durable, entertaining and beneficial to a dog’s dental hygiene. We understand it can be hard to find a toy that checks all of those boxes, so that’s why we’ve done it for you! The NylaBone Galileo chew toy is the total package of strength, fun and health and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!


Dogs and chewing:

Chewing is a natural need in dogs that should be catered to in productive ways. All dogs want to chew because their instincts tell them to, and instincts can’t be ignored. Though some dogs do enjoying chewing more than others, every dog should have a healthy outlet for their need to chew. A few reasons why a lot of pooches can’t resist chewing are:


    • It’s natural instinct: if for no other reason, dogs chew because it is a natural instinct. In the wild, a dog would commonly have a small prey animal between its jaws, so domesticated dogs recreate that feeling with whatever they can.
    • It’s fun: dogs commonly chew for entertainment. It gives them something to do and stimulates their playful, energetic side.
    • They’re anxious: nervousness and stress in dogs can be reasons for chewing. The action of chewing can distract a dog from a stressor and calm them. Nervous chewing is a problem for many dogs who experience separation anxiety, and it’s how shoes end up being eaten while the pet parents aren’t home.
    • They’re bored: If a dog does not have enough activity they can easily become bored and start chewing. When dogs don’t have anything else to do, chewing provides an easy way to self-entertain.
    • They have behavioral issues: If a dog is not trained properly, they won’t know better than to chew absolutely anything they can get their paws on.  Dogs can also develop obsessive chewing disorders where they are physically unable to stop chewing on things.
    • They want attention: If a dog is feeling neglected or simply just wants to be noticed by their beloved owner, they will sometimes chew to evoke a reaction. They know from experience that gnawing on their mom’s favorite pair of slippers will get them her full attention, so they go for it!


  • It exercises the muscles in their jaw: the repetitive motions of chewing can keep jaw muscles in great shape. Think of chewing as similar to lifting weights for humans. The less a dog is allowed to exercise outdoors by playing or going for a walk, the more the dog will want to chew.


    • It keeps their teeth clean: chewing can help remove plaque and tartar buildup from a dog’s teeth. Just like we brush our teeth to get the gunk off, dogs chew for the same reason.


  • They are teething: Just like human babies, puppies teeth in order to relieve tenderness of the gums as their new teeth grow in. Chewing also helps naturally stimulate the process of losing milk teeth to make room for adult teeth.


As you can see, there are many reasons why dogs chew. Chewing is part of what makes a dog a dog! Every dog has their own unique chewing habits, and the Nylabone Galileo is great for all of them.


About Nylabone:

Nylabone has been around since 1955 and prides itself in making “the world’s best chew toys.” The company has an impressive variety of dog chew toys, including durable and long-lasting chew toys and dental chews. Nylabone’s products serve dogs of all shapes and sizes to ensure that every dog can have a great chewing experience. Nylabone’s claim to fame is their long-lasting DuraChew toy, which features a tough, uniquely textured surface that can withstand the most intense chewers. All of Nylabone’s products are vet-recommended and most are made in the USA, making pet parents feel great about their decision to give these toys to their furry friend.


About the Galileo chew toy:

This unique toy was modeled after Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei’s theory about material strength in proportion to size. Galileo famously demonstrated his theory with a bone, and Nylabone created the Galileo chew toy from that idea. The Galileo chew toy is tough, designed for the most powerful chewers out there. By giving your pet the Galileo, you can discourage destructive chewing of furniture and other household items. This toy is a safe and healthy alternative to destruction!


What is it made of?:

The Galileo chew is made of ultra-durable nylon, which is a popular choice for dog toys due to its strength. The Galileo chew is also annealed, which means it has gone through a process of heating and slow cooling to eliminate structural stresses and toughen the toy. This toy is made for extreme chewers, so dogs should not be able to break through the tough nylon material.


Features of the toy:

The Galileo chew is uniquely shaped in order to be more fun and stimulating for your dog. Unlike typical chews that are essentially just sticks, the Galileo chew has lots of twists and turns that keep chewing exciting. The wavy shape also proves easy for pups to grip and hold in their mouths. So easy, in fact, that it might be hard getting your pooch to let go!



The Galileo chew comes in two sizes:

  • Wolf (medium size) which is meant for dogs up to 35 pounds, measures 5.2 x 1.4 x 2.6 inches and is about 8 ounces.
  • Souper (extra large size) which is meant for dogs over 50 pounds, measures 7.5 x 1.9 x 3.6 inches and weighs in a just over a pound.


Dental benefits:

Chewing is highly beneficial for dogs’ teeth, and the Galileo is great for helping keep the chompers clean. Consistent chewing on a tough surface helps remove plaque and tartar buildup so that teeth remain healthy and breath fresh. Teeth that aren’t regularly cleaned by chewing or brushing can cause a variety of health issues including:

    • Infected heart valves: it may sound extreme, but it can happen. Bacteria from a dog’s unclean teeth can spread through a dog’s body and attack the heart, leading to heart disease or failure.
    • Sepsis: mouth bacteria can enter a dog’s bloodstream and cause a blood infection that can quickly spread to a dog’s entire body.


  • Inability to eat: poorly-maintained teeth can cause pain in the mouth, which can lead to decreased appetite. Additionally, unclean teeth can break off or fall out, making eating a challenge.


Dental hygiene is nothing to play around with, but the Galileo definitely is! Gain some peace of mind knowing that as your dog happily chews away at the super-strong Galileo toy, they are also cleaning their teeth and helping to prevent a host of oral hygiene-related issues.


Who will love this toy:

The Galileo chew is made for the toughest, most aggressive chewers. Dogs who are famous for destroying their toys after 5 minutes will love the challenge of this seemingly indestructible toy. Many pet parents say that their Galileo chew lasted for months or even years before needing to be replaced, which proves just how tough this toy is.


The toy, because it only come in two sizes, is unfortunately only aimed at larger dogs. Smaller pooches who love to chew may have a difficult time wrapping their tiny mouths around this heavy-duty toy. That’s not to say smaller dogs can’t give it a try, however! If you have a rambunctious little pooch who loves chewing, give the Galileo a try and see if it can work for your small furry friend.


Puppies who are big enough should have a fun time with the toy as well; it makes a perfect teething companion!


A word of caution:

A few things to note when playing with the Galileo chew in order to keep your pup as safe as possible:

  • The toy is very solid and therefore quite heavy. Watch your feet around the toy and be sure not to throw it to your dog! Nylabone makes some great toys designed for fetching, such as the Go! Active throw toy, but the Galileo should never go airborne!
  • It is a large toy, so it poses a tripping hazard. Always watch where you step and keep both yourself and your dog safe by never leaving this toy lying around the stairs!
  • Even though this toy is extremely durable, nothing lasts forever. Be sure to routinely check the toy for signs of wear and tear, and should pieces ever break off, replace the toy immediately.
  • When cleaning the Galileo chew, avoid putting it in the dishwasher or boiling water. Us lukewarm water with a cleaning brush to scrub the toy by hand.


Final thoughts:

This powerhouse chew toy really has it all. It’s tough, it’s exciting and it keeps your pup healthy by cleaning their teeth and reducing destructive tendencies. Pet parents love how long this toy lasts, and the price (around $12) proves worth it very quickly. This toy is considered a “Power Chew” by Nylabone, which is their most durable type of toy. Give your aggressive chewer a Galileo and they’ll be thrilled.