While many dog owners have a green thumb, we know how hard it can be to maintain a garden when you have a pup. We all know dogs like to explore, and that will include every inch of your property, yes even the garden. The last thing you want is for Fido to dig, eat, and destroy your garden before it has a chance to blossom. Gardening takes patience, and unfortunately, your pooch will have a hard time understanding that.

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What Plants are safe for dogs?

plant guide

If your dogs are anything like ours, they’re going to find their way into your garden eventually. It gives us peace of mind knowing that if our dog does manage to nibble on our plants a bit, it won’t be the end of the world (maybe just the end of that plants life). Fortunately, there are a variety of beautiful plants that you can plant around your house and in your garden. Other than the obvious edible plants such as carrots; you can try out plants such as rosemary, lilly’s, snapdraggons, and even coral bells. To the left you’ll find a quick little cheat sheet to help you figure out what plants you may want to try, and what plants you should avoid. If you have plants inside your house as well, we suggest doing a bit of research. Dogs naturally like to nibble on plants, and it’s best to know what they’re going to be exposed to, and how dangerous each plant truly is. 

How To keep fido out of the garden

While Fido may be welcome in all areas of your house, it’s pretty hard to grow a garden with your furry friends walking through it. Fortunately, there are a variety of safe ways to keep your pooch out of your garden without compromising their health, or your garden. From fences, to spices, and even tart plants, it just takes a bit of extra work to make a garden thrive when you’re a pup parent. 

spray odors

One way to keep your dog from using your garden as a salad bar is to spray odors that will keep them away. Simply fill a spray bottle full of white vinegar and spray the top of your plants. Your dog will avoid the odor, and it won’t hurt the plants. 

bitter tastes

As some of you may already know, dogs hate bitter tasting fruits such as oranges. You can peel oranges and spread them around your garden to deter your pooch. This is very humane and safe for all of your furry friends (and plants). 

plant mint

Mint is a great veggie that can be used for cooking, and even cocktails! Fortunately, dogs hate the smell of mint, so it may be worth planting in your garden. You’ll have another great plant to harvest, and your dog won’t want anything to do with it. 


Of course one sure way of keeping Fido out of your garden, is with a fence. There are a variety of affordable outdoor fences available on Amazon designed for such a need. Check out some of our favorites below. 

amagabeli garden fence

The Amagabeli Garden Fence is our all-time favorite garden fence. It’s great at not only keeping Fido out of your garden, but smaller rodents as well. No more sharing your tasty veggies with the rabbits! This fence is a great size for just about any breed, and as you can see, it also serves a decorative purpose. After all, half the fun of having a garden is being able to step back and enjoy the view. 


This great garden fence stands 2 feet high and each panel is 17″ wide. When you order from Amazon you’ll receive 14 panels, which will be 20 feet long once all attached together. You can adjust them to any shape or size to perfectly accommodate your garden. These are a favorite for us because they have a no dig design and they’re easy to set up. Simply interlock each panel together and stick them in the ground with their spikes. 

Each panel is made with a rust-proof material, so no matter how much rain or snow you get, they’ll be safe from corrosion. 

In our opinion this fence is great for keeping just about anything from wandering into your garden, and yes, that includes Fido, too! Of course, if you have a really determined dog that likes to jump, you may need a taller solution. 

We highly recommend this fence to any dog owner looking for an easy, decorative, and inexpensive way to keep rodents, deer, dogs, or even cats out of their gardens. When you order from Amazon you’ll receive 20 feet of protection for under $20! 

Terra Garden Fence

terra garden fence

If you have a taller pooch, or a small dog that likes to jump, you may be in need of a taller fence. Fortunately, we’ve got a great fence for you to try out. The Terra garden fence is three feet high; just high enough to keep just about any unwanted animal out. From deer, to squirrels, and even dogs, the Terra garden fence may just save your plants. 

This fence is available in either black or white, depending on your personal preference. Of course, both colors are designed for outdoor use, so you won’t have to worry about the durability of the paint. You can purchase this fence with either 4 feet of fencing, or 32 feet of fencing. Both packages will come with all of the necessary tools to assemble the fence (it is fairly easy to put together). 

This fence is definitely a little bit pricier than the Amagabeli fence; however, because of its durable metal construction and height, we can understand why.

Liquid Fence

If you’re struggling to keep your pets out of your garden, but you prefer not to have a fence around it, this liquid fence may be your best option. This liquid contains natural plant oils that are safe for all of your plants an your animals. It’s completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 

You can use this product to help train your pooch, as well as keeping them away from your plants. Usually your dog will visit the same areas around your yard looking for a familiar scent. The liquid fence masks all familiar odors keeping your dog from marking and staying in certain areas. 

liquid fence

The liquid fence basically creates an invisible barrier around your garden. It uses both scent and taste deterrent ingredients that are safe for all animals. You can use this product to deter just about any four-legged creature; dogs, cats, deer, rabbits, and more. 

We have found that this product works on some dogs and cats to stop marking and keep them away from areas in the yard. If your pooch is motivated by the food in your garden, you may need something stronger. It typically works on dogs and cats that are sensitive to smell. If your dog loves playing in your garden, we suggest a physical fence. 


Most dogs don’t enjoy running around in the rain, nor do they like getting wet. A sprinkler is a win/win for your garden. it will ensure all of your plants get adequate water, while also working to keep your dog out of the garden. Obviously, you never want continuous water on your garden; however, after Fido gets sprayed once or twice, they’ll learn to stay out of your garden. 

Orbit Programmable hose


The Orbit Programmable Sprinkler is a great pick for garden lovers. With more than 4,000 reviews on Amazon, you can rest assured that this product has been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times (with great feedback). 

The Orbit has a variety of settings that you can play with to get the most out of it. You can set timed watering, manual watering, rain delays, and this faucet even helps to conserve water. 

If you see Fido in your garden, simply turn on the faucet manually to start up your sprinklers. 

The Orbit is made with heavy duty construction that can withstand even the strongest storms. This faucet timer has intervals anywhere from every 6 hours to once a week. No matter what your watering needs are, this is a great product to try. If you’re ever traveling or out of town, you won’t have to worry about your grass or plants dying. We highly recommend this product for garden owners. You can program it to suit your plants, and you can make sure it’s on when your pooch may be trying to get into the garden. 

My garden sprinkler

The MyGarden Sprinkler is a great sprinkler to attach to your programmable hose attachment. It can cover a distance of up to 3600 sq. feet; you can easily use this to water both your lawn and your garden at the same time. The MyGarden Sprinkler has two different spraying angles and a slow rotating arm that ensures your entire yard is getting ample water. 

If you’re in need of a great, durable sprinkler (that’s also affordable), this is a great choice. It comes with a “bulletproof” guarantee, allowing you to return the sprinkler for any reason if you’re not satisfied. The sprinkler also comes with a 1 year warranty. Check the sprinkler out on Amazon, you can purchase either a blue or red version for under $20. 

automatic sprinkler

Keeping your garden and your dogs safe can be tricky. Fortunately, you have a variety of products to help you enjoy your garden, and your dog! Have questions about any of the products listed? Email us at [email protected]