As an owner, you have taken the silent oath of furbaby parenthood. From a great nutritional diet to quality physical exercise, you have promised your dog a happy and healthy life. In addition to their physical needs, a dog’s mind carries an intelligent brain in need of stimulation. Whether you have a fast learning German Shepherd or an inquisitive Chihuahua, their unique intelligent traits require nurturing! The Trixie Gambling Tower is a creative doggie game that jump-starts your pup’s intelligence-building journey.

We are a huge fan of well-rounded canine care. This includes a healthy diet, active playtime, physical exercise, and more! As a matter of fact, your pup’s brain plays a large role in their well-being. Their heritage has instilled wonderful intelligent skills that need stimulation for Fido to remain at peak condition. Unfortunately, when their mind becomes bored, bad habits may ensue!

The Trixie Gambling Tower harnesses the power of treats to entice your pup. Then, your dog must perform certain skills to obtain those treats. In essence, this intelligence-based game practices critical thinking skills.

The Product: Trixie Gambling Tower, Level One

Intelligence Training

 The Trixie Gambling Tower technically goes by the technical name: Strategiespiel Gambling Tower. It is specifically designed as a level one intelligence-based dog game. In fact, Trixie Pet Products produces an entire line of dog games; each with a specific suggested level. Your pup can work their way through each level and slowly increase difficulty. In short, the company hopes to aid owners through the process of intelligence training.


We were intrigued with the Trixie Gambling Tower’s creative design. Its centerpiece includes a clear, hollow, erect tube made from hard plastic. Additionally, there is a hole at the bottom of the tube to allow treats to tumble out. In essence, this is the “tower.”

Secondly, the tower houses three sliding levels with a looped tug-rope attached to each. Third, a hard-plastic base holds everything steady. Finally, the base sports three topple cones with treat compartments hidden underneath.

Altogether, the product measures 10 x 10 x 13” and weighs 3lbs. Because each component is sturdy plastic made, you can expect a good amount of durability. Furthermore, the tower’s design prohibits treats from tumbling out if your pup simply knocks it over. We believe this is a great feature for Trixie’s Gambling Tower and will force your dog to play the game correctly. Unfortunately, many other dog games and treat dispensers will be foiled by the smart pup who knocks them over.

How to Play

Using the product is simple. As the owner, you will begin by filling the tower with treats. First, take off the tower’s cap and take out all three levels using the ropes attached. Then, slide the first level back into place. Using your choice of small treat, drop a couple through the top hole to land on the first level. Similarly, repeat this action with the remaining levels. Finally, place the cap back on the tower.

Additionally, three topple cones are located on the product’s base. If you wish, place a treat underneath each cone for added activity. By using various combinations of levels and topple cones, you can create your own fun games. As a matter of fact, you can begin with one level and increase the game’s difficulty as your pup progresses!

Who the Product is For

Trixie Pet Products deems their Gambling Tower as “suitable for dogs of all ages.” Technically, they are correct because both large and small dogs will be able to operate the game. Furthermore, it is always a great idea to stimulate your pup’s brain at any age. In contrast, different dog breeds and different dog personalities will have different experiences. For example, one customer notes that their Pitbull loves it, but their Borzoi gets distracted too easily.

If your dog is having difficulty “figuring out” the tower, we recommend helping them. By and large, the point of Trixie’s Gambling Tower is to build and practice your pup’s intelligence. Often, this requires an owner to teach their dog how each feature operates. As a matter of fact, it provides great bonding time between dog and owner!

Luckily, the product comes equipped with a booklet of training tips. We believe this extra feature can help the owner learn alongside their furbaby.

Extra Information

Customers recommend using small, chewy treats with the Trixie Gambling Tower. By and large, smearable treats, like peanut butter, are not preferable. Not only will smearable treats render the tower’s design useless, but you will have quite the mess on your hands!

Due to the hard-plastic material, you can easily whip down each component of the game for cleaning. Furthermore, Trixie Pet Products ensures the topple cones are machine washable. The company recommends regular cleaning of the game.

Overall, customers are happy with the Trixie Gambling Tower, Level One. Not to mention, customer reviews indicate they are pleased with the entire line of Trixie Pet Products dog games. However, if you are unhappy with the product, the company offers a one-year warranty.

Dog Intelligence

Science Daily defines dog intelligence as “…the ability of a dog to learn, think, and solve problems.” Obviously, the term covers a wide range of interpretation. Your dog may be intelligent because they learn obedience quickly or they may be intelligent because they seek help when your child starts to cry. Accordingly, researchers don’t tend to agree on any one method for measuring dog intelligence.

It doesn’t take a team of scientists to know that canines are pack animals. Their heritage and natural instincts have instilled a key understanding of social structures. Consequently, if you own more than one pup, you are keenly aware of this attribute! For example, an adult furbaby will mentor a new household puppy.

This ability is called “social intelligence” and is the reason why your dog lays by your side when you are upset. They have an amazing ability to read your body language and even your tone of voice! It is clear that dog intelligence will come in a variety of qualities.

Intelligent Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club agrees; “Most dogs are intelligent, but in different ways…”. The AKC analyzes dog intelligence through breed perspective. Each breed has unique natural instincts based upon their heritage. Therefore, it will be easier for some breeds to perform certain tasks than others. For example, the AKC notes that working dog breeds learn jobs more quickly.

As an owner, you can train your pup in order to bring out their natural intelligence! You may begin by understanding what breed your pooch belongs to and the history of that breed. To learn more about breed qualities, view our article Advantage of Knowing Your Dog’s Breed.

There is an abundance of information on intelligent dog breeds and each source produces their very own list of intelligent dogs. For example, the AKC has these breeds listed among their choice of most intelligent breeds:

  1. Bloodhound
  2. Border Collie
  3. German Shepherd
  4. Golden Retriever
  5. Poodle
  6. Rottweiler
  7. And others

PetCare RX produced an article titled “The 7 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds.” Moreover, they are careful to explain how each breed is considered intelligent. For example, they noted that the German Shepherd is generally used as a working dog because they have a wonderful ability to learn new tasks quickly. Their top seven list includes:

  1. German Shepherd
  2. Standard Poodle
  3. Border Collie
  4. Dalmatian
  5. Basset Hound
  6. Labrador
  7. Golden Retriever

In Closing

There is no doubt about it: dogs are intelligent! While some argue that certain breeds of dog are more intelligent than others, we believe each pup is intelligent in their own capacity. In fact, evidence suggest that certain “types” of intelligence are instilled based upon heritage.

To capitalize on your pup’s brain power, the world of pet products offers innovative doggie games. In particular, the Trixie pet Products has designed a line of cool intelligence-building toys. The Trixie Gambling Tower is your starting point. At level one, it is manufactured for beginners.

Once you and your furbaby have mastered the Trixie Gambling Tower, you can move up to more difficult Trixie dog games. We love this step-by-step process because it makes it easy on pet owners by reducing the stress of choices. Trixie has done the research and design for you!

After digging through research and customer reviews, we believe this product is a solid choice. Consequently, its quality will cost you $20 to $25. Fortunately, you can relax knowing the company offers a one-year warranty.

At the end of the day, there is a lot that goes into doggie care. From food, to treats, to interactive play and more; it can quickly eat up your day. Fortunately, the dog product market has creative and innovative tools to help you. As a matter of fact, it is our job to research these products and save you even more time! To learn more about our services, visit Shop Woof Pack.